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It’s an ill wind that blows nobody some good. That may be particularly true for Javier Solana with reference to North Korea’s recent atomic detonation. I received speculation from some yesterday that this made Javier Solana look impotent. With breaking news, clearly the opposite is true. According to Kyodo News reports, the EU’s Javier Solana and Japan’s foreign minister, Taro Aso, have pledged the closest of future cooperation.

Hmm, Japan, EU to “closely coordinate.” Germany is ready to assume their six month presidency of the EU with an agenda of hastening Solana’s European Security Agenda. It has even been reported that Germany is thinking of handing Javier Solana the six month presidency. If so, he will wear that hat in addition to all his other ones. Those crowns, oops, hats, have to be weighing heavy on his head. For the benefit of the uninitiated, they are:

Well, maybe I’m giving away my vintage, but I am old enough to remember (from history books, that is) the “closest of cooperation” between a prominent European Union country which has itself pledged the closest of cooperation to Dr. Solana in the months and years to come – Germany.

Prophecy analyst, Ervin Baxter, has theories on the beast of Revelation rising from the sea. He believes the beast with the wound to the head and the wound was healed may well be Germany with its divisions split from the time of World War II coming back together. I’m not sure I agree with all his interpretations. Time and events will tell. However, the two heads apparently converging to give a man whose job was created with Section 666 of the Europa code and close Japanese cooperation certainly are “harmonically converging” in my mind (to use popular New Age jargon) to create disturbing thoughts and memories.

“Who can make war with the beast – the beast that was dead and came back to life?” I wonder? I hope I’m wrong! Anybody looked at that moon again lately? I wonder if it’s getting pink again?
Herb Peters and I have, admittedly, different readings on Pope Benedict XVI, the former Cardinal Ratzinger. Because of his staunch opposition to the New Age Movement, I have considerably more confidence in him than Herb; nevertheless, as Rich of Medford has pointed out, significant things are happening which will impact our religious freedom regardless of which of us is right. Herb seems to think he was setting things up; I think he was speaking his conviction and now is taking persecution for it. At any rate, the United Nations now seems to think they have the right to review his remarks.

This is what is at the site, which I just cut and pasted from the UN site:

José Luis Díaz of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, responding to a questions by a journalist who said yesterday at the Human Rights Council, Pakistan had asked the Council to make some time to discuss the statement of the Pope on Islam and the issue of religious tolerance and wondered if a time had been set, said the question of religious intolerance was on the agenda and it would be discussed during the presentation by the Special Rapporteurs on religious freedom and on racial discrimination. On the timetable at present, the discussion would take place on 29 September, but there was a possibility that it might be brought forward.

Pasted from http://www.unog.ch/80256EDD

If you go to the comments section on my piece two before last, Rich of Medford has a "short url" link to this. I, unfortunately, have not mastered that and don't want to lose this to go retrieve his link. I will try to do a cut and paste in a comment below, however. Sorry!
The total intensity of the war on fundamentalism may be illustrated by a visit to the following website:


As you can see, they target equally
true believers in their religious faith, whether Jew, Christian (Catholic and/or Protestant)and Moslem. One is allowed to have a religion in the New World Order. One is not allowed, however, to believe it true. However, if you are a New Ager, or a polytheist of any type, it appears that different rules apply! WE ARE IN SCARY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Here’s another piece from the Human Rights Council I find troubling. It is consistent with Javier Solana’s recent call for restrictions on free speech. These people mean business. So much so that the Alliance has specified language that is to be banned. For example, “illegal immigrant”, “undocumented worker”, will be illegal.

ELCHIN AMIRBAYOV (Azerbaijan) said racism was threatening the world community and created fertile ground for further division. The speech by the Pope with regard to Islam was a mockery of freedom of speech. What measures should be taken to dismantle certain aspects of racism in some government structures? What steps should be taken to fight specific aspects of racism in a society?



I tend to lean towards your view and see Pope Benedict in more favorable light. I believe his speech was a warning. I suspect he knew what controversy would emerge and that he warned us not just once, but twice.

What I think we’ve just seen come out of the UN in the form of the new Human Rights Council is worth watching closely. It is more of the same—the Human Rights Commission on steroids. To recap a little from its recent session:

Calls were made to eliminate the Security Council veto. This would ensure that the United States could no longer protect Israel.

A major element of the Council is enforcement of Resolution 36/55, the “Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief”. This resolution is recalled (updated) yearly taking into account the Special Rapporteur’s documents on resolution violations. In 2002, the resolution incorporated the Global Agenda for Dialogue among Civilizations. This is where things get sticky because the Dialogue’s purpose is to combat terrorism, that being defined as those who feed on hatred and exclusion. I’ve noticed over the past several months that this language/strategy has become pervasive in attempting to silence legitimate debate, i.e., homosexual marriage, illegal immigration, etc.

According to UN Press Release GA/9950, “Terrorism was exclusionary and belligerent while dialogue was inclusive and accepting of the notion that no group was the exclusive owner of the truth.”

Also noteworthy is the Countering Terrorism Through Enhanced International Cooperation speech published by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. “Religious groups often claim to be in possession of absolute truth, and some terrorist groups do the same. Religion also appears to offer the terrorist a seemingly ‘moral’ justification for immoral deeds. Human rights violations are ‘justified’ in the name of an invoked ‘divine law’.

There we have it. Those who believe their religion(s) are terrorists! It is as Constance stated, in the new world order, one can have a religion but must be prepared to abandon it in exchange for a new revelation. Benjamin Crème describes this separation process as the “sword of cleavage” http://tinyurl.com/p5k76

I’m afraid with the Alliance of Civilisations, the sword has already been sharpened. They seek “ONE PEOPLE -- ONE GOAL -- ONE FAITH”.

I sent the information out to some people and this is a response I received:
I am not worried about this Pope. From what I have seen, he can handle himself.

I answered: My dear friend, this is not about the Pope alone. He is being used as an example of what can be done against those who take a stand such as he tangentally has taken. Until now the Muslims have taken things into their own hands without repercussion. With governmental support or cultural support from the NGOs, more is waiting in the wings.

Of course they aren't going to put the Pope in jail in Brussels, but look at what they were able to do to Milosivic when he didn't go along with their plans. As you well know, there has been infiltration into the Catholic church establishment. Any problems growing worldwide against Catholics by the Muslim community will be an excuse for more "toleration" of terrorist activities by the Muslims. You have noticed that Christians are being attacked by Muslims around the world I hope.

wanted EU-Russia free trade zone!

"Germany May Help Russia Buy Company Stakes (Update1)

By Brian Parkin and Todd Prince

Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has drawn up plans to help German and Russian companies swap stakes in an attempt to foster political stability in Russia and mutual profit, German Deputy Foreign Minister Gernot Erler said.

The Foreign Ministry in Berlin ``is considering a program of intertwined companies,'' said Erler in an interview on the fringes of a conference attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the eastern German city of Dresden yesterday. ``We hope to develop a win-win situation based on mutual dependency.''

Putin, on a two-day trip to Germany to boost economic ties, is winning support for a buying spree that includes bigger stakes in aerospace companies, said Erler. Germany wouldn't oppose Russia increasing its 5 percent stake in European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co., he said. ``Why should we reject that? It's up to EADS.''

German attempts to foster cross-links with Russian companies in its key export sector, called ``meshing'' by Erler, may help bolster Russia's credibility as a reliable partner. The U.S. has criticized Russia's commitment to democracy, while Putin admitted yesterday that the country's international image had been damaged by the murder in Moscow Oct. 7 of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Overcoming Fears

Germany, Europe's biggest economy, faces challenges at home and abroad in overcoming fears linked to Russia's growing economic power, said Erler. German strategy includes a plan to persuade the European Union next year to agree to set up a ``special free-trade zone'' between the 25-country trade bloc and Russia, he said.

With Russian currency reserves boosted by oil and gas revenue and topping $300 billion -- equivalent to the annual gross domestic product of Germany's neighbor Austria -- further acquisitions are likely to follow the stake in EADS.


Some EU member states such as Poland and the Baltic states may not share Germany's aims in developing economic and political links with Russia. Even so, Putin ``has full confidence'' in Germany's determination to exploit its tenure of the rotating EU presidency next year to win support for a free trade agreement, said Erler. Germany will use its influence on countries ``that may put a brake on the plan'' to win consensus, he said.
Trade between Russia and Germany, its main European trading partner, added up to about $49 billion in 2005, according to the Federal Statistics Office.

Germany imported goods worth 15.6 billion euros from Russia in the first six months of this year, an increase of 50 percent on the same period last year, the Statistics Office said Oct. 6. Of that sum, gas and oil formed the bulk -- 78 percent, or 12.2 billion euros. German exports to Russia grew 25 percent in the same period to 9.6 billion euros.

``There has to be some nervousness from the German side about the rule of law and Russia backtracking on some of its deals,'' said Marshall Goldman, director of Harvard University's Russian studies program and one of about a dozen analysts that met with Putin outside Moscow last month to discuss politics.
" http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601100&sid=axZuNRM0Y0RE&refer=germany

The Wing of Abomination perhaps?

"For one week he shall make a firm compact with the many; Half the week he shall abolish sacrifice and oblation; On the temple wing shall be the horrible abomination until the ruin that is decreed is poured out upon the horror." Daniel 9:27

Israel unopposed to building of 5th Temple Mount minaret
Israel has not objected to Jordanian plans to construct a fifth minaret on the Temple Mount, and the Hashemite Kingdom is pressing ahead with plans to do so early next year, a senior Jordanian official said Wednesday.

The minaret, which will be constructed on the eastern wall of the Temple Mount near the Golden Gate, will at 42 meters be the highest of the minarets on the Mount and the first to be built in more than 600 years, Dr. Raief Najim, vice chairman of the committee running the project, told The Jerusalem Post in a telephone interview from Amman.
Archbishop Tomasi’s address to the UN Human Rights Council have elements that are very disturbing. Constance, I’d be interested in your opinion on this one. It seems to be quite a distance from how I’ve interpreted Pope Benedict’s mindset.


RichinMedford is one of my favourite commentators in this Weblog and I do attempt to follow his perceptive links.
In this instance, however, I read Archbishop Tomasi's comments as cleverly supporting the orthodox catholic position-

"In conclusion, allow me to use the words of Pope Benedict XVI to Representatives of Muslim Communities last year: “The lessons of the past must help us to avoid repeating the same mistakes. We must seek paths of reconciliation and learn to live with respect for each other’s identities. The defense of religious freedom, in this sense, is a permanent imperative.”

Orthodoxy is maintained whilst the Archbishop plays the UN game with decorum and finesse.
Thanks Greg for your perspective. I'll re-read the article again more closely.

One way a person can see the extent of the influence of New Age thinking is to know how far the government will go to make sure members of the community engage in group think.

England is ahead of us along these lines. Go to Littlegreenfootballs.com and read the Jawdropper of the Day. A 14 year old English girl was jailed because she asked to do a science project with those who spoke English rather than Urdu. (Read Muslim per one comment. In England, for political correctness, individuals are called Asians rather than Muslims in news stories.) The comments are quite instructive also, including this story about a teacher who lost his job by being honest.
(I loved this line: Hell, it seems, hath no fury like a multiculturalist contradicted.)

Very interestingly, today (Friday, 10-14-2006) it was reported that Solana was demanding the UNSC take sanctions against Korea. Not unusual in and of itself, but since EU does not have seat of its own on Security Council but France and Great Britain do, it appeared as if Solana were de facto exercising such a seat and position even though he does not have the position as yet.
Further attacks on the Catholic Church

Here is an interesting excerpt from a document coming out of South Korea’s gay/lesbian advocacy group. This group is linked to ARC International and has involved itself with the UN processes on Human Rights. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Wisconsin has a gay marriage debate going on at present. The pro-homosexual newspaper writings accuse the opposition of fomenting hatred and exclusion, words I’ve found to be prevalent in the UN Alliance of Civilizations and Human Rights Council documents. My gut feeling is that one who opposes gay marriage will eventually be identified as intolerant and thereby also a “terrorist.”

It is clear that there is a coordinated attack on multiple fronts to undermine the Catholic Church. Whether or not we are Catholic, these attacks are far reaching and will impact all. .

The following is from the ARC report http://www.arc-international.net/koreareport.pdf

“Maria Gigliola Toniollo and Stefano Fabeni discussed the increase of Catholic religious influence within Italy, particularly with the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Italy is generally felt to be an open society, but there is a culture of adoration towards the Pope, whose conservative religious influence undermines progress on issues of sexuality and reproductive rights. The political parties are not felt to be strong, and the trade unions do what they can to raise awareness and advance education efforts.

“The Vatican has become increasingly politically active, intermingling religion with the affairs of the State. The Church supported a referendum on medically-assisted procreation, and has started challenging other areas such as same-sex families and a woman’s right to chose abortion.

“This is leading to a redefinition of secularism and the advancement of theological values as public policy in Western democracies. The Church in Italy is now the most powerful political subject, with no other political party having such influence. The Vatican is also active advancing its agenda at the UN, where it has observer status, and is petitioning for full member status.

“In developing strategic responses, we need to focus on the notion of secularism, and engage in broader debates around political and social values. Many of the more extreme positions of the Church go beyond what society would be willing to accept, so we also need to highlight potential contradictions between the Church’s political approach and its fundamentalist policies.

The newest CHRISTIANITY TODAY, its 50th anniversary issue looks clearly and disturbingly New Age, included but not limited to proclaiming evangelicals as "the new internationalists." Check it out.
In yet more news, this article has several objectionable positions in it:


"Nadia Eweida, who works for the BA check-in team, claims she was effectively “forced” to take unpaid leave after she refused to remove a cross about the size of a small coin.

BA says that, under its uniform policy, employees may wear jewellery – including religious symbols – but it must be concealed underneath the uniform. However, the airline says that items such as turbans, hijabs and bangles can be worn “as it is not practical for staff to conceal them beneath their uniforms.”"

"The row over religious dress came as the government said it would take measures to ensure all new faith schools set up in the UK accepted a certain number of children of other religions."

-New in Christ
EU censorship in action? I think so.


Amateur 'video bloggers' under threat from EU broadcast rules
By Adam Sherwin, Media Correspondent

THE Government is seeking to prevent an EU directive that could extend broadcasting regulations to the internet, hitting popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube.

The European Commission proposal would require websites and mobile phone services that feature video images to conform to standards laid down in Brussels.

Ministers fear that the directive would hit not only successful sites such as YouTube but also amateur “video bloggers” who post material on their own sites. Personal websites would have to be licensed as a “television-like service”.
(more at link)
EU's Solana To Visit Middle East To Restart Peace Talks!!! >>> http://tinyurl.com/yg44x7
Dorothy - I'm on a number or conspiracy-theory email lists and have gotten word of what you speak about in my inbox. I was hoping someone would mention this very issue - the idea that people would have to get a license in the EU to post video to sites like YouTube, in the belief that they are providing a television-like service. The implications are truly frightening to any thinking person.
Robin, we agree. Everyone is supposed to play a role. Leftists can act like goofs and the establishment makes changes supposedly to placate them. Conservatives are supposed to have total control over their actions, never making a fuss when they don't like what the establishment is doing. And so the line of control is moved tighter and tighter. At some point none of us will feel free to voice any complaint against the government establishment without repercussions.

The Boston Legal television show yesterday was interesting. An individual didn't want to have a Scientologist working for his law firm. The argument in front of the jury was that we are taking protection of religious beliefs to ridiculous extremes. The defending lawyer cited Scientologists' many strange beliefs and the individual's refusal to keep quiet about those beliefs while conducting business.

One point of view is that it was an argument against the excesses of control being allowed to Muslims here and in Europe. Another would be to ask exactly what is being proposed by the show producers.
That last comment was mine.
I called Herb today to report that:

1. Javier Solana is receiving a Carnegie Foundation international peace award worth about 35,000 Euros for "his unrelenting pursuit" of peace and global security. Herb said he would post something to his website about it.

2 Javier Solana is scheduled for new peacekeeping trips to the Middle East. (yesterday's news)
Not all religions are equal....

Islam seems to be a religion that promotes lack of self-discipline. Firebomb cars and buses, rape who you choose, kill people by the thousands, kill children, participate in killing your own children, and lying are all acceptable behaviors if the right words are said that give justification.

It becomes very difficult to trust someone who is a Muslim under these circumstances. Even if the behavior is 97% trustworthy, one should sleep with one eye open within this community.

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