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Dr. Stanley Monteith will be My Perspective Guest on Saturday


My long time friend, Dr. Stanley Monteith, from California, will be my very special guest on "My Perspective" for two hours from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific time and 2 p.m. to 4 pm. Eastern Daylight Savings Time, this Saturday, August 4, 2007. We will be discussing his career as a physician, his great work in educating the public about the AIDS epidemic, his work in informing the public about the terrible influence of occult mysticism on national and global politics. We will have open lines and the chatroom will be open at Dr. Monteith introduced me in the video link to the right of this blogspot. We are fortunate to have this great man joining us and I am hoping you will honor us with your presence as well!

There is an 11:22 post in Sun., 7/29 comments that should be deleted. Thanks.

Dear Constance,

Why are you linking your site to Carrie Tomko? I am certain her site is virulently anti-Semetic. Her post today on David Moss and the Association of Hebrew Catholics attracted a bevy of anti-semites. She is aiding and abetting an anti-Israel, anti-Jew extremely right, rad-trad psuedo Catholic group who hate anyone who might seek a strong Jewish-Christian connection.

I do not see you as anti-Israel or an anti-semite. While Tomko can uncover some news of interest to readers here, the bulk of her research is to display Jews as the cause of the world's evils and as conspiring to destroy Christianity.

Anon as usual
Take the wheat and leave the chaff -- I disagree with Carrie Tomko on a number of things -- she is suffering from cancer -- and unquestionably listens to people I would not give the time of day to. There are Catholic figures, such as Fr. Siricco, who based on my present knowledge, I also disagree with her assessments. Some of her information on the New Age Movement and its infiltration into the Catholic Church has been EXCELLENT and not published elsewhere and for that reason, I have continued to link to her site. I do not have the opportunity to read there every day -- I will go over and read it -- it is 11:30, I am in Wayne County Circuit Court early tomorrow morning, I am 63 years old and expect little sleep and you wil forgive me for not being everywhere at once. I will look and will email Carrie on what I observe on her site.

Thank you for calling this to my attention. Dorothy called me about your comment as well!


I just hopped over to Carrie's spot and was only able to skim but I could not help but notice that many of those she mentioned were names disturbingly familiar to me in my research over the past 25 years, including but not limited to Rick Joyner. It looks to me that what she is commenting on may well be a Catholic equivalent of the Manifest Son of God Movement which is the New Age Movement in very skimpy disguise, catering to Pentecostal Christians and if so, it needs criticism. After I have time to read it deeper, I will have more to say. If you have my second book, read the chapter, "A Secret Kingdom" and concentrate particularly on the comments I made on "the Overcomers," "the Sonship", "the Neo-Pentecostals," etc.

Road that leads to Euro-Mediterranean brotherhood passes through Turkey

World Youth Orches-tra (WYO) 2007 concert tour entitled "The Euro-Mediterranean Brotherhood," spreads their message of peace in Turkey.

"Damiano Giuranna, founder and musical director of the WYO as well as the World Youth Chamber Orchestra (WYCO), quotes Sufi scholar and poet Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi's famous lines to underline their biggest goal, the brotherhood of the East and the West: "Come, come again, whoever you are, come! Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times. Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are."

"The history of the WYO stretches back to 1995, when the Euro-Mediterranean Summit took place in Barcelona, Spain, the country which then held the rotating presidency of the European Union. The summit was the starting point of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (also known as the Barcelona Process) -- a wide framework of political, economic and social relations between the member states of the EU and partners of the southern Mediterranean."
This is an older article about a year ago, July 6, 2006.

I didn't know if anyone had seen it.

"Putin lends support to Alliance of Civilizations"
God bless you Constance!
Thank you for your work and your faith.

In Jesus name
Johnny- Thanks for the information.
I found other articles following your links to also be of interest, one of whitch was titled:
"European Socialists decide to tackle Islamophobia"
Nice one Rudi.
Incredible huh?
NATO naval force sets sail for Africa

"First stop Nigeria

Ships from Canada, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and the United States, forming NATO's Standing Naval Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1), one of NATO's four standing maritime forces will sail from the Mediterranean Sea to the west coast of Africa and on to the Niger Delta as part of the two-month mission".
I would hope no one reading here is reading the latest Harry Potter book, but if you are and don't want to know the ending, stop here.

I do believe the New Agers are planning to stage the New Age messiah, but I wouldn't have ever guessed that it would be Harry Potter who dies to save humanity or some such. In addition, it appears some Christians are seeing all manner of Christian images in the books.

Harry Potter and the Fire breathing Fundamentalists or

I can just imagine the ruckus if some were stating that Harry Potter was really Mohammed in different clothes.

Dear Johnny,
This is where I came in! Since I started researching Javier Solana and the European Union on November 22, 1995. Five days later he opened the Barcelona conference, was solely in charge of the event, and was given sole credit for the "diplomatic accomplishment." That this "cultural" event was taking place of the same time is new information for me but hardly surprising. I am increasingly suspecting that this was a move for the new world religion and it was being done in tandem with the first 10 days that Javier Solana came to world power from November 20 20th till November 30 1995.

Johnny, thank you so much for bringing this corroborating information to my attention!

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your kind words and support!
Dear Dorothy,

I have shunned even looking at the newest Harry Potter book but based on what you've told me I guess I'm running have to bite the bullet get the book and read its contents for myself. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and thanks for all your hard diligent and meticulous work over the years!

Dear Rudi,

The very much appreciate your research contributions and it doubly your active participation in the chat room on my perspective Internet radio program at www.

Your participation, as well as Dawn's, Dorothy's, Farmer's, and the others, has made the two hours I spend on Saturdays much more pleasant for me.

Dear Rudi and all,

The hidden dangers of dictating to my computer! Forgive the titles in the last transmission as I was experimenting with the dictating to my compute computer feature of Vista.

I'm hoping this will spare me additional carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, but I suspect it will do much for my throat!


Dear Rudi and all again,

Some proofreader I am! It was forgive the typos, not the titles!

Anyway forgive!

Hi Dorothy - great article! It is interesting to me how Jerry thought he was in the minority? Most people compromise because they lack God's word in their heart. That makes it easy to be deceived. Berit Kjos wrote a great article about this same topic this week titled: HARRY'S LAST BATTLES & ROWLING'S BELIEFS
article here -

Also another great article came out today titled - Harry welcomed into church.
article here:,,2140309,00.html

Another quick FYI - i just now discovered info for pastors about Harry Potter it is on the home page of of all places. It is titled - Free Harry Potter discussion guides for youth leaders at Youth Ministry Exchange!
read here:

Lord help us to have eyes to see and hears to hear You!
Accuse me Ears to hear you Lord!
My goodness Constance I think there is something in the air today having to correct a typo correction note. Let me try again. Please don't accuse me. I meant to say, excuse me. Sorry.
I despise anti-Semitism just as much - if not more- than "anonymous" professes to despise it.
I also despise it when people outwardly profess to be Roman Catholic while secretly embracing beliefs and practices that go contrary to the Roman Catholic faith - especially if they happen to be leaders of groups that they are trying to persuade me to join and/or support financially.

I am sure devout Protestants would likewise demand "truth in advertising" from their lay leaders and clergy.

Apparently "anonymous" has chosen to overlook the fact that Carrie's criticisms are not being leveled against people who are professing Judaism, but against people who are professing Roman Catholicism while promoting as "Catholic" certain beliefs and practices that go contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Magisterium in matters of faith and morals.

Many of their beliefs also go contrary to traditional Judaism as well. To my knowledge, the Sabbatians and the Frankists are not exactly condsidered "solid citizens" in traditional Jewish quarters.

Leaders of traditional Jewish congregations may therefore want to warn their congregations about the "pronunciamentos" of Athol Bloomer as well.

In any case, the Missionary Society of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, whose membership includes founder Father Martin Lucia, Athol Bloomer, and others has been suspended by the Vatican pending an investigation by the Holy See.

This is a canonical censure, which means that this Society can no longer function as a "Catholic" organization.

If anyone has been following Carrie's blog for the past few days he will see that Carrie presents plenty of "take-it-to-the-bank" evidence to substantiate what she has to say on this subject.

Could this be why "anonymous" is trying to bully/guilt trip/manipulate people into avoiding Carrie's website with reckless accusations of "anti-Semitism?"
Spain now proposes Mediterranean Union

"The Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean partnership, created in 1995 at the height of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, has been dogged by the failure to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Other obstacles to the declared objectives of promoting political, economic and cultural cooperation, as well as creating a Mediterranean free trade area by 2010, have been agricultural protectionism in southern Europe and the opaque, authoritarian nature of many south Mediterranean governments. Spain tried to stage a first Euro-Mediterranean summit in Barcelona in 2005, but most Arab leaders stayed away.

Sarkozy has suggested that, instead of joining the EU, Turkey play a central role in a Mediterranean Union, an idea strongly rejected by Ankara".

Why is Sarkozy suggesting this to Turkey?
I hope you will forgive me, but I may not post as much in the next month or so. I will still be reading the blog(hopefully) and listening on Saturday. I am trying to plan many things for this next year and I am feeling the pressure of the next school year looming on me. After my serious planning I am going on vacation at the end of this month.

Could Romania fall to the EU as Kosovo?

Would the death of Patriarch Teoctist, "A promoter of ecumenic dialog, who invited Pope John Paul II to visit Romania a predominantly
Eastern Orthodox country after the Great Schism of 1054", be a significant shift to Romania in regards to the EU bringing under their wings Kosovo and their Orthodox Church?

Is Romania and Kosovo closely tied?

Could this move them closer towards the EU?

The changing of the old guard kind of thing? Could Romania be next?
I was reading a post on Herb Peter's site by "Holly" concerning persecuted Christians; I was troubled in heart but full of thankfulness for my American heritage.

Americans are so fortunate to have freedom of worship. It causes me to question, "What I am doing for Christ with this freedom?" and "How many people am I reaching?" After all, there may come a day when our religious speech is controlled.

Check out the post as it is graphic and thought provoking. Thank you Constance for your research and hard work in getting the word out concerning prophetic events. You are challenging Christian's to watch and stay alert.
6:00pm Anonymous
Some may have thought I wrote the original comment about Carrie because I'm Jewish, but I didn't.

Having followed her blog for a long time now, I agree with the original commenter that much of what she writes is antisemitic, attracting followers such as the individual who writes under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay. I also had the distinction of being kicked off her blog when I kept pointing out where she was wrong.

Several things come together to make Carrie so antisemitic. The first is that she sees things in black and white. In her world everybody knows everything and either makes the right decision or the wrong decision in her opinion. No one is in the process of learning.

Second, she knows very little about the Jewish community and really doesn't want to learn. In her mind all Jews stick together and think alike. They should have all converted to avoid following the strange leadership she finds.

She also doesn't have a sense of proportion. Whether it's the Catholic church or the Jewish community, the cults and the exceptions get her attention. She's a good researcher, but more like the National Inquirer than an academic publication.

Whether or not she's linked to here seems to have no effect on readership. The same people continue to post comments there.

As Constance said, she does provide information on the infiltration by New Age thinking taking place in the Catholic church just as Slice does for the Protestant community.

Censorship is the easy way out for things we disagree with. I am strongly for censorship where those under 18 are involved, but adults have a responsibility to face their opposition and work as hard as necessary to fight to get their information out. I know that it's not a popular stand.

Censorship leads to group think, something I find extremely dangerous. Group think allows those who have power to control the information we process.

Thanks for the leads Kera. I'm sure others found them helpful as well. I find the trend very troubling and wish we heard more about those who have found the Potter material dangerous to the souls of children. Many fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews recognize that once something is introduced to one's mind, it is impossible to shake out; therefore, they keep close watch on what is allowed to enter particularly the minds of children who do not have the ability to discern.

David Moss and the Association of Hebrew Catholics are NOT Jews. They are people of Hebrew ethnicity who profess to be Roman Catholic.

Nobody forced them to convert to Roman Catholicism. They freely chose to do so.

While we Catholics are delighted that they made that choice to become Roman Catholic Christians, we do not feel that we are being at all unreasonable in our expectations that having made that free choice, they ought to feel themselves obliged to adhere to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church in all matters of faith and morals - Magisterium being defined as the Pope and those Bishops in full loyal communion with the Pope.

I do not agree that Carrie Tomko is anti-Semitic. Carrie Tomko is simply defending the Catholic faith against certain pseudo-Jewish Sabbatian and Frankist errors. In other words, Carrie Tomko's recent charge is that unbiblical, heretical Jewish beliefs and practices are being smuggled into the Catholic Church by people who claim to be "Catholic."
These heretical beliefs and practices are regarded as heretical by the greater part of the traditional "biblical" Jewish community as well.
Carrie would have the same complaint if the person trying to smuggle non-Catholic beliefs into the Church were a Buddhist convert, a Muslim convert, etc.
Since when is defending the Catholic faith against heretical Sabbatian and Frankist encroachments "anti-Semitic?"

I guess in many ways we Catholics do see things in black and white. Something cannot simultaneously be right AND wrong.

Heresy cannot be and not-be heresy.

If that is anti-Semitic...oh well!
Romania's role in the Kosovo crisis was very interesting reading at wikipedia and other sites. I didn’t know they became part of the EU the beginning of this year, January 1, 2007. The Revived Roman Empire conquers quickly yet quietly out of sight here in Rupert Murdoch America.

The association of linking the Iron Guard and the Legion of the Archangel Michael to possible being an “agent of influence”, Patriarch Teoctist certainly lead a most interesting life. It looks like Romania’s role in the EU is already playing out on the world stage.

An interesting read in relation to new European conquests was at entitled “Will 'Europe' survive the 21st Century?” It’s a well educated observation on the past, present and future role the EU has for the world. The same questions a lot of us here with Constance and at FP are asking are there. Of course we know the answers have already been laid out for us in scripture and now its up to our patience to await the finer details.

This one is worth a read when you have a chance.

“Will 'Europe' survive the 21st Century?”

“European integration fulfilled a very old dream. The Holy Roman Emperors, as putative leaders of Western Christendom in the medieval centuries, dreamed of restoring a unity unknown since the fall of ancient Rome”.
10:;49 pm Anonymous
Just how long have you been following her blog? For a long time I gave her the benefit of the doubt. When she started writing that Jews were trying to control the world through the Noahide laws and that they would behead anyone who didn't follow them, time was up.

As far back as I can remember she has never censored "Maurice Pinay" for any of his nasty comments, nor has she refuted them. Do a search on the name.

I don't wish her any ill will as I think she still has a toehold on morality and one day may become wiser. Some antisemites are plain evil, but I don't think she fits into that category.

To anon at 6:00 PM--

I would agree Tomko has posted some interesting research on the New Age infiltration into the RC Church, but she did attack David Moss and the Association of Hebrew Catholics who are as far from the New Age as it gets. Somehow she sees a conspiracy under every rock she overturns. David Moss and his sister Rosalyn Moss are deeply respected as conservative Catholics who are converts. They find the New Age repugnant as do the groups they are assoiciated with. If someone is Jewish by birth, they have a right to claim it as an ethnicity, like many people do. Conversion does not end ethnicity, but Tomko's blog suggest that Jewish identity as an ethnicity linked to
Christian conversion is some kind of bastardization of Christianity.

While I am aware Tomko is battling cancer, it does not excuse her attacking devout Christians who are Jewish by birth.
To anon at 6:00 PM--

I would agree Tomko has posted some interesting research on the New Age infiltration into the RC Church, but she did attack David Moss and the Association of Hebrew Catholics who are as far from the New Age as it gets. Somehow she sees a conspiracy under every rock she overturns. David Moss and his sister Rosalyn Moss are deeply respected as conservative Catholics who are converts. They find the New Age repugnant as do the groups they are assoiciated with. If someone is Jewish by birth, they have a right to claim it as an ethnicity, like many people do. Conversion does not end ethnicity, but Tomko's blog suggest that Jewish identity as an ethnicity linked to
Christian conversion is some kind of bastardization of Christianity.

While I am aware Tomko is battling cancer, it does not excuse her attacking devout Christians who are Jewish by birth.
To anonymous at 10:49--

Obviously you know nothing about David Moss and the Association of Hebrew Catholics. These folks are more faithfull to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church than any Catholics I have ever heard. It is absurd to associate them with the bizarre Frankists and Sabbatians. To smear in that manner is anti-semitic.

As to censureship of Tomko, she is a big believer in censuring anyone who questions or reports anything slightly at odds with her perspective. She routinely blocks bloggers on her site and has posted as such. However, no one is suggesting she does not have a right to do so. The question is do you want to link this site to hers? I used to really find her postings of value, but now she is on a constant rant about anything Jewish, and it goes far beyond the arena of Jewish involvement in Roman Catholicism. She is really promoting the notion of the Jews being single handedly responsible for the New Age movement, and some kind of conspiracy by orthodox Jews to attack Christians. It reminds me of neo-Nazi literature.

Anon as usual
To anonymous at 10:49--

Obviously you know nothing about David Moss and the Association of Hebrew Catholics. These folks are more faithfull to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church than any Catholics I have ever heard. It is absurd to associate them with the bizarre Frankists and Sabbatians. To smear in that manner is anti-semitic.

As to censureship of Tomko, she is a big believer in censuring anyone who questions or reports anything slightly at odds with her perspective. She routinely blocks bloggers on her site and has posted as such. However, no one is suggesting she does not have a right to do so. The question is do you want to link this site to hers? I used to really find her postings of value, but now she is on a constant rant about anything Jewish, and it goes far beyond the arena of Jewish involvement in Roman Catholicism. She is really promoting the notion of the Jews being single handedly responsible for the New Age movement, and some kind of conspiracy by orthodox Jews to attack Christians. It reminds me of neo-Nazi literature.

Anon as usual
12:52 A.M. Anonymous

I am not necessarily trying to defend Maurice Pinay here, but you are the one who is decrying "censorship."

I don't know what your private beef with Carrie is, but I have been following her blog long enough to know that she only bans people who level ad hominem attacks on her or her other guests.

Having said that, I will add that Carrie's decision to allow Maurice Pinay a forum is no different than David Moss's decision to allow Athol Bloomer one.

So if we are going to do "guilt by association," lets make sure that the same standard is applied even-handedly across the board.
To anon as usual:

Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about.

Carrie is associating Athol Bloomer with Sabbatians and Frankists - from his own writings if you care to quit drinking the kool-ade and check it out for yourself - instead of accusing people of being "anti-Semitic" for legitimate criticisms of things that are more PAGAN than Jewish!

Excuse me. Since I don't want to insult any honest pagans, I have to say that the things being criticized are things that would make even an honest pagan blush with shame.

I am more than willing to concede that it is very possible that David Moss does not know everything about Athol Bloomer's affiliations, or the fact that one of the apostolates with which Athol is associated has been suspended by the Vatican.
But it would seem to me that as head of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, he should make it his business to know and take appropriate action.
It would also seem to me that anyone claiming to be David Moss's friend will make sure to tell him what's up so that he can check everything out for himself!!!
P.S. I meant to sign the previous posting "anonymous right back."
2:00 am Anonymous
It says Anonymous on top, but Dorothy at the bottom. That's how you can tell us apart.

In the entire time I've been following her blog, she has not banned anyone else. Ad hominem my foot. She didn't like the fact that I knew what I was talking about because I'm Jewish and could refute her more silly statements.

I think arguments about Hebrew Catholics or Catholic Hebrews should go over to her blog. Suzanna who comments over there is really quite good at serious research and would welcome a good fight.

The idea that there is some secret coordinated Jewish plot to infiltrate the Catholic church in order to destroy it from within is silly. There are many, many prophecy cults with a lot of followers. That's all the leaders need to do is sound like they know what they are talking about.

In the Fiddler play there's the line "when you're rich they think you really know." When it comes to prophecy cults, it's "when you can quote they think you really know." Cults can be quite financially profitable.

There are over a billion Catholics in the world. If every Jew was a member of the strange Athol cult, they couldn't overturn the Catholic church. Why would anyone fund a group that can't influence anyone of power and just has a following of rather non-informed people.

If there was some cabal of Jews who wanted to overturn the Catholic church, they certainly wouldn't choose a leader of a cult who bragged about being Jewish, particularly since all of the antisemitism in the Catholic church has not dissipated. If someone wanted to overturn the Catholic church, they just might put a lot of funding into Call to Action where there is already a lot of action. Or they would support Earth Spirit Rising.

As I said, Carrie is a good researcher, but at the National Inquirerer level. Lots of sensationalism.
It should have been signed Dorothy at the bottom also.

Is Sarkozy the Mysterious HaKhShaRO?

Better question: Will Israel end up looking for a redeemer in the wrong place be it Blair, Sarkozy or Solana? Take note of the last paragraph.

"Will “Europe” Survive the 21st Century?

A Meditation on the 50th Anniversary of the European Community

By Walter A. McDougall"

was originally published at an Philadelphia think tank called Foreign Policy Research Institute at this site:
Javier talks about Turkey in reference to Kosovo:

"There are many areas in which Turkey and the European Union will have to work closely together over the coming months and years. Making sustained progress in Turkey's accession negotiations is central to this challenging agenda. I welcome the stated determination of Prime Minister Erdogan to achieve Turkey's European Union goals, including the reforms needed to make that happen. Turkey and the European Union should continue their close cooperation to promote peace and security around the world, from the wider Middle East, to the Balkans, the southern Caucasus, Afghanistan and elsewhere.....The Kosovo issue is a special case that can not be compared to any other region."
I think I see a trend of the Turkey Kosovo issue and thats - Russia.

Behind the 120 days Javier is granting the final talks to bring Kosovo into the EU, a thorn in his side that is now being revealed to the world, and behind the Kosovo Turks into the region continuing their "pax ottomana"

Kosovo Turks: Those Who Live in the Most Critical Region of Balkans

Russian superpower and territorial design does not want to lose this area for many reasons stated here:

Kosovo As Part Of Russia's Design

The Bear will not let go of his forest.
Of course it is ridiculous to think any cabal of Jews could infiltrate the Roman Catholic Church and corrupt/overtake it. It is equally ridiculous to think the Noahide Laws are going to be used against Christians. But unfortunately that IS what Tomko thinks. Not only that, but she trys to blame all Jews for this. As to posting this debate on her website, she has blocked my postings as well as others. She freqently blocks me from even being able to see the postings of others to her blog. I would be perfectly willing to debate on her blog, but she has no tolerance for any deviance from her message. And yes I would agree Susanah is a good researcher, but it is not her blog. The blog has derailed into hate.

Anonymous as usual
Dorothy, Jerry Bowyer’s polemic against Christianity for Christianity strikes me absurd; to save the world required a spotless LAMB not another Simon of Samaria! Too bad with all that Latin and Greek there may be no faith: “even the Demons believe and tremble.”

Thanks for the article.

Yours in Christ,
Anonymous as usual, I didn't know she also blocked you. She made it very clear I was being banned. In addition I got one of those red messages that told me I was not allowed to comment.

The fact is Constance has to make the decision whether to link or not. We will have to see what happens.

Bowyer's column suggests he knows nothing about the occult. I only pointed it out to show the absurdity of some points of view.

If someone wants to see how absurd even academics can be, take a look at this website where academics are analyzing the Harry Potter books at a conference in Toronto.

ESDP newsletter #4 is now out. One can read it from JS's website.
Carrie commented on my comments over at her blog. Since I'm banned over there, I'll comment back to her here.

Carrie you banned me long before the Athol discussion came up. Having already done an extensive amount of work on the push being done in various communities, Christian, pagan, occult, New Age and Jewish, to find someone who will be accepted as a new Messiah because they are of the Davidic line, I'm not particularly interested in the convoluted research on Athol. The bottom line is that it is a meaningless task because so much time has passed.

I didn't know you banned so many people. That sure makes spreading your message easier. In my case ad hominem baloney. You're sounding like one of them "techie" Muslims who get all hot and bothered very easily every time someone blinks twice at the Koran.

To all,

I will be doing my radio program, MY PERSPECTIVE, from the road, using my cell phone tomorrow. I need to be in Coldwater, Michigan to meet with a client at noon tomorrow and will take advantage of the closeness to Indiana to go visit my brothers, sisters, still living aunts & uncles, and nieces and nephews there. That means I will regretfully have to miss Ervin Baxter's always worthwhile presentations -- he is in Dearborn, MI Saturday and Sunday. I will be using my cell phone to do my end of the broadcast. Dr. Monteith will be my honored guest. I understand he will be on a cell phone for similar reasons!

I am thrilled over the quality of comments to this site -- thanks to Johnny, Anonymous 6:00 p.m., Dorothy, Rudi, and all the others who make this site such personal joy for me!

Pray for me as I am on the road this weekend. Pray for my son who drives big rig trucks over the roads. Minneapolis has made me justifiably nervous as a mother!
All I can say about the ongoing obvious dispute on line is that I admire both Dorothy and Carrie very much. I obviously agree with neither 100% of the time. My personal opinion is that what Carrie tackled as Catholic Zionist is very much like British Israelism i.e. Armstrongism, and very much like the Christian Reconstruction Movement. In spite of trappings that look "pro-Zion," its bottom line is that they are Jewish and the Jews are not (i.e. they are the 10 lost tribes and so is everybody else, save the Jews who live in Israel.


Amen, Constance.

johnny said...
"Will “Europe” Survive the 21st Century?

A Meditation on the 50th Anniversary of the European Community

Johnny- Walter A. McDougal gives an amazing perspective in his article as he reviews the "evolving" of Europe as a model for humanity from 1907 to the present. I found the entire article to be a real eye-opener. The section where he wrote about the falling birthrates for Germans, Swedes, Spaniards, and others and the trend by many Europeans who no longer consider children a part of their pursuit of happiness, surely would have Margret Sanger beaming with pride.

The only part that didn't make sense to me was when he was seeming to say that the EU is still way behind the times in regard to their military capabilities compared to the US. Maybe Constance will comment on this. I searched the archives to try to find the blog and links Constance had posted about the EU military exercise MILEX 07 that took place this past June. I couldn't find this particular blog but I did find an article and the current European Security and Defence Policy newsletter. Unfortunately, although it's supposed to be in English, the most important sections are in French.


ESDP News Links

Here's the link to make tiny urls Sorry, I didn't have time to shorten them.


ESDP News Links
I have read Dorothy's moaning and groaning about Carrie Tomko "anti-semeticism" and being banned from Carrie's blog for ad hominem attacks.

There is no racial "anti-semeticism" on Carrie's blog. I am a descendant of a crypto-Jewish family and I would not give Carrie the time of day if she was racist. I am a practising Catholic, and I believe God, upon repentance. will accept any one no matter what religious or ethnic background they come from. However, if any belief or custom from that background is contrary to the Catholic faith, it must be forsaken. Judaism is anti-Christian. It rejects Christ and the New Testament, and sets up the Talmud, the traditions of the elders that Christ condemned, as the magisterium for Judaism. The Catholic Church, from Acts 15 to now, has never in its offical documents, allowed the co-mingling of Jewish and Christian beliefs and practises. The AHC and Athol Bloomer are clearly heretical. They has no business calling themselves Catholic if they combine the law of Moses, Talmudism, caabalism, and Catholicism. You can be Jewish or Christian, but you can't be both.

As for being banned from "Keyboard" Dorothy aka Zuukie was guilty of ad hominem attacks on individuals. I was one of those individuals. She was upset with me because I admitted I was of Jewish descent, but I would not practise Judaism. She continued to ad hominem me and others until Carrie had no choice but to ban her.

And oh, one final note. Some folks have ridiculed the idea Jews are trying to infiltrate the Church and take it over. I suggest that these doubters read Rabbi Louis I Newman's "Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements" and "The Plot Against The Church" by pseudo-anonymous author(s) Maurie Pinay. both books provide plenty of documented proof that Jews have tried overtly and covertly to infiltrate and control the Church. Both books are required reading for anyone who wishes to avoid the extremes of philo-semeticism and anti-Semeticism in reading about Jews.

Steve Dalton
Respecting the minds as well as the hearts of those posting here, I have a question for you and it may or may not be new age: why do you think our society believes it is OK to let murderers and rapist out on the streets to kill again? You may remember the little girl in Florida that was raped and buried alive? Dick Morris (see link below) shows the evil on an international terror scale that, even for a NAer, should fly in the face of reason.
My own guess is self hatred extending outward to the nation; you may remember how Hitler seemed pleased to bring the German nation down with him!

Yours in Christ,
Europe has been rearming a very long time -- by stealth. Read the ARMING BIG BROTHER report by clicking this tiny url:

It is a farce to even say that the EU has an armny of 60,000. Its combined armies of the countries have in excess of 2 million men and Javier Solana is seeking the combination, under him, of course and their combined weapons and budgets, approximately the equivalent (again, no doubt understated) of $200 billion US dollars or $166 billion Euros. The WEU which he heads is and always has been a military federation. He is insisting on global disarmament of which he was adamant at the question and answer session at the Brookings Institution last March 21st. And who will watch the discarded weapons? Three guesses and the first two don't count!

I guess he sees us as just plain stupid! Too many of us evidently are! WAKE UP!
Dear Steve Dalton,

I appreciate your comments, but in defense of Dorothy, what she, in my opninion, is justifiably worried about is fanning the flames that could lead to Catholic acquiesence and /or passivity in the mass anti-Jewish hysteria milked so well by the occultists pre World War II and unquestionably re-emerging in Europe that could stir up a new holocaust. I would hope we would all tone the rhetoric down. Both Carrie and Dorothy love God very much and one day God will straighten out the differences for all of us -- until then, let's state our cases with love. God is still in control!

Steve Dalton,
During the entire time I was responding on Carrie's site and after I was banned I did not comment here or ask that the link be taken off though Constance and I are friends. This even when Carrie was writing that Jews were going to behead Christians. During the entire time I never attacked the Catholic church or Catholics because I know destructive people do not reflect on positive theology.

Yes Steve, I know you are a regular commenter on Carrie's blog and you've never been banned. I ignored you. Don't try to make yourself important in this quarrel. You present no truth about your family background that can be checked by a neutral observer. The fact is that only the most self-hating Jew would suggest that the Pinay material is accurate.

Folks, check out this paragraph written by Steve Dalton at this link:
"As for Gibson accepting “anti-semitic conspiracy theories,” I don’t know if he agrees with Papa Hutton about it. What I do know is that the Church has prior to Vatican II regarded the Jews as the traditional enemies of the Christian faith......."

Unlike Carrie, the responders at that website challenge his allegations.

I did not start the comments on this thread. They were started by another who asked that the link be dropped because of the perceived antisemitism. So that no one could confuse the two of us, I responded.

Carrie has chosen to mix serious research on the New Age movement with support for the Trad Catholic community. Her choice. If someone calls her out on that, they are doing nothing more than what she does when she exposes the New Age movement. Truth does surface.


So Dorothy/Zuukie is concerned about us Catholics fanning the flames that might lead to Catholic acquiescence or passivity in the face of anti-Jewish hysteria like they had prior to WWII, that was exploited by occultists. I can't speak for Carrie, but I plead not guilty! The Jews, over the centuries, created many of situations that brought persecution down on their heads. The Jewish culture, secular or religious, originally inspired by the Talmud, teaches Jews to think of themselves as better than the rest of mankind. This leads to religious and racial bigotry against non-Jews. If the Jews were in an isolated part of the world, with hardly any contact with anyone, this would not be a problem. Unfortunatly, this is not so, and it causes problems.

As far as stirring up a new holocaust against the Jews, it amazes me how educated Christians are unaware of the holocausts and massacres commited against Christians by Jews. The Armenian massacre of 1915 was totally under the control of the Committee of Union and Progress which was dominated by Jews. 1.5 million Christians were murdered by the CUP. Russian (so called) communism was founded, financed, and controled by Jews for many years, and before its tyranny ceased, 70 million people, mostly Christian, died under its heel. And this is in modern times. Elliot horowitz's "Reckless Rites" shows anti-Christian violence by Jews has been ongoing for hundreds of years. One of the most shocking examples he gives in RR is the Jerusalem massacre in 614 AD. 90,000 Christians perished in the Persian siege of Jerusalem, most of them by the hands of Jewish troops.

What amazes me about the preceding examples is how the Jews quickly forget their sins against the Christians, while Christians and other non-Jews are never allowed to forget any sins, real or imagined against the Jews. We constantly have the holocaust, the pogroms, et al thrown in our faces, but almost any criticism of a Jew or a Jewish organization is denounced as anti-semeticism. Is it any wonder that non-Jews are getting fed up with this hypocrisy?!

Tone down the rhetoric and let God sort it out. Connie, I have been very rational and very calm with Dorothy/Zuukie and other knee-jerk philo-Semites on "Keyboard". I always responded with truth and facts,not personal attacks on someones character. It was always people like D/Z, Attila The Nun, and Biblebeliever who used overheated rhetoric and attacks on the Catholic faith on me and others on Keyboard.

Let God straighten out the differances for all of us. Sorry Connie, this is a cop out. God gave us minds to sort out things that are our responsiblity. The truth about this subject (Jews and Judaism) is spelled out in the New Testament, the Church Fathers, secular history, and Jewish history. Informed Christians can not go out of their way to harm Jews, but we expect the Jews to return the favour. History shows whenever it is in their power to do so, they have failed the majority of times to do so.

State our cases with love. I have Connie. I told the truth in love. It's embittered ex-Catholics like Dorothy who have apostatized to Judaism or Protestantism who are seemingly incapable of stating a case with love. Yet you say Dorothy loves God! How can a person who has rejected Jesus Christ, the second person in the Holy Trinity, claim to love God? Only those who love the Son can love the Father. This is basic Biblical truth not anti-semeticism.
Anon. 12:31
WOW! As I was reading your reply to Dorothy-Connie I saw smoke coming from my computer. Oh, you forgot ONE persecuted Christian: Stephen Acts 7

"Connie, I have been very rational and very calm with Dorothy/Zuukie and other knee-jerk philo-Semites on "Keyboard".

Despite the above, unless Carrie comes and states that she is the author of this comment, I wouldn't assume she is. I would guess that most of the readers here have had no experience with the kinds of manipulative behavior, also known as dirty tricks, used behind the scenes.

Setterman, i'm not that Stephen. Thanks for the complement though1 LOL!
this was a great show today,
Constane! happy I could attend.
do you believe in santa claus
Are Americans being murdered by Islamic radicals? You be the Judge!

Those who think they can control the violence of the engine of such hatred may themselves be touched by this evil.
Isa. 9:18 For wickedness burns as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke.

Yours in Christ,
Okay, Constance, how do listen to your show? Is it on the radio or on-line? How do I connect? I'm missing out. Did you have fun with the road construction on I-94? Is this too many questions?
This August’s Last Trumpet Ministries newsletter “America's New Age of Dark Power” is very informative!
A few of the articles are:
* Hindu abomination in US Senate Chambers:
watch the video for yourselves:

* Killer Wasps:

* Angela Merkel’s biological father -- Adolph Hitler.

* Pope Benedict XVI & Angela Merkel’s arrival on the power scene.

* Harry Potter [similar thoughts as this thread’s].

* And TV's new remote for viewers could be your hand.

I'm still in the process of checking his resources, some are easier than others to find - just wanted to see them for myself and have been blessed for doing so [the firey heaven over the capitol - a sign?] Maybe!

None the less - let us praise the Lord.

2 Peter 3:11-15 [Seeing] then [that] all these things shall be dissolved, what manner [of persons] ought ye to be in [all] holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless. And account [that] the longsuffering of our Lord [is] salvation;

I have personally met Rosalynn Moss once when she was speaking in the Detroit area. We had an opportunity to personally chat. While I may not agree with her on everything, I did find her sincere and well motivaed.

To 12:31 PM

Let me say that I do recognize the rhetoric coming from the historical revisionist, "international Jew" writers when I see it. Your rhetoric is, in my opinion, exactly that, and what I have seen coming from the Useless (whooops, Eustace) Mullins, Willis Carto,
Cornelius Vanderbreggen, etc., ad nauseum bunch.

And, I am sure, given the sophistication of your writing that you know that the spelling of "anti-semitic" is spelled as I just spelled it and is not spelled "anti-semetic" as the person spelled it who started this exchange which makes me smell an AGENT PROVOCATEURI, seeking to execute the time honored New Age strategy of pitting the three major target groups against each other: Jews, Christians (including sub-groups of Catholic, Orthodox, Fundamentalist/Evangelical) against each other.


Constance, I'm 12:31. I forgot to sign my name when I posted. I'm Steve Dalton.

I really don't understand your criticisms. You make a big deal about my mispelling anti-semite. Madam, I suffer from sleep apnea, and sometimes my attention isn't as good as it should be. I'm so sorry that you seem to believe my spelling error makes me an agent provocatuer.

Your historical revisionist/agent provocatuer against me is the silliest thing I've seen in a while. FYI I'm a traditional Catholic like Carrie Tomko. I only came on to post to refute the vicious lies that Dorothy was telling about Carrie and Keyboard being anti-semetic. Here's the truth, Connie. Dorothy/Zuukie was an apostate Catholic turned Jew who delighted in ridiculing people who had the gall to disagree with her. She kept attacking ad hominum,instead of trying to reason things out. She was warned by Carrie to cease and desist several times, but her hate and anger drove her to keep denigrating the other posters. Carre finally gave her the ax. Perhaps she now believes Christians will behead Jews, instead of vice-versa! (It's an inside joke, Connie. LOL!)

As for your historical revisionist charge, not guilty. As I have already informed you, I'm a traditional Catholic. My beliefs about Jews comes from either their own histories or from reliable Catholic authors who were orthodox. I'm also a descendant of a Marrano family, so I know all about Jews from research on my own family. So I don't need no stinkin' revisionist writings to tell me about Jewish history or behaviour Connie.

Connie, in closing, I notice you lashed out at me without proof. You falsely accused me of being a so-called historical revisionist, associating me with Carto and Mullins. I have never used their writings as sources of Jewish history because I go to Jewish or Catholic sources that are primary. This agent provocatuer thing is a real hoot too. I have never been a new ager, Connie dear. Now the family I come from was Masonic, but I never had any contacts with the practise of Freemasonry growing up, and I have no desire to be one now. Freemasonry is Jewish in origin, and any form of Judaizing is forbidden to a sincere Catholic. The next time you see something in one of my postings that upsets you. ask me about it first instead of making wild,unproven, accusations with no basis in fact. You are a lawyer and you, of all people should know better.

Steve Dalton
Joh 13:34 "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.
Joh 13:35 "By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

Mat 10:16 "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

Rev 7:17 for the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and will guide them to springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes."

Mac, thanks for the love reminder; I doubt that Mr. Dalto will heed it, but miracles to happen.
If Mr. Dalto would just begin his post with his name I could save some time and skip the post. Oh, on second thought two or three words is usually sufficient!
Dear Dave in Battle Creek,

GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN. I have missed seeing you and Rich of Medford on line.

To LISTEN to the radio program, have speakers attached to your computer or have your volume up and earphones attached to your computer and go to this website:

Every Saturday, until further notice, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time which you and I are both on. My son and daughter in law now live not to far from Battle Creek, in Martin, Michigan, so we go through there from time to time to see our grandchildren.
Dear Steve Dalton:

I did not realize the sleep apnea problem. I am familiar with the traditionalist Catholic culture. I have many friends who are part of it. There have been many wrongs historically to go around, and Jews and Christians have both suffered much persecution from time to time as others gained the upper hand.

I did not mean to be unkind but what I had suspected was that we were visited on line by an Institute of Historical Revision "scholar." That group is known for holocaust denial and clearly would love to see a new, bigger and better holocaust. For that reason and knowing the ultimate agenda of the New Agers to set Christians and Jews (both target groups) against each other, I reacted extremely strongly.

I would ask you to examine your library and see if you may not have been influenced by literature coming from this group. I know they were working the traditionalist Catholic community as I was from time to time sponsored by traditionalist Catholic groups and had occasion to visit the Pius X bookstore in St. Mary's, Kansas.

They had many fine books, but some not so fine books had made it to the shelves, the distributors which I recognized as the Eustace Mullins, etc. source had sold themselves as legitimate information sources, when they were not.

Eustace Mullins was a protege of Theosophist, Nazi-collaborator Ezra Pound. He did much damage which could be the source of a book, but I will be sure to make it the source of an upcoming detailed blogspot.

Sorry, Steve, if I offended you, but I would ask all on board to search your libraries and see if the following are lurking:

--Institute for Historical Review
--David Irving
--Gwynne Dyer
--Mark Weber
--Chris Hedges
--Robert Faurisson
--Gregory Afghani
--Georges Theil

Others who have followed their lead or are bad actors on their own:

--Gary Kah
--Texe Marrs
--Willis Carto
--Pat Brooks

Many others whose names are fleeting by me, but I will recall later. Many come from a Clackemas, Oregon publisher.

The "Social Credit" movement is another interesting bunch with clearly Theosophical/occult roots that penetrated many fundamentalist Christian and traditionalist Catholic circles. They were particularly active in Canada but in addition to blaming all world's problems on the Jews, sought an economic system very much like the one prophesied in Revelation/Apocalypse 13!

Let's state our cases, as much as possible, without rancor or personal attacks.

The commentator who said, "they will know we are Christians by our love" is right! We must, by all means avoid syncretism and compromise, but self-righteousness is as evil a spirit as any other evil spirit and just as destructive if not more!
Dear David Dalton and Dorothy and Carrie and the rest:

My sniffer was working correctly when I said I smelled influences that David Dalton acknowleged he was the source. I am not sure David Dalton knew his sources and their very evil agenda. Blaming Jews for Stalinist communist purges and the Armenian Turkish massacre is absurd, but this is the fiction the Institute for Historical Review was advancing. Here is one direct link to it --

Here is a tiny url to go there:

Willis Carto the founder of THE SPOTLIGHT was a major instigator of this bunch who would deny the Holocaust and justify Hitler! They would love to see a new Holocaust that would destroy all monotheists, Jews, Christians and Moslems and are working hard to incite one!

Willis Carto & The IHRThe Institute for Historical Review is the moving force in the movement to deny the Holocaust. Its initial meeting was opened by Willis Carto, ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Willis Carto & The IHR: IndexThe Institute for Historical Review held its major event of the year at an unnamed restaurant ... Willis Carto. Liberty and Property. IHR Publications ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Institute for Historical Review - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"The chief organization promoting Holocaust denial is the Institute for Historical Review, a California organization founded in 1978 by Willis Carto, ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Institute for Historical Review (IHR): Outlet for denial propagandaFounded in 1979 by Liberty Lobby leader Willis Carto, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) has spearheaded the international movement to deny the ... - 22k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Poisoning the Web - Institute for Historical Review ...The California-based IHR, which split with Willis Carto in 1993, remains the world's ... sponsored, or financed by the Institute for Historical Review. ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
[ More results from ]

HOLOCAUST FAQ: Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review ...HOLOCAUST FAQ: Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review (2/2) ... to say the least: The behind-the-scenes power in the NYA was Willis Carto, ... - 33k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

HOLOCAUST FAQ: Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review ...Archive-name: holocaust/ihr/part02 Last-modified: 1999/11/03 IHR: A Layman's Guide to Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review (Part 02) 4.0 ... - 37k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Willis Carto and the IHRRevisionist materials from the Institute for Historical Review. ... Willis Carto is perhaps best known as the founder and director of Liberty Lobby, ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

mermelstein vs the institute for historical reviewDefendants LIBERTY LOBBY, WILLIS CARTO, ELISABETH CARTO, LEGION FOR SURVIVAL OF FREEDOM, INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW, and NOONTIDE PRESS, ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

HOLOCAUST FAQ: Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review ...IHR: A Layman's Guide to Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review (Part 02) 4.0 Political Organization.....................................17 4.1 ... - 31k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Constance, or anyone else, do you have an opinion on a book titled BLOOD ON THE ALTAR by Craig Heimbichner?
Hi Carrie,

I will have to check that one out, but I strongly recommend a book that I'm sure you would too:


This was the persecution in Mexico from 1926-1935 that started with Catholics getting after the Theosophsts, Freethinkers, Masons, and Communists combined in Mexico and then later the persecution extended to Protestant Christians as well. MEXICAN MARTYRDOM, NO GOD NEXT DOOR, and anything by Graham Greene or about him are also important sources for this.

Ironically, about the only ones in the USA to speak out strongly about what was happening was a Jewish Congress in NYC, sensitized because Jews were undergoing similar fates in Europe. Little did they then know abou the common ideological base that was seeking to gain the world's acceptance for a new, non-Jewish "messiah" first by the name of Krishnamurti and later by the name of Hitler.

Thanks for the lead, I will investigate.

Hi Carrie and all,

Bad mistake in my first sentence -- it should have been "Catholics getting it" "not Catholics getting after" --

Catholics were the first to catch the Mexican persecution.

Interestingly, Javier Solana's first swing at the Barcelona Conference of 1995 was at the Catholics. He said it was "auspicious that the even began on the 900th anniversary of the calling of the first crusade by Pope Urban II" ...

The more things change, the more they seem to remain the same . . .
The Word is Still Spreading!! To all FP readers. Cutting Edge Ministry now has Herb 's dvd for sale on their website! All though most of what this ministry reports my husband and I don't really agree with and have never been interested in reading the books they promote, i.e. Texe Marrs , but they do have 2 great dvd's on the masonic thread through our government and it's history. They have also done great research on weather modifications.

I am just glad to see that they recognize the hard research Herb has done and that they (Cutting Edge) are opening to the possibility that they have been looking at a diverted path.

This is what they say about Herb's dvd: "Is it possible that Javier Solana of the European Union is the real Antichrist, and not Prince Charles? Cutting Edge has always believed Charles or his son, William, would be Antichrist.

But, this video presents really good information which explains why so many people today believe Javier Solana will be the Son of Perdition

After watching this 2 hour, 40 minute video, you will truly know that the time is near for the Man of Sin to arise and begin his global war against God's Saints. Are you spiritually ready?

Cutting Edge does not agree with all positions Mr. Peters takes, but we do find much of his material to be hard hitting and fascinating."

Constance my husband (Johnny, who has commented on your blog a few times recently)and I want to also say thank you to you for all your hard work and sacrifice and seeing this hard work spread across the web is a true God send!!! Thank you Jesus!!
Connie, I doubt wheither I'll ever come back to this blog. Your paranoid behaviour toward someone who thinks differently from you is puzzling and frightening. You make accusations against innocent persons out of thin air. You assume that on the basis of your own knowledge, that you have all the facts. Only the leader of a religious cult would be that presumptious. I followed Herbert W Armstrong for almost a decade, so I know something about this subject. In your correspondance with me, you displayed several traits of a manipulative cult leader. Paranoia, guilt tripping a person for disagreeing with you, false accusations,and arrogence. I heard years ago that other counter-cult and apologetic workers had trouble working with you. I always assumed out of Christian charity that what you were coming up with was so new, that people couldn't grasp it. Your own behaviour toward me shows me the character flaws that brought trouble down on your own head. No wonder why Dr Martin and the others refused to have anything to do with you! i will take the same trail they did, and happly ride away from your paranoid little world.

Steve Dalton
Steve Dalton,

If you followed Herbert W. Armstrong, you were in a cult and you are projecting on to me your cult like behavior. Further, the Herbert W. Armstrong people are clearly working to "rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem" to welcome a new "messiah." You are perturbed because I recognized the IHR materials you were clearly utilizing. I would rather have IHR types and Willis Carto/Eustace Mullins types leave rather than help them in their clearly ugly agenda of pitting target groups of New Age ideologists against each other.

Au revoir. You my friend are in the cult, not myself!

Constance E. Cumbey
Rabbi Schneier: Anti-Semitism Is a Blight on Humanity

"I was privileged to be a member of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations High Level Group, appointed by the U.N. secretary general, to recommend ways to avoid a clash of civilizations. One of our conclusions was that racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia are impediments to peaceful coexistence and must be challenged, resisted and overcome in the interest of peace and stability".
Rabbi Schneier: Anti-Semitism Is a Blight on Humanity Wires
Monday, Aug. 6, 2007

"Rabbi Schneier — himself a survivor of the Holocaust — said religions should work together to fight intolerance: "It is essential that the Cross, the Crescent and the Star of David become symbols of peace, tolerance, and mutual respect." He called for a summit of religious leaders, in partnership with the Assembly, to fight racism and xenophobia".


"Rabbi Schneier is a graduate of Yeshiva University and resides in New York City and Westhampton Beach.


The Foundation is a national non-profit dedicated to strengthening relations between ethnic communities. We are committed to the belief that direct, face-to-face dialogue between ethnic communities is the most effective path towards the reduction of bigotry and the promotion of reconciliation and understanding.
Dear Kera:

The research was nearly equally shared between Herb Peters and myself. I am happy that Cutting Edge is finally picking up on it. I called and spoke with David Bay, giving him a lengthy telephone briefing on Javier Solana several years ago closer to the time that Herb and I were first talking. I started my research on Javier Solana on November 22, 1995. I did almost immediately a short radio series with SW Radio Church on it. I was so very happy and relieved in late 1999 to learn about Herb Peters and thereafter we talked and actively collaborated right up until the time of his death. I was so very happy to have Herb as a friend and colleague in this work. We all have a responsibility now to get word out. Is Javier Solana the one? Like Herb, unwilling as of yet to say with finality, but so many things appear to be converging with specificity with him (Section 666, Recommendation 666, 10 Nation WEU handing him their power. Now, even more fascinating as Javier Solana works on "global governance," he actively proposes to make what started as the G-7 and is now the G-8, "the G-10." Look at the Brookings Institution transcript of the 3-21-2007 speech!

Wrong Schneier

Rabbi Arthur Schneier

Arthur Schneier (b. 1930 in Vienna) is an American rabbi.

Arthur Schneier fled in November of 1938 from Vienna to Budapest, where he survived the Holocaust. In 1947 he moved to the United States. Schneier became a Rabbi and was awarded an honorary doctorate in theology at Yeshiva University in New York City. He has been the spiritual leader of the Park East Synagogue since 1962.
Alliance Of Civilizations High Level Group Member

"Rabbi Arthur Schneier is internationally known for his leadership on behalf of religious freedom, human rights and inter-religious dialogue. Yeshiva University, his alma mater, honored him by establishing the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Center for International Affairs (2004). He is the Founder of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, and has served as its President since 1965".
Hi Carrie,

I just read reviews on the Craig Heichbinner book and found the reviews riveting. I then made arrangements to order the book and Amazon informs me I already purchased it which means it is somewhere in my personal library and I will dig it out and belatedly read it.

This is something else!

This is one big juicy meatball of AoC propaganda!

"It is essential that the Cross, the Crescent, and the Star of David become symbols of peace, tolerance, and mutual respect. The Bible speaks of the protection of the stranger "the other" 36 times. The barometer of democracy and the rule of law is how the majority treats the minority".


"Finally, religious sites are part of the precious heritage of culture and civilization. Shamefully, too many churches, mosques, and synagogues have been destroyed in Europe. I am horrified by the destruction of any religious site, houses of worship, desecration of cemeteries and monuments. It is an onslaught on one's identity and heritage that leads to dehumanization and the destruction of human beings.

The Appeal of Conscience Foundation initiated the United Nations Resolution 55-254/2001 for the Protection of Religious Sites which passed unanimously by the UN General Assembly, I would respectfully urge that this resolution be adopted in all member states comprising the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The Appeal of Conscience Foundation has held major conferences including Peace and Tolerance, in Berne (1992) and Istanbul co-sponsored with the Ecumenical Patriarch (1994, 2005); and the Conflict Resolution Conference, Vienna (1995 and 1999) that energized religious leaders in pursuit of tolerance and peace with full support of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, Patriarch Aleksey II, United Nations Secretary General, the Islamic Conference, and the World Council of Churches.

Based on four decades of promoting conciliation and peace, the ACF is prepared to work with you on helping combat anti-Semitism through inter-religious dialogue and cooperation. Drawing from our worldwide experience we are ready to assist in convening a summit of religious leaders in partnership with the Parliamentary Assembly in the struggle against all forms of racism and xenophobia".

Hey I got an idea.
Lets make one place where everyone can respect their religion...

Hey I got another idea.

And lets place it somewhere where all of us can call our own....

And hey hey hey, lets get someone who represents this ideaology to the rest of the world to be the spokesperson/correspondent/

I think I read this somewhere before.
One big juicy meatball folks.
One big juicy meatball.
Constance and all,
I read an article about implanting chips in soliders brains on Berit Kjos' web site under 'What's New' at
Just another thing to get people ready and willing.
I'd like to listen to some of the programs that are archived--do you have to become a member?
I appreciate all the info from everyone--I stayed tuned but in the background.
Constance you mentioned something about Andrew Murray and something he was involved in ??? I have several of his books but could never get into them if this is the same Murray born 1828? Thank you for naming names because it helps.
Well, things are back to normal. Carrie posted an article this Monday morning which snipes at Jews with no substantiation. Steve Dalton is again there as a commenter.

Why do I bother to write this? As a lesson. My reputation was attacked here. Other than Connie, no one jumped to my defense even though I've been contributing solid information for many years.
With the way things are going, decent Jews and Christians will see their reputations smeared because they will refuse to go along. People they think will defend them, won't. The others won't want to get involved. You will see dirty tricks played on you. You will learn that the first commandment to be broken by the self-proclaimed pius will always be "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor."

22 Av 5767, 8/6/2007
The De-Judaization of Israel
by Tamar Yonah

In a rather long piece Tamar points out how the business forces and the EU want to see Israel lose its identity as a Jewish state and how they may be making it happen.

Why Israel? Because just like the Nazis, the New Agers start with the smallest group.
Johnny, are you thinking that this involves turning Jerusalem over to a consortium of people representing the three monotheistic groups? If I'm mistaken, could you give the bottom line as you see it? I'm a little confused.


First of all , I want to commend you specifically on your defense against your recent skirmish. I know I've learned a lot from others in defending the faith especially when facts are presented and yet they are thrown aside in the heat of battle. It can feel like we are talking to the wall. But in my case , I was thankful I was a little fly on that wall.

I learned a lot from You and Constance setting this guy straight. You and Constance spotted his stripes as Agent Provocateur and defended the facts superbly. To be honest with you, any comments that I would have added would have paled to both you and Constance.

Now, in regards to my comments on Rabbi Arthur Schneier's AoC article:

A consortium? Maybe yes.

Partnership? Definately.

Some type of unifying smorgasborg buffet force (Sorry, I have food on my mind today)


But not just the three big monotheistic religions.

ALL RELIGIONS with ALL Tolerance and yet with the top priority of maintaining Zero Tolerance for those who tend to stand on their own religion as absolute truth.

The way I saw this, Rabbi Arthur Schneier's AoC newsmax article referencing religious places as targets of extremists is actually a Dialectic suggestion tool. The problem: Religious places of worship + extreme vandalism = Solution "One Unified Religious Center".

Thats why I added those other comments.

How they all come together?

How they all play out?

I'm very open to thoughts on this issue and I'm watching for it.


No more food comments I promise.
Hi to all,
it is my sincere prayer that the carnality that has beed displayed between (hopefully) brothers nad sisters in Jesus Christ would cease immediately. I may not have the insight into some of the areas as many of you have (and that is why many visit here without posting) but I am able to discern through the uncomprised Word of God that the in fighting in full of ego (E-dging G-od O-ut. Truley - this is not the time - (read the posts and the Word of God along with the news)- remember, we war not aginst flesh and blood but principalities and powers - forgive me my sins- as I forgive those who sin against me - whoever among you is without sins, cast the 1st stone.
I do not need to go on, please, come lets us reason together.

Doug in MI
Anon. 12:31
Dorothy, not much of a defense, but a defense none the less."peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."

WOW! As I was reading your reply to Dorothy-Connie I saw smoke coming from my computer. Oh, you forgot ONE persecuted Christian: Stephen Acts 7


1:11 PM

You are correct on Rabbi Schneierman and the Alliance of Civilizations.


Your point is well taken as usual.

Thanks to all thoughtful participants.

Saturday's show will be an interview with a newspaper columnist, Ron Siegal and we will be discussing our mutual nemesis:


Wow! You leave for a few days and you come back to a war. I can only really reiterate what Johnny has said. In that I have learned much from both Constance & Dorothy (in any post).

I can't say that I could add to the conversation now having read all over at once. Except to say that I trust Constance's instincts. She has said in the past that Dorothy is one of the few people who see the whole picture as far as the New Age movement is concerned. From what I have see, Constance is correct. I believe that Constance has also said in the past that Carrie has a Catholic perspective concerning the new age movement.
I can't really comment on her blog because I hardly ever go there.
Constance, Dorothy et al – you acquitted yourselves well. I resisted the urge to enter the foray because I tend to be “highly passionate” about the growing trend of anti-Semitism and would have only added much fuel to the fire. I’m constantly firing off e-mails in answer to biased local media’s reporting on Israel. Too many people develop a pet belief about something and they will hold onto it despite the facts. I quickly learned this when the Da Vinci Code became popular here in Australia. Someone would enthusiastically declare that the book exposed Christianity’s lies – I would fire back the facts and, most times, the conversation would go dead.

As a dispensationalist, I believe that Israel is still the apple of God’s eye and that He hasn’t finished with them. Tomko and Dalton will one day face the Lord (as we all will) and they need our prayers.

BTW Constance I took Dalton’s comment about H W Armstrong meaning that he knows about cults because he was in one as well i.e. the WWCOG. I can certainly back your thoughts about Armstrong having been involved with the WWCOG when I was seventeen.

Johnny, I really appreciate your comments. Try as I might to be hard as nails and as neutral as possible, it doesn't always work and the little hurt kid surfaces.

Regarding Rabbi Arthur Schneier, he is one of the elite dialoguers as I see it. They meet, have dinners, and sign papers. It's probably why he was in the AOC High Level group. I'm sure these people find out what is going on, but they do nothing about it. Someone would have to do a name by name search of the officers and trustees to find out where the power really is as this group is composed of religious leaders, politicians and businessmen. It's not a Jewish group though supposedly led by a rabbi.

So the good rabbi is dismayed by the destruction of religious sites. It doesn't translate into real action.
"...Destroying a Synagogue
Just hours before the last fire, the government ordered Civil Lands Administration personnel to destroy a year-old synagogue built on Mount Gerizim near the PA-controlled city of Shechem. Government officials maintained that the building was erected without a permit, and was not a synagogue. In fact, however, Breslover hassidim and others used the building daily for prayer and Torah studies, and promise to attempt to rebuild it.

"Joseph's Tomb was conquered by the Palestinian Authority in late 2000. The structure was located at the closest point to Joseph's Tomb that Jews are allowed to come. Since the fall of Joseph's Tomb into Arab hands, the site of the synagogue and subsequently the synagogue itself served as a focal point for yeshiva students and visitors who wished to express their solidarity and longing for Joseph's Tomb in Shechem below."

Just where was he when this was being done by the Israeli government?
I wrote the last one. I'm going to have to get myself a registration or something.
A radio station out of the UK that you can listen to over the computer. Right now I'm listening to Dennis Cuddy. Take a look over there and see the schedule. The guests are all very solid researchers on one world order, etc.

Just an FYI
The Microeffect is now charging $20 a month to access their archives.

When Solana complains about Israel's wall, someone should remind him of Spain's.

Europe’s Immigration Superiority Complex
From the desk of Soeren Kern on Mon, 2007-08-06 13:53

"...In Spain, meanwhile, dozens of would-be migrants have been killed and many more injured by rubber bullets or beatings in their bids to climb over the ten foot (three meter) fences around the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Zapatero’s response? He has just built a third perimeter fence in order to keep the immigrants from crossing. At least Spanish leftists are consistent in one thing: they are nothing if not consistently inconsistent."

Finished some major projects I was on -- not out of the woods yet on required projects for clients, but can breathe a little easier now -- pray for me -- I will be posting more SOON!

Dear Constance,
I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I have posted a two-part reply to your comment on Carrie Tomko's article about Vassula Ryden.
I had read your "A Saint She Ain't" article and thought it was a gem.

Nothing wrong with laughing once in a while at "that proud spirit who cannot endure to be mocked." (St. Thomas More)

Take care.

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