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As I have been reporting for some time, the "Global Governance Now" folks are swiftly on the move.  One of their leading tacticians is clearly Javier Solana.  They are clearly in a New Age time honored mode of "Crisis = Opportunity."  There is no present shortage of crises for them to exploit and they appear to be taking full advantage.  Scanning MicroSoft Windows 10 News Releases, one that previously seemed unlikely to me caught my eye.

Big news from my perspective here is that Robert Muller is obviously a global governance insider -- maybe there is a much larger agenda on the "Russia-Gate" investigation.  The Clinton administration of Bill Clinton was firmly oriented towards global governance per Javier Solana's book, REINVINDICACION  of which I'm now reading the Spanish edition.  

The story was about critical developments in the Robert Mueller investigation of the Trump administration for alleged Russian "election interference and collusion" ties. 

Not specifically highlighted, but obviously there dressed to please all Globalist governors is ROBERT MUELLER. 

FBI's Robert Mueller at DAVOS World Economic Forum meeting

Donald Trump, populism, Brexit, "climate change", Trump's cancellation of "climate change" pact vis a vis American participation, have all been prominent in the would-be global governors' toolkits. 

Well, present in attendance at the Davos World Economic Forum conference now ongoing in Switzerland is Robert Mueller.  Also in attendance and/or present en route there is President Donald Trump.

The stew is getting very thick!

Stay tuned!

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Here is a video, frightening to me, being shown, at DAVOS. I have downloaded it to my computer from Youtube. It has tremendously frightening "trans-human" aspects.


While they do take advantage of Crisis = Opportunity, they mostly use the Hegelian dialectic, Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis! It is their preferred and most often used tool. So they mostly create these crisises you see now, ahead of time.

Trump didn't get into office "unexpectedly", but was allowed in office to provide the crisis needed at the proper "time". Also, he is giving the Globalist New Age corporations a tax break and a window of opportunity to repatriate a huge amount of overseas cash back into the USA. At the right time to bring on another economic crisis, another monetary crisis is right around the corner. This will be all thanks to a hastily RISING DOLLAR to new highs, NOT a FALLING DOLLAR as most of the herd is expecting is imminent.

I have been following most of the things you have been talking about for many years now. I also follow the financial markets, trade currencies and other markets. I have a solid knowledge, these things sometimes surprise me but at the same time I can see where all these things are connected, as they say.
This is a new topic page yet I've just seen a reply to a post I made a day or so ago. I believe my post is of utmost urgency and so I am also posting my reply here, especially considering this topic relates directly to Trump and his true cozy relationship with the globalists (behind the scenes, he has been a firm friend of the Clintons for years).

Anonymous 8:16 p.m.,

You be pro-Trump and what you see as being pro-American (others may deem your choice as anti-American) all you want to be.

I'll stick to being for Jesus Christ and worship Him as my Lord and Savior, and I realize I'm only a sorjourner here as I am in this World but no longer of it.

Having said that, I'd say Brother James Key loves the people of America and others very much (the author of the video, Antichrist Trump Speeds Up Jerusalem Embassy: His Time Is Short: ). That's
why he's obeying God's calling on his life, taking up his cross and warning people about Trump's speeding up the Embassy move and his plans to renovate Solomon's Pools, from which the waters used to run to the Jewish Temple.

So, are you with Trump (a vain, pompous, misogynist and racist, a sexual deviant full of greed and Earthly riches who claims he needs no forgiveness) or with Jesus Christ?

I know whose side I'd rather be on!

As an attorney, I'm sure you will find the video below very interesting. It is a 31 minute interview of Joe diGenova, a former federal prosecutor. He has very in depth analysis re: the apparent plot by various factions inside the federal government that literally conspired to destroy Trump before, and, after his election.

PS: we are living in very interesting, but, dangerous times!

Re: "Brother James Key."

IMO, the guy is a delusional crack pot. To say that he is totally obsessed with his hatred for Donald Trump is an understatement. Practically every video on his blog is Trump-centered, with the emphasis of Trump being the antichrist. Totally and completely nuts, with no basis whatsoever in scripture. Ranks right up there with Oprah being the antichrist.

I honestly wonder what kind of people pay attention to these types of false prophets ... or ... should I say PROFITS?
TWICE The Popularity,
TWICE The Anti-Christ!

Do your homework 2:27 PM.
Read from the Bible (the source) who fits that criteria and see neither of your chosen for the role fit it.
You need some foresight, some hindsight, and some 2020 sight, because you can't see clearly.
Do YOUR homework 2:48 PM.

Read from a Dictionary the definition of the words HUMOR and SATIRE.

Truly YOU need some foresight, some hindsight, and some 2020 sight, because you obviously can't see clearly.

"definition of the words HUMOR and SATIRE"
Neither one works for your post 3:05 PM.
Now you need to read the Bible, and the dictionary.
"'definition of the words HUMOR and SATIRE'
Neither one works for your post 3:05 PM."

You're an IDIOT, 5:20 PM, and I'm done with you.

(I'd tell you to look that word up but it's not necessary to put you to the trouble, just look in the mirror.)
The whore of Babylon cries that she is a queen and is no widow as the nukes fall on her cities. Watch for the end to come when the next "establishment" politician follows Trump, reclaiming the thrown of the world for a brief time.
Tut, tut, tut, Ray B.

Just because you scrolled down the titles doesn't mean you understand the intricacies of their contents.

It seems you hate hearing anyone say anything again your Pope, Donald Trump (a vain, pompous, misogynist and racist, a sexual deviant full of greed and Earthly riches who claims he needs no forgiveness).

Their is nothing even remotely resembling the fruits of Jesus Christ in Donald Trump, and your unwavering support for Trump is rather telling. Yet your quick to judge Brother James Key without providing evidence for being in it to make a "profit".


CNN has hit a new low by posting a feature article that promotes cuckoldry as a “positive” fetish for modern relationships.

Cuckoldry is when a man is aroused by the idea of his romantic partner having sex with someone else or even watching the act while it is taking place...
Ray B.,

Have you ever traveled extensively outside the United States? Do you speak any other languages other than English? No? I didn't think so!

For you it's a case of 'follow the Führer' no matter what, hey Ray B.? I can almost hear you goose stepping as you sing for Dixie!
Anonymous 9:48 PM,

I hereby name you


(Tut, tut!)
California Considers $1,000 Fine, JAIL for Waiters Offering PLASTIC STRAWS
FISA Document: 85% of NSA Searches Under Obama Were ILLEGAL!!!
Levin: 'There is cronyism and corruption at the senior levels of the FBI like I've never seen before'

FBI Texts FOUND! Look At This Group Photo Of Those Now Sweating Bullets...

How Curious: FBI Files Linking Hillary to `Suicide' of Vince Foster Have VANISHED From National Archives

Oh No! The FBI Cover-Up of Hillary’s Crimes Gets Even WORSE

Scandal-ridden FBI must be abolished!
Trudeau doubles down on his war against Christians!

Satanic Temple Challenges Abortion Law on Religious Grounds

Abortionists Furious as Trump Clears Way for States to DEFUND Planned Parenthood!

Watch: Soros Slams Trump, Predicts Democratic Landslide In 2018...

Blunt Force Truth WATCH: Sarah Sanders Smacks Down Reporter After He Blames Trump for School Shooting

Trump Tells Palestinians To Talk PEACE Or Lose U.S. Cash!
Climate alarmists are now attacking…SANDWICHES
Want to SEE all the data WINDOWS 10 sends Microsoft?
I'm continuing with my reading of Javier Solana's 2011 book, REINVINDICACION -- very, very revealing.

He accuses the USA of preferring ISRAEL over OIL. He does so disapprovingly.
He takes credit for ending the Cold War.
He liked USA presidents George H. W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama. He didn't so much dislike George W. Bush as he did Rumsfeld and Cheney.
He emphasized that Clinton's largest priority was GLOBALISM. He is confident that what he calls "the class of 68" by which he includes himself, Clinton, Joschka Fischer and other revolutionary radical types will be the ones to bring it about.

(A bit of English translation to help clarify:)


Twenty Years Of International Relations

Javier Solana Lluís Basset

DEBATE, October 2010

A review of the challenges of today's world based on the experience of 15 years at the forefront of Javier Solana's international policy.


"I believe in politics ... Politics is not mere management, it is not administration, it is much more than that. It is that people understand you and know where you are going. Politics has to be pedagogy and it has to be leadership. In part, it is to make the future present, and for that we must have a vision of the future."
Javier Solana

Since being appointed Secretary General of NATO in 1995, Javier Solana has spent fifteen years at the forefront of international politics. It has been fifteen years full of events: the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, the decline of Russia, the rise of China, the emergence of Islamic terrorism, the Clinton years, Bush and the arrival of Obama, the expansion of NATO and of the European Union, globalization, the biggest economic crisis since 1929 ...

Thanks to his experience and in many occasions to his presence in the summits and meetings that defined historical moments, Solana presents, guided by the intelligent questions of a prestigious journalist such as Lluís Bassets, a fascinating panorama of the current world, the challenges to the that we face and how the transition from the stable world of the cold war was made to the uncertainties of the current one. Two ideas and a principle structure the book: The West has imposed itself at the cost of losing power in the face of emerging powers, such as Brazil, China or India; Europe began by justifying reconciliation after the war, then stabilization after the fall of the Wall, but now is based on the need not to go irrelevance. And the principle is the unwavering faith in politics as the way to reconcile interests, achieve objectives and avoid conflicts. An essential book, full of anecdotes and portraits of first hand, by the most important Spanish on the international scene of recent times.

Google English translation of...

I am still of the belief that Trump is NOT part of the global internationalist movement to bring about their One World system of government. He stands opposed to internationalism, and really and truly is watching out for American interests and sovereignty. I posted a couple of longer comments about that on the previous blog post from Constance, not realizing she had a new one. Instead of re-posting them, I'll just put a link to the first one (the second immediately follows it):

Say what you want to about Trump's brashness, rudeness, etc, but he really does LOVE America, with all her faults, and would do nothing to harm America or its people. To me, that is obvious. I just don't get how anyone can come to another conclusion. Certainly, we need to pray for his salvation, because that is always of primary importance. Think of the ways God could use Trump, if he turned his life over to Christ.

I agree with your sentiment on Trump. If the establishment left, right and the EU elite stand against him, then he is doing the right things. The life of all kings are in God's hand. He owns their life breath as he does ours.
I agree too, Marko.
He's doing something right if he angers the globalist elite.
But this is all subject to the timeline of prophecy which is right on course. We know the Bible says it is God who sets up kings, and brings them down too, for His purpose and in His time. Meanwhile, institutions and people are really getting a shakedown and I applaud that, with no stone unturned throughout American culture, business, religion, and politics.
It's time to get real everywhere, the Lord is coming soon.

Marko, Dan ...

I agree with your posts. Trump is an outsider which makes him a danger to the left/right Dem/GOP mainstream paradigm which is, in secret, in line with the new world order elitists. Sen. John McCain, a fellow "GOPer" and new world order neo-con, was the one that "leaked" the completely phony Russian dossier to a media source, proving he wanted to take down the outsider Trump.

There really is an international conspiracy to create a despotic totalitarian global government. The election of Trump, along with BREXIT and other nationalist movements around the world are upsetting the globalist apple cart.
I pray that God's truth, and His righteousness reigns. The New World Order is the antithesis to God's Kingdom. Re: Trump, God, being Sovereign, does not need anything or anyone to accomplish His purposes. Whether or not Trump is a believer is not really all that relevant to the situation ... although I certainly hope he is a believer. Having said that, I have known numerous professing "believers" that are extremely gullible ... and even voted for Obama ... and probably Clinton as well. Both Obama & Clinton were radical pro-abortionists, etc., so go figure. The point is; being a professing believer does not automatically make one compliant to God's ways and will.

As Dan paraphrased: "The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." Proverbs 21:1

I agree too.
So Trump may or may not be a genuine Christian, but that hardly matters if God wants to use him at this time on this planet.
God once called Nebuchadnezzar his "servant".

So, by your comparison we are to assume it would be fair to say about Hitler or Stalin? Paul, you really are unthinking and uncaring: woe to those who put evil for good and good for evil; by their fruits shall ye know them!
Yes Anonymous self appointed, fearful, judge at 10:43
Yes it would be fair to say, even though your intention is to skew my statement and twist the meaning, nevertheless, yes
you could also say that about Stalin of Hitler.
Why? Do you contend that it was out of God's control and that He had nothing to do with those characters, only the good ones?
God makes war and He makes peace. God builds up countries and civilizations, and He tears them down.
God is a mighty man of war, and He is the King of peace.
And I'm not putting good for evil at all. And you don't know anything at all about whatever fruit I might or might not be bearing.
"Unthinking and uncaring" is the shallow domain of people whose god is one-dimensional.

"Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which you will not believe, though it be told you.
For lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs.
They are terrible and dreadful: their judgement and their dignity shall proceed of themselves." (Habakkuk 1:5,6)

By the way, the "Chaldeans" in the above verse are probably the Muslims of today. Habakkuk says in chapter 2:2
"For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

So it's God that's raising up the Muslims, for judgement. And if you read the whole book, you'll see that He judges them as well, and as always His judgements are perfect and true.

"He stood and measured the earth: he beheld and drove asunder the nations; and the everlasting mountains were scattered, and the perpetual hills did bow: his ways are everlasting.
I saw the tents Cushan in affliction: and the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble." (Habakkuk 3: 6,7)

I agree with Paul. God works in ways that are His ways, not ours. His thoughts are His thoughts, not ours.

Here is a sobering verse that, I find at least, very few want to admit is in the Bible:

"The Lord hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil." Proverbs 16:4

I read the 1st. chapter in Isaiah the other night, and it is also along this same theme. Plainly, God states to the "rulers" and people of Judah (what the Lord refers to as "Sodom" in a spiritual sense), that they must adhere to the "word of the Lord," in contrast to their "sacrifices" and "solemn" assemblies, etc.

For more detail and a very revealing sense of what is on God's heart, read Isaiah 1:9-20.

PS: believers are mentioned in verse 9. It is a very important verse in scripture, and illustrates the important part that believers ("very small remnant") play in being the salt of society. What holds God back from dropping his hand of judgment upon a nation? His "very small remnant" of true believers!
• Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Global Elite Pedophiles!

• Liberals Are ‘Hyperventilating’ Over Trump’s Warm Reception in Davos!

• [GEORGE's globalist world!]=> George Soros says Trump is a danger to the world!

• President Obama: Leader of the Deep State Coup!

• Dan Rather Thinks The Media Should Publicly Shame Trump Supporters / Take your medication, Danny!

• Democrat Who Accused Trump Of Sexual Harassment Busted For... Sexual Harassment!

• This is How Obama Made Sure Hillary Was Not Indicted In Email Scandal...

• BREAKING: NOW FBI Says They Can't Find Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's Text Messages! (Video)
• Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Global Elite Pedophiles!

• Liberals Are ‘Hyperventilating’ Over Trump’s Warm Reception in Davos!

• [GEORGE's globalist world!]=> George Soros says Trump is a danger to the world!

• President Obama: Leader of the Deep State Coup!

• Dan Rather Thinks The Media Should Publicly Shame Trump Supporters / Take your medication, Danny!

• Democrat Who Accused Trump Of Sexual Harassment Busted For... Sexual Harassment!

• This is How Obama Made Sure Hillary Was Not Indicted In Email Scandal...

• BREAKING: NOW FBI Says They Can't Find Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's Text Messages! (Video)
It's official. The United States of America is now a Banana Republic.

Over two years ago, the 57 year old founder of Russia Today (aka RT) was found dead in his Washington, DC hotel room. The official cause of death was ruled a "heart attack."

Now, the FBI has released a heavily redacted document that claims his death was not a heart attack, but rather, multiple blunt force trauma that appeared all over his body, including his head. The FBI wants us to believe that the victim was extremely drunk, and kept falling and hitting himself, causing injuries that led to his death.

Three quick questions come to mind:

1) Why was the death originally ruled a "heart attack," implying of course that he died of natural causes?

2) Why would the FBI's conclusions differ so radically from the original, official autopsy report?

3) What took the FBI so long to release their heavily redacted report to the public?
While Donald Trump may be a flawed man, I don't believe that he is an evil man.

Some have compared Donald Trump to the Old Testament King Cyrus.

Like Cyrus, the King of the Persians, who allowed the Chosen People to return home to Israel after the Babylonian Captivity, President Trump seems to be working towards enabling America to "return home" from the vile encroachments of a radical leftist ("progressivist") ideological captivity to her traditional God-centered values that make us "one nation under God."

I agree with Marko, RayB, Dan Bryan, Paul and all who referred to and/or quoted Proverbs 21:1

As the divisions of waters, so the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord: whithersoever he will he shall turn it. 21:1 Douay-Rheims

Since the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, we should all pray for President Trump, while trusting ultimately in God.

Interestingly, it was Trump himself who declared during his speech at the Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. this past October:

“We know that it’s the family and the church, not government officials, that know best how to create strong and loving communities. And above all else, we know this: In America, we don’t worship government – we worship God,” he said.

“Inspired by that conviction, we are returning moral clarity to our view of the world and the many grave challenges we face.”

Shortly later, he added: “In this administration, we will call evil by its name more...

-And Nehemiah AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS OPPOSITION endeavored to build a...WALL!

Nehemiah 4-7:5a TLB
Rebecca asked me a question about my view of what was happening Jerusalem currently. This was my Facebook response to her:

Hi Rebecca, The current events remind me both of Bible prophecies regarding end times events that will see fulfillment in Jerusalem. They also ominously remind me of some plans by New Agers expressed in a book by Peter LeMesurier called THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT about how they would stage a phony second coming of Christ from the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem with sufficient detail to trick Christians, Jews, and Moslems who were "the massed forces of the Old Age" who would go on to "defeat each other in a massive mutual venting of long pent up aggression." Then, per him, they, the New Agers would go on to build their new socity on our ashes like a Phoenix arising from the ashes." The book was published in England in 1981, the same year I first discovered the New Age Movement at a time they were riding very high. Once they knew they had a serious backlash, they tended not to be so explicit in their pronouncements, but I still believe that they believe this is their workable game plan.
Monday Jan. 29, AD 2018

the heathen hater of physicality that God created hath spoken:
"Anonymous Anonymous said...
"another problem with pornography is that it promotes a sensually incompetent style of sexual interaction and drives wierd fads of stimulation "

Reminds me of your post @ 8:20 AM last week, MCE. Wish the blog could unsee that."

Constance wrote:
"..."global governance" forces are on the march and [Solana] is a major, if not the major strategist for that dubious project. Cited as reasons for urgent upgrading of European military forces and acceleration of "global governance" are the Trump administration in the USA, populism in the USA and Europe, BREXIT in the United Kingdom (UK), the inadequacy of post World War II structures, the need to strengthen China's role in new global structures, etc., etc."

add Flemish and Catalonian separatist movements and a couple in Germany. Nationalist movements are often semi closet nazi however. But they and Trump and increasing public knowledge and disapproval have the globalists in a panic.

EU army idea would be to stop fragmentation and put Germany in charge. Ted Shoebat figures this, and regardless of islamic antichrist theory or hostility to protestants (and they courted and helped the Turks against RC lands for centuries on and off) Ted is a real good observer of trends and their background, Europe and Middle East, and expects WW III from nationalism.

Caspian Report on Youtube geopolitics of Turkey collapse of EU could mean Turkey would move into Balkans etc. Crimea a key to Russian security.

Shoebat raises the possibility of demonic involvement in Artificial Intelligence machines towards the end of the article, worry triggered by the inability of scientists to figure out how AI works.

China seems with globalists but might be just playing them and cross them later. bump them aside and have the de facto greater Chinese empire. Or just go its own way without the globalists.

Trump may be playing Davos, with its economic concerns, against the worst of globalism which doesn't
care about economic destruction so long as it takes down everyone and creates a tiny neofeudal elite ruling class officially in charge.
Obama, a friend of Jews? trail&utm_medium=email&
"""""another problem with pornography is that it promotes a sensually incompetent style of sexual interaction
and drives wierd fads of stimulation "

Reminds me of your post @ 8:20 AM last week, MCE.
Wish the blog could unsee that.

(you left out this line of the comment MCE):

You seem to know a whole lot about this topic.""""

Your posts are often weird and sensationalist, not helpful or informational, and appear to be obsessed with exploring evils to glorify them rather than denounce them, though you claim you are a believer in Christ.
As you have many times proved here at What Constance thinks, exactly what you are obsessing with at the moment so it is easy to see and say that Ephesians 5:12 means nothing to you.

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers
(12) It is a shame even to speak . . .--Comp. Ephesians 5:3. Sin may be plainly indicated, and perhaps most effectually branded, without polluting the tongue by describing its actual developments. The need of St. Paul's caution is only too obvious when we read some satires and denunciations against sin, or some manuals of self-examination.

Ms Erikson, are you telling your hand about your own problem in this arena?

Not only were you not on topic, your post was gratuitously explicit. You don't deserve space here for the print of your posts. You are deeply disrespectful to all, especially to Constance the host.
Whoever else noted the toilets were backing up when you posted your, restricted to once per week, "information", was right. You should stay at your own blog and post filth to your hearts content.

This is definitely a part of their plan, to fake a second coming of Christ to deceive the masses. Their plan is still in motion and gaining momentum, alongside many other phases of the plan going on simultaneously until they all merge and reach culmination at the desired time.

Populism, Trump, Brexit and other separatists movements unfolding globally, are all being used for the true believers to follow, allowing them to think that these are their own thoughts but have been given to them by their masters, manufactured to look like grass roots movements.

Let those who have eyes see and those that have ears hear.
EM at 4:49.....

You said:

"This is definitely a part of their plan, to fake a second coming of Christ to deceive the masses. Their plan is still in motion and gaining momentum, alongside many other phases of the plan going on simultaneously until they all merge and reach culmination at the desired time."

Please cite some current primary sources that would lead one to this conclusion. It makes a nice theory, and it is not without evidence, but that evidence is decades old now, and I'd like to see something new. And, actually, it might NOT happen like that at all.

Populism, Trump, Brexit and other separatists movements unfolding globally, are all being used for the true believers to follow, allowing them to think that these are their own thoughts but have been given to them by their masters, manufactured to look like grass roots movements.

Wouldn't you say that is a mostly defeatist, fatalist and hopeless attitude - that none of us can think for ourselves and that we are all "controlled"? That kind of attitude is why I tend to reject "everything's a giant conspiracy" type thinking. I would like to think that God raises up independent thinkers and "action figures" for just such times as these - people who *aren't* like sheep and who can think critically and for themselves. Not *everything* of importance that happens is according to the globalists plans! To believe that, is to believe nonsense. Yet that kind of thinking is what I see way too often.

Sorry to single you out EM. I should give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were generalizing. I just want people to go beyond the typical "conspiracy theory" circle of thought.
New! Christian Testimonies: TRUMP IS THE ANTICHRIST
Anon. 8:25,

While I and others here have spoken favorably about Trump in the political sense, Bro. James Key's video that you linked to gives me pause, and I certainly don't want to be seen as "praising" Trump, or in any other way putting him in a positive spiritual light. He is a lost sinner, whose sins are "out there" and more obvious than most public figures' sins. This is, oddly, a good thing, I think. It makes people (or should, anyway) more cognizant of their OWN sinfulness, because they see it reflected in Trump.

We really should pray for Trump's salvation, and not be too quick to judge him (or any other) as "The Antichrist". What if he truly became a repentant man, and gave his life to Christ? What then?

Time will tell.

Let us all be vigilant, most of all in the working out of our own salvation with fear and trembling. For isn't it the case that in the measure we judge the sinner Donald Trump (or any other sinful man or woman), so we too will be judged by Christ Himself? We are all equally sinners in God's eyes, and our sins can all be equally washed away by the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Anti-Christ Trump Disappointed After Senate Fails to Advance 20-Week Abortion Ban
FAKE NEWS: Public Broadcaster Admits To INCREASING BOOING SOUNDS During Trump Davos Speech!
China Wants To Develop 100 Petawatts Laser That Would 'Rip Apart Empty Space' And Even Simulate A BLACK HOLE!
Deleted FBI texts outline plans to physically remove Trump prior to inauguration!

Schumer, Heitkamp HIGH FIVE after vote against 'pain capable' abortion ban!

WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media!
Who Is The Anti-Christ?
More about the New Age "Cosmic Christ" and the movement to establish a one world religion:

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) is the Mother of the New Age Movement. Mahatma Gandhi said that: "Theosophy is the teaching of Madame Blavatsky. It is Hinduism at its best." Paramahansa Yogananda (1893–1952) was a Hindu who is widely revered as the Father of Yoga in the West. He wrote:

The projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation ... [is] in Christian scripture, the 'only begotten son,' the only pure reflection in creation of God the Father; in Hindu scripture, Kutastha Chaitanya or Tat, the universal consciousness, or cosmic intelligence, of Spirit everywhere present in creation. (The terms 'Christ Consciousness' and 'Christ Intelligence' are synonymous, as is also the term 'Cosmic Christ' ...) It is the universal consciousness, oneness with God [in creation], manifested by Jesus, Krishna, and other avatars. Great saints and yogis know it as the state of samadhi meditation wherein their consciousness has become identified with the divine intelligence in every particle of creation; they feel the entire universe as their own body."

Yogananda also said that Spirit (God) created the god that created the universe.

There is a preliminary samadi meditation wherein the great saints and yogis' consciousness has become identified with the, less than divine, created god, world soul intelligence, who is a lesser expression of the "Cosmic Christ." Both the Spirit and the spirit of the created god are in every particle of creation; they (the "great saints and yogis), after their consciousness has become identified with the created god, world soul intelligence, which is partially one with the divine intelligence of the Spirit in creation, they will "feel the entire universe as their own body." After their consciousness has become totally identified with the divine intelligence of the Spirit in creation, or have become One with the greater expression of the "Cosmic Christ," they will feel that they have a body of light in the creation. They will have to, first, lose their attachment to feeling the entire universe as their own body and then also lose their attachment to feeling that they having a body of light to identify with in creation BEFORE they can become One with the Spirit beyond the creation.

Today's George Webb Video discussing Doug Coe and "The Family" after McCabe's firing/resignation. You might find it interesting.


Creepy is back at 9:47 AM.
Thomas Dahlheimer presents his creepy cosmic christ and thinks he has an appeal.

That's all you've got, TD?

You are presenting us some ultimate?
Your "christ" falls very short, just like you do, TD.

Get real. Your conscience is unconscious.
So the antichrist is giving his state of the union speech tonight. Should I watch?

If he sounded like a good man, it will be proof that he's the A/C alright, because by definition he has to sound good to deceive everyone, right? Speaking flatteries, and all that. In fact, the nicer he is, the more sneaky he is. But we got his number, because you can't really hide that kind of nice.

If he sounded like a bad man, well, that will be proof as well, because.... he's the ANTICHRIST! A really, really bad person. And you can't completely hide that kind of bad.

So maybe I'll just watch NCIS.
It is absolute SLANDER to label any person as the 'Antichrist' without complete and unquestionable evidence!!!
Anon 6:59 PM

Blah, blah, blah, blah
Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise

January 30, 2018

The marketing surrounding Sweet Jesus is based on satanic symbolism combined with children in creepy and questionable situations.

Sweet Jesus is an absurdly popular ice cream chain that’s been around for a few years and is quickly expanding in Canada and the United States. Deemed “Toronto’s Most Overrated Ice Cream” by the Globe and Mail, Sweet Jesus nevertheless attracts huge crowds on a daily basis. The chain has been enjoying lots of media coverage and because its stores are custom-made to be “Instagrammable”, Sweet Jesus is all over social media.

The chain does not only serve ice cream to its customers: The “experience” also involves intense imagery and Biblical references. This peculiarity even prompted a lengthy article on Medium that analyzes the “Christian symbolism” of the shop. While the article is very in-depth and used all kinds of references, it completely missed one point: The symbolism is not Christian, it is satanic. But it was close … satanic symbolism is based on the inversion and the corruption of Christian symbols and Biblical references.
'8-mile pyramid' discovered at bottom of ocean
Europe: Making TOTALITARIANISM Great Again!
Former manager of Obama Foundation claims Obama is a LUCIFERIAN!!!

They took the truth of God and turned it into a lie and “worshipped and served the creature (on a wider application also includes Satan) more than the Creator.” Romans 1:25.

Rev. Matthew Fox believes in the following statement by the famous Roman Catholic, Thomas Aquinas: As the Cause of all things, as good, as beautiful; as wise; as beloved; as God of gods; as holy of holies; as eternal; as wisdom; as reason; as justice; as virtue; as in spirits, as in bodies, as in heaven and on earth, at the same time in the same place, in the world, involved in the world, above the world, supercelestial or above the heavens, supersubstantial; as the sun, as a star; fire; water; air; and dew; as cloud; stone; rock and all the other beings attributed to God as cause. And the Divine One is none of these beings insofar as God surpasses all things.

So, believers in Fox's version of "Creation Spirituality" Pan[en]theism worship and serve a "God" that is both transcendent and pantheistically immanent in creation. And they believe that the entire Universe is Divine and worthy of worship, so they worship the creation and seek to become One with It. They are "creation centered," so they worship and serve the creature (creation) more than the transcendent aspect of God, who is beyond creation, and is the "Creator."

Notice that in Aquinas' statement that God the "sun" is mentioned first. Under the Roman King Constantine, the pagans were permitted to bring their statues and idols of Semiramis, “The Queen of Heaven”, and Nimrod, “Baal”, “The Sun God', into the Church. The names were changed to the Virgin Mary, “Queen of Heaven” and little Jesus, “The Sun God.” The Papacy changed the Lord's day of rest (Saturday,) from the seventh day to the first day of the week, Sunday. So we find Satan had a long term plan for his church and sun worship, which was practiced on Sunday.

Under Satan's direction, the Roman King Constantine set up the “Council of Nicaea” and presided as “Summus Pontifex”, the official title of a Pope. Constantine's job was to mix Sun worshiping paganism with a perverted form of Christianity to make his new religious organization look respectable. This mixture of paganism with some of the teaching of Christ was Satan's version of a “Christian Church.”

In a previous post, I stated the New Age Pan[en]theists basically believe in Aquinas' above statement, but that we do not believe that the creation is Divine and worthy of worship. We do not worship the creation, nor do we worship any part of the physical universe.
"They took the truth of God and turned it into a lie and “worshipped and served the creature (on a wider application also includes Satan) more than the Creator.” Romans 1:25."

Romans 1:25 is you to a "t", TD.

Anonymous 11:25 A.M....The following statement by David Spangler, one of the founding figures of the modern New Age movement, proves that your above statement is false. Spangler wrote: The world soul is usually conceived as a "formative force," an active, intelligent, purposeful spiritual presence at work in the material world [it is immanent] to guide and guard the course of planetary evolution. It is generally not accorded the status of being the ultimate source, or Creator, but might be looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth.

New Age Pan[en]theists believe that the world soul (a "creature"), who physically manifests as the earth and the entire creation (and who is a, less than divine, emanated manifestation of the transcendent God) is not worthy of worship, and that it is not worthy of worship because it is "looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world."
Blogger Thomas Dahlheimer said...

New Age Pan[en]theists believe that the world soul (a "creature"), who physically manifests as the earth and the entire creation........presiding over the well being of the world."

Here is how well, your man-infestation gods/angels are doing in India.
I would say no thanks to your utopia devoid of the true Messiah!

Dear Mr. Dahlheimer,

What is the point you are trying to make?
I am just asking.


Dan Bryan,
Exactly. It's such a deep and maeaningful religion, Hinduism, that no one in India knows where their next meal is coming from.
As Mr Dollheimer has said over and over, the New Age religion is just another name for Hinduism, which is a colossal failure wherever it exists.
Swami Prabdulahuanyhow says it's great so it must be great, right Tom?
Likewise to the crowd that insists that Socialism is the answer to the problems of the world; where is the Socialist country where
there is equity, or fairness or even a fighting chance for the common people? Nowhere.


التخصص فى أعمال تنظيف الكنب فأعمال غسيل أصبحت أمرا حتميا ولابد منه لشركتنا تنظيف كنب بالرياض العديد من الاجهزة التى تجعل الكنب يستعيد بريقه خلال ساعات قليله لأننا نعتمد على أجهزة تجفيف وغسيل وتنشيف عاليه الجودة.
شركتناتنظيف موكيت بالرياض تتخصص فى القيام بأعمال تنظيف الموكيت ونظرا لحساسية التعامل مع الموكيت فشركتنا تعتمد على أدوات محددة لسلامة الموكيت وعدم تجريحه .
مكافحة النمل الابيض بالرياض
رش دفان بالرياض
مكافحة الحمام بالرياض
مكافحة فئران بالرياض
رش مبيدات بالخرج
5:59 PM,

I think you've summed it up well:

Limit TD & MCE to ONE post every TWO weeks. Excellent!

(Although I don't happen to speak your language that IS the overwhelming consensus opinion and I'm sure you're no different than the rest of us!)

Veteran FBI Behavioral Analyst On Deceptive Facial Expressions We See Widespread Now Across The Democratic Party

DiGenova: McCABE removal from FBI just the beginning; IG report shows he made FBI agents FABRICATE evidence in HILLARY probe!!!


FACEBOOK LOSES daily users for first time!

Sweden Grants Custody of Children to Iraqi Who Got 13-Year-Old Cousin Pregnant by RAPE

Former US Army Colonel Warns Danger Is Close And Rogue Sleeper Cells May Be Being Activated
Americans are turning against Trump-hating celebrities and buying into the President's American dream!

By Piers Morgan

The stats don't lie.

Within minutes of President Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech, CBS News revealed their YouGov poll approval ratings on it.

Unsurprisingly, 97% of Republican speech watchers liked it.

More surprisingly, 72% of Independents liked it.

Staggeringly, 43% of Democrats liked it.

Overall, CBS reported that 75% of Americans approved of the speech.

For such a seriously divisive and polarising President, who is currently languishing with just 39% personal approval ratings, these were sensationally good results.

Interestingly, 8/10 Americans in the poll felt the President was trying to unite the country with his speech and two thirds of Americans said it made them feel proud.

Less than a quarter that watched said it made them feel scared or angry.

Contrast this reaction with the instant and so tediously predictable blind rage spewed by the world's liberal celebrities on social media before, during and after the address.

From my own unofficial poll – i.e. my own eyes on Twitter – I'd say 99% of them were so furious at the speech they could barely think straight.

'I was told darkness could not exist in the light,' tweeted Sarah Silverman. 'But here it is, for everyone to not see.'

Jim Carrey tweeted an illustration of sharks across a map of America, then another of a weeping Abraham Lincoln and the caption: 'It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.'
Satanic-themed Ice Cream Shop Trashes Jesus in Bizarre Marketing Scheme
Dairy bar featuring anti-Christian symbolism plans expansion into United States.

A popular Canadian ice cream company is being slammed for using anti-Christian and satanic imagery in their marketing materials.

The disturbing imagery was pointed out by the pro-Christian website Vigilant Citizen Tuesday, which examined a number of disturbing promos used by the company Sweet Jesus.

Perhaps the most blatant blasphemous imagery appears in Sweet Jesus’ logo, which features a lightning bolt and an upside-down cross, symbols associated with satanic worship.

The upside-down cross, for instance, can be seen in the following image depicting a Church of Satan altar.

The lightning bolt symbol also appears in a sigil designed for Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

“The symbol of the lightning bolt is also prevalent in satanism,” the Vigilant Citizen explains. “It most likely originates from the Bible passage where Jesus said: ‘I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven.’”

The lightning bolt and upside-down cross have prominently appeared on the Toronto company’s website, signs and cups.

The store also sells “Holy Water” for $1.

The Vigilant Citizen also points out that various ads used by the ice cream shop appear to mock Jesus, the Ten Commandments and bible passages, while also making grotesque sexual innuendos.

Most alarming is the ice cream shop appears to exploit children in their ads.

“One might think: ‘Well, that’s normal enough, right? Children love ice cream,’” The Citizen writes. “But these pictures involve children in a creepy way. At best, the pics ‘adultize’ children. At worse, they sexualize them.”

Many on the company’s Facebook page have trashed it in online reviews, with some saying, “They mock the faith!”

“These people are a special type of disgusting!!” one Facebook user said.

“You are complete trash for mocking Jesus and exploiting children in a sexual and disturbing nature,” reads another high-rated review. “Obviously you guys have no shame and no morals and take joy in using satanic imagery to promote ice cream,” the user added.

“I’ll pass on the satanic ice cream…it’s bad enough you mock the Lord and use satanic symbolism in your logo…. but you had to exploit the kids in your ads,” yet another Facebook user stated.

But the ice cream joint has apparently found an anti-God niche market.

The website Retail Insider reports Sweet Jesus plans to expand into the United States, with a location already open in the Baltimore airport and more coming to Florida and Hawaii. Stores will also be opening in majority-Muslim areas overseas, including Dubai and Bangladesh, albeit under the name “Sweet Salvation.”

Retail Insider theorizes the secret behind the company’s success is their marketing towards Millenials with hip, trendy social media-friendly backdrops.

“It’s probably the most Instagramed food in all of Canada,” Retail Insider notes, highlighting the company has over 100k followers on the platform.

HURRAY For Facebook, Our Non-MSM News Loving Friend!


"This Might Be the End for Anti-Media

January 31, 2018 at 1:02 pm
Written by Nick Bernabe

"We’ve got some bad news: Facebook is trying to algorithmically kill Anti-Media. Following the social media giant’s failed effort to crack down on “fake news,” Zuckerberg has decided he’s simply going to remove posts from news pages from the newsfeed, and independent media outlets like us are being hit the hardest. We’ve already seen our post reach drop to less than one percent of our two million-strong Facebook following. In short: Corporate censorship of independent media is now in full effect. And unfortunately, website traffic from Facebook is how Anti-Media generates most of our revenue to pay our amazing team of brilliant writers, editors, fact-checkers, web developers, researchers, and graphic designers.

"But don’t write our obituary just yet. We’re continuing to take the fight to the oligarchy to advance the ideas of freedom, liberty, and peace — and we have a plan. However, at this point, there’s simply no way we can continue our current operations without your direct support and engagement. As we cope with this very hard landing away from Facebook, we’ll need to generate the resources to keep going or face severe cutbacks on our ability to keep producing hard-hitting, anti-establishment content.

"We’ve devised a plan to keep Anti-Media going strong for years to come, and with your help, we’ll be able to keep up the good fight against the oligarchy!"
Washington Post CHANGES POSITIVE TITLE on SOTU Address After Outrage...

BREAKING: FIVE FBI Members Went to White House and REVISED House Intel FISA Memo (VIDEO)

8 States Try to Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Pay for ABORTIONS!
Earth's magnetic poles could be about to FLIP: Experts warn the reversal could cause widespread blackouts and make parts of the world 'uninhabitable'!

Earth's magnetic field has weakened by 15 per cent over the last 200 years
This could be a sign that the planet's north and south poles are about to flip.

If this happens, solar winds could punch holes into the Earth's ozone layer.

This could damage power grids, affect weather and increase cancer rates
Daniel Baker, from the University of Colorado, Boulder, says that parts of the planet will become uninhabitable during a reversal.

The Earth has a fierce molten core that generates a magnetic field capable of defending our planet against devastating solar winds.

The protective field extends thousands of miles into space and its magnetism affects everything from global communication to power grids.

But this magnetic field, so important to life on Earth, has weakened by 15 per cent over the last 200 years.

And this, scientists claim, could be a sign that the Earth’s poles are about to flip.

In a new report, Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, claims there are signs of a reversal.

He says if this reversal happens, it is likely to render some areas of the planet 'uninhabitable' by knocking out power grids.

His comments were made in an in-depth Undark report written by Alanna Mitchell, who has a new book about the topic titled 'The Spinning Magnet: The Electromagnetic Force that Created the Modern World and Could Destroy It',

Mitchell writes: 'The dangers: devastating streams of particles from the sun, galactic cosmic rays, and enhanced ultraviolet B rays from a radiation-damaged ozone layer, to name just a few of the invisible forces that could harm or kill living creatures.'
Anonymous 3:05 PM asked me: Dear Mr. Dahlheimer, what is the point you are trying to make? I am just asking.

My point is: The leading Christian opponents of the New Age Movement believe that a counterfeit expression of the New Age Movement is the New Age Movement. They are deceived and believe this because they are influenced by an evil supernatural entity. I believe that if I am able to present evidence on this blog, so that Constance Cumbey and other leading Christian opponents of the New Age Movement come to understand what the New Age Movement is really about, they will quit publishing and posting their deceptive propaganda about the New Age. I have good reason to believe that the Vatican and the leading members of the two pontifical counsels who wrote an online document about the New Age are reading my posts on this blog. It is because of my indigenous peoples' rights advocate\activist accomplishments and correspondence with, and support from, internationally renowned Indigenous activists, who are protesting against the Roman Catholic Church's inspired genocide against their people, that has influence them to continue to watch where I am going with my overall, Indigenous Peoples' Rights Advocacy/New Age Mission.
"Come Clean!" - A Call To Donald Trump's Apologists

Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements

[Editor’s note: The following comprehensive list of Trump accomplishments has been compiled for WND’s Thank Trump Campaign, which provides a free way to send personalized messages of thanks directly to the White House at]

With mainstream media and establishment politicians stacked against him from the moment he announced his run for the presidency, Donald J. Trump has been in an ongoing pitched battle to communicate his plans – and his eventual successes – to Americans. Through public rallies and social media, he has managed to bypass the traditional information gatekeepers and has spoken directly to the people.

Yet, Americans are subjected to a relentless drumbeat from the Democratic Party, amplified by virtually the entire establishment press, that Trump is not only undisciplined, unfit for office and possibly racist, but that embarrassingly little has been accomplished by the Trump administration.

And while he has befuddled and disappointed some – with major promises such as Obamacare repeal and a border wall unfulfilled or put on the backburner – the stunning reality is this: Donald Trump has amassed a long and remarkable list of actions and accomplishments that will surprise average Americans, even those who support the president and consider themselves well-informed politically.

Here, then, is an accounting of the truly significant achievements of the first eight months of the Trump presidency, compiled in conjunction with the Thank Trump Card Campaign, which has a dedicated website, The accomplishments are all the more noteworthy as they have been carried out in an environment of unrelenting negativity on the part of not only the Democrats and almost the entire news media, but the Beltway establishment itself, the entire donor class, the “Deep State,” and even many Republicans wedded to the D.C. “swamp.”


#178) Abortion: President Trump on Jan. 19 became the first sitting president to address the March for Life, speaking in person to hundreds of marchers at the White House and via live telecast to the tens of thousands of marchers on the National Mall.

For #1 through #177 go to:
ALERT: When the FISA memo is released, watch for massive, coordinated censorship and “glitches” across...

This is a pivotal day in our nation's history. Finally, the evidence of conspiracies has been proven for even the biggest naysayers. The FISA Court "Memo" reveals a massive conspiracy committed by our nation's Justice Department, FBI, the Executive Branch (think Obama & Hillary Clinton), the DNC AND the mainstream media outlets. ALL conspired to illegally use the FISA Court to grant a warrant to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign ... all based on a non-vetted "dossier" that was paid for primarily by the DNC, none of which was disclosed to the FISA Court judge that ultimately granted the warrant.

Amazingly (but not for long), the mainstream media continues to spin this. In the near future, they will have to deal with this, because there will be public hearings on this entire mess, that will lead to the appointment of a TRUE independent counselor that will aggressively expose the crimes of the deep state! Personally, I can't wait. Stock up now on the popcorn, this is going to be a real show.
"My point is: The leading Christian opponents of the New Age Movement believe that a counterfeit expression of the New Age Movement is the New Age Movement."

The real version of the New Age Movement (just old tried and failed paganism) is still a big bust, Dahlheimer, so real or counterfeit it is not palatable or remotely helpful for human kind. Civilization has many deep scars from those ventures already and you bring nothing new to the picture.
And it's rather funny how it is you that likes to quote counterfeit Christianity and force that down collective throats but don't like that someone misunderstands or misquotes your beloved "movement"?

It's a movement alright....and works as well as Hinduism's effect on Asian sewers trying to handle the supreme mess that makes.
I join Dan Bryant and paul with my no thanks.

Maybe the Vatican, or whomever else you mention, will listen to you since you are believing they are reading your material. Why detour the information here through this blog, when you could go direct to your listening audience? You're missing your big chance routing it here.


Don't miss seeing this short video. Tucker Carlson interviews former US Attorney Joe DiGenova ... a truly great American Patriot!

PS: The above video is provided by Bill Still, of the Still Report Youtube. His daily comments are worth investing your time in. Bill gives precise, short, truthful commentary on current events. I couldn't recommend him more!


Is A Great Awakening Ahead For America? Full FISA Memo Embedded Here:
Read the NUNES Memorandum newly declassified by going to this link:



As you read the Nunes Memo, keep this in mind. If they can violate the Constitutional protections granted under the 4th. Amendment on a candidate for our highest office, they can do this to anyone ... including you. (Try to imagine attempting to defend yourself against a rogue FBI & Justice Department, determined (for whatever reason) to ruin you).

After receiving the non-vetted fake Russian dossier, the dossier "story" was leaked to Yahoo News in order to give it credibility, which furthered the Government's ability to obtain a FISC warrant wiretap US citizens. There is no doubt, the FBI and the Obama Justice Dept. knew this dossier was produced using DNC & Clinton campaign funds, an incredibly important fact that was withheld from the FISA court by the FBI & Justice Dept.

These are the types of abuses that happen under despotic, totalitarian systems.
Without a viable and equal system of justice, our rights will cease to exist.

Consider contacting your Senators and Rep. to pressure them to call for a full and independent investigation regarding these abuses. Also, consider writing a letter to be published in your local newspaper.

In case you missed it, the Pope has sided with the Communist Government of China, and in so doing, he has turned his back on the persecuted church. Again, the Vatican does what is politically expedient, rather than stand for what is right.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits."
Dow down 666 today. Any news of significance?

Here's a good reflection of what we're facing...

Sample mindset of a knee-JERK Anti-Trump Leftist Liberal:

"Comedian" Sarah Silverman Says Pro-Life Laws "Make Me Want to Eat an Aborted Fetus"

FBI, Media, Democrat Politicians Lied to Us All Week About the Memo
Mississippi House Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks

Bill Would Require Women Seeking Abortions to Be Told an Abortion Kills a “Living Human Being”!
God’s great promises and why change begins with YOU
Diana West has been doing a series on her blog page called "Does a Red Thread Run Through the Anti-Trump 'Coup?'". It's quite good.
According to the New World Encyclopedia (NWE), Eastern Orthodox Christians are panentheists: The NWE states: "Creation, then, is not a 'part of' God as it would be in other panentheistic systems, and the Godhead is still distinct from creation. However, God is 'within' all creation on a relational and personal level rather than an ontological one. Thus Orthodox theologians separate the word as 'pan-entheism,' stressing God's indwelling in all things, rather than 'panen-theism,' which focuses on the idea that all things are a part of God, yet God is more than the sum of all things." Source:

In the above NWE statement, two types of panentheism are identified. There is a New Age belief based on a mixture of Hindu and Gnostic Christian theology that believes in both of these two types of panentheism.

The Gnostics have a similar belief as that of the Hindus. The Hindus believe that the un-created eternal Spirit created the God/god that created the universe. Hindus believe that the created God was originally Divine, but later sinned and consequently became less than divine, and that he then created the universe. According my New Age theology, the eternal Spirit (God) is the same pan-entheistic God as the Eastern Orthodox's God. And the less than divine created god is the pan-entheistic god that I also believe in.

The eternal Spirit is, both, transcendent and immanent, but It does not manifest as the creation, nor as any part of the creation. The created god's spirit permeates the entire creation and manifest as the creation, and it also manifest in a polytheistic way, or as parts of the creation, such as the sun, earth, etc.
"In the above NWE statement, two types of panentheism are identified. There is a New Age belief based on a mixture of Hindu and Gnostic Christian theology that believes in both of these two types of panentheism. "

"According my New Age theology, the eternal Spirit (God) is the same pan-entheistic God as the Eastern Orthodox's God. And the less than divine created god is the pan-entheistic god that I also believe in."

And wrong. As wrong as wrong gets. The results of such fundamentally wrong beliefs have been cataloged for centuries, and further refuted here.
And you can't accept that, Dahlheimer.
But be as wrong as you like. Makes the truth shine all the brighter when compared side by side.

Are you so desperate for readership for your own demagoguery, you'll insist for, and stay where, you won't get it?
Are you descending into madness as another deceived frequent (but punished to once per week) poster here? There are many similarities of mindset (and belief) between the two of you. You are not hard to decipher.
He may not be hard to decipher BUT his endless stream of VERY BORING Wikipedia-like entries are sooo friggin' TIRESOME!

(Time for that new system, Constance.)
"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Mr. Dahlheimer,

What is the point you are trying to make?
I am just asking.


3:05 PM"

Just so you know, Mr. Dahlheimer, J.K. stands for just kidding.
You made your point. Over and over and over and over again...

Documented history and hard facts do not deter you.

You keep pushing on the door that says pull to open.

No, no significance in the Dow down "666". Other than a correction that could go down to the 21,000 level and the bond bubble bursting. The stock market will head to extreme all time highs.
"Less than divine created god"
Thomas, you are gay, right?
I mean this New Age stuff is bought, sold and paid for by gays, essentially, right?
If you're not gay, I apologize. That would be an awful thing to call a straight guy...
It's just that all this ridiculous stretching and twisting of the plain truth of Jesus Christ
is the work of sodomites who have been his enemies all along; like the priests in the
temple and the Pharisees, who were homosexual then and still are now.
You're in great company; Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess and the leadership of the
Nazi Party are now known to have been homosexual, and theirs was a very New Age potpourri
of Babylonian and Egyptian Gnosticism, all using that time-tested lie that the serpent Satan
is actually god, etc etc, which in turn is the same line of bull---- that modern day rabbis teach.
I just got done watching another one: An Israeli Rabbi teaching a room full of women that the
serpent was "telling the truth!" and, "why does everyone think that God was angry?" when he
questioned Adam after the disobedience. He had all sorts of "extra information" that turns the
narrative in the Bible on it's head. He began his lecture by saying: "Lets look at the Genesis story,
because,... it doesn't really make any sense."
It turns out that modern Jewish "scholars" put the Talmud above Moses and the Scriptures.
The Talmud won't even mention Jesus' name. But it does refer to him in extremely disgusting
terms, and refers to his mother as "Miriam the hairdresser" and says that she got pregnant by
some Roman soldier.
Wouldn't you think they could have come up with something more creative than that after Jesus
rose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of people and lived among them for forty days
before he was called back to heaven to sit at the right hand of power for all time?
Which is where he is right now; at the right hand of all power.
Jesus is the image of the invisible God.
Jesus is the Son of God.
Jesus is the Messiah, the savior of the world.
He taught openly every day in the temple and had no secrets or secret hidden knowledge,
except for that which is hidden from unbelievers because of their rebellion against God.
They are under a curse of spiritual blindness and deafness, as God would have it:
"Seeing they will see but not perceive. Hearing they will hear but not understand."

Anonymous10:55 PM

"Dow down 666 today."

666 And You
sunday, Feb. 4, AD 2018

Crisis alway equals opportunity, its just that the globalists have put it in a verbal formula. But the
actions of people over millennia show it is opportunity. At present the globalists and corrupt FBI
etc. have a crisis going on (FISA memo, 4 pages of overview and 99 pages of proof) that is our
opportunity to get rid of them.
hashes over the usual ideas about the antichrist and concludes Trump is not it.
a different analysis much more biblical, concludes Trump is NOT the antichrist.

Trump can't be the antichrist because he has no way of creating a situation where you need to
worship him and get a mark proving you have done so or just glorifying him by wearing it (think
easily visible tattoo) if you are going to buy and sell outside the black market. There are other
reasons but this is the main one. there is more evidence of dragon support behind the anti Trump
pro Hillary forces than for Trump.

Zionism is not part of the superceded Mosaic Covenant but the Abrahamic Covenant which is the basis
itself for the believer's relationship to Christ, read Galatians all of it at once it is against circumcision
being required and other Mosaic specific laws not morals and so forth wrongly called "legalism."

"Your posts are often weird and sensationalist, not helpful or informational, and appear to be obsessed with

exploring evils to glorify them rather than denounce them,"


and you quote Ephes. 5:12 out of context (which context would also mean that the speaking
at issue is gossipy) the rest of the context applauding exposure. as for explicitness that wasn't
explicit that was generic and a lot of Christian marriages suffer from these issues. If this blog is typical,
hundreds visit who never post. there is a bigger audience out there than just us posters here.

how is explaining how some things work, verifying they are real, and how to fight them or avoid them
glorifying them? as for off topic so is your response and you obviously didn't read the rest of the post.

I repeat, you are an unbiblical heathen in nature. your reaction screams this. The Song of Solomon has two

or three plot lines and one or two are explicit erotic inventory being taken by a couple of each other's
naked bodies. It is spiritualized by interpreters, but its physicality is obvious.

Great good job somebody is doing with all those link posts.

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer shares updates on sexual assault and pedophilia allegations in Hollywood and what they mean. Craig is the founder of Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) which was formed specifically to expose that which has been covered up and suppressed - the dark and disgusting world of child sex trafficking rings.
This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Angry

The actress is finally ready to talk about Harvey Weinstein.

By Maureen Dowd / New York Times

Feb. 3, 2018

Yes, Uma Thurman is mad.

She has been raped. She has been sexually assaulted. She has been mangled in hot steel. She has been betrayed and gaslighted by those she trusted.

And we’re not talking about her role as the blood-spattered bride in “Kill Bill.” We’re talking about a world that is just as cutthroat, amoral, vindictive and misogynistic as any Quentin Tarantino hellscape.

We’re talking about Hollywood...

History actually does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

What is happening to Trump is very similar to what the Deep State operatives did to Nixon back in 1972. Nixon's "crime" was in covering up the incredibly nonsensical burglary of the DNC during an election cycle in which the outcome was never in doubt. Nixon went on to carry an amazing 49 states to McGovern's 1. Furthermore, there has never been a shred of evidence that Nixon ORDERED the break-in. The break-in was actually conducted by operatives of the CIA and FBI... and it was bungled from the beginning. Interesting side-bar ... one of the burglars was none other than E. Howard Hunt, a notorious CIA black ops agent that actually confessed on his death bed (video on youtube of his confession) to being involved in the planning of the JFK assassination!

What's more, is that the the infamous leak specialist known then only as "Deep Throat," was none other than Associate Director of the FBI Mark Felt. The Wash. Post (along with the NY Times) played a key role in the non-stop, biased coverage of this third rate, amateur break-in. Then Wash. Post editor in chief Ben Bradlee was a known media operative of the CIA, as well as Wa Po writer Bob Woodward. Via the CIA's "Operation Mockingbird," began in the 1950's, the CIA infiltrated the mainstream media with CIA trained operatives. There is no doubt this deep state practice continues to this day.

The mainstream media are experts at presenting "news" in a manner that is designed to control the thoughts of its listeners/readers. Don't be duped! This attempted coup by the Deep State on Trump is being done by the same types that brought down Nixon. It is all about control. It is up to the American people to be diligent enough so that their clandestine efforts are not successful.
Corrupt FBI, DOJ officials committed TREASON, warns lawmaker; James Comey could face DEATH penalty!


How the New York Times Spins the Memo to Divide America


"The way that he approaches things is very aggressive, and that’s not the best way to approach situations," says student...



What an ∆SSH∆T! Laura Ingraham OWNED Chris Matthews for accusing Trump’s WH of writing FISA Memo
PHASE 2? Sara Carter says Dems, Deep State TERRIFIED of info regarding SECOND anti-TRUMP dossier to be released (Video)
Dystopian Warnings of How SPORTS are Used to CONTROL the Masses!
Study Shows Kids are Born Creative Geniuses But the Education System Destroys Imagination!
Thank God That Trump Won

By Ben Stein

And three cheers for Devin Nunes.

Wow, wow, and double wow. Now we are starting to get a look at a conspiracy so immense it can scarcely be believed. The media, the Democrat National Committee, a genuinely brain dead FISA judge, and now the media over and over again are shown to be working night and day to destroy the constitutional system of government.
Unpatriotic Wishful Thinking? CNN's Phil Mudd Warns FBI IS GOING TO KILL TRUMP!!!

CNN: The FBI Is Telling Trump They are Going to Beat Him

BOOM goes the dynamite! Maria Bartiromo truth-BOMBS the FBI, DOJ and the ‘Clinton/Obama mafia’!

Devin Nunes says there are MORE MEMOS COMING!

CNN Analyst Says Trump is Making a Comeback. Yes, THAT CNN! [VIDEO]

Dow ends January with its best winning streak since NINETEEN FIFTY-NINE!!
The fantasy of accelerating sea level rise just got HOSED

Royalty and Pedophiles: Prince Andrew and Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein

More Islamic State jihadis now in UK than Britons in Syria fighting the Islamic State!

Kenya: Muslim students stab, beat Christian students for refusing to convert to Islam.

Mosque Blasts Prayer Call At Elderly Couple's Home, But It Pissed Off The Wrong People!

Mom With Breast Cancer Who Rejected Abortion While Pregnant is Now Cancer Free!

Well written piece by Michael Goodwin of the New York Post on "the existence of the deep state is real," as proven by the "Memo."
So, you know so much about Holy Matrimony, do you, Ms Erikson?

You know about explicit, gratuitous, immoral sex. That appears to be your specialty. The place for that is back at your wolfden...(and take Dahlheimer with you).

I have heard several excellent studies on Song of Solomon that give proper place and honor to the physical part of marriage and to the spiritual part of marriage, and never did anyone degrade the topic it like you do. It was deeply enriching and God honoring. Altogether unlike the trash you talk.

Your lack of sacredness in nearly anything and everything is very telling about you. Especially spiritual topics from soup to, parenting, marriage, etc., are where you only sully, muddy, the water with your foul feet, walking rudely, talking crudely, with worldly words and ways, that prove you should not talk about spiritual matters, anywhere, with anyone.
You need to let your words be very few till you learn some humility and grace to speak to listeners.
We shouldn't hear from you until at least the 25th century at this rate.
False Flag Imminent? Eagles Owner, Coach Listed By Wikipedia As KILLED AT SUPER BOWL!

Pistol-packin’ passer-by aids cop under assault!

Whoopi Goldberg: "I Can't Even Say Trump's NAME!"

As Polls Shift, Dem Hopes for Control, Impeachment Fade...

Libertarian Party BLOCKS Ron Paul & Judge Napolitano, Revealing NEOCON TAKEOVER!!!

REPORT: House Intel Committee Could Drop FIVE MORE MEMOS Exposing 'Politically Motivated' Abuses By FBI...
Sheriff David Clarke Subject of Hate Video!


REAL RACISM: BlackLivesMatter Leader Calls for GENOCIDE of White People!!!

The Steele Dossier and the Clinton Scandal Machine:

A BRUTAL fundraising report shows just how terrible things are for the Democratic Party right now.

Investigation Into Las Vegas Massacre Breaks Wide Open - We Know Who Did It!
A recent article of mine reads:

It appears to me that the whole world is moving toward the acceptance and practice of a One World Religion that is similar to the Lakota religion.

"Wakan-Tanka is the essential concept of Lakota religion and is the life-giving force which sustains all being. Every­thing is seen as partaking of a sacred relationship which is born from the oneness of creation which is a manifestation of Wakan-Tanka. All things come and return to Wakan-Tanka who is all in the universe yet above all, transcending all."

The Lakota person who wrote the above statement said: "Some of my white brothers have said 'You worship the sun.' No, we worship the same al­mighty God you worship. The sun, Wiwang wacipi, we look at the sun, we gaze at the sun, we admire His work, we thank Him for what He has done for us . . the many things that the Grandfather (Wakan­Tanka ) has done for us."

According to this quoted (above) Lakota person, the Lakota religion is a particular type of pan[en]theism, or a pan[en]theistic religion that believes that God is, both, transcendent and immanent, and that He is pantheistically immanent, and that He is only highly regarded and honored (not worshiped) in both His pantheistic manifestation as the entire creation and also in His polytheistic manifestation as the sun.

Reverend Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian and activist who promotes a type of pan[en]theism that believes that God is, both, transcendent and immanent, and that He is pantheistically immanent. When talking about the current pope in a recent interview, Fox said that the previous two popes called his work "dangerous and devious," but that Pope Francis "is plagiarizing it," suggesting that the Roman Catholic Church is now indirectly following his lead.

Fox wrote: He [the late Thomas Aquinas, a famous Roman Catholic theologian] observes that apostles and prophets praise God in the Scriptures in this way:

As the Cause of all things, as good, as beautiful; as wise; as beloved; as God of gods; as holy of holies; as eternal; as wisdom; as reason; as justice; as virtue; as in spirits, as in bodies, as in heaven and on earth, at the same time in the same place, in the world, involved in the world, above the world, supercelestial or above the heavens, supersubstantial; as the sun, as a star; fire; water; air; and dew; as cloud; stone; rock and all the other beings attributed to God as cause. And the Divine One is none of these beings insofar as God surpasses all things.

There are two types of pan[en]theism that view God as being pantheistically immanent in the world. One type worships the creation and the other type only respectfully honors the creation. Those who practice the New Age type of pan[en]theism respectfully honor the creation.

Robert Muller (1923-2010) was once the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and was called the "Philosopher" and "Prophet of Hope" of this world-unifying organization. Muller's vision for the world is still being promoted at the United Nations. Muller was a disciple of the New Age prophetess Alice Bailey, and she was a disciple of Helena Blavatsky, the Mother of the New Age Movement.

I am promoting the New Age type of pan[en]theism. In her 1983 #1 best-selling book "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" Constance Cumbey offered the first major criticism of the New Age movement from a Christian perspective. She has also discussed the contents of this book of hers on the EWTN global Catholic TV network. I occasionally correspond with her and often post on her blog. I believe that I am in the prophetic forefront of the movement that is promoting New Age pan[en]theism for the entire world.
"I believe that I am in the prophetic forefront of the movement that is promoting New Age pan[en]theism for the entire world."

And you waste your valuable time here at What Constance thinks?

You are following, or as you believe, leading the herds, to exactly what the Bible said would come in the last days. Fake "christ" adherents and proponents of one world religion and politics that bring on a worldwide worship of all things wrong and evil. Yes, you are cutting edge, Dahlheimer, of what you believe will be the fix for this planet and people.

And the remnant of a few million (compared to the world's billions) who will not join you, are the people you will, and do, happily want rid of. So be it.

But you might want to do a rethink, because what you are asking for is what you just might get, no, not might, will get...

How interesting it's called Wakan-Tanka. You'll wake up too late when it tanks...when the King of kings shows up.
Your dream is your nightmare eagerly waiting on the precipice.

Do enjoy your 5 minutes while you can.

Anonymous at 6:11 posted:

False Flag Imminent? Eagles Owner, Coach Listed By Wikipedia As KILLED AT SUPER BOWL!

And this is why I don't go to sites like infowars. How can anyone justify getting their news from there? Maybe Anon 6:11, you'd care to elaborate on that topic?
What was that!
Did anyone else hear that?
I think it was the markets' bottom falling out.
Yeah, paul. I heard that.

And what is the next crash!boom! we will hear?
Yes, Marko, I certainly DID think about it but since it WAS on WIKIPEDIA not Infowars (although Infowars reported it) I thought that perhaps it should be mentioned. Someone took a real chance by posting something like THAT and if nothing happened, so much the better. And if something DID happen, well, at least we had a bit of a heads up. Close call.
Thomas, you wrote,

"I occasionally correspond with her and often post on her blog."


This is a very misleading claim to present to your article readers. You do not post on Constance's blog, you (as do I and the other folks here) simply post in the Comments section.

~ K ~


As reported in the National Catholic Reporter, despite the Pope's much publicized denial that he did not receive any information re: sex abuse victims in Chile, there is now proof he did. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

From Life Site News ... Pope Francis chooses pro-LGBT priest to guide lent retreat. This "priest" also claims Jesus didn't teach any rules, etc. This obvious heresy. I believe this is the RCC attempt to adjust to a world that is becoming increasingly sinful. The appeal is simple: "Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law." - Alistair Crowley This was also the purpose behind the seemingly insane statements by Francis regarding "atheists" and "gays that do good" all go to heaven. i.e. Remain in your sinful rebellion against Christ, deny Him, and you will still go to heaven as your eternal reward! This is a lie straight from the pit of Hell.
AP Exclusive: 2015 letter belies pope's claim of ignorance

Associated Press
February 5, 2018

CITY (AP) — Pope Francis received a victim's letter in 2015 that graphically detailed how a priest sexually abused him and how other Chilean clergy ignored it, contradicting the pope's recent insistence that no victims had come forward to denounce the cover-up, the letter's author and members of Francis' own sex- abuse commission have told The Associated Press.

The fact that Francis received the eight-page letter, obtained by the AP, challenges his insistence that he has "zero tolerance" for sex abuse and cover-ups. It also calls into question his stated empathy with abuse survivors, compounding the most serious crisis of his five-year papacy.
Anon. 7:14....

Someone took a real chance by posting something like THAT and if nothing happened, so much the better. And if something DID happen, well, at least we had a bit of a heads up. Close call.

Or, it was a prankster, whose only risk in posting was in being banned from posting anything else on wikipedia (either via their username or their IP address, both of which can be easily gotten around). There was no "close call".

What kind of frightful world must one live in to be constantly breathing a sigh of relief that another False Flag event DIDN'T happen?
""""""""Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thomas, you wrote,

"I occasionally correspond with her and often post on her blog."


This is a very misleading claim to present to your article readers. You do not post on Constance's blog, you (as do I and the other folks here) simply post in the Comments section.

~ K ~

8:21 PM""""""""

~ K ~ you are exactly right, and why he is considered a parasite, a barnacle, riding on someone else's sails.

He needs another's thunder since he has none of his own, because (to be biblical), he is like a cloud without rain. (look it up Thomas, in the book of Jude)

FYI sometimes evil and/or mentally ill individuals or
evil groups post things in advance of their (albeit not necessarily to them) nefarious deeds and I am SO glad that you have the 100% accurate Hindsight Of EVERY Monday Morning Quarterback. Please do lend your great omniscience to law enforcement. (And then we'll ALL breathe a LOT easier knowing YOU'RE out there on-the-job protecting us after the fact!)

P.S. And thank you for your cocksure assurance about that poster. Glad to know he/she/they weren't RISKING FEDERAL IMPRISONMENT by posting what was, in effect, A TERRORIST STATEMENT.
Hey Democrats... Obama Broke 78 Laws As President… Here’s The List!

REPORT: Obama/Clinton Landmines Are Now Detonating On Democrats!

Attkisson: Senate documents show FBI trying to suppress release of new Trump dossier info!

Blunt Force Truth Dem Lawmaker Loses It After FISA Memo Release, Wants GOP ‘Bastards’ Locked Up!

Heads Must Roll Or The Deep State Wins Again!
paul wrote at 3:56 PM,

"What was that!
Did anyone else hear that?
I think it was the markets' bottom falling out."

When the greedy and incompetent support the greedy and incompetent, God allows these things to act as a wake up call!

You've been Trumped, and when you've no proper working rights, no access to decent health care, and no-one can afford to pay for tree surgeons and the like, you'll pass by an image of Trump boasting on a TV screen somewhere as your scavenging among the trash cans and proudly declare: "hey, I voted for that man ... that's Nebuchadnezzar with Cyrus like qualities, who cares if everything he does is odious to God Almighty Himself!"


February 6, 2019

Riots broke out across the country today after it was announced that the employing of Tree Surgeons was now out of financial reach of most Americans...

Obama had 8 years to come up with a welfare program to help the American people afford Tree Surgeons. I think it is disgusting and a travesty that he failed to act. I mean he had 8 years and did nothing. Trump has only been in office 1 year ... I think we should give him some time to work on this. We could all use a little more patience, IMO.

If President Trump is reading this ... one suggestion: perhaps sir you could consider creating a Cabinet post, i.e. the Ministry For the Affordability of Tree Surgeons or something like that to address this problem. Thank you.
I'm trying to imagine how I gave anyone dorothy the impression that I'm a trumpie.
And if President Trump is reading this:
Please sir inform America and the world that although there are overpriced tree services
these days, I'm not one of them.
I'm quite competent, experienced and extremely consciencous regarding our beloved earth,
which dictates that I use no carbon-footprint-enlarging and wasteful heavy equipment, which
in turn dictates that I personally climb the trees in question and gently remove the dead branches
with tender loving care, as well as recycling all debris.
Please make it clear to the people out there and especially Dorothy Margrave, that the narrative
that all Tree Services are the same is false, and that maybe her problem arises from not having gotten
estimates from the right companies. What she should have searched for was a Licensed Arborist,
and then narrowed down the search from there, to find experienced, friendly, caring, and of course
competent candidates, and by asking for multiple references.
And please explain to the American public that the term "Tree Surgeons" is a dead giveaway for an
overpriced company, and is a term which hasn't been used by anyone since 1973.
And lastly Mr President, thank you for your service even though I didn't vote for you. I'm just joyful
to tears that you beat Hitlery. There were no other real choices, Bernie notwithstanding.
Also I agree with Ray B that something must be done to raise awareness regarding Tree Services, and
a "Ministry For the Affordability of Tree Services or Something Like That", would be a tremendous,
even HUGE, step in the right direction.

Love it, paul! LOL!

Well, maybe it really boils down that God's ways are odious to you, 3:32 AM?

Nebuchadnezzar, a very proud king, was appointed by God, used by God, and even became humbled by God, at a certain point. He had his appointed time.
Pharaoh, before him, was appointed by God for a certain task too, and humbled in another way since he proudly rejected God and doing what was right.
There is some hope for Trump to do some right things. Things are still cooking so to speak. But not Obama, proud globalist Pharaoh he is. He "entitled" people to see how it was his way, or no way.

Human hearts, whether of the little man or a man in power, for those moments of our short lives, we always get a chance to reveal what we are all about. God works in mysterious ways..

We're on this merry-go-round together, some that help, some that hinder, mixed bags as we all start off equally sinful, but what we do with what God has said, and what he has done determines all.
Which we are, which we become in our choosing in that short time, is the question.
The final Judge already knows the answer.

Are we talking about Family Trees here?
Or is it the Woodby house that's Knot so Knice?
Antichrist Trump is Eliminating Checks and Balances on his Power
"17 Biblical Reasons Donald Trump CANNOT BE The Anti-Christ"
As for "the markets bottom falling out"...

This is nothing more than the stock market reaching resistance and pullling back to test support. It'll shake the tree to shake out the weak hands, then turn around and head to New all time highs, which will be way above and beyond these recent highs. This shake out process can be short and sweet or drag out for a little while. Nonetheless, new highs are coming.

Unfortunately, this isn't great news for US and the economy in general, as the continued advancement in stocks will come at the expense of the bond market, as bond will crash and burn.

So hang out tight for the wild ride, as stocks head to extreme highs


If you need a laugh, read this ...

Ranking Dem. Congressman Adam Schiff was spoofed by a "Russian" informant pretending to have blockbuster material on Donald Trump. Near the end of the article is the verbatim transcript of the spoof being played out. As you read it, imagine a Russian accent playing the informant ... Schiff can hardly contain his excitement. He obviously thinks he's hit the mother load that will bring down Trump! LOL !!
Former FBI Agent Points to Jim Comey as Setting Up Corrupt Environment!
IT BEGINS: China Deploys 300,000 Troops Towards North Korea (Details)
Comey The Link Between FISA Fraud And Mueller Probe

Levin challenges the idea that Mueller is a 'straight shooter'

How Trump DEFEATED Democrats and the Deep State

Remember That Time Quentin Tarantino Defended Roman Polanski Raping a Child? (The Internet Does)

Watch: Actual Scientist Destroys the Idea That Climate Models Can Predict Climate Change

LGBT activists want people to remember the K for ‘kink’ in LGBTQQICAPF2K
Former FBI Agent Points to Jim Comey as Setting Up Corrupt Environment!
10:56 pm...

Just trying to provide some balance to the force... ;^)

Seriously, I agree with you. But, Occam's Razor, ya know? Usually the simpler explanation is the better one. And NONE of us has the kind of foresight to be cocksure about ANYTHING but generalities, ie, Jesus Christ is returning some day, Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, etc.

That is why when I hear pronouncements ahead of time explaining what the next False Flag will be and who will be doing it and at what event and what the outcome will be, it is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. And this comes mainly from conspiracy-oriented websites/individuals.

Marko 6:45 AM,

Thank you for saying that.

And I echo your words back to you, my friend:

I agree with you.

Usually the simpler explanation is the better one.

And I too, get irked by the overdoing of certain types of warnings.

Have a great day!

I'm agreeing too, thinking the constant overreach of certain types of warnings are too much. Somewhere in all that hype the truth gets washed away in the flood of what amounts to disinfo.

There is much to look at these days, many extremes, but some attention hounds have an agenda and truth gets kicked to the curb in the sensational approach.
Posts with too many links create their own distraction also.

Russian comedians successfully spoof Dem. Congressman Schiff on evidence of Trump "relations" with Russian women (audio of phone call below). Schiff falls for it hook, line and sinker. Now he claims he knew it was a spoof all along. You be the judge:
Marko 6:54 AM,

Just to be clear (in case it wasn't to some) that it was me ("10:56 pm") who you were addressing who responded to you in my 11:58 AM post. ;-)


Washington, DC

The DNC has announced at a press conference today that they have reason to believe that there is Russian interference in the posts of "RayB".

Congressman Schiff has responded to these charges, calling for a full investigation.
OBSTRUCTION? First solid evidence that Obama was DIRECTLY involved in Hillary Clinton's email investigation!
Iowa Bill Would Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins!

Because of Saint Francis of Assisi's connection with nature, Pope John Paul II named him the patron saint of ecology. And not long after this occurred, Francis was declared the patron saint of the United Nations.

Francis' Canticle of the Sun inspired a recent papal encyclical titled, "Praise be to you," and was quoted in the first paragraph, "Praise be to you, Our Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruits, with colored flowers and herbs."

In Francis' Canticle of the Sun he wrote: "Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, especially through my lord Brother Sun, who brings the day; and you give light through him. And he is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor! Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness."

The Earth does not bear His likeness, It's the Sun that bears His likeness, the Sun is almost worshiped, as is also Mother Earth. The Sun is exalted more than the Earth.
The Spirit of God the Father and His Son (Jesus) permeates the entire creation, is in everything, but is mostly in the Sun...and God's Spirit also transcends the creation
and is boundaryless.
BRAINWASHED: The goal of the media is to poison the minds of the masses with toxic hatred and...
Thomas Dahlheimer,


Do something actually USEFUL at this blog and we won't begrudge you STILL writing profusely (on THESE topics):

Do restaurant &/or mainstream movie reviews.
Disgraced FBI Agent Lisa Page Also Trashed Pro-Lifers: I "Hate Those People"!
FBI Informant Testifies, Loretta Lynch Imposed Gag Order To Cover Moscow-Clinton Scheme!
Once you accept that Obama is NOT on our side: Everything that he has done makes perfect sense.

Poll shocker: Trump's approval ratings DESTROY Obama's!

Going After Obama Is The Red Line The FBI, CIA, NSA, Media, Etc., Will Not Cross...

Obama's claims at odds with newly released Strzok/Page texts
Dahlheimer's agenda is so predictable. Without meaning to, he points to the real Savior in the very way he tries to detour the message. He-says-the word sun, but the word-is-Son. It's a negative he intends, that ends up pointing to the positive that is.

God can always get around any obstacles (those little dahlheimer's) in this world..

Acknowledges 'rights come from God' at National Prayer Breakfast

He noted “the words ‘Praise be to God’ are etched atop the Washington Monument, and those same words are etched into the hearts of our people.”

He cited the “splendor of God’s creation” evident across America and “the story of God’s providence” throughout history.

“We see the Lord’s grace in the servicemembers who risk their lives for our freedom. We see it in the teachers who work tirelessly for their students, and the police who sacrifice for our communities – and sacrifice they do. And we see the Lord’s grace in the moms and dads who work two and three jobs to give their children the chance for a better and much more prosperous and happier life,” he said.

“As the Bible tells us, for we are God’s handiwork, created in Jesus Christ to do good works. America’s heroes rise to this calling. In their selfless deeds, they reveal the beauty and goodness of the human soul.”

He added, in prepared remarks: “All we have to do is open our eyes and look around us, and we can see God’s hand. In the courage of our fellow citizens, we see the power of God’s love at work in our souls, and the power of God’s will to answer all of our prayers."
CARDINAL: Vatican-China deal puts Catholics in communist cage...

'Church enslaved by govt is no real church'...

For what it's worth, "Q" is implying big things for this coming week week. Also is referring to next weekend as "suicide weekend" for apparently many inside the deep state. Also claims that the US Secret Service has been put on "high alert" in response to apparent threats to POTUS.

correction: I meant to use on one "week." Me stupid.
Clark County Coroner Releases Autopsy For 6'1? Body With Bad Teeth, Stephen Paddock Was 6'4? With Good Teeth!!!
These 27 Universities Bought Body Parts From Aborted Babies for Grisly Research:
THANKSGIVING DAY to be repealed and replaced?

Students at universities across the nation are marching in a movement to repeal Thanksgiving Day and replace it with an alternative called "Thinkguilty Day."

The movement was started by University of California, Berkeley student Ima Weiner, who is president and founding member of the Campus Communist Club of the People (CCCP).

Describing the reasons for the proposed change, Weiner stated, "Thanksgiving is a day created by cishet white men to celebrate their dominance over and oppression of non-cishet non-white non-men. It is an insult that has been tolerated for far too long by the oppressive, capitalist, cishet white male society in which we are forced to live—if we can even call this meager, pathetic, pitiful, deprived existence 'living.' This is something for which cishet white men should feel guilt, not gratitude.
Woman Arrested After Shoving Her Bloody Pad Into Pro-Life Advocate's MOUTH
Thank President Trump for bringing God
back into public discourse!

'It's important he doesn't lose the courage and boldness that have enabled him to defy the establishment'

College syllabus: Trump a 'failed businessman,' 'white supremacist'...

Hollywood Moonbat Rob Reiner Calls Trump Presidency ‘Last Battle Of The Civil War’!
SAME DEEP STATE TEAM that Cleared Hillary and Spied on Trump Transition Team is Now Working with Mueller and Destroying Evidence!!!
12:59 Wall Street and Walmart and food industry lobbied for the food stmp program -
this is seen has having a lot of people enslaved to them, but without this lots would
starve especially with the near death of day labor it takes days, weeks to get hired
whatever their motives, God apparently used them to accomplish something good
since God loves the poor.

it isn't the welfare system or entitlements (glorified welfare, SSI) that is bankrupting
the country its the military industrial complex (ever read Eddie Fitzgerald THE
PENTAGONISTS and another book, he who exposed the $600 toilet seat and other
ongoing typical boondoggles and the kind of accounting that anticipates (thereby
creating) inflation of prices year after year, which he said started with the military
contractors (meant businesses then and mercenaries now) and was adopted FIRST
by the medical industry in the civilian scene then elsewhere.

This and the real estate industry resulting in higher and higher taxes is driving a
lot of the inflation of goods and services and rent which then drives up demand
for wages, increasing cost of goods and services. Putting more money in the system
is now called "inflation" but that doesn't miraculously create higher prices. Someone
makes DECISIONS to increase the prices. decisions based partly on need partly
on GREED. (and the need can be a "need" for luxury, for upgrading everything every
year or so, etc. etc.)
End Times nonsense debunked Jay Dyer and John Adams. overemphasis on the
AD 70 fulfillment of some of prophecy occurs, but admits there is future as well.
you don't need dispensationalism or the pre trib rapture to have Zionism - certain
points in Ezekiel and Zechariah and Romans point to this. the claim on the land is NOT
from Moses whose covenant is superceded in Christ, but from Abraham.

the CIA background of a lot of counter culture and evangelicalism is discussed a lot,
the counter culture angle was to make people equate opposition to the viet nam war
with drugs sex rock and roll and some help to communism kept the CIA and the
military industrial complex rolling in dough. CIA paranormal division is discussed briefly. CIA drug trade not mentioned yet what I heard.

Bear in mind God can use anything to bring people to Christ.
DOG MEAT SOUP for sale in shadow of Olympic stadium


"...Korean dog meat farm(s are) where conditions are often poor. (Dogs) may have been locked in a cage, beaten or left without food or water. Certainly, (they) would have been sold and slaughtered, then probably served in soup at one of many restaurants still popular..."
Not to single out South Korea, let's start protecting our OWN defenseless animals:

To produce “foie gras” (the French term means “fatty liver”), workers ram pipes down the throats of male ducks twice each day, pumping up to 2.2 pounds of grain and fat into their stomachs, or geese three times a day, up to 4 pounds daily, in a process known as “gavage.” The force-feeding causes the birds’ livers to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Many birds have difficulty standing because their engorged livers distend their abdomens, and they may tear out their own feathers and attack each other out of stress.

The birds are kept in tiny cages or crowded sheds. Unable to bathe or groom themselves, they become coated with excrement mixed with the oils that would normally protect their feathers from water. One Newsweek reporter who visited a foie gras factory farm described the ducks as “listless” and “often lame from foot infection due to standing on metal grilles during the gavage.” Other common health problems include damage to the esophagus, fungal infections, diarrhea, impaired liver function, heat stress, lesions, and fractures of the sternum. Some ducks die of aspiration pneumonia, which occurs when grain is forced into the ducks’ lungs or when birds choke on their own vomit. In one study, birds force-fed for foie gras had a mortality rate up to 20 times that of a control group of birds who were not force-fed.

Since foie gras is made from the livers of only male ducks, all female ducklings—40 million of them each year in France alone—are useless to the industry and are therefore simply tossed into grinders, live, so that their bodies can be processed into fertilizer or cat food.

A PETA investigation at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York (previously called “Commonwealth Enterprises”) found that a single worker was expected to force-feed 500 birds three times each day. The pace meant that they often treated the birds roughly and left them injured and suffering. So many ducks died from ruptured organs resulting from overfeeding that workers who killed fewer than 50 birds per month were given a bonus. A worker told a PETA investigator that he could feel tumor-like lumps, caused by force-feeding, in some ducks’ throats. One duck had a maggot-ridden neck wound so severe that water spilled out of it when he drank.

Another PETA investigation at Hudson Valley in 2013 documented that prior to the force-feeding period, young ducks were crammed by the thousands into huge warehouse-like sheds in conditions that are virtually identical to those for “broiler” chickens and turkeys on factory farms. Ducks who were being force-fed were confined, up to a dozen at a time, to a pen measuring just 4 feet by 6 feet. PETA’s investigator saw workers drag ducks by their necks along the wire floor and pin them between their legs before ramming the metal force-feeding tubes down their throats.

By Hudson Valley’s own calculations, approximately 15,000 ducks on the farm die every year before they can be slaughtered. Every single week, this one company sells foie gras made from 5,000 diseased ducks. Ducks at Hudson Valley are killed on site, and PETA’s investigator documented one bird who was still moving after his throat had been cut.

At a farm near Montréal that is owned by Palmex, Inc.—which is a brand of the world’s largest foie gras producer, Rougié—PETA documented ducks lined up in rows of iron coffin-like cages that encase their bodies like vises. The birds’ heads and necks protrude through small openings to make the force-feeding easier for the human workers. The birds can do little more than stand up, lie down, and turn their heads. They cannot turn around or spread a single wing...
And let's not forget "Science":

Expose Uncovers MUTILATED Rabbits, Monkeys DRIVEN MAD In University Experiments:

To Anon @ 11:31 AM ...

My wife and I switched to a plant based diet about 8 years ago purely for health reasons. The meat, poultry, farm-raised fish and dairy industries also use an abundance of chemicals (including steroids) in their "feed," all with the design to artificially increase the size in order to bring it to market quicker. These chemicals, etc. are also ingested by the often unsuspecting people that eat their products. Often, obesity and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. are the result. Note: it has been proven that plant based diets can actually reverse many diseases. I can personally testify to this being true.

I would encourage anyone that is interested in maximizing their health to look into this for themselves. There is ample info available on the internet, so being uneducated about this is no excuse. Personally, I would never go back to eating this heavily processed food that is literally destroying the health of millions.

Very interesting piece by Patrick J. Buchanon re: Trump and the Radical Middle Class.
A new “recycling” technology called “bio-cremation” liquefies the dead, then dumps their liquid remains into city sewers where solid and liquid waste are collected as “biosludge” to be dumped on food crops. Those crops, in turn, are fed back to humans as part of the mainstream food supply.
In a shocking true story that’s part The Matrix and part Soylent Green, a company based in Smith Falls, Ontario has devised a “bio-cremation” system that it calls an “eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation or casket burials,” reports Canada’s CBC News. The company is called Hilton’s Aquagreen Dispositions and touts its approach to dissolving dead bodies as “eco-friendly alkaline hydrolysis.”

I believe your son has the most obvious solution to the various conundrums mentioned in the comments section. "Ask for the kafta burger,it is not on the menu, but the chef will know what you mean." It sure sounds good to me!
Very sobering, from Jeff Nyquist at Update Brazil, which is back on a weekly schedule now.

Topic: N. Korea and ramping up for world war, probably to flare up on several fronts at once, which we are not prepared for.

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