Saturday, January 14, 2017

As we exit Obama Administration, concerns grow

Chris Carr, one our readers and radio listeners called me the other night to say that NATO and USA troops were poised on the border of Russia and she feared that perhaps there was a real possibility of war brewing.  I didn't see anything immediately, but I have kept my eyes open this week.  Next week promises to be an interesting, if not a tumultuous week in American history.

An English paper, The Sun, carried the following headline:

US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’
I note here that I'm not familiar enough with The Sun to vouch for either its editorial policy or its news accuracy.  We have English readers.  Maybe some of them can fill in my blanks on that news source.

Then there was a headline from another English source, THE GUARDIAN, of which I am close to equally unfamiliar:  It read "Russia says US troops arriving in Poland Pose threat to its security."
The news is equally nerve racking on both sides.  Hearing about Russia's "nuclear heads" faced on the other side with NATO troops does little to improve my prospects of sound sleep at night.
In the meantime at home, it looks like the pressures against the incoming administration are unrelenting.  Like Cliff Kincaid, I'm not without my concerns on what we can expect from Mr. Trump, tested in business but not in government administration may do.  I did some review this week of British Eugenic Society material that I was directed to by readers some time back.  I did some productive on line searches for some of the leads and was led to extensive materials freely available for download at website.  There were extensive materials available on Oswald Mosley's British Fascist Movement.  One of the activists in it, Arthur Chesterton, was related to G. K. Chesterton.   The word "Fascist" is thrown around a lot.  Some use it as a synonym for Nazism.  Some use it to mischaracterize Christians and others with conservative values as "Fascist."  But what really caught my eye regarding the incoming administration was this summary of the British Fascist collection provided by the website editors.  It reads:

         "The British Union of Fascists (BUF), later renamed the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists in 1936,[1] was a political party of the 1930s in the United Kingdom. The party was formed on October 1, 1932 by ex-Conservative Party MP, and Labour government minister Sir Oswald Mosley after meeting Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini in January 1932. The party was a union, composed of several smaller Fascist parties including the New Party which Mosley founded a year earlier.

"Mosley instituted a black uniform, gaining the party the nickname Blackshirts. The BUF was anti-communist and protectionist. It supported the replacement of parliamentary democracy with a system of elected executives with jurisdiction over their own industries - something similar to the corporatism of the Italian fascists. Although unlike Italy the British Fascist Corporatism would remain a democracy, replacing the House of Lords with elected executives drawn from major industries, clergy and representatives of the colonies. The House of Commons was to be reduced in size to allow for a faster, less 'factionist democracy'. Many of the BUF's members were drawn from aristocratic and military families and included celebrated military scientist J.F.C. Fuller.The BUF had the most developed political programme and ideology of any fascist movement, laid out in such publications as Tomorrow We Live, and The Coming Corporate State.Most of the BUFs policies were based around isolationism, an economic policy whereby Britain would trade only within the British empire as would the nations within the empire in a similar manner to the United States of America, the main attraction to this is that it would separate the British economy from the falls and fluxes of the world market Great Depression and prevent the loss of industrial production within Britain from the influence of "... labour the east, paid a third of our wages and working for ten hours a day.", and "Cheap slave competition from abroad." These were referring to the rise of western backed mass production in Indo-China similar to what is said about Chinese labour today.The position of the BUF on the Jewish Question was initially similar to that of Mussolini, however violent attacks and agitations by numerous Jews (imported in from Eastern Europe), trying to destroy the party and drag Britain into WWII for the interests of their tribe meant increased hostility. They were eventually banned from joining in 1933."
I was struck by the similarities between much of what was advocated by the British Fascists of the late 1930's, early 1940s and what is happening today -- much of what the traumatized workers displaced by globalization are hoping for from the Trump Administration.    It was the worst of times then.  It is looking more and more like the worst of times now.  The various fascist movements that in World War II were aligned with Hitler's Germany was then (both pre and post WWII) used as a rationale for world government/global governance.  The rise of nationalism in Europe and here in the USA is similarly pointed to vigorously by those now urging "global governance," i.e. Javier Solana, Strobe Talbott, 
These arguments are being made now with equal gusto.  The Trump election, Britain's BREXIT, and related developments are being used as calls to quickly salvage globalization and speed up global governance.  Within the last 3 months (October 19, 2016), an article co-written by Javier Solana and Strobe Talbott entitled "The Decline of the West and How to Stop It" was published by the New York Times.

I keep remembering the old New Age maxim that "Crisis = Opportunity."  I cannot help but wonder if the Hegelian dialectics of pitting both sides against the Middle ("radical center" perhaps, to put it in New Age terminology) is at play.

Again, may the Lord give us and our leaders wisdom and May the Lord Help us All!

Stay tuned and tune in with me in the morning to, 7 am Pacific time, 10 am Eastern Standard Time.


Comments: The situation is complex and trying to understand it is untying a sailor's knot. Is Russia moving in the direction of Christianity or paganism? Are Trump's advisors astute or naive and trusting? Just who is to be trusted. Everyone has an opinion I'm sure.
In my opinion when the political aligns itself with religion it is not a pure motive, and when the 'church' or religion aligns itself with the government, the outcomes are catastrophic.
Every great megalomaniac starts by building gigantic monuments to himself.
Trump in his tower is a bully. He breaks all the rules of propriety for an American President.
And yet I still thinks he's better than Hillary.

Oh Lord deliver us from evil.
In addition to the troop build up on Russia's border, Israel is said to have hit the airport in Damascus. Syria has promised to retaliate. They have their hands full right now so we'll see if they do or not. It seems that Israel was taking out Hizb'allah weapons.

The ME could explode one of these days soon and with the meeting in Paris to discuss a PA State without the Israelis present, it really looks like some are out to create chaos. If this become international law on the 17th of January at the Security Council Israel will have to act to defend their interests. It's so interesting that they are waiting literally several days before Trump's Presidency to pull this. Since Israel will not willing give away their Land the implication is that they would be forced.

If this is signed into law before Trump is President my understanding is there is nothing that can be done about it. ?
I think that Damascus happenings are key because Isaiah chap.17 says clearly that Damascus will become a ruinous heap.
And the thing about Damascus is that it has never been destroyed in all history, so that prophesy is yet unfulfilled.
Many, most eschatological prophesies have an early, forshadowing fulfillment, and a final end times fulfillment. But this
Damascus prophesy has never been completed, is spite of the hundreds of wars around it over the millennia.
So, I think, it stands to reason that we should reads all of Isaiah 17, and for that matter all of Isaiah, and Daniel, and every book in the Bible.
Christopher Steele is the individual who came forward with the information on Trump. He is well respected in the cyberwarfare community. He is now in hiding, a rather wise move considering how Russia deals with those who thwart their plans. The Clinton clan is not the only group that has left a trail. I'm not going to give a link. There are so many articles out there so take your pick. Just put "russia spy hiding Trump" into a search. The world is full of instant experts otherwise known as clever manipulators. Take your pick on who you want to believe. At this point everyone seems to have picked their side and truth is the victim.

Firm behind Trump dossier worked for Planned Parenthood

Same group made dubious conclusion damning undercover videos 'manipulated'
Very interesting video on how the main stream media, along with corrupt government agencies, conspire to prevent the American people from learning the truth.

This video deals with the Vince Foster "suicide" case, and illustrates very well how respected news programs such as 60 Minutes (Mike Wallace) worked to distort the truth and help deceive the American people. It is a fine illustration as to how the media continues to operate ...

Worth the watch!
Is the news media seen as not distorted when one agrees with what is being written or said? Idt sure appears that way. Distorted is distorted across the board. Are Hannity and Limbaugh considered main stream media for instance? Is there a list somewhere that shows which television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, websites, social media blogs, or any other forms of communication are considered mainstream and not to be trusted as opposed to "truthful" sources that are not main stream? Wading through information these days seems like swimming in a dirty swimming pool where one only sees what is going on when coming up for air and comparing what's in the pool with reality.

What might these two be scheming?
To Ozark,

The video link you gave came back as "unwatchable." Is there an alternative link or do you have it on dvd/cd/etc copy?


"Prophecy" is a noun; "prophesy" is a verb. Somebody prophesying gives a prophecy -- hopefully from God! The Damascus is a heap prophecy remains to be fulfilled. It sure looks like at least a possibility at this point.


Paul and Constance,
Yes, exactly. It is not yet completely destroyed but the water supply was cut so someone is targeting Damascus because that's where Assad operates from. As long as he has Damascus as his stronghold he stands, but I if Israel did that it was aimed more at Hizb'allah's weapons which are a menace to them. The regimes are linked but I don't think Israel is trying to get into it with Assad.
That would put them in the crosshairs with Russia and Iran.

Having said that, once Trump gets in he could be tested in the Middle East.

p.s. that would be if something doesn't happen before. some think Obama wants to stay and I would say one way or another he will stick around to make Trump's life and misery. Now it looks like Hillary will run for Mayor of NYC. She has been seen around town. She wouldn't have any problem beating Blasio and NYC is historically Democrat. Not a good stepping stone for a Presidential run in 2020 but Bloomberg did plenty of globalist things from his position there and she needs to sell something to keep the Foundation going ..that is, if she doesn't go to prison. How 4Chan McFooled John McCain,
Buzzfeed, and the CIA etc. this is Trump's alleged situation of being compromised

"unelected executives" sounds like EU government. protectionism is what Adam Smith
opposed way pre fascist. We need to cut back the interdependence

"... causing you to screw up every major doctrinal theme...."
I affirm the Holy Trinity, the divinity and humanity of Christ, His Incarnation, virgin birth,
crucifixion and real, physical and permanent resurrection and literal personal second coming
these ARE the major doctrines and you say I screw up all major doctrine? you need to
examine yourself whether you really are in the faith, 2 Cor. 13:5 ("kinsman redeemer" is
only sloppily related to NT Christology not same as OT role and salvation incl. all creation
Rom. 8:19 Col. 1:15-20)

"(you screw up science ...Physicist rightly refutes you)." never refuted just talked past me
confused some issues.

"Your take on genetics and dna is based on bad humanistic science..." So there's a biblical
genetics? please inform me about this non humanist genetics and science (I am creationist
and know flood geol and radiometric howlers.)

I base my thinking on the Bible. I stated that Noah's purity was spiritual not genetic, AND
YOU MISS THAT, so I hate to think what doctrine you got upside down and backwards
since you can't read. If was genetic it was irrelevant AND ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE
LIMITED STRICTLY TO HIM. violence and corruption brought the Flood not DNA issues.

JEsus is explicit the UNEXPECTEDNESS OF THE DESTRUCTION is how the last day resemble

My effort is against the idea your salvation depends on no dna changes and no non human
ancestry which one poster here expressed re CERN dangers re DNA.

either you support dna based salvation but lack guts to admit it, or you can't see straight.

"DNA modifications are coming? Not to worry? All things that have breath will learn to praise
their lord?"

not just will learn but do so already. read little hints in psalms and elsewhere.

average animal is as smart as a 1 to 3 year old most autistics and small percentage of other
humans for instance think in pictures so do ants since changed position objects confuses

"from what I read Mrs Noah was from Cain's line" YOU DIDN'T READ IT OR ANY HINT OF IT
IN THE BIBLE. modern Jubilees, Enoch and Jasher fraud OR corrupted sometimes
contradicts Genesis.

"God honored faith that was placed in Himself " you think He wouldn't do so for a mixed breed
now? He would have killed Balaam and let the donkey live. Num. 22:33

someone from here said on my blog "Ya boring olde cunt! Great ta see ya nigh on banned
from Connie's!" propriety police should check secret lives of anonymice.
USA Preparing for war? Sends 3600 Tanks throughout the front.
The context for this aggressive front is in answer to Ukraine? Seems to be a day late and a dime short? The hacking rhetoric seems to have been a plan to elevate tensions?

This troop mobilization is occurring today but the orders to move were issued months to a year before this. Again we pray Russia does not bite. But there may be another false flag trigger to start the conflagration?

Alternative News Romania - Google translate to read
US Army news on Atlantic Resolve

Interesting interview of Vaclav Klaus, former Czech President explains what is behind the open borders of Europe policies. Hint: chaos, EU Police force along with EU Army to "restore" order, etc. This man was an outspoken critic of the EU during (and after) his 10 year term as Czech President. He KNOWS what is going on and offers informative insight.

PS: One World Government will be formed in increments, one region at a time. The EU is a major step towards their end game. If it collapses, individual freedom and the sovereignty of nations wins. As it stands, BREXIT (along with similar movements throughout Europe), Trump, Russia, etc. are standing in their way.
To Dan Bryan ...

Re: "USA Preparing for war? Sends 3600 Tanks throughout the front.
The context for this aggressive front is in answer to Ukraine?"

Let's not forget that the entire Ukraine "event" was orchestrated by none other than the CIA, in order to install another CIA puppet as a potential, NATO backed threat on Putin's doorstep.

The Neo-cons, the military industrial complex, and their fellow traveler psychopaths are bound and determined to have a major military conflict with Russia. Russia stands in the way of their plan for a united Europe, which will eventually lead to a One World Dictatorship. They will stop at nothing in order to achieve their goals.
I'm sorry to keep referring people to another website, which could be construed as rude, but Walid has put it all together in this most recent posting. The treachery and the obfuscation, the double dealings and the futility of attaching oneself to either the right or the left politically. There was really no good choice in this last election. We're being played and even our higher feelings of loyalty to homeland are being used against us. Take your pick; Globalism and Antichristianity, or Nationalism and Antichristianity.
I am a emotional person and sometimes not so succinct or articulate. This rather long posting by Mr Shoebat is well worth the few extra minutes that it takes to read. Please read it, and be edified. Then, make sure your lamp is full of oil, and worship God with all your strength. It's about Jesus. This life is about Jesus and what you do with Him.

To: MCE @ 3:01 AM
Your posts are confused and confusing.

From the archives an example back when you were promoting your own book here on Constance's blog: "Blogger Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
My Mars argument is that most likely the Martians are - not were - descended from the results of tranhumanist experiments by mad scientist in a pre Flood high tech civilization, reengineered with insect, reptile and other DNA for extreme environments or just to do it, who were offworld when The Flood hit here, but some other catastrophe hit them to a lesser extent elsewhere."

Something alien this way cometh every time you post. Demonic actually.

The devil "believes" in God too, and is the author of the confusion that is throughout your learning (abt the Bible especially). You can say you believe God, but your New Age bent to every subject to form your worldview (and "otherworld" views) make it appear lipservice.
I don't think improving your English writing skills will help your bad theology and bad science.

at this point, that which is required to bring it to a stop, is that which will bring things to a collapse and bring it TO LIFE!... Heads they win, Tails we lose! there is no stopping it....ah but it will be stopped. Although it won't be us who stops it,...just like it won't be us that will bring about the UNIFICATION of the body in Christ, but rather Yahweh himself! He has plans of His Own for those whom are called His Own. /// There was no way for us to stop Our Lords crucifixion but the Father brought His Son to Glory,...we too shall be brought to Glory! In the meantime, we will occupy....WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN OUR DIRECTIVES FOR OVERCOMING THE ENEMY; THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB,THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY AND LOVING NOT OUR LIVES UNTO DEATH FOR THE CAUSE OF TRUTH IN CHRIST JESUS.....onward Christian soldiers,...We Shall Overcome in Our Lord n Saviour Jesus Christ! Keep the Faith people of God. Like Constance told me once, Establish your Heart in Christ
Hi Constance, the video i linked should have come up. its easy to find like this...its put on youtube by The Christadelphian Watchman and its called, Lift up your heads Ahaz and a Covenant with the Assyrians,Prophecy of latter day Israel. It is Study 2 of a 5 part series and the speaker is J.Cowie
my 4:35 comment was to Dan Bryan 12:08
There is no evidence in the scriptures or in Jasher or in Enoch that Noah was anything other than pure human. That's stupid.
According to Jasher, Noah chose wives for his three sons from the "daughters of men", and he chose them from the daughters of "Eliakim, son of Methuselah" to be wives for his sons.
The only place it says that someone on the ark may have been something other than human is on You Tube, among all the thousands of ridiculous fabrications which it's so famous for. Is that what you call research?

Also, it's just so Christine Erickson of you to quote what some fool said about you, especially since it was obscene and you seem to like that sort of thing...that is of course if anyone ever even actually said that. Who would know? You once swore that I had been to your website and then you repeated the lie. I've never been to your Trashsite.

Well said, Paul!

It's sickening to read such vile words here, yet it comes as no surprise as she has posted here for years on subjects jammed with filthy language and repulsive content.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is some sick self-publicity stunt she's trying to pull here, to get folk to visit her trashsite for whatever sick motive. If such vile words are there, I wouldn't be surprised if it's her or her so-called 'Resident Seer' who's responsible for posting them.

I remember some ad she'd put here of her so-called seer's talents. Ray B. caught her out on its occult content, which she quickly deleted.

Just so 'Christine Erickson' indeed!
ozark said...
my 4:35 comment was to Dan Bryan 12:08

Thanks for the comments. You and I are on the same page.
The elite will get 'what they wish', but not necessarily 'how they wish'
This Age of Aquarius has been a long time coming, from the 60's.
Did you notice that today that piece (peace) symbol has been making a resurgence?
It is not as popular the 2nd time around.

By Father God frustrating their plans to conform them to HIS Will, we see a delay.
By Father God delaying their plans it shortens the time of their implementation; bringing it closer to the time of when God's wrath will be poured on their heads.
This goes to the verse that states except that the days (of the enemy's reign) be shortened, no flesh would have been saved? I believe this could be the meaning of the following verse.

Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
RayB said...
Interesting interview of Vaclav Klaus

Thanks for the video, I always liked Vaclav Klaus.
I agree with everything he had to say.

RayB said...
The Neo-cons, the military industrial complex....

I had heard in the 60's, it said that the Vietnam war was fought only as a theater, to test new weapons platforms.

paul said...
Take your pick; Globalism and Antichristianity, or Nationalism and Antichristianity.
That has been my political argument as well. Why does the world have only these two choices for us, Marxist Communism or Corporate Fascism? Anti-christianity is of course a give-in.

I like your comment Dan, it makes sense, thank you brother. All this hatred towards Christine I don't like and I does not make sense imo. I like Christine and find her to be a kindhearted caring wonderful lady. I have spoken to her over the phone many times and she is always helpful and always polite. She has always been very friendly and non abrasive,...just plain nice. Good advice rolls off her tongue as she is quite intelligent and a real good listener. sincerely. I pray it stops.


Prominent Italian Arch Bishop states that "Europe will soon be Muslim" due entirely to our "stupidity" and that the "Catholic Church is wrong to give money to migrants."

I wonder how this will be received by his boss Francis who has been and enthusiastic supporter of open borders ... everywhere that is except for the Vatican, where he pontificates behind 40 foot walls.
One of the final executives orders Obama signed allows the NSA to share the information it generates from its vast data collection capabilities with law enforcement agencies.

If the mark of the beast has something to do with modern mobile phones, which may soon be obligatory to buy and sell anything, then this newest executive order in practice will allow the FBI, DEA, IRS, etc. to use your cell phone's microphone to spy on you at any time. Imagine if you criticize the beast government and your phone "rats" you out. The technical capability and the legal framework are both now in place.
A note of caution to you Ozark.
Beware the leaven of Christine Erikson.
She is not personally hated (that I know of), but her "information" here is very tainted and that is what is exposed (for years). Rightfully so. There is very good reason Constance has restricted her posting. You must be new here.
"(you screw up science ...Physicist rightly refutes you)." never refuted just talked past me confused some issues.

Not about physics! If readers can be bothered, they may find the exchanges and decide for themselves.


Helena Blavatsky, the Mother of the New Age movement, wrote: “It is quite true that the origin of every religion is based on the dual powers, male and female, of abstract Nature, but these in their turn were the radiations or emanations of the sexless, infinite, absolute Principle, the only One to be worshipped in spirit and not with rites;...'' (HPB, “Buddhism, Christianity and Phallicism” from “H.P. Blavatsky Theosophical Articles” Vol. 3, p. 33 and HPB Pamphlet #34 “Theosophy and the Western Mind”)

Blavatsky also wrote: “The infinite cannot associate with the finite; the unconditioned ignores the conditioned and the limited. The absolute “Intelligence-Wisdom” cannot act in the restricted space of a small globe." (HPB, “Misconceptions” from “Theosophy: Some Rare Perspectives” p. 21)

Blavatsky also wrote:“That which is infinite and unconditioned can have no form,.." [The cosmos and earth have form.] ... [New Agers do not worship the earth (Gaia).] (HPB, “The Key to Theosophy” p. 107)
I read this morning on internet sources that Trump's present approval rating is only 40% -- the lowest, the article claimed, of any Presidential-Elect to date.

We are in for interesting times to be sure. I also did a google search using the terms "Brexit", "Trump" and "global governance." It appears that the various revolts against global governance around the world are being used as a strong rationale to quickly accelerate same.

Dear Thomas,

Are you telling me that similar to Catholic tradition about Mary, you just "HONOR" Gaia?

Russian Troops, Foreign troops, something is going on.
I do not say this after watching just a video, nor am I paranoid.

I have been seeing Slavic speaking young men (and their families) in stores.
I have seen them in restaurants as well. Several times I have seen (heard) them in the superstores like BJ's and Sam's. I have seen them in upstate NY, central PA and Baltimore. What is striking is that I just saw a young Russian family shopping for deals in Macy's store closing in Charlotte NC, just this past weekend.

There i definitely a disconnect in what we are hearing on the media and what is happening on he ground in the USA.

Harking back to the Jade Helm exercise, they said that they were attempting to blend into the community without being recognized. Were these in the exercise foreigners?

Interesting times indeed.


Don't believe the "polls." These pollsters are of the same ilk that determined that Clinton had a 95% chance of winning, BREXIT would lose by 10% and, Obama is one of the most popular Presidents in history ... in spite of the fact that Trump won and the Democrats lost across the board in national and state elections. When pollsters over sample Democrats, for example, the outcome is easily manipulated to achieve their desired result.

For decades, polls have been used as a means to influence people's thinking, due to the fact that pollsters understand the "madness of crowds," especially in this PC world we are living in. Most people want to "belong" to the majority and desire to be thought of as "mainstream" regarding their positions.

The globalists are on the run right now, and they are pulling everything out of their bag of tricks to stop this populist movement that has had with their elitist, globalist schemes. If Trump doesn't buckle under the pressure by the deep state, I personally (only an opinion) see some type of false flag that will be blamed on him and the populist movement around the globe. Chaos, on a massive scale (in my opinion it will be global economic collapse)is probably next on their agenda ... then they will offer their "solution" which will be a global order to restore the "peace" and order.

To Thomas Dahlheimer ...

Just one question: Do you fear God?

Legitimize the "illegitimate".
Sure, that will help.

Why won't you read the Bible, then believe it, and stick to it, Francis, hmm ???
Dan Bryan:

Regarding Russians here in America, I hope you will find this interesting:

Spetsnaz troops have been here for a very long time. They blend in well with our society, especially now, when people don't even notice what's going on around them anymore, with their noses in their smart phones as they walk along the street.

Why are they here? The link above is a book, not very long. To answer that question, you need to read the book. But if you are short on time, start reading at chapter 10 or 11. The original purpose of Spetsnaz coming to the US has not become invalid or obsolete. That is my starting assumption. Some would argue with it, but I think enough evidence exists to show it is a plausible assumption.

I have seen Russians here in the Midwest. I once saw a young man and woman whom I presumed were married. They had a perfect athletic build, and had an air of confidence about them as they shopped, moving with a hurried purpose, as if they did not want to be in public more than they needed to be. I suspect they were Spetsnaz, but don't know for sure. Probably my imagination over-reacting from watching too many spy films.... :^)


Here is the proof that Trump's low "approval rating" is due entirely to oversampling:
To Anonymous @ 11:06 AM ...

Asking Francis to "believe" and "stick to it" regarding the Bible is asking way too much. In fact, there never was a "pope" that did what you are asking for, because the Roman Catholic religious system is diametrically opposed to the clear teachings of Scripture. In order for the RCC to "believe" and "stick" to the Bible, they would have to trash virtually their entire man-made doctrinal system!
Sure Ray B, whatever you disagree with is being brought to you by the controlled press. Whatever source agree with you is so very truthful.

Marko, foreign troops in the US was a theme being sold by the militia groups to anyone who showed up at their meetings across the country back in the '80s and '90s. Any time the National Guard and equipment went for training, there would be pictures shown with the claim that foreign troops were taking over the country and war was just around the country. They even had suckers believing that the codes on the stop signs were to tell the troops which way to go. The reality is that our military is more integrated with the military of other countries than is generally known. Continually military groups from other countries are quietly brought into the US for training.
Constance writes, "I also did a google search using the terms "Brexit", "Trump" and "global governance." It appears that the various revolts against global governance around the world are being used as a strong rationale to quickly accelerate same."

Right on target. This is New Age without the label. Read the entire article. Don't just jump on the words beheading and Christian and take off from there. It's long but very instructive.

There is no labeled group of humans in which every individual is perfect. Catholics, Jews, Germans, Americans, Swiss, Austrians, Russians, Canadians, Christians, believers in Islam, Buddhists, etc. all are full of individuals with human weaknesses. Even followers of the alt right, Trumpers, Obama believers can have human weaknesses. Those with an agenda meant to control others will make scapegoats and put the sins of some on the heads of everyone in a group. In addition, there is no belief that when carried to an extreme is not dangerous. Even Christianity taken to an extreme can be dangerous when flawed humans start believing that God is controlling their human actions.

The Nazis deliberately chose Catholics and Jews as their targets and are doing it again. Be careful who you align yourself with people.
Marko, thanks for the Spetsnaz paper. It is insightful.

Anonymous 4:12
You make some good points and I believe that these Slavic talking people that are here could be Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian or others and not Russian.

But if we are bringing former eastern block nationals to the USA it is not a stretch to assume they are also infiltrated by bad actors.

It would be more helpful if our government were more transparent about these operations as they are taking place within our communities, not just the military bases.


Anonymous said @ 4:12 PM ...

"Sure Ray B, whatever you disagree with is being brought to you by the controlled press. Whatever source agree with you is so very truthful."

Anon ...

You sound like a disgruntled Hillary supporter, but of course I might be wrong. Perhaps instead of Hillary you supported Bernie? LOL

Here again is PROOF the anti-approval polls were oversampled in order to rig the results:

Anonymous said @ 4:37 PM ...

"The Nazis deliberately chose Catholics and Jews as their targets and are doing it again. Be careful who you align yourself with people."

I don't know what history you are reading, but you are sadly misinformed. At no time did the Nazis target "Catholics" as you state. Those that they did target were ALL of those people that were dissenting against the state, however, the official policy of the Vatican during Hitler's reign was one of cooperation with the RC "church." If you don't believe that to be true, read the official Concordat of 1933 which was a quid quo pro between the Vatican and Hitler.

For your convenience, here is a link:

PS: the Nazi/Vatican Concordat was by no means unique. The Vatican also entered into a similar agreement with the Fascist Mussolini in 1929, known as the Lateran Treaty, which made Roman Catholicism the state religion of Italy, and virtually outlawed all others that were in conflict with the RCC. It also created compulsory Catholic education for all children, collected a special tax that was used to support the Vatican, and created the Vatican as a separate nation-state. Much more can be learned about how the Vatican operates by Googling "Lateran Treaty" and read it for yourself.
Anon. 4:12....

Yes, I'm aware of the "foreign troops scare". I believed all that crap for quite a while. Montana Militia, among others, published scare stories all the time. There was supposed to be a concentration camp down south of Indy, with RR tracks going into a large complex, but not leaving. This was supposed to be used for rounding up "patriots" and other anti-NWO folks, for gassing and incineration. After a while I realized how such fearmongering and false information played into the hands of those who wanted to see a nation divided and fearful of its own government to the point that they would start a 2nd American Revolution. Whatever enemy of a free America might benefit from something like that, would certainly do what they could to feed people hungry for "more information", would they not? (Feed them with disinformation...) Hence, the danger of infiltration of the far right in this country by outside enemies (which one must conclude has happened to some degree). Hence, the connection between Middle Eastern terrorists and Tim McVey and Terry McNichols (?) (can't remember his name). ME terrorists with ties to KGB/Russia, I might add.

Anyway.... None of that means that there are no Spetsnaz troops here, still awaiting orders from Moscow, after all this time.

I meant to add, some friends who lived in Indy checked the place out, and there was nothing to be found. Beech Grove, was it? Something like that.
An article from what appears to be a new website/blog, covering the disinfo flying about that we are sending thousands of tanks to Europe:

Make sure to follow the link (Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (@DFRLab)) in the story above, and read THAT article. Quite illuminating, and it should make you distrust most of what you read on the internet.

When you start doing the forensics on how stories get spread around in the digital world, and where they started, and when you begin to understand the strategies used by those who give birth to those stories, you get real skeptical about what you read online. Especially among "right wing" or "conservative" or "conspiracy" or "anti-NWO" sites.

Thomas Dahlheimer,
So you believe Helena Blavatsky and not Moses or Isaiah or Daniel or Jesus or John or James.
I could give you Scriptural refutations of every thing you quoted by her, but you choose to
believe her, _not Elijah or Jeremiah or Micah or Zechariah or Peter or Timothy, or the Roman
Centurian, or the dieing thief who was crucified right beside Jesus, or Luke the Greek doctor,
who all had clear agreement, over the course of centuries, as to the character and attributes
of the one true God. They and many others like Ruth the Moabite, and Naomi, and Sarah and
Esther, and Mary and Martha and Mary Magalene, and Salome and Anna were were all in
perfect harmony and clarity, in unison with all the others, which are, in turn, in total agreement
with Christians all over the world, like Isaac Newton and Copernicus, in every culture and every
language for the last two thousand plus years, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health,
in poverty and in riches, in kingdoms, democracies, dictatorships and in anarchy.

I'll just leave you with one little quote/paraphrase from St Paul in his letter to the believers
in Colossae, regarding your quote; "“The infinite cannot associate with the finite;
the unconditioned ignores the conditioned and the limited." :
__ " (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature"

_ and one little thing we say sometimes at the church I go to; "He is a God who
sits high and looks low".

Perhaps Thomas Dahlheimer has been taking advice from MCE too? Afterall, she claims 19th Century Christians evangelized to extra terrestrial aliens, insinuated we're all part nephalim, and to top it all off, that St. Christopher himself was not human but, rather, saschwatch!
Dear Constance,

In your 9:15 AM post you wrote: Are you [Thomas Dahlheimer] telling me that similar to Catholic tradition about Mary, you just "HONOR" Gaia? My answer is YES!

In David Spangler's article "The Meaning of Gaia" he wrote: "....,the idea of a world soul, an anima mundi, a planetary Logos, is an ancient one found in both Eastern and Western culture. This world soul is usually conceived as a 'formative force,' an active, intelligent, purposeful spiritual presence at work in the material world to guide and guard the course of planetary evolution. It is generally not accorded the status of being the ultimate source or Creator but might be looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth [Gaia]."

James Lovelock wrote: "What if Mary [the Catholic Church's Mother Mary] is another name for Gaia?" Catholics believe that Mary "presides over the well being of the world" and they also believe that they "must submit" and "obey" her. I believe that Lovelock suggested that Mary is one with Mother Earth, personifies Earth (Gaia), and that she is, in unison with Mother Earth, presiding over the well being of the world.

I HONOR and pray to Mother Mary and Mother Earth as the same entity.
Yes, US troops have been sent to Poland and to Norway. But also Russian troops have gathered on the border of the Baltic States and they have been sending their submarines and fighter jets close to various European borders - testing the waters so to speak. The statements by Trump that he would re-evaluate the USs committment to NATO has many of us here in Europe concerned about their plans...
I know many Catholic Ukranians, who practice the Orthodox liturgy. They became Catholics before WWII, because the Russian Orthodox Church became infiltrated and run by the KGB during the Soviet era. That is perhaps why Putin, for KGB boss, is so close to the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Kirill I. I was once at a conference in Rome on the Petrine Ministry, i.e. the role of the Pope of Rome for Christianity. I wanted to speak to a Greek Orthodox theologian, who was the emissary of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, I greatly admired. I was waiting to speak to him while he was speaking to the emmisary of the Russian Patriarch at the time, Alexy II. The Russian said to him, what if Rome was destroyed, who would be the Primus interparis? Wanting him to say the Patriarch of Moscow. The Greek theologian said that the Gospels stated that the gates of hell would not prevail against Peter... What do I want to say with this: the Russians have used the Orthodox Church since Soviet times as an instrument of power and espionage and their ambitions are global. This unholy alliance between Church and State is easier to justify in Orthodoxy, because in their theology, the Emperors - not the Popes or Patriarchs - were the representatitves of Christ on earth. The Patriarchs were to be submissive to the will of the Byzantine Emperor, who resided in Constantinople - new Rome. In reference to a previous comment, I don't think that you should suggest that because the Patriarch of Moscow is against abortion, he is to be trusted more than, for example, Democrats. Perhaps these 'Christians' are wolves in sheep's clothing, but time will tell. What concerns me more, thought, is the fact that the numerous things that Trump has said and done up to now, would have easily disqualified anyone before him, but he seems to become more powerful the more outrageous and brutal he becomes. It's indeed like an evil force is directing events and everyone either applauds him (even the presumed elect) or is impotent to stop him.

Thomas Dahlheimer said...

"I HONOR and pray to Mother Mary and Mother Earth as the same entity."

Very, very interesting that an admitted New Ager prays to the Catholic "Mary." In contrast to this, Jesus Christ is HATED by the world and is found to be an "offense" and a "divider." Not so with the RCC's "Mary" who is really another manifestation of the pagan "Queen of Heaven" spoken against by God's prophet Jeremiah, which, by coincidence, the RCC has officially bestowed upon her that exact title!

Lies beget more lies, and the RCC's Mary is a real whopper! Is it any wonder that a New Age advocate would find comfort in her, while remaining in a Christ rejecting state?

Anonymous said @ 9:16 AM ...

"What concerns me more, though, is the fact that the numerous things that Trump has said and done up to now, would have easily disqualified anyone before him, but he seems to become more powerful the more outrageous and brutal he becomes."

Please give some specific examples of what Trump has "said and done" that would disqualify him. Also, you state that he has become more "outrageous and brutal" ... please give SPECIFIC examples, in particular, as to what you think constitutes his "brutality."
I live in Germany and am a Catholic theologian. The history of the Catholic Church during the 30s and 40s is complex. The Catholic Hierarchy never supported fascism, although indeed, it did sign a Concordat with Germany in 1933 - as it did with many other countries where there were large numbers of Catholics - the year Hitler took power. But by 1937, things had changed.
In 1937, Pope Pius XI wrote an encyclical in German, Mit Brennender Sorge (with burning concern) in order to lay out the Vatican's position on Nazism. It was read in all German churches. You can read about it here:
Like today, there are many Christians, who seem to think that Trump is a kind of Messiah who will make America Great Again, there were many priests and lay people who were mesmerized by Hilter and thought that he would make Germany Great Again; so, both Catholic, Protestant and even Jewish people supported him for cultural and economic reasons. Not theological ones. In fact, the greatest religious supporters of Hitler were the 'German Christians', Protestant Christians from the Lutheran/Evangelical Church, who believed that Hitler was a kind of national saviour... sounds familiar? See here about 'German Christianity'.
Because the Catholic Hierarchy opposed Hitler, many Catholic priests and religious were rounded up and sent to camps. But also the minority of Protesatnt Christians, who formed the underground movement, the Confessing Church. There have already been numerous pastors who have questioned Trump's understanding of Christianity and certainly Pope Francis has questioned his motives. The 'American Christians', who support Trump, support him for cultural and economic reasons, not for theological ones. Sounds familiar? Trump will probably be impeaced or worse, and then those 'American Christians', but maybe others, will be so thrilled to have Pence. A man who admired Dick Cheney, the Halliburton whore of Babylon, i.e. Iraq. BTW, have you seen that the Iraqi Army has just recaptured Mosul (ancient Nineveh) from ISIS?
How about his comments that being powerful allowed him to get female genitalia, i.e. sex, his past adultry, his mimicking of handicapped people, his bullying of anyone who disagrees with him - even if it is a young woman who participated in his beauty contests, his refusal to show his tax returns, his multiple bankruptcies and cheating of suppliers, workers, out of money duly earned, his claims that he would like to punch people in their faces, his encouragement of violence of his supporters?
Have Americans become so immune to brutality and outrage that they think the way he behaves is befitting of the President of the longest-running democracy of the world?
Anon ...

Comments you refer to were made 11 years ago. I'm not defending them at all, but believe it or not, I've heard MANY men make the same types of comments. I personally have also heard women talk this type of trash as well. People that are not redeemed by the grace of Christ will act in a manner that is consistent with their fallen nature, so no surprise there. He was NOT making fun of the handicapped reporter, but was only mimicking his reaction to what Trump perceived to be a "weird question."

You state that he "encouraged violence of his supporters." State exactly and specifically when and where he did this ... please. On the other hand, Clinton operatives (as proven via Wikileaks) actually DID commit violence and were actually hiring people and "actors" to disrupt Trump's events by making it appear that Trump's followers were reacting in violence!

By the way, JFK was a pervert (literally raped 18 year old intern) and was a serial adulterer, yet JFK is practically worshiped by the Left. Bill Clinton was (and is) a life long abuser of women, yet somehow he gets a free pass from the "righteous, feminist Left." He also visited Epstein's "Pedophile Island" numerous times (as recorded on the FAA's plane log), and yet gets a free pass. Why is that?

Spend a little time outside the mainstream media. You might learn something.
Neither Pope Francis, nor the American Bishops, believe in 'open borders', but have called on countries to open up their doors and hearts to people who are fleeing war. A war which was, by the way, caused by the United States on erroneous and illegal grounds. In other words, the welcoming of refugees wouldn't be needed should the United States have restrained themselves from their so-called 'pre-emptive' invasion of Iraq. I presume that many of the advocates of the Iraq War are also now at least willing to accept America's responsibility for the effects of the war they started?
The Pope's and Bishops' call to open up their hearts and homes is based on biblical grounds: Abraham was a migrant and Jesus Himself could be described as an internally displaced person and refugee. God has revealed Himself to migrants and refugees and Christians should be especially sensitive to this - without attempting to undermine national soverignty or do away with immigration laws.
Moreover, if you read Matthew 25:31ff, which is about the coming of the Son of Man and the Judgement of the NATIONS, those NATIONS, who feed the sick, visit the prisoners, clothe the poor, will be recognized by the Son of Man, those who don't won't... The Bible, therefore, also advocates good and humane PUBLIC POLICY.

Currently, the US has only accepted 35,000 Syrian refugees in a country of 300 million with a population density of 36%, while Germany has accepted over a million refugees with a population of 80 million and a pop. density of 291. Little Lebanon has a population of 4 million and has accepted over a million refugees. What is wrong with this picture?
In order to better understand the position of the Catholic Church on the matter, you can access the link below from the American Council of Bishops, with an extract from the document:
"In Strangers No Longer, the U.S. Bishops made clear that despite the sovereign’s right to control its borders and engage in enforcement of immigration laws, the "human dignity and human rights of undocumented migrants should be respected." The Bishops declared that "[r]egardless of their legal status, migrants, like all persons, possess inherent human dignity that should be respected . . . Government policies that respect the basic human rights of the undocumented are necessary." No. 38."

Anonymous said... 10:21 AM

"In Strangers No Longer, the U.S. Bishops made clear that despite the sovereign’s right to control its borders and engage in enforcement of immigration laws, the "human dignity and human rights of undocumented migrants should be respected." The Bishops declared that "[r]egardless of their legal status, migrants, like all persons, possess inherent human dignity that should be respected . . . Government p
policies that respect the basic human rights of the undocumented are necessary."

So saying it using different words.
The US Government has the right to have laws to regulate sovereignty.... But
The law breakers must be respected? Respected for breaking law?

Sure they deserve human dignity, they should be sent home in buses not in cattle or box cars.

I am sorry Catholic, laity, priests, bishops and pope, nation states and sovereign countries are not subject to your edicts, cannon law or fatwas!

Anonymous 9:15 and 9:48 You have documented much valuable information for readers of this blog with your comments. Thank you. It takes those who are willing to reach out with their research to make others understand that the battle against New Age and all that it entails is not something one individual can do alone.

Everything you have written is accurate according to what I've learned in decades of research. Even Jews at the time were seduced by Hitler's promises. German people had lost the connection with the truths of monotheism. Participation in church services was at an all time low. The Protestant buildings were mainly used not to teach morality but as places for time marking rituals. As with the Russians now, the church was supported by the government which was able to force its will on those who depended on it for finances. The Catholic church had a powerful believing structure outside of Germany whereas the Protestant community did not. The German culture had become decadent and seduction to evil behavior was rampant as described in the movie Cabaret. Hitler promised to change that. The Germans who longed for the old days believed him. He lied, telling them what they wanted to hear.

As you undoubtedly know but others may not realize, the New Age philosophy is the same as the Nazi philosophy. Even at the beginning of the New Age movement there was antisemitism and Catholic hate. Look at H. G. Wells' book Crux Ansata: An Indictment of the Roman Catholic Church (1943) See also

Where understanding and belief in the monotheistic view of the supernatural is disappearing the pagan/occult New Age view of the supernatural grows.
Thomas Dahlheimer said... 8:44 AM
I HONOR and pray to Mother Mary and Mother Earth as the same entity.

Thomas, thanks for the civil dialog with which you answered the question.

A while back Anonymous RayB said... 10:31 AM
To Thomas Dahlheimer ...
Just one question: Do you fear God?

I also would like to hear your reply to that question as well.
Ray B What kind of enemy of the US are you that it pleasures you to have rich trash at the top of the US government? I did spend a little time outside of the mainstream media the other day. People out there are even rougher on Trump than the MSM. Mrs. Trump, Melania, was born in 1970 in communist Yugoslavia. Didn't move to the US until 1996. Her father was a communist party member when only 5 percent of the Yugoslavians were communists. Gave the family a lot of perks. Now with Trump's ties to Russia people are asking just what role Melania plays in all of that. Is that what you wanted us to check out Ray?
Rich trash at the top of the government?
You shouldn't talk about the Clintons that way.
Ray B wanted Clinton? Paul you have to learn to read more carefully.
RayB said...

Anonymous said @ 9:16 AM ...

"What concerns me more, though, is the fact that the numerous things that Trump has said and done up to now, would have easily disqualified anyone before him, but he seems to become more powerful the more outrageous and brutal he becomes."

Please give some specific examples of what Trump has "said and done" that would disqualify him. Also, you state that he has become more "outrageous and brutal" ... please give SPECIFIC examples, in particular, as to what you think constitutes his "brutality."

9:48 AM
I understand what anon said above at 12:04.

Interesting timing. Apparently he was working with US intelligence prior to the Chapman event.

Russia's government is evil. To them human life means nothing. They will destroy even many years later. 18 things Trump said he would do on his first day in office. How interesting he isn't president on the weekends.

Time for all those people who said the following to start lifting. "If he doesn't do what he promised we will hold his feet to the fire..." And the Obama people kept saying "Bush...." and the Trump people keep saying "Clinton....."

So Mr Dahlheimer,
So you just throw out everything that Mary, Jesus' mother herself said and believed?
That's like the Rastafarians who say that King Heile Salassie was Jesus, even though
Mr Salassie himself went to church every week and worshipped God through
His son Jesus. He even preached the Ten Commandments. He most certainly did not
think that he himself was Jesus. He would have called that ridiculous, as would any Christian.
"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?" (Psalms 2)
And your Gaiia is a planet; a creation of the one true God, so why not worship Him?
It's called the earth in the Bible. Why would anyone worship creation and not it's Creator?
The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein. (Psalms24)

Or maybe you want us to check out this non MSM site.

Paul, you wrote: And your Gaia is a planet; a creation of the one true God, so why not worship Him? It's called the earth in the Bible. Why would anyone worship creation and not it's Creator?

No one who has read my posts could believe that I worship Gaia, the earth, or the creation. In my posts I clearly state over and over again that I worship the "Creator" and NOT the creation, including the Earth (Gaia). I "just HONOR" Gaia. However, I believe that the true God emanated/"created" a pure Spiritual Universe and gave him (the "God of Abraham") a free will, and that the "God of Abraham" then sinned, causing the pure Spiritual Universe to become physically manifested.

I have been asked by Dan Bryan and RayB "if I fear God." I fear God, but I do NOT fear the "God of Abraham."

In Paul's post he quotes the Bible scripture: "Why do the heathen rage, ...?" (Psalms 2). An Indian Country Today Media Network article about why the heathens rage against the God of Abraham and his people is located at:
شركة تنظيف خزانات بالمدينة المنورة

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Trump used the term America First in his inauguration speech. It was capitalized in the printed handout copy. America First was an antisemitic, Nazi initiated, isolationist group which worked to keep America out of WWII. Could be just a coincidence of course. Then again all three parts of the series on the growing nationalist movements around the world are growing. Somehow it strikes me as a move to keep America out of interfering in the international New Age movement.
Let's see if those troops pull back from the border now that Trump is in.
Mr Dahlheimer,
So it's really simple ; you believe that the Bible is wrong in that you believe that the God of Abraham was not the true God and that he sinned. The first God was great but this god was a corrupt lesser god.
There must be a million heresies that have popped up over the centuries which twist some scripture and say that therefore everything that follows is actually different than the faith that Christians have had from the beginning as in the Apostles Creed.
This particular heresy, I gotta say is really weak, but then they all depend on a lack of a coprehensive knowledge of the scriptures.
So if the God of Abraham; ( and this whole line of thought is just another antisemitic invention ), if the God of Abraham is not only not the true god, but he also sins, you've got the old pantheon of gods and goddesses of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.
And if that's the story; that there was a primary God who made everything spiritual, and that God did it right and it wasn't until the God of Abraham came along that corrution crept in, then, what about the God of Noah who predates Abraham by many centuries? That god decided to destroy the whole world because it was so violent and and corrupt. He only left a remnant to repopulate the planet.
The truth is the God of Noah is the exact same God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, and Job and David and Soloman, and Elisha, and every Biblical believer: One God one Spirit, one Faith, one Savior.

Paul, you wrote: "The truth is the God of Noah is the exact same God of Abraham Isaac
and Jacob.." I agree with this statement of yours. The God of Abraham existed long before he contacted Abraham. The bible story about a world-wide flood is a myth. Scientists tell us that if a world-wide flood had happened there would be evidence that it occurred, and there is NO evidence that it occurred. Also, there is a new scientific fact, based on DNA studies, that says humanity never went through a bottleneck of only two people (or, in the case of Noah's Ark, eight). Humanity evolved from a population of no less than 10,000 people.

Jesus said: "Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth [the God of Abraham 'said' it]: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." I believe that the God of Abraham is Jesus' Father's (God's) disobedient Son.

I believe that beyond our individual personal selves each one of us, and all of us together, are Mother Earth, the world soul, the cosmos and also the infinite Deity ("God") beyond the creation. That's why I believe that "Mother Mary" is the same entity as Mother Earth. I also believe that Jesus is the cosmos, and that is why he said "the only way to the "Father" (the infinite Deity beyond the creation/cosmos) is though me." We have to become one with the cosmos (or go through the cosmos) before we can become one with the "Father." Being one with the cosmos and one with God are two different states of consciousness that Jesus could choose to be in whenever he so desired.
Just going on air to do first radio program in opening days of new Trump Presidency. Join us at and/or join the chatroom there or call in live at 208-935-0094. Thanks!


Thomas Dahlheimer,

What scientists specifically do you claim for support that there was no worldwide flood? Moreover, there was scientific evidence presented on the Mars explorations that Mars may have experienced a worldwide flood. If not Mars, why not here?

Thomas Dahlheimer said @ 9:43 AM (in part):

"I believe that beyond our individual personal selves each one of us, and all of us together, are Mother Earth, the world soul, the cosmos and also the infinite Deity ("God") beyond the creation. That's why I believe that "Mother Mary" is the same entity as Mother Earth. I also believe that Jesus is the cosmos, and that is why he said "the only way to the "Father" (the infinite Deity beyond the creation/cosmos) is though me." We have to become one with the cosmos (or go through the cosmos) before we can become one with the "Father." Being one with the cosmos and one with God are two different states of consciousness that Jesus could choose to be in whenever he so desired."

The unconverted that are "believers in "A" "god" have as their authority either what men declares to be true, or, their imagination. Regardless which applies, through this process, they trust in their "heart" to tell them what is true and what is false, and thereby cling to a "belief" system. The problem with all this is that the fallen, sinful nature of man has, as the Bible declares, a "heart that is desperately wicked above all things, who can know it?" In other words, they are self-deluded due to their darkened heart. Only by the gift of a NEW heart via the new birth in Christ, given by the grace of God, can any person understand spiritual things, in particular, what God declares through His Sovereign and all-authoritative Word.

God has only one authoritative standard through which to judge all religious beliefs, practices, etc. Without God's Word as that standard, sinful mankind is guaranteed to remain in their self-deluded error. Mr. Dahlheimer's statement quoted above is an illustration of this premise.

"There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord." Proverbs 21:30

Men do not reject Christ and His Word for scientific, religious, or philosophical reasons. They REJECT Him because of what the Bible declares:

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil." John 3:19
Trying to reason with a person that makes the following statements is like attempting to reason with a donkey.

Here is just a sampling of this man's blasphemy and outright lies based entirely upon his own sinful imagination:

Thomas Dahlheimer said...

"... the "God of Abraham" then sinned, causing the pure Spiritual Universe to become physically manifested."

"I have been asked by Dan Bryan and RayB "if I fear God." I fear God, but I do NOT fear the "God of Abraham."

"I believe that the God of Abraham is Jesus' Father's (God's) disobedient Son."

Thomas Dahlheimer's post reminds me of many of the Sophia writings I've read--each having variations.

The crux of it story is that god existed unified in the form of a divine masculine and divine feminine. (Some variations of the story refer to this as the Luciferic force.) The divine feminine then decided to create independently of her divine masculine counterpart. She erred which caused the two to separate. Upon her descent, the meddling God Jehovah taunted her so she gave her light to the sun and manifested herself in the earth where she now awaits liberation. She currently is reaching out to humanity and emits impulses through her spiral vortexes of which enlightened beings. Those attuned are now joining up into a collective. Her liberation will take place with initiation of the earth. Those of use who are not attuned are considered her "karmic opposites" and, ultimately, will need to be dealt with. (David Spangler and Barbara Marx Hubbard very clearly define in the remedy.)

The creation story has essentially been re-written to predate the Genesis creation account. It strips the God of the Bible as creator redefines Him as a meddling God.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas Dahlheimer,

I would be interested in a bibliography of what defines your creation story.
Recommended introductory viewing for TD:

To Thomas Dahlheimer:

What does ATLANTIS mean to you?


So you see, Herr Dahlheimer, hard evidence of a great flood / Worldwide flood abounds. The theories surrounding how and to what extent such a flood occurred may differ, yet the evidence is there. So, regardless of your own guesses built on your own haughty imagination, yet where you have truly tripped yourself up and fallen face down into a muddy puddle is in claiming no evidence exists for such a flood and yet it abounds!

The Worldwide Flood - Geologic Evidences (pt 1) with Dr. Andrew Snelling.
To 10:35 above -- MUCH substantive food for thought and I thank you. As my Bible says warning the Israelis:

19 Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

On the page of the link preceding this post, Dr. John D. Morris Phd writes:

Why Does Nearly Every Culture Have a Tradition of a Global Flood?
by John D. Morris, Ph.D.
Evidence for Creation › Evidence from Science › Evidence from the Earth Sciences › The Global Flood Is the Key to the Past › Geological Evidence Indicates Rapid Formation

"Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?" (I Corinthians 1:20)

One of the strongest evidences for the global flood which annihilated all people on Earth except for Noah and his family, has been the ubiquitous presence of flood legends in the folklore of people groups from around the world. And the stories are all so similar. Local geography and cultural aspects may be present but they all seem to be telling the same story.

Over the years I have collected more than 200 of these stories, originally reported by various missionaries, anthropologists, and ethnologists.

While the differences are not always trivial, the common essence of the stories is instructive as compiled below:

Is there a favored family? 88%
Were they forewarned? 66%
Is flood due to wickedness of man? 66%
Is catastrophe only a flood? 95%
Was flood global? 95%
Is survival due to a boat? 70%
Were animals also saved? 67%
Did animals play any part? 73%
Did survivors land on a mountain? 57%
Was the geography local? 82%
Were birds sent out? 35%
Was the rainbow mentioned? 7%
Did survivors offer a sacrifice? 13%
Were specifically eight persons saved? 9%
Putting them all back together, the story would read something like this:

Once there was a worldwide flood, sent by God to judge the wickedness of man. But there was one righteous family which was forewarned of the coming flood. They built a boat on which they survived the flood along with the animals. As the flood ended, their boat landed on a high mountain from which they descended and repopulated the whole earth.

Of course the story sounds much like the Biblical story of the great flood of Noah's day. The most similar accounts are typically from middle eastern cultures, but surprisingly similar legends are found in South America and the Pacific Islands and elsewhere. None of these stories contains the beauty, clarity, and believable detail given in the Bible, but each is meaningful to their own culture.

Anthropologists will tell you that a myth is often the faded memory of a real event. Details may have been added, lost, or obscured in the telling and retelling, but the kernel of truth remains. When two separate cultures have the same "myth" in their body of folklore, their ancestors must have either experienced the same event, or they both descended from a common ancestral source which itself experienced the event.

The only credible way to understand the widespread, similar flood legends is to recognize that all people living today, even though separated geographically, linguistically, and culturally, have descended from the few real people who survived a real global flood, on a real boat which eventually landed on a real mountain. Their descendants now fill the globe, never to forget the real event.

But, of course, this is not the view of most modern scholars. They prefer to believe that something in our commonly evolved psyche forces each culture to invent the same imaginary flood legend with no basis in real history. Instead of scholarship, this is "willful ignorance" of the fact that "the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished" (II Peter 3:5,6).

Cite this article: John D. Morris, Ph.D. 2001. Why Does Nearly Every Culture Have a Tradition of a Global Flood?. Acts & Facts. 30 (9).

Noah's Ark Discovered.
By the way, radio-carbon dated wood taken from the site of the Noah's Ark structure puts it at around 4,800 years old, the same time the Flood is reported to have happened.

Also, the measurements from bow to stern of the structure found on Mount Ararat are exactly 300 Egyptian cubits, and the average width length is 50 Egyptian cubits. The exact measurements of the Ark recorded in the Holy Bible.
In fact, human recorded history only goes back to around the same time the Biblical Flood is recorded to have happened. I.e., all recorded history is shown to come from no further than the time soon after the Flood had receded, that is, less than 5000 years!
The bible story about a world-wide flood is a myth.
You said their was no evidence for any Worldwide flood, let alone the Biblical account. Are you trying to modify your claim now? Evenso, you are still wrong and theeferfore you haven't looked at all the evidence provided, have you Herr Dahlheimer? Those videos don't cut the mustard in comparison. Epic fail on your part!
'Their' should read, 'there'.
You said there was no evidence for any Worldwide flood, let alone the Biblical account. Are you trying to modify your claim now? Evenso, you are still wrong and therefore you haven't looked at all the evidence provided, have you Herr Dahlheimer? Those videos of yours don't cut the mustard in comparison. Epic fail on your part!
I watched the Noah's video. Thanks. It was interesting in the same way that similar productions by History Channel are; tantalizing
and full of facts that would seem to confirm the Bible account, sort of. But they always produce the presentation by casting doubt on it (the veracity of The Bible) by saying crap like "Could the Bible be true?" and "The Gilgamesh Epoc appears to agree"... and "it's not exactly the way it's been handed down but there does seem to be some truth there"...etc etc always trying to sound scientific and always sighting the Bible as any other book of mythology. In this case they had to say that there were" possibly as many as six decks to the structure" The Bible says there were three. This video says that the measurements were just as it says in the Bible; (30 by 50 by 300) but they say that it's in "Egytian Cubits"...maybe, but probably not.
It's just like the old Cecille B Dimille movies; ostensibly supporting the Bible but actually giving critics plenty of ammo to it's tearing down. Very subtle. And that most recent epic Hollywood blockbuster with Russell Crowe which is more Hollywood that Bible, as usual. Whether it's RussellCrowe or Mel Gibson, the story in the Bible HAS to be shuffled together with a heaping dose of Gnosticism from Babylon and Egypt which is where we get modern Freemasonry and the New Age.

By the way I'm referring to the video posted by anon @ 1:11

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The Bible story about a world-wide flood occurs on a flat earth that did not move. The earth did not move around he sun, it was standing still. And there was water above the stars, sun and moon, and there was water below the flat earth. And the flat earth was setting on foundations that went down into the water below the earth. The stars were little lights up in the sky and would eventually fall to the earth. There was a every tall tree that could be seen from the ends of the flat earth. The flat earth was in the form of a circle (like a dish plate), and the earth had pillars that held the vault of the sky up.
Thomas Dahlheimer,

Your basis that the Biblical account of the flood occurs on a flat earth is a false premise.

Here is an introduction to what the Bible says about a spherical earth.

Some Bible critics have claimed that Revelation 7:1 assumes a flat Earth since the verse refers to angels standing at the “four corners” of the Earth. Actually, the reference is to the cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. Similar terminology is often used today when we speak of the sun's rising and setting, even though the Earth, not the sun, is doing the moving. Bible writers used the “language of appearance,” just as people always have. Without it, the intended message would be awkward at best and probably not understood clearly. [DD] In the Old Testament, Job 26:7 explains that the Earth is suspended in space, the obvious comparison being with the spherical sun and moon. [DD] A literal translation of Job 26:10 is “He described a circle upon the face of the waters, until the day and night come to an end.” A spherical Earth is also described in Isaiah 40:21-22—“the circle of the earth.” Note, the Biblical Hebrew word for “circle” (חוג—chuwg) can also mean “round” or “sphere.”

This comment has been removed by the author.
Isaiah 40:22: "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in." ... "Jews and Christians use this quote to "prove" that the Bible implies that the Earth is spherical, although the word is "circular", and may refer to the perception of a 360 degree panoramic view. Some scholars point out that Isaiah never uses the Modern Hebrew word for sphere Kadur, anywhere. It is not clear to Theists whether this is relevant, because the interpretation of the word Kadur in the Bible is disputed by Theists."


Robert Bellarmine, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the foremost Vatican theologian of the seventeenth century, wrote: "But to affirm that the Sun is really fixed in the center of the heavens and that the Earth revolves very swiftly around the Sun is a dangerous thing, not only irritating the theologians and philosophers, but injuring our holy faith and making the sacred scriptures false."
This comment has been removed by the author.
When scientists discovered that the earth was not standing still, but was moving very fast around the sun, did Christian leaders at the time accept this scientific discovery that proved that a bible scripture was false and that an important Christian doctrine based on it was consequently also false? NO, they did not accept the truth, they refuted the scientific evidence. (This was a particular type of doctrine and not a dogma, so eventually they accepted this scientific discovery and then put an end to this false doctrine of theirs.) As time moved on, more and more scientific discoveries continued to prove that particular bible scriptures were false and that consequently the Christian doctrines (sometimes including dogmas) that were based on them were also false. But the Christians continued to refute the scientific evidence that proved that these doctrines of theirs were false, and that, also, because of their false dogmas, even their religion was false. Consequently, Christians developed an extreme disrespect for science.

Our earth's scientists have a responsibility to warn us of any probable pending global catastrophic crisis, such as, the man-made climate change crisis, and a consensus of scientists have warned us of this crisis, so that we can take action to prevent a global catastrophe from happening. However, a large number of Christians, as expected, are refuting the global warming science, putting all of the human race and also the earth's entire life supporting ecosystem in danger. I now understand why a bible scripture says that Christians will be killed in the end-times of the last-days.
Thomas Dahlheimer,

You will get your global warming in the last days. Your last post makes God's judgments of your kind completely understandable.

Revelation 16: 4 The third angel poured his bowl into the rivers and the springs of water, and they turned into blood. 5 Then I heard the angel in charge[a] of the water say,

“You are just. You are the one who is
and who was, the Holy One,
because you have judged these things.
6 You have given them blood to drink
because they spilled the blood of saints and prophets.
This is what they deserve.”
7 Then I heard the altar reply,

“Yes, Lord God Almighty,
your judgments are true and just.”
8 The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun, which then was allowed to burn people with fire, 9 and they were burned by the fierce heat. They cursed the name of God, who has the authority over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory.
Take note that the global warming is not man made. It is God's judgment.

Our earth's scientists have a responsibility to warn us of any probable pending global catastrophic crisis, such as, the man-made climate change crisis, and a consensus of scientists have warned us of this crisis, so that we can take action to prevent a global catastrophe from happening

There is no crisis, Dr Dahlheimer, and there is no consensus. The IPCC exaggerates the effect of waver vapour on the warming caused by carbon dioxide by a factor of nearly three based on the satellite data (which are better than terrestrial), while as a research scientist I am appalled at manipulations clandestinely applied to older terrestrial measurements that have the effect of exaggerating the recent warming. Data are meant to be sacrosanct in science - the first lesson at school. What's it all about? Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chairman of an IPCC working group, old us in an interview in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper (14 Nov 2010): “we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy… one has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”


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