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Kofi Annan Dies - Former UN Secretary General (1938-2018)

Kofi Annan the former Secretary General of the United Nations is dead at age 80.  He was the first Black Secretary-General of the UN and held that post between January 1997 through December 2006.  He also was the President of "the Elders" an important organization in "global governance" promotion circles.  I personally met him and talked with him for about 20 to 30 minutes in late December 1983 at the CAUSA International event that group had made the mistake of inviting me to attend at their expense.  He told me that night that he had Theosophical friends in London, England.  CAUSA was one of the major political action arms of Unification Church and was an important bridge between them and Christian compromisers.  I was speedily isolated and transported home once they discovered whom they had placed on their premises.  This was during the time that HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW headed the Christian best-seller list.  The Conference that they had persistently invited me to attend at their expense was billed as a "positive alternative to Marxism."  He had held other high level UN posts prior to his election as UN Secretary General in 1997.

Kofi Annan was also close to New Age financier and leader, Ted Turner as well as to Javier Solana.  Kofi Annan's autobiographical work Interventions (Penguin Press, New York 2012) gave evidence that Javier Solana had critical life and death decisions for Yugoslavia (now FRY - "former Republic of Yugoslavia) handed him in January 1999.  Annan flew to Brussels to meet with other world leaders on that decision.   They had worked closely before and would work extensively thereafter as documented in Kofi Annan's book.

"Throughout the crisis, I had maintained a very close relationship with Javier Solana, the cerebral and shrewd Spanish NATO secretary general who combined a deep aversion to war with his own determination, as a proud European, not to allow Milosevic to make a mockery of the continent's commitment to peace and human rights once again. In a call on March 17, we spoke of how no one seemed to be getting through to Milosevic-not his Russian allies nor Holbrooke, with whom he had negotiated an end to the war in Bosnia. 
"It was clear that the moment of truth had arrived when the OSCE observers were ordered to leave Kosovo. On the evening of March 23, Solana called me again to say that Holbrooke would be returning from Belgrade to the NATO headquarters in Brussels with "very bad news." He told me that he would be transferring the authority to launch a military operation to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe imminently, meaning that military action by NATO would soon begin. With Russian opposition to any resolution mandating the use of force, this meant NATO would be breaking with the will of the Security Council. (Page 93)
Kofi Annan, a Ghana native, was a very powerful player on globalization ("New World Order") during his long UN career that started in 1962.  He is gone now.  Javier Solana continues on in his "retirement" that appears to me to be anything but "retiring."  It will now be interesting to me to see how "the Elders" will rearrange themselves after Kofi Annan.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

The following news resource list is here posted to both inform new readers and to remind old readers that there's a LOT going on and to KEEP informed, preferably from multiple sources! ('Caveat Emptor' and) here they are in alphabetical order:








Constance Cumbey said...

I'm wondering about the motives of the last poster?
Hope I'm wrong!


Anonymous said...


Are you KIDDING?

The "motives" in telling people they should STAY INFORMED?!?

-And preferably by using MULTIPLE SOURCES and while using the principle of 'Caveat Emptor'?!?

AND, if THAT weren't answer enough:

HOW is this new to you?

Here is from two threads ago:

Anonymous 1:19 PM

I've been following this blog for a while, but this is my first comment. I follow the conservative news sources about Trump and populism vs. globalism, etc. But I don't come to this blog to get more of the same. 

Anonymous 8:05 PM

I'm the anonymous from 1:19. I know I can take or leave all the many links and comments that go off topic and that repeat the same talking points I find repeated all over conservative and populist media sources. And if were a spammer here, you call could also take or leave it and could also sort through it. Can't we have anything "wild grown" anymore, though? Must everything be part of a news cycle monoculture these days? Constance is so refreshing because she is the real deal from the grassroots, homegrown and in the wild.

Anonymous 11:47 PM

Instead of those chain links that have had varied topics in one chain I will now post the following news resource list once per thread to both inform new readers and remind old readers that there's a LOT going on and to KEEP informed, preferably from multiple sources! ('Caveat Emptor' and) here they are in alphabetical order:...

RayB said...

Catholic League President Bill Donohue dismisses PA Grand Jury investigative documentation of sex abuse cases covering the past 70 years. The documented abuse covers the crimes of 301 priests, etc. Keep in mind, this covers ONLY reported cases. Amazingly, most of the facts were garnered from secret files that were kept within eight PA Catholic Dioceses. Think about that ... they actually kept files on these abuses, along with pay-offs, transfer of offending priests, etc. Yet, Bill Donohue claims this is nothing other than an "attack based upon anti-Catholic bias" and that "some of the victims weren't children, they were teenagers!"

Years ago, I had a discussion with two attorney friends of mine regarding this subject. They were/are both lifelong Catholics. I was shocked by the one's cavalier attitude when he expressed that the unfolding pedophile priest scandals were "overblown" and "far fewer" in numbers than what was being reported upon. When I asked him for the reason for his dismissal, he merely said "I just know it is." How he did, he never explained. Recognizing that both were in deep denial, I simply dropped the subject. Needless to say, my friend's conviction, based upon his emotions, would never hold up in court when confronted with the evidence!

Anonymous said...


Such reactions sadly exemplify the saying that "There are none so blind as those that WILL NOT see".

J said...

Catholic Priests Speak Out: Faithful Priests ‘Blackmailed,’ ‘Bullied’

"More Catholic priests and leaders are confirming the existence of an activist homosexual culture in seminaries and among the Church’s hierarchy – one, they say, that is at the root of the lies and cover-up of the sexual abuse scandal, recently addressed by a Pennsylvania grand jury."

Craig said...

I personally know someone who was abused by RCC clergy. This happened about 3 decades ago. Once allegations surfaced, the individual was moved. This appears to be a familiar refrain, unfortunately.

Unsurprisingly, he abandoned Catholicism, later becoming Protestant. But he struggles in his faith, perhaps for reasons not associated with this, perhaps not.

Craig said...

...the individual offender was moved...

Anonymous said...

The More Things Change...

Anonymous said...

Bizarre vestments for Catholic World Meeting of Families are not so bizarre. They're evil. Does anyone else see "666"?

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

"Atlanta broadcaster, Ted Turner, is so friendly with the New Age Movement, he has said that America needs to elect a New Age president..."

Helena Blavatsky wrote in [[Vol. 2, Page]] 508 THE SECRET DOCTRINE:

"The author of 'New Aspects of Life' describes the Jewish God very correctly from the Kabalistic stand-point as 'the Spirit of the Earth,' which had revealed itself to the Jew as Jehovah" (p. 209)."

David Spangler, one of the founding figures of the modern New Age movement, wrote: "...the idea of a world soul, an anima mundi, a planetary Logos, is an ancient one found in both Eastern and Western culture. This world soul [Jehovah] is usually conceived as a "formative force," an active, intelligent, purposeful spiritual presence at work in the material world to guide and guard the course of planetary evolution. It is generally not accorded the status of being the ultimate source or Creator [Jesus's Father in heaven] but might be looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth [Gaia]."

A New Age belief is that Jehovah is the "Spirit of the Earth," the "world soul," the "planetary Logos," an "archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world" and "the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth [Gaia]."

Helena Blavasky wrote in the THE SECRET DOCTRINE that Jehovah "has two faces" one of his faces is the "Spirit of the Earth" or "the world soul" and the other face is "Satan".

I believe in this (mentioned above] New Age theology.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn what you believe?

Anonymous said...

Methinks that the repeated redundancy of Thomas Dahlheimer's whole life is spent continually barking up all the wrong trees.

Anonymous said...

Who are we?

Where on the great circuit will we be aligned?

Reality has always been electrified with adventurers whose auras are engulfed in energy.

We are at a crossroads of knowledge and dogma.

Consciousness consists of transmissions of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a maturing of the joyous. By blossoming, we dream.

You MUST take a stand against stagnation.

Suffering is born in the gap where flow has been excluded. The complexity of the present time seems to demand an unveiling of our hearts if we are going to survive.

We can no longer afford to live with bondage. You may be ruled by materialism without realizing it. Do not let it destroy the healing of your journey. Only a lifeform of the galaxy may leverage this vector of sharing.

The galaxy is electrified with a resonance cascade. Freedom is the richness of love, and of us. Joy is the driver of gratitude.

The flow of spacetime is now happening worldwide!

It is a sign of things to come. Imagine an invocation of what could be. It is in summoning that we are reborn.

This story never ends:

We exist, we vibrate, we are REBORN!

Anonymous said...

America First Media Names Public Officials at Hospital the Morning of Seth Rich Shooting

J said...

What happened on Kofi Annan's watch...

Leaked report details UN peacekeepers’ sexual exploitation and abuse

"Rather than addressing these issues, the UN Secretary-General and his staff have tried to sweep them under the carpet. They neither showed or circulated the report to states, nor referred to any of its contents in the annual report to states on progress against sexual violations committed by UN peacekeeping personnel.

Of course, the UN is not known for transparency in its work. Whereas it does have the reputation for seeking to protect its own interests over those of the states and the people that it serves. This is particularly pronounced where it comes to peacekeeping activities."

J said...

Some profound failures? Say it ain't so!

Kofi Annan: a complicated legacy of impressive achievements, and some profound failures

"Annan was the head of UN Peacekeeping operations in the 1990s when two of the biggest failures in UN history happened. Under his watch both the Rwandan genocide and the massacres in Srebrenica took place.

In both cases his commanders on the ground requested authority to take stronger action to limit the risk of tragedy to those under their protection. In both cases he declined their request – with tragic results."

J said...

ZANU-PF sympathiser claims Soros and Kofi Annan planned to rig elections in favour of Chamisa

"A well-known Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front sympathiser, David Matsanga Nyekorach says foreign observers and philanthropist George Soros and chair of The Elders Kofi Annan planned to rig the elections in Zimbabwe in favour of Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

When they realised that their plan had flopped they triggered the violence that engulfed Harare on 1 August before the full election results had been released so that they could get the whole election process condemned."

J said...


The Elders encourage integrity and transparency across Zimbabwe’s transition

"The Elders today encouraged all political actors in Zimbabwe to deliver integrity and transparency across the country’s transition, including a level playing field ahead of the upcoming elections."

Constance Cumbey said...

To Thomas Dahlheimer regarding "animus mundi" and the rest -- Ponder carefully this passage from Revelation:

6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

This is a major HIDDEN DANGER of the New Age Rainbow of David Spangler, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lucis Trust devotees -- be forewarned. There is not a doubt in my mind that the prophesied Image of the Beast is the image of the "Whole Earth" itself.


Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

To Constance Cumbey, regarding your 11:35 post. You can not be serious! David Spangler and Lusic trust people do not worship anima mundi, whose status is equivalent to "a great angelic or archangelic being." They worship the "ultimate source or Creator." This truth has been clearly presented to you right in Spanglers above quote, which reads:

"...the idea of a world soul, an anima mundi, a planetary Logos, is an ancient one found in both Eastern and Western culture. This world soul is usually conceived as a "formative force," an active, intelligent, purposeful spiritual presence at work in the material world to guide and guard the course of planetary evolution. It is generally not accorded the status of being the ultimate source or Creator but might be looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth."

Evidently, you get a particular belief in your head and then when you see evidence that that particular belief is false you go into denial mode and continue to believe in it. I think most Christians have the same mental health problem. They get physiologically addicted to their beliefs and can not let them go when they are proven to be false. When Galileo and other scientist discovered evidence that the earth was moving very fast around the sun and presented it to Christian leaders they went into denial mode.

In New Age theology there is a big difference between the "ultimate source or Creator" and the creator, who is not the "ultimate source" of the creation.

New Agers and Gnostics believe that because the "ultimate and absolute God," who is Spirit, emanated a deific being named Sophia, who in turn "emanated a flawed consciousness, a being who became the creator of the material and psychic cosmos" (who is referred to as "half-maker")" that, therefore, the "ultimate source, or Creator" (also known as the "authentic half") is the ultimate and absolute God, and that It (Spirit) is the "ultimate source" of everything.

I believe that the people who worship anima mundi, who is "the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth," are the people who worship the "creator of the material and psychic cosmos." This "creator" and the creation are identical. According to Helena Blavatsky this "creator," the Christian's creator, is anima mundi and its name is Jehovah. The "ultimate source or creator" is a different Entity. It is Jesus's Father in heaven. The Christians who worship Jehovah are unaware that they are worshiping the "Whole Earth."

Craig said...

The Christians who worship Jehovah are unaware that they are worshiping the "Whole Earth."

Yeah, no. The Father of the NT is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--the same as the God of the OT.

You cannot selectively choose just this or that Scripture. If looked at as a complete whole, the Christian Bible coheres. But those like you and Blavatsky who want to cherry pick this and that, imposing a Gnostic ideology (and apply illogic in doing so), will surely come up with something different eisegetically.

Anonymous said...

The cherry picker is Dahlheimer.

Woof woof, up all the wrong trees again.
His life story.

Susanna said...

Re:When Galileo and other scientist discovered evidence that the earth was moving very fast around the sun and presented it to Christian leaders they went into denial mode.

Galileo was a blowhard who would have been allowed to promote his theory if he had called it by its right name -a theory - and not served it up as a demonstrated scientific fact - and adding insult to injury by using the Bible to do so.

Prior to his controversy with the Church, Galileo enjoyed great success in academia. By the time he became mathematics chair of the University of Padua in 1592 (he was 28), he had already gained notoriety for his analytical mind and designed several inventions. His fascination with astronomy led him to make several important discoveries, such as Jupiter’s moons and the phases of Venus (which indicated that Venus moves around the sun, thereby indicating that not all objects in the sky move around the earth). In all of this, Galileo found favor in academic and ecclesiastical circles; his critics were other scientists, his supporters frequently churchmen, including St. Robert Bellarmine and then-Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, later Pope Urban VIII.

He also taught a heliocentric model of the universe. Initially, this did not result in any reprimand from Rome. After all, Nicholas Copernicus, a Polish priest-astronomer, had formulated a similar heliocentric model years before. Copernicus was careful not to declare his findings as settled fact, but as theory. Galileo, however, was not so cautious.

In 1615, Galileo was accused of heresy after publishing a letter he wrote examining the heliocentric model of the universe in light of Joshua 10 (the famous passage where God stopped the sun in the sky)….

Copernicus also taught a heliocentric model of the universe but this did not result in any reprimand from Rome because unlike Galileo, Copernicus was careful not to declare his findings as settled fact, but as theory. Galileo was not so cautious - even after Robert Bellarmine cautioned Galileo to teach the scientific theory as a theory, rather than a scientific fact.

Never in the entire Galileo affair was he condemned as a formal heretic, nor was he tortured by the Inquisition, both of which are claimed by critics of the Church.

J said...

Thomas Dahlheimer 9:25 AM,

You contradict yourself. You wrote these three statements in one post. The first and third agree but contradict the second.

1) "In New Age theology there is a big difference between the 'ultimate source or Creator' and the creator, who is not the 'ultimate source' of the creation."

2) "This 'creator' and the creation are identical."

3) "The 'ultimate source or creator' is a different Entity. It is Jesus's Father in heaven."

Craig said...


As regards your comments re: Dahlheimer, in his theology, based on Gnosticism, an "emanation" of the "ultimate source or Creator" is Sophia, the latter of which is the "creator" (lower cased "c") of this universe and is also coextensive with the universe. So, in that respect the statements are not contradictory. However, as I've contended long ago in previous conversations with Dahlheimer regarding the concept of 'emanationism', to think that a "copy" of the "ultimate source or Creator" is inferior to its originator points to a less-than-optimal "ultimate source or Creator".

Imagine, per impossible of course, that God copied Himself. Would we think this copy would be inferior? The entire emanation ideology is rubbish.

J said...


I think I read it too fast the first couple times ;) Thanks for the clarification.

It's too convoluted for me, kind of like increasing plot twists as the seasons go on of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I think New Agers are "jumping the shark" :)

J said...

New Age ideas are so messy. They have no elegance.

Truth is elegant. Occam's Razor, a principle adopted by scientists, from a Catholic thinker, William of Ockham, who was a Franciscan. The simplest explanation, all else being equal, tends to be right.

Another way of expressing it is that God is not the author of confusion, as Constance has said before, too.

paul said...

Dear Thomas,
What about Santa's Helpers?
Are they not emanations of the Santa in his purest esoteric manifestation, albeit lesser in toymaking power?
WWBS? (What would Blavatsky say?)

Anonymous said...

Spangler vs. Biblical doctrine. Constance’s warning to Dahlheimer was kind. His response was bitter. Now it’s time to not interfere with his Constitutional right to select and outcome of hell.

The contrasting choices are clear...

“Turn, my guest. Turn around and walk. In a short while, you will come to a well of living water, a pond fed by springs deep within the earth. Drink from it and you will find your further path revealed.”
Card Decks of the Sidhe Manual, David Spangler p. 15


John 4:10-14
10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.
11 The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?
12 Art thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle?
13 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:
14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

J said...

Anonymous 1:58,

Simply beautiful!

J said...

Rainbow barcode tattoos with six colors. Kind of creepy.

RayB said...

Very enlightening article regarding the ongoing pedophilia scandals of the Catholic Church. Interesting too are the comments at the end, many of which were posted by professing Catholics demanding that the Vatican makes serious moves to end these crimes.

Here is my own list of what MUST be done in order to protect innocent children:

1. The Pope declares church law to reflect that ALL reports of sexual abuse will be immediately turned over to law enforcement authorities for professional, criminal investigation. Also, all attempts of "payments for silence" shall be deemed by the church to be obstruction of justice and will therefore be reported to law enforcement authorities. This policy must be enforced in EVERY Diocese in the entire world.

2. The Pope declares church law to reflect that ALL convicted criminals of pedophilia, along with those that were complicit in any way, be immediately defrocked without the possibility of reinstatement, along with the loss of pensions and benefits.

3. The Pope ends all efforts by the RCC to oppose the extension of the Statute of Limitations regarding crimes of pedophilia. (The RCC has spent untold millions in their efforts to defeat legislation that would extend the time frame of limitations).

4. The Pope declares that all "secret" files connected with reported cases of pedophilia (which exist in every Diocese) be opened for examination by law enforcement authorities.

Of course, none of this is going to happen. Instead, the Vatican will continue their spin campaign, all designed to keep that wool over the sheep's eyes while they continue to be fleeced.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

[Will SCIENCE PUT AN END TO CHRISTIANITY?] A Fox News article on today's Yahoo list of articles is entitled Todd Stranes: California Dems prepare for crackdown on churches. Excerpts read:

"Christians across the nation are expressing grave concerns over a proposed California law that would outlaw speech dealing with certain issues – including homosexuality and gender identity – by clergy members, licensed counselors and others."

"Assembly Bill 2943, authored by Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low, would utilize the state’s existing consumer fraud statute to classify gay conversion therapy as a fraudulent practice."

[THE SCIENCE IS CLEAR] “The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times,” Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi said during debate on the legislation. “The science is clear. The claim that the First Amendment can be used as a defense for promoting fraudulent conduct is a fallacious argument.”

Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen warned that the bill’s language is so broad it could even lead to the Bible being targeted.“The Bible’s teachings, if taken literally, could very clearly be a direct violation of AB 2943,” he said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “The faith community has every reason to be up in arms about this.

The article is located at:

RayB said...

Interesting comments by "Lionel" of Lionel Nation on RIFD chips. Lionel is a former prosecuting attorney. By his own admission, he is a "former Catholic and agnostic" so be forewarned. Having said that, I personally find that he has some interesting takes on the current state of affairs and current events. For instance, as a former prosecutor, he has looked extensively into the evidence of the events of 9/11, and has concluded that the "official" conclusions are false, i.e., we have been lied to. His commentary on this subject are available on his youtube channel.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

The United Nations addressed homosexuality and instructed it be used as an instrument to combat religious fundamentalism at the Council of Europe’s and Alliance of Civilizations 2008 counter-terrorism conference. Rosa Guerreiro, program specialist for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue, warned that religious fundamentalism constitutes disrespect and violates article 4 of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity thereby violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

“UNESCO promotes respect for all dimensions of cultural diversity since it is the very fabric of humankind and the “common heritage of humanity”, as stipulated in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, unanimously adopted in 2001. The Declaration furthermore aims at preserving cultural diversity as a living, and thus renewable treasure that must not be perceived as static but rather as a process guaranteeing the survival of humanity. At the same time, the Declaration is dedicated to preventing segregation and fundamentalism which, in the name of cultural differences, could sanctify those differences and in doing so, counter the message of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is extremely important to stimulate the respect of all cultures including religions. As we can read in the article 4 of UNESCO’s Declaration on Cultural Diversity: “the defence of cultural diversity is an ethical imperative, inseparable for human dignity. It implies a commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms…..No one may invoke cultural diversity to infringe upon human rights guaranteed by international law, nor to limit their scope.”

The context of fundamentalism within this group applies both to religious thought and free speech.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Helena Blavatsky said that "the One Infinite Divine Principle is undefinable and indescribable but that the ancient Hindu teaching about Brahman comes closest to the reality."

Brahman is composed of three principle gods, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Shiva and Vishnu are Divine and they are One, they are Spirit. Spirit "created"/ emanated Brahma.

Paramahansa Yogananda, who is widely regarded as the Father of yoga (Hinduism) in the West, wrote: "The word 'God' means the manifested, transcendental Being beyond creation, but existing in relation to creation. Spirit existed before God. God is the Creator of the universe, but Spirit is the Creator of God."

The Hindu scriptures teach that after Spirit "created"/emanated God Brahma He sinned. A Hindu scripture says that after He sinned Spirit told him that he would "never be worshiped." The less-than divine Brahma then created the universe. Or, in other words, he manifest himself as the universe. Hindus do not worship Brahma, who is the universe.

Jesus' Father in heaven is Spirit. Spirit "created"/emanated Jehovah, who is known by
the Hindus as Brahma. Christians worship Jehovah who is the universe. Hindus and New Agers do not worship Brahma who is the universe. Christian mystics, including Matthew Fox, believe that the entire Universe is Divine and that it is a part of God. They worship it, and they also worship "Mother Earth."

paul said...

I've always wondered just what a "christian mystic" is.
I'm pretty sure that a christian mystic is a heretic, and nothing more.
For some people, the Bible taken at face value, isn't mystical enough. These are the sort of people who think they understand everything about Gods' Word, and that they need to reach further, into the "deeper things of Satan". The actual bonified MIRACLE which is the Holy Spirit in a persons' life when that person has accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior, is just not enough. The mind-blowing, life transforming MIRACLE which is the forgiveness of sin, isn't exotic and cool enough.
Did Bloviatsky heal anyone? Did she straighten out backbones that had been bent over for a whole lifetime? Did she give hearing to any deaf people? Has Hindism ever brought anyone back from death? Was anyone ever healed of a twenty year flux of blood just because they touched the fringe of buddas garment? Did Budda lay down his life for his friends?
Did Matthew Fox give sight to any blind people?
Has Paramahansa Yogadanda improved life in India?
You've been forewarned Thomas. Don't go to your death with all this rebellious sin in your heart. Here is the Gospel in a nutshell; _ you don't have to die in your sins!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Paul.

Anonymous said...

I sense a purge in the near future.

'Paranoid' Chinese president demands 'absolute loyalty' from troops as he fears ARMY COUP

Craig said...

South African political leader Malema in his own words:

EFF leader Julius Malema on Donald Trump at media briefing

Craig said...

For a little comic relief (language warning):

Elizabeth Warren Only Cares About Real Problems

RayB said...

Catholic site the Church Militant reports further on Clerical sexual abuse, along with the corruption of the church hierarchy, which they describe as a virtual cesspool of homosexuals.

Also, and this is huge news; the State Attorneys General of Missouri and Illinois have formally announced that Grand Juries will be convened in order to investigate the Catholic Dioceses within their states. They will enact their powers to cease the "secret" files that exist within these dioceses. New York's Attorney General is also considering doing the same.

If you really care about the lives of innocent children, you should be supporting these efforts. Many of these children suffer for their entire lives because of what these perverts have done to them. Often, their lives end in suicide!

Church Militant youtube discussion on this subject ...

J said...

(And yes, I know Hillary's side is crooked, too, and possibly even worse. Read this article, and you'll see that is strongly implied, but it goes beyond that.)

Why Manafort and Cohen Thought They’d Get Away With It

It takes a special counsel to actually catch white-collar criminals.

"Oh, the audacity of dopes. The crimes of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are notable not just for how blatant they were but also for their lack of sophistication. The two men did little to hide their lying to banks and the Internal Revenue Service. One can almost sympathize with them: If it wasn’t for their decision to attach themselves to the most unlikely president in modern history, there’s every reason to think they might be still working their frauds today.

But how anomalous are Mssrs. Manafort and Cohen? Are there legions of K Street big shots working for foreign despots and parking their riches in Cypriot bank accounts to avoid the IRS? Are many political campaigns walking felonies waiting to be exposed? What about the world of luxury residential building in which Cohen plied his trade with the Trump Organization?

The answer is more disturbing than the questions: We don’t know. We don’t know because the cops aren’t on the beat. Resources have been stripped from white-collar enforcement...."

Constance Cumbey said...

Just found this youtube video and am watching it with curiosity and interest.


Anonymous said... -

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Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Paul you forgot some important facts in your 3:31 PM. Miracles occur in all of the world's religions. Do you have any proof that Jesus rose from the dead? There are claims of people resurrecting from the dead in other religion. The Bible scriptures often do not tell the truth. Is "the earth firmly fixed on foundations and shall never to moved?" The earth is moving very fast around the sun. Scientific discovery has proven that the universe, earth and humans are not 6,000 years old. The universe is 3.8 billion years old. The earth is 4 billion years old. Modern humans, from whom we are all descendants, are 200,000 years old. By way of DNA and Y chromosome study's science has recently proven that we are not dependents of a single couple ("Adam and Eve".) Yogananda's body did not decay after he died. How about that for a miracle? Science discovery has proven that from the beginning of animal life on earth (which began hundreds of millions of years ago) all animals have lived died just like they do today. The creation was not "very good" until "Adam" sinned. Death entered the world when life began. A loving God did not create this world. Have you ever read some of the Old Testament's evil scripture verses. There are a lot of them. Google the "evil Bible" to find and read them.

RayB said...

Bombshell News! Ex-Nuncio to Washington, D.C. exposes the vast Homosexual influence and power among the church hierarchy. In a powerful 11 page signed statement, Pope Francis is accused of KNOWING and covering up for the pervert McCarrick and others. The Ex-Nuncio calls for all complicit Priests, Bishops and Cardinals ... INCLUDING POPE FRANCIS to resign! He also calls for a complete purge of all homosexuals within the clergy and seminarians.

The 11 page statement can be read via the link below. It is a riveting report on the politics, cover-ups, and power that is exercised on behalf of homosexuals and their illegal, criminal abuse of innocent children ... read it!

J said...

An interesting article about Malachi Martin and Vatican II.


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

(Liberty Bell, August 1991)

J said...

Revilo P. Oliver on Homosexuality

"The notion that sex is virtually the whole of human life and the only source of happiness fascinated the credulous; and, to an extent seldom equaled in the most orgiastic cults of barbarism, the indulgence of the sexual appetite has become the religion of our contemporaries."

J said...

I don't agree with Revilo P. Oliver about everything he wrote in this article -- he is apparently a great big snob, among other things -- but I thought this was a very astute insight, especially if you replace "Liberal" with "New Ager". In fact Ken Wilber is actually calling for a new kind of progressivism to rise from the ashes of the old and to value "healthy hierarchy".

What Is ‘Liberalism’?

by Revilo P. Oliver
An excerpt from Dr. Oliver’s book America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative (Londinium Press, London, 1981)

"The only strategic consideration here is represented by the truism, “nothing succeeds like success” — a crude statement, which you may find elaborated with elegance and sagacity in the Or culo manual of the great Jesuit, Baltasar Gracián. Our formidable enemies today will become our enthusiastic allies tomorrow, if it appears that we are likely to succeed. I speak, of course, only of members of our race, but the most competent and acute 'Liberals,' who today declaim most eloquently about the 'underprivileged' and “world peace,” could become tomorrow the most eloquent champions of the hierarchical principle (with which they secretly agree) and a guerre l’outrance against our enemies, if their calculations of the probable future were changed."

Susanna said...

More Bombshell News which suggests that Pope Francis' accuser Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who was involved in the Vatileaks scandal is a disgruntled prelate looking to settle scores.

...CONTROVERSY IN ROME: In 2010, Viganò was involved in a scandal. Letters by him were leaked. One such letter late appeared in the Papal “Wikileaks” through the Pope’s butler. In these letters, Viganò complained of corruption in Vatican finances and of collusion against him by Vatican officials. Cardinal-President Emeritus Giovanni Lajolo, President Giuseppe Bertello, Secretary-General Giuseppe Sciacca and former Vice Secretary-General Giorgio Corbellini issued a joint statement on behalf of the Governatorate of the Vatican: “The unauthorized publication of two letters of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the first addressed to the Holy Father on March 27, 2011, the second to the Cardinal Secretary of State on May 8, for the Governorate of Vatican City is a source of great bitterness”. It continued, “The allegations contained in them can not but lead to the impression that the Governorate of Vatican City, instead of being an instrument of responsible government, is an unreliable entity, at the mercy of dark forces. After careful examination of the contents of the two letters, the President of the Governorate sees it as its duty to publicly declare that those assertions are the result of erroneous assessments, or fears based on unsubstantiated evidence, even openly contradicted by the main characters invoked as witnesses”.

One year later on 13 August 2011, Pope Benedict appointed him Nuncio to the United States. Reuters reported that Viganò was unwilling to take that assignment. It would seem that his willingness to be controversial in 2010 regarding corruption is what made Pope Benedict trust him for the USA.

In 2014,( about a year after Francis became Pope ) Viganò ordered officials of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to end an investigation into sexual misconduct on the part of Archbishop John Nienstedt even after two auxiliary bishops explained that the investigation was far from complete. He ordered those bishops to destroy a letter they wrote him in which they objected and told him “this would rightly be seen as a cover-up”.
On 24 September 2015 during his visit to the United States, Pope Francis met Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This was seen as an embarrassing moment for the Pope. It was Viganò who arranged and insisted on the meeting.

On 12 April 2016, Pope Francis accepted Viganò’s resignation.
On August 25, 2018 Viganò released an 11-page letter explaining that Pope Benedict XVI had secretly sanctioned Theodore Edgar McCarrick from public ministry and that McCarrick was rehabilitated by Pope Francis. McCarrick began to appear publicly and also arranged the appointment of key American bishops and cardinals, such as: Blase Cupich and Joseph W. Tobin. If true, it means that Pope Francis has known about McCarrick’s predatory behavior for years…and has promoted him...….
read entire article...

If Pope Francis actually did know about McCarrick's predatory behavior "for years" ( Note: Pope Francis, who is from Argentina and has only been Pope since March 13, 2013 )and promoted him in spite of it, then I agree that Pope Francis is guilty of a huge moral failure that needs to be dealt with. All predators need to be expelled from the Church!!! Period!

But from what I have read, it doesn't exactly appear that Pope Francis's accuser is squeaky clean.

RayB said...

Interesting history that most Americans are completely unaware of:

As the Pope continues his visit in Ireland, what will probably NOT be mentioned by any of the American MSM is that for 231 years, the Roman Catholic Church had almost complete control of what is infamously known in Ireland as the "Magdelene Laundries." These were RCC run institutions in which mostly "wayward" women were sent to, often by the Catholic controlled Irish government, in order to "reform" them. In reality, they were nothing short of forced labor camps, where brutality (including rape) was the norm. These women were held against their will, often being forced to stay for decades! Work days typically lasted more than 12 hours, and the food and living conditions were horrible, as in nightmarish.

For years, no one believed the horror stories told by former "inmates." That is, not until the scandal was revealed in stark, horrific terms by uncovered facts.

What blew the lid off this scandal is that when the RCC decided to sell one of these properties in the 1990's, a mass grave was uncovered, with literally dozens of undocumented deaths, i.e. the number of death certificates did not match up with the body count. This led to more investigations ... one abandoned "laundry" property was found to have the remains of over 700 babies in a septic tank!

There is much, much more to be found on this subject. Just Google Magdelene Laundries Ireland and see for yourself.

Question: what kind of religious institution is it that operates like this? Literally, there is hardly a day that goes by when there aren't more scandals that are uncovered and revealed.

Below is an interview of one of the surviving Magdelene Laundry victims:

Susanna said...

The fact that "Testimony" is in quotation marks in the title to the following article from Catholic World Report speaks for itself.

If Viganò’s “Testimony” is true, Pope Francis has failed his own test

The testimony Archbishop Viganò offers is neither perfectly crafted, nor immune to criticism, but it is wide-ranging, detailed, and devastating.

August 26, 2018

“I learned with certainty, through Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, then-Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, that Richard Sipe’s courageous and meritorious Statement had had the desired result,” Viganò writes in his testimony. “Pope Benedict had imposed on Cardinal McCarrick sanctions similar to those now imposed on him by Pope Francis: the Cardinal was to leave the seminary where he was living, he was forbidden to celebrate [Mass] in public, to participate in public meetings, to give lectures, to travel, with the obligation of dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance.”

If this rehearsal of the facts is accurate, it raises the question why Benedict should have kept the matter secret, not to mention why McCarrick was allowed to keep his red hat. There are other questions the former Nuncio’s letter raises, as well. It was not accompanied by a dossier containing the many memoranda and other correspondence on which he draws in his construction of events, even though it appears he kept copies of at least some of the documents to which he averts in his letter entire article......

Susanna said...

Magdalene Laundries stories are on a par with the infamous anti-Catholic Maria Monk tales of yesteryear.

...The Dublin Magdalen Asylum, (sometimes called Magdalen Asylum for Penitent Females) on Lower Leeson Street was the first such institution in Ireland. It was a Church of Ireland-run institution, and accepted only Protestant women. It was founded in 1765 by Lady Arabella Denny. Ireland's Catholic-run Magdalene asylums survived the longest. For a list of closing dates of laundries, please read this official report from Justice for Magdalene. Ireland's Magdalene laundries were quietly supported by the state, and operated by religious communities for more than two hundred years.

On laundries, James Smith asserts that the "Irish variety took on a distinct character". Inmates were required to work, primarily in laundries, since the facilities were self-supporting. Andrea Parrot and Nina Cummings wrote, "The cost of violence, oppression, and brutalization of women is enormous" and in their struggle to survive, the inmates suffered not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.

In Belfast the Church of Ireland-run Ulster Magdalene Asylum was founded in 1839 on Donegall Pass. Similar institutions were run by Catholics on Ormeau Road and by Presbyterians on Whitehall Parade....

…..Women were branded as both a mother and a criminal if they happened to have a child out of wedlock. The choices the women at the time had were very limited. They had no social welfare system; therefore many resorted to prostitution or entered these mother and child homes, also known as Magdalen Laundries...

...In a detailed commentary by the president of the Catholic League, a U.S. advocacy group, published in July 2013, it is claimed that "No one was imprisoned, nor forced against her will to stay. ...



Here is a description of the "Maria Monk" myth.



J said...

Revealing comment at the very end with the very last word I quote, suggesting a motive for hatred of the Catholic church (on the part of the man who made the movie, The Magdalene Sisters). The comment fits with making sexuality a religion of our time.

"Nothing helped to put a monstrous face on the laundries more than the movie, 'The Magdalene Sisters.'

'The Magdalene Sisters'

The 2002 movie is often described as a 'fictionalized' account of what happened inside the laundries. The New York Times prefers to speak of 'semifictionalized' stories that have been recounted on the screen. As we will see, the McAleese Report does not validate the cruelties portrayed in the film, but the problem is few have even heard of the Report, much less read it. It’s the movie’s thesis that is embedded in people’s minds, and it is one of unrelieved horror: sadistic nuns who punished young women with impunity, all in the name of Catholicism."


"Peter Mullan

The man behind 'The Magdalene Sisters' is Peter Mullan. The Irish writer and director said he got the idea for the movie by watching the 1998 TV film, 'Sex in a Cold Climate.' That was a 50-minute documentary that described the lives of four women who lived and worked at the laundries. It made a big splash at the time, especially because it featured Phyllis Valentine, a woman who said she was interred in the laundries because she was deemed 'too pretty' by the nuns.

If, of course, it were true that the nuns rounded up 'pretty girls' for placement in the laundries, that would indeed be a big story. It would also suggest that other such cases must have surfaced by now (unless we are prepared to believe that Valentine was the only 'pretty girl' encountered by the nuns). But they haven’t: only Valentine has made this claim. In her case, we know that at age 15 she was moved from the orphanage where she was raised to the laundry. Such a transfer was standard practice, whether the girls were homely or pretty. By the way, the laundry was literally next door to the orphanage. It should come as no surprise that not a single nun who worked at either the orphanage or the laundry was asked to verify the 'pretty girl' tale.

To say Mullan hates Catholicism would be an understatement. His comment that 'There is not much difference between the Catholic Church and the Taliban' is unqualified. Anyone capable of saying the Catholic Church is a terrorist organization can be trusted to portray it that way. So when he says that 'The film encapsulates everything that is bad about the Catholic Church,' he is simply telling the truth. That was his goal, and he succeeded. He sought to throw as much mud as he could, and hope that at least some of it would stick. Mullan is so riddled with hate that he contends, 'The worst thing about the Catholic Church is that it imprisons your soul, your mind and your d***.' This is the man whose depiction of the Church is taken at face value by movie reviewers."

RayB said...

Susanna cites the "Catholic League" as a source to debunk the claims that women were not held at the Magdalene Laundries against their will;

"In a detailed commentary by the president of the Catholic League, a U.S. advocacy group, published in July 2013, it is claimed that "No one was imprisoned, nor forced against her will to stay. ..."

The Catholic League is so biased it is almost laughable, if the issues weren't so serious. Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, recently called the "ongoing abuse scandal" a "MYTH!" Funny how there are so many "myths" out there regarding the scandals of this "church."

Here is Donohue's take on the current revelations of the PA Grand Jury. He goes so far to say that "some of the victims weren't even children, they WERE TEENAGERS." He estimates that "half of these reports" are fiction, etc.

Yep ... we sure can trust the Catholic Church to be unbiased, lovers of truth and justice (wink, wink).

Read this for yourself. It is almost unbelievable what the Catholic League states regarding the pedophile scandals.

RayB said...

In a clear reference to Ireland's Magdalene Laundries, Pope Francis "acknowledged" the abuse perpetrated upon women in "mother and baby homes" by the Catholic Church.

Kind of funny, don't you think, that the Pope would be apologizing for a "myth?"

RayB said...

Irish Documentary on the Magdalene Laundries. Interviews actual victims.

Watch this and see for yourself if these women appear to be credible or not. If you can watch these women give their personal accounts and still label what they went through as a "myth," well, let's just say I have a bridge to sell you at a very good price!

RayB said...

2014 News Report covering the human remains of 800+ babies that were uncovered in a septic tank at a former site of a "mother and baby" home in Ireland. This is almost beyond the ability to believe, but it is true.

Anonymous said...

An American Jesuit in Ireland Urges the Church to Welcome LGBT faithful

Anonymous said...

Right here in America some real horror stories have happened, too.
My elderly neighbor Bea and I were close friends until she moved away to live with her son. She was a sweet lady once you got to know her and she opened up. She had a protective shell around her the whole time I lived beside her, though, and being a churchgoer, I would invite her to come with me but she always declined. It was a few years after we became neighbors I began to understand her refusal. She told me she was sent to an orphanage when she was about 4 years of age that was run by nuns back east in a major city. She said she was worked like a dog and punishment for even small offences often did not fit the "crime". And there were sexual behaviors also, by the nuns with the girls there that made her afraid as well as disgusted. She had to endure the place through her formative years and finally when able to get work outside, when a teen, she was able to leave.
It left a deep mark on her life.
That happened back in the 1920's.
She never got over it completely.
How many others have been so badly treated and exposed to awful behavior by people who are supposed to be representing God? I think that number is, sadly, quite high. Certainly things have happened in other denominations, but Catholic institutional abuses seem to be most prevalent, presenting the ripest opportunities for egregious actions (and non-action about it) . There has to be a reason why, that Catholic hierarchy does not want to acknowledge until forced to do so. I have very dear family members who were brought up Catholic. Some have turned their back on it.

RayB said...

Pope Francis refuses to comment on Ex-Nuncio Vigano's 11 page indictment on the Pope's specific knowledge "for years" of sexual abuse, along with his refusal to take actions that would have protected innocent children.

Vigano also describes a culture of rampant homosexuality that needs to be purged from the church. He accuses the Pope of actually promoting known homosexuals to key positions which helped aid in the advancement of their agenda.

In light of all these ongoing scandals, Vigano calls for the resignation of complicit members of the hierarchy, including the Pope himself! YET, when asked by reporters, the Pope refused to comment? It could be that he didn't comment because he had nothing to say in his defense.

RayB said...

Roman Catholic Michael Voris of the Church Militant presents a devastating report on Ex-Nuncio Vigano's 11 page indictment of the RCC hierarchy. Voris has been on the front lines for a long time attempting to expose the perversion that is rampant within the RCC, and for that, he has been attacked by his own church 24/7.
Now, he calls for a clean sweep of the homosexuals within the church along with the resignation of Pope Francis.

PS: as I have stated before, Michael Voris and I would have almost nothing upon which to agree theologically. Having said that, I respect this man because he is at least fighting against the rampant wickedness that is prevalent within the RCC.

RayB said...

Very enlightening BBC special report (2014) on the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland.

The RCC ran a very profitable business which had the advantage of non-paid forced labor to produce their products and provide services. This lucrative business operated in conjunction with the corrupt Irish (mostly Catholic) politicians. When the evidence of these crimes became known to the general public, the Irish government conducted an "investigation," which became nothing other than a self-serving whitewash. Even so, the government agreed to pay retributions to former, living victims, for "crimes" the government claims never happened!

Who are you going to believe? Catholic League President "denier of everything" Bill Donohue (salary ... $500,000 per year) or the actual victims?

J said...


This was a case of some people within the Catholic church clearly living in contradiction to Catholic teachings. I still, as a non-denominational Christian, find value in traditional Catholic teachings.

It's similar to the Founding Fathers owning slaves. So why don't we just attack the whole Constitution and whole idea of America, then? And tear down all the statues, too, while we're at it. (sarcastic)

paul said...

Since you don't believe in the veracity of the Holy Scriptures, I can't help you to understand the difference between the Old Testament and the New one. You clearly don't understand the difference. You just want to continue throwing out lies about a system and a set of books which you don't understand or believe. That set of books is the Holy Word of God. The only way to even begin to understand them is to have to tuteledge of the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Truth.
The difference is that in the Old Testament, the only way to have your sins washed away was to bring sacrificial animals to the temple and offer them up according to the precepts given by God. The offerings had to be done by a priest, who had to be of the tribe of Levi and had to be himself ceremoniously clean.
Everything about the Old Testament sacrifices were foreshadowings of the future day when the Messiah would come and once and for all time make a sacrifice to end all other sacrifices. Those sacrifices didn't and couldn't keep anyone clean in Gods' eyes for very long. But when the Messiah would come, a much better and more permanent forgiveness would be available to the faithful.
That day came just about two thousand years ago.

God has not changed one iota.
God is the same now as he was then.
God sent his only begotten son to be the sacrificial lamb which was slain before the foundation of the world.
Jesus is the fulfillment of all the scriptures and the fulfillment of all of Gods' Law.
You ask: "Do you have any proof that Jesus rose from the dead?"
He appeared to hundreds of people over the course of the Pentacost. He sent them the Holy Spirit, which would lead them in all truth. He walked with them and talked with them and taught them. He even ate food with them.
And that's when all the lies started. That's when all the complete fabrications, like the ones that you believe, started.
_Oh but there is a thing called the Shroud of Turin. And no, nobody ever disproved it. The Catholic Church allowed them to carbon date a tiny scrap of the corner of the shroud back in the seventies. It turned out to be a piece of a repair job which was performed on the shroud after it had survived a fire in the middle ages. It's not even a mach of the herringbone pattern on the actual shroud. I've got to think that the Vatican knew that when they said "you can take a tiny piece of the shroud from this corner right here only"
But no one can explain it. No scientist can explain it. It's not paint. It's not dies or pigments. It's three dimentional. It's a photographic negative, but more like a hologram. They figure that there must have been some pretty strong radiation but what kind?. There is real blood on the shroud, which issued from the many wounds that he received from people like you Thomas; people who refuse to believe the truth, but who instead choose to make stuff up out of their imagination, spout it to the world over and over, until eventually they believe their own lies!
Which only underscores what Jesus said: "Even if one arises from the dead, they will not believe"

J said...


I was acquainted with a southern Baptist online, who had read the whole Bible several times, in a way he was taught to do -- using the Bible to interpret itself. And he read it before he read any theologies, like Calvinism, not after.

I realized that he had a lot of beliefs that overlap with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For example, he is not a Dispensationalist. He believes the church became spiritual Israel. He doesn't think God has two peoples, one earthly (the Jews and Israel) and one spiritual (the church).

(A lot of people don't realize it, but the members of the SBC can be surprisingly diverse, because the SBC has a doctrine called "the priesthood of all believers.")

I think a lot of Protestants who are also Dispensationalists often think the Catholic church is also the Whore of Babylon of the End Times, with the kingdom of the beast consisting of a revived Holy Roman Empire.

I'm curious RayB if this is your belief and if it is the reason why you attack the Catholic church so relentlessly.

Anonymous said...

I dont care what a lot of Protestants think about the catholic institution. I base my belief of what the catholic institution is, based on their fruits, and their politics etc. When I read the gospels, and Christs conversation with the Pharisees I see a lot of what Christ said to them applicable to the catholic institution as well. However, Christ never mentioned anything about them sodomizing children etc.That and the popes support of globalism, which is not the Heavenly Fathers will, but rather satans will.Therefore I firmly believe that the catholic institution is satanic, and not christian. All catholics who figure this out should leave that evil cult!

Anonymous said...

(Solana also references his good buddy Kofi Annan)

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

I revised a part of an old post of mine on this blog. It reads:

New Agers and Gnostics believe that a flaw consciousness created the universe. Gnostics believe that because the "ultimate and absolute God," who is Spirit, emanated a deific being named Sophia, who in turn "emanated a flawed consciousness, a being who became the creator of the material and psychic cosmos" (who is referred to as "half-maker") that, therefore, the "ultimate source, or Creator" (also known as the "authentic half") is the ultimate and absolute God, and that It(Spirit) is the "ultimate source" of everything.

There is also a Hindu version of this “flawed consciousness creator" that New Agers,
including me, believe in. In the Hindu version, Spirit directly emanated a perfect and divine consciousness, but it later sinned and became a less-than-divine flawed consciousness, a being who then became the creator of the material and psychic
cosmos, which is a material manifestation of its corrupted Divine Spiritual Self.

Anima Mundi was originally, an emanated Divine Spiritual Universe who sinned against Spirit,
its Emanater, and then consequently created this corrupt universe, and who is now
the less-than-divine soul of the universe-who manifests as the universe. This creator's Christian name is Jehovah. And anima mundi is also sometimes described as the less-than-divine "spirit of the earth" (who is also named Jehovah) who manifests as "the wholeness
of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth." The people who
worship anima mundi are the Christians who worship Jehovah and the entire emanated
and corrupted creator.

This "creator" and the creation are identical. According to Helena Blavatsky this "creator,"
the Christian's creator (Jehovah), is anima mundi and its name, in respect to its manifestation as the earth, is also Jehovah. The "ultimate source or Creator," Jehovah's Emanater, is a different Entity. It is Jesus' Father in heaven. The Christians who worship Jehovah are unaware that they are worshiping the universe, and in respect to anima mundi's earthly image they are also worshiping the "Whole Earth."

I also revised a part of another post of mine on this blog. It reads:

The Hindu scriptures teach that after Spirit "created"/emanated God Brahma He sinned. A Hindu scripture says that after He sinned Spirit told him that he would "never be worshiped." The less-than divine Brahma then created the universe. Or, in other words, he manifest himself as the universe. Hindus do not worship Brahma, who is the universe.

Jesus' Father in heaven is Spirit. Spirit "created"/emanated a God-who is now the less-than-divine universe and also (in part) the less-than-divine earth, whose Biblical name is Jehovah. Christians worship Jehovah. Hindus and New Agers, including me, do not worship the earth, nor do we worship the whole universe. Some Christian mystics, including Matthew Fox, believe that the entire Universe is Divine and that it is a part of God. They [knowingly] worship it, and they also [knowingly] worship "Mother Earth."

paul said...

What a load of nonsense Thomas !

J said...

Thomas Dalheimer,

Don't you think if Lucifer is a real being he would want to confuse you in just exactly the way that you are confused?

Even if I entertained any other cultures' myths, as soon as I encountered a Theosophical or Kabbalistic teaching about Lucifer really being good and God really being evil, I think that would be a dead giveaway of the real game!

I've been very foolish when I was younger, but never so gullible as to believe any story about God really being evil and Lucifer really being good.

J said...

I guess I shouldn't judge, because I believed very insinuated and hinting things without really being fully committed or understanding them. If I have any wisdom now, it's all to the credit of the Holy Spirit, not to me.

J said...

I even recall an English Romantic Literature class in which the professor talked about some English Romantic literature being "Satanic in a Miltonic sense".

J said...

Thoughts on this? It a Theosophist defending Theosophy against the charge of anti-Semitism.

Among the points made:

"3) You fail to see that various Jews were present in the first, founding meetings of the Theosophical Movement in New York, and that the study of Qabalah was one of its main initial goals. One of them was a Rabbi. That was not a coincidence.

4) You fail to see how often and largely H.P.B. quoted from the Jewish tradition and Qabalah throughout her books and writings. She did this to the very end of her life."


"11) Please take notice of the Jewish-Hindu symbol (two interlaced triangles) in the middle of the symbol of the theosophical movement. This also was not a coincidence. Today this is the main symbol in the flag of the State of Israel. Please draw your conclusions. Read about this symbol in HPB’s writings and in the Mahatma Letters."

J said...

Why is the symbol in the very center of the Theosophical symbol almost identical with the symbol for a female? (A cross with a circle on top.) But it's not exactly the same. The female symbol is a cross with a circle on top, but the symbol in the middle of the Theosophical symbol is not a full cross. The top of the cross has been replaced by a circle.

J said...

Focus on the Family and the Theosophical Society

Craig said...

J @ 3:38PM,

The Theosophical symbol is a conglomerate of ancient symbols. The one you're describing is the ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol.

J said...

More musings. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately that bandy about the term "Judeo-Masonic". For some time a thought has been bothering me. Apostate Judaism really came from sources like Babylon and Egypt.

Today I found sources that say Hiram Abiff was a Phoenician, and the two pillars Boaz and Jachin may have been originally inspired by the two pillars of a temple built to worship Hercules.

I've been reading sources who find evidence the Venetians may have been Phoenicians first, possibly even Babylonians.

Has anybody else looked into this area of history? The evidence here seems thin on the ground so far.

Susanna said...

Re: the Magdalene Laundries

While it is true that I cited the Catholic League regarding the Magdalene Laundries, the Catholic League is not the only source I cited.

RayB said: This lucrative business operated in conjunction with the corrupt Irish (mostly Catholic) politicians. When the evidence of these crimes became known to the general public, the Irish government conducted an "investigation," which became nothing other than a self-serving whitewash.

VICTORIA WHITE: Protestant abuse history has been swept under the carpet

35 Ballsbridge Terrace Laundry (Protestant-run), Dublin, 1911 Census

The Magdalen Laundries originated with the Magdalen Asylums for Protestant girls in Leeson Street, Dublin in 1765 founded by Arabella Denny. (McCarthy, Rebecca Lea (2010). Origins of the Magdalene laundries: an analytical history. McFarland. p. 238.)

Institutions known as Magdalen Laundries were not confined to Ireland, nor were they exclusively Catholic-established or operated. Their furthest history in Europe may date back to medieval times, but the first of what could be termed a ‘Magdalen Home’ was established in England in 1758. The first in Ireland was a Protestant asylum established in 1765.

Historians estimate that by the late 1800s there were more than 300 Magdalen
Institutions in England alone and at least 41 in Ireland. These early institutions –
variously entitled Asylums, Refuges and Penitentiaries - included institutions of all denominations and none.

The focus and purpose of these early institutions was closely tied to women in
prostitution or women regarded as in danger of falling into prostitution, including
unmarried mothers. This purpose, however, appears to have changed over time and
based on the records it identified, the Committee found that the Magdalen Laundries
in Ireland, after 1922, was not associated in the same strong way with prostitution or unmarried mothers.

Analysis by historians of the records of Magdalen Laundries until 1900 has also
suggested that, until that point, it was common for women to enter or exit those
institutions at their own request.
Part II of this Report addresses the entries and exits of women to the Magdalen Laundries after 1922


Susanna said...


The McAleese Report shocker you’ll not hear about in the MSM

Don’t expect to hear much in the U.S. media about the stunning McAlleese Report, especially since the mythology of vicious, vile, and abusive Irish nuns running the the Magdalene Laundries has been so firmly established by Hollywood and the lame-stream media in recent years. The 1,000-page long “Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee to establish the facts of State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries” is the result of an in-depth and wide-ranging investigation into the infamous Laundries (a big tip of the hat to Dave Pierre, Jr., of read entire article...

Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee to establish the facts of State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries
Senator Martin McAleese

NEW SHOCKER: Widespread Media Claims of Sadistic Abuse at Ireland’s Famed Magdalene Laundries Determined to be Completely Bogus

...Just a couple weeks ago, the Irish government released the independent McAleese Report, which sought to examine the country's role in the laundries, which operated for over two centuries until 1996. The findings are indeed eye-opening, and one of the only journalists to candidly reveal the report's discoveries is the UK Telegraph's Brendan O'Neill. Kudos to Mr. O'Neill for his honesty and good journalism.....

February 19, 2013 By

The aforementioned author of the following article Brendon O'Neill is an atheist.

Catholic-bashers cavalier about facts
The Australian, 22 February 2013

J said...

The winged lions of Venice seem to have symbolized dominance over the seas and lagoons.

Lion of Venice

"The Lion of Venice is an ancient bronze winged lion sculpture in the Piazza San Marco of Venice, Italy, which came to symbolize the city — as well as one of its patron saints, St Mark — after its arrival there in the 12th century."


The Lions of Venice

"The Venetian lion appears in two distinct forms. One is as a winged animal resting on water, to symbolise dominance over the seas, holding St. Mark’s Gospel under a front paw. You can see these mighty animals all round the Mediterranean, usually on top of a classical stone column. The other form, which is perhaps more interesting, is known as the lion 'in moleca', in the form of a crab. (Soft shell crabs are a local seasonal delicacy.) Here the lion is depicted full-faced with its wings circled around the head resembling the claws of a crustacean. It is emerging from water, so that the lion 'in moleca' is associated with the lagoon and the city, whereas the standing winged lion is thought to be more associated with Venetian territory around the Mediterranean."

J said...

Winged Lion Babylon Gate Relief at the Louvre Museum Paris

J said...

Craig 4:29 PM,

Interesting, thank you.

Craig said...


You’re welcome. Some have thought the ankh to be a Christian symbol—I had in my pre-Christian days, as I’d seen it quite often. And some claim the cross is really an ankh in a new form.

Interestingly, in early Christianity there was a usage of the cross within Greek manuscripts, which somewhat resembled the ankh. To explain, the cross is really a vertical pole with a horizontal plank affixed to the top of it, like a capital T (not like our lower case t). The Greek tau is just like our “T”. The Greek word for “cross” is ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ / CΤΑΥΡΟC. The English transliteration is STAYROS/STAUROS (ancient Greek used two different forms for the sigma[Σ, C], and English transliterates the upsilon as either Y or U). Note that the Greek rho (the 5th character) resembles the English “P”, though it is sounded “R”.

Some early Greek manuscripts employed what are called nomina sacra (“sacred names” in Latin), and STAUROS is one example. In this case, the alpha (A) and the upsilon (Y) are contracted/omitted, and the rho is superimposed over the tau such that the looped portion of the rho extends over the top of the tau. In this case, most definitely a picture is worth a thousand words, and an example is here.
The portion extending over the horizontal line of the “T” is not a full circle, unlike the ankh, because the “P” has a ‘flat’ left side. The word at the link (this is Luke 14:27) has an “N” at the end instead a “C” (or “Σ”) because the word is in the accusative form (direct object) instead of the nominative.

You can read more about the staurogram here.

Tangentially, I just wrote an article on the Christian ‘fish’. I’d wager that many Christians do not really know what it signified in the early Church. I even quote Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen, as well as part of one pesher (commentary) in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Craig said...

Hmmm. The first hyperlink didn't come through, so I'll try again:

A picture worth a thousand of my words here.

J said...

Craig 1:07,

I enjoyed your article about the Christian fish. It enriched my understanding of how the symbol came to be and what its layers of meaning are.

Craig said...


Glad to hear that! I always learn as I write, and I definitely learned some things in the research going into the article. Frankly, many times I've started to write an article with a preconceived idea, only to abandon the article when it turns out my premise was faulty--but I still learn something new, nonetheless.

J said...

I'm revisiting my post above about a theosophist defending Theosophy against charges of anti-Semitism by referring to the influence of the Kaballah on Theosophy.

I see now that it doesn't mean much, because a Venetian who came to England during the reign of Henry VIII -- Francesco Giorgi (Zorzi) -- was a neo-Platonic "Christian" (Gnostic) Kaballist. He had an influence on the foundational beginnings of Freemasonry with his work, Harmonice Mundi.i

Thus the bloggers who routinely use "Judeo" as a prefix for "Masonic" may need to revisit the history in more detail. And the defense against anti-Semitism used by the theosophist isn't of any more validity than saying you can't be anti-Christian because you are influenced by Gnosticism.

J said...

The more I read about the neo-Platonic "Christian" (Gnostic) Kaballah, the more I think it seems to resemble the most popularized New Age ideas of our time a lot more than the Jewish Kaballah does.

For example, the neo-Platonist Pico della Mirandola taught the idea of a world soul, with each individual functioning only as a receptacle for the world soul. No individual soul. When an individual died, the world soul lived on. Wow is that ever familiar (We are all one, Gaia, etc.). If the language were modernized, those ideas could be sold under the cover of a contemporary New Age book.

It seems that translations of Hermes Trismegistus had many people, including Pico della Mirandola, very impressed. Hermes Trismegistus was credited with having predicted Jesus Christ 1,500 years before Christ appeared. In fact, his writings were later dated to the second century AD. But the false credibility he gained by his "prediction" left people open to the other ideas he taught, including his form of magic.

It seems an occult tradition older than the Jewish Kaballah influenced "Christian" Neo-Platonists directly.

Susanna said...

J, 3:21 PM

Re: For example, the neo-Platonist Pico della Mirandola taught the idea of a world soul, with each individual functioning only as a receptacle for the world soul.

This idea was to be resurrected in the writings of Friederich Hegel.



Anonymous said...


J said...

Susanna 7:05 PM,

Very interesting about Hegel being influenced by the idea of the world soul. "Sanitized" and "secularized" occult ideas have been so influential historically. It's amazing.

J said...


I'm also reading that Marx was closely associated with Mazzini of the literal, historical Illuminati. Thus the bloggers about "Judeo-Masons" who say Communism was Jewish don't seem to be telling the complete historical truth. It seems Marx joined an Illuminati branch masonic organization called The League of the Just. The story is told in the books, "Satans Angels Exposed" and "Occult Theocracy".

Apparently the original Bolshevik labor movement was in fact very well represented by Jewish leaders in its leadership. But it was penetrated by Marx as an Illuminati agent.

Bolshevism actually seems to have been very Jewish, but not Marxism and Communism. Those were Illuminati creations.

More and more I'm wondering about the bloggers on "Judeo-Masonic" conspiracies. It's not what they say, but what they don't say. It creates a false impression.

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