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"Christian Fundamentalism" or, more likely, "Occult Fascism/Nazism"?

UPDATED:  Sunday morning, 9:13 a.m., Eastern time, USA:

BREAKING NEWS: download the document while it is still available. The author (Anders Breivik a/k/a Andrew Berwick, the Norwegian alleged killer) appears to be heavily influenced by Bat Ye'or's EURABIA book.

Here's a quote from his "2083" document:

What follows is a brief outline of the thesis put forward by writer Bat Ye'or in her book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. My information is based on her book (which should be read in full). In addition I have drawn from some of her articles and interviews. I [Anders Breivik aka Andrew Berwick] republish the information with her [Bat Ye'or] blessing, but this summary is completely my own.

What makes this more fascinating to me is Bat Ye'or's and her husband's (David Littmann, Ph.D.) very tight relationship with Rene Wadlow that I wrote about in my February 27th, 2011 blogspot,,

From Original Post:  Interestingly and disturbingly, CNN news reports I heard tonight (Saturday, July 23, 2011) are carrying reports that the arrested Norwegian saboteur who claims credit both for the Oslo bombings and the Utoya Island mass slayings is a "Christian fundamentalist."  I just studied the picture which appears to show somebody into organized forms of occult mysticism.  Here it is:

From that article, we read:

The manifesto has the byline "Andrew Berwick," which Norwegian media have confirmed is just the Anglicization of Breivick's name. Both the video and the manifesto reference the Knights Templar, a famed group of Catholic Crusaders. "Berwick" declares himself a "Justiciar Knight Commander" of a newly-formed group of Templars, which he says met in London in 2007 to "prepare" for their unnamed mission.

The Knights Templar histories generally hold that the Knights Templar were excommunicated and executed for alleged gnosticism.  It has generally been occult and masonic groups that have mourned the demise of the Knights Templar, NOT "Christian fundamentalists."

People's Temple and Jim Jones are coming to mind.  Jim Jones (and his Peoples Temple) was a hard core New Ager freely acknowledged as such in the New Age / "spiritual directories" of the early 1970s.  After the "Kool Aid" parties of 1978, the New Agers tried to falsely transform their former comrade in arms into a "Christian fundamentalist."  I like to take a little credit for giving him back to his parent New Age community.

This may be more of the same!

Stay tuned!

BREAKING NEWS: download the document while it is still available. The author (the Norwegian killer) appears to be heavily influenced by Bat Ye'or's EURABIA book.

Here's a quote:

What follows is a brief outline of the thesis put forward by writer Bat Ye'or in her book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. My information is based on her book (which should be read in full). In addition I have drawn from some of her articles and interviews. I republish the information with her blessing, but this summary is completely my own.

What makes this more fascinating to me is Bat Ye'or's and her husband's very tight relationship with Rene Wadlow and her husband, David Littmann, Ph.D. which I wrote about in my February 27th, 2011 blogspot,,

Stay tuned!

Was just going to comment on his being label a "Christian fundamentalist" everywhere and then as well Norway's Timothy McVeigh. Already seen at least one comment from a former co-worker pointing out the "Christian fundamentalist" nonesense (believing it)
We can expect this all the more. He was very "anti-multicultural" which will be pushed to label "Christians" as we do not go along with the full "multicultural" agenda.
Here's a link to download the report by the Norwegian killer who wrote in 2007 under the name of "Andrew Berwick"

Crisis = opportunity?

More background on David Littman. Remember, the strategy of the New Age as outlined in Alice Bailey books and THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier was to pit target groups off against each other.
Google links on search of "Bat Ye'or" and "Andrew Berwick"

Anders Breivik's Political Manifesto - Page 2 - Stormfront › Stormfront › News › Newslinks & Articles
10 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 8 hours ago
Why does it say his name is Andrew Berwick in the manifesto? ... been exposed by a Jew, Bat Ye'or, who has done this continent a great service by doing so. ...

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Who added "Christian" and "Conservative" to Norway shooter's ... hours ago – Describing (Oriana) Fallaci and Bat Ye'or in the ..... of "2083 -A European Declaration of Indpendence" by Andrew Berwick aka Anders Breivik ...
Oslo bomber is a Norwegian Freemason and a super ZIONIST! | Wake ... - Cached3 hours ago – As Bat Ye'or showed in Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis and I elaborated ...... Name: Andrew Berwick Nationality: Norwegian Born: February 1979 ...
Téchouva » Le tueur d'Oslo poste une vidéo sur Youtube le jour de ... - [ Translate this page ] y a 6 heures – ... sous le nom de Andrew Berwick comme sur son compte Youtube un ouvrage ... Il cite dans cette ouvrage Geert Wilders, Bat Ye'or et l'EDL ...
Double attentat terroriste à Oslo : au moins 87 morts - [ Translate this page ] y a 5 heures – ... de publier sous le nom de Andrew Berwick un ouvrage (en anglais) ... cite Geert Wilders, Bat Ye'or et l'EDL comme exemples à suivre. ...
Islam - Silobreaker - Cached"Andrew Berwick" Manifesto May Be Linked To Osl.. .... Norway's Aftenposten is blaming me, Bat Ye'or and Fjordman for Breivik's mass murders -- as if ...

More disturbing information. There is a real game plan here coming from many disturbing angles. I'd love to be a little mouse in Rene Wadlow's corner about now!



Somebody mentioned on another blog that all images of him is on white back ground. Cut and pasted? WE have yet to see a normal picture in normal surrounds. Somehing staged here?
notable quotes from the Oslo Psycho's purported "New Nights Templar" manifesto
This was scarey to me. A missonary who doesn't thing its important to teach the need for salvation. But to teach the life story of Jesus.

My Take: Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing

It may come as a surprise to many Christians that Muslims are generally open to studying the life of Jesus as a model for leadership because they revere him as a prophet.

Jew-hate exposed on socialist youth camp on eve of massacre

The Norwegian labor youth called for International boycott of Israel, and cursed the Jewish people.
Important material at "Jihadwatch" blogspot:


This kind of information is Constance at her very best. Even if you don't completely understand it yourself, pass it on in as many places as you can. The chances are there will be others out there who can add pieces to the puzzle.
Just came across this on the Word of Faith movement

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
Why is it only you right-wing crazies have to think you "fight off" the liberals by blowing up young people and children? Just collateral damage, I guess. This Norwegian and Timothy McVeigh are cut from the same crazy right-wing cloth. You know who else thinks they have to blow up people to make a point--Islamic terrorists!

Christians don't commit violence to advance the faith. Sometime Christians fight for their country with violence. If only we had faith like the Amish. They only use manure for crops. Not to blow people up!
We've seen it happen to Islam, now watch it happen to Christianity. By the time they're done, anyone who so much as claims to worship the God of Abraham better be ready for some serious trial.
Good piece on the press coverage of the events in Norway
Dawn: Thank you for the links to the video on the "Word of Faith" heretics. Excellent. I have a woman acquaintance who has been strung-out on that bilge for 20 years, and she will not listen to correction of any kind. Guillermo
One press account I read today quoted Breivik as saying he had ordered three bottles of the finest wine to celebrate his impending martyrdom, plus "3 top whores" -- hardly the items one would expect from a "conservative Christian", 'extremist' or not. His profile sounds even somewhat analogous to the alleged 9/11 bombers who had fixed themselves up with women and booze prior to the night before.
And back in the USA, where have we heard THIS before:

"Make Way for the Radical Center"

The killer was the disaffected son of a diplomat. He was also a freemason.

Breivik attended a good college in Oslo, became a Freemason, and ran an e-commerce company with six employees, making a small fortune by the time he was 25.

His father, Jens, was a diplomat who served in the Norwegian Embassy in London and his mother, Wenche Behring, was a nurse.

Both supported the Norwegian Labour Party, which Mr Breivik attacked on Friday.

The Breiviks already had four other children from previous marriages, and divorced when their son was a year old.

Breivik appears angry about his absent father, ranting that multiculturalism had made European men feminine.

His father then married a fellow Norwegian diplomat in London and was reassigned to Paris.

See for full story.
Posted on Facebook at Jewish Tea Party
Liz Shell 12:26am Jul 25
You may want to download this video before it gets removed from youtube. Whatever was going on in the guys mind, he was NOT a neo Nazi or anti semite. On the contrary. He condemned genocide of any kind. This video is very long and takes a lot time to read due to very small print. You will have to stop the video over and over in order to read the small print.

Knights Templar 2083 by Anders Behring Breivik - Oslo killer
More information: July 2011 Last updated at 11:14 ET

'Breivik manifesto' details chilling attack preparation
Detail from 1,500-page online manifesto attributed to suspected Norwegian attacker Anders Behring Breivik The manifesto is an often rambling, meticulously detailed account of the author's beliefs and plans
Continue reading the main story
Norway Attacks

A 1,500-page "manifesto" recently published online, entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, has been attributed to Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted being behind Friday's bloody twin attacks in Norway.

Part of the tract details the author's "personal reflections and experiences during several preparation phases", apparently in the run-up to the 22 July attacks. More at the link.
From the Jewish Tea Party on Facebook​/wp-content/uploads/2083+-+A+E​uropean+Declaration+of+Indepen​dence.pdf
Kind of off-topic, but I'm trying to find some info on the Knights Templar being excommunicated for Gnosticism?
Norway’s Mass Killer Copied the Unabomber Word for Word - Ted Kaczynski Known Victim of CIA Mind Control Experiments
Here's some current Gnostic - Knights Templar stuff:
The Breivik/Berwick "anti-Islam", "anti-multiculturalism" operation was a FALSE FLAG operation. The FALSE FLAG was that of MULTICULTURALISM. I am not so sure that Bat Ye'or and husband David Littmann, Ph.D. are innocent in this. They are activists with World Citizens ( which is clearly about as MULTICULTURAL as they come. RENE WADLOW who works closely with the couple is an unabashed ALICE BAILEY / LUCIS TRUST disciple. The clearly outlined strategy of the Bailey Books, as well as Peter LeMesurier, was to pit the TARGET GROUPS of JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and MUSLIMS off against each other. BAT YE'OR's books had at least the effect of pitting Moslems against Christians and Christians against Moslems. Now, throwing the World Citizens' pet project of MULTICULTURALISM in the game and making proponents of such the martyrs, it is being used as KINDLING (a la Marilyn Ferguson, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY) designed to "forever alter the landscape."

I will be writing much more on this very soon.


After 1991, Littman worked with René Wadlow, main representative of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, then with the World Federalist Movement, and the Association of World Citizens. He has been a representative at the UN in Geneva for the Association for World Education since 1997 and the World Union for Progressive Judaism again since 2001. During his work at the UN, he has delivered or drafted over 300 oral and written NGO statements to the CHR and the Sub-CHR.

David Littmann is Bat Ye'ors husband. Bat Ye'or is the author of EURABIA, which Breivik relied heavily upon.


The Knights Templar were not excommunicated. The order was suppressed by the Pope - in a manner similar to the way in which another Pope suppressed the Jesuits several centuries later - for the sake of keeping peace. The remaining members of the Knights Templar were either dispensed from their vows or incorporated into other religious orders.

Since no religious group or order is excempt from the possibility of descent into corruption and heresy, no doubt the Knights Templar had its fair share of apostates who may well have embraced the heresies being peddled by those gnostic groups that flourished during the Middle Ages.

Here are some links to sites that describe the history of the Knights Templar.



The modern Knights Templar are affiliated with "regular" Freemasonry within the York Rite only.


There are, however, other Templar groups that are affiliated with what is called "irregular" Freemasonry which is not recognized by the "regular" Masonic Lodge.

Regularity is a constitutional mechanism whereby Grand Lodges or Grand Orients give one another mutual recognition. This recognition allows formal interaction at the Grand Lodge level, and gives individual Freemasons the opportunity to attend Lodge meetings in other recognised jurisdictions. Conversely, regularity proscribes interaction with Lodges that are irregular. A Mason who visits an irregular Lodge may have his membership suspended for a time, or he may be expelled. For this reason, all Grand Lodges maintain lists of other jurisdictions and lodges they consider regular....

One example of a Templar group that would probably be classified as "irregular" is the Order of the Solar Temple which wedded the Templar tradition to the New Age and which gained notoriety several years ago in the late 1980's and early 1990's on account of the ritual murders and suicides that occurred among its members. Here are some links describing the group and some of its key members.



In my opinion, if the Oslo bomber has been initiated into a "Knights Templar" group as he has claimed, it may very well be an organization similar to the aforementioned sinister "Templar" group.

I hope you find this helpful.

Note: Zapatero is Spain's P.M.

* * *

Zapatero urges EU response to Norway attacks
25 July 2011, 18:52 CET

(LONDON) - Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on Monday called for a common European response against xenophobia and intolerance as he expressed his horror at the attacks in Norway...
It's kinda weird how some people claim that Catholics are against Freemasonry and some people claim Catholics are only against certain types of Freemasonry. And some people claim Freemasonry is rampant in the Vatican. I guess only the insiders know the answer. But it's clear to me that no real Christian could also be a Freemason.
Anon@3:12 p.m.

No Catholic can be a freemason. The ones who do are in clear rebellion of church teaching.

The Vatican's declaration on Masonic organizations.

Under a false flag of "anti-Islam," "Anti-Multiculturalism," and now it appears "Anti Javier Solana", the Norwegian killer's manifesto had this inflammatory language about Javier Solana:

Some people claim that Europe isn't worth fighting for, and that too many people here
deserve what's coming. Yes, a significant number of them do. Yes, people such as EU
foreign policy chief Javier Solana, with their Swiss bank accounts and their good
relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Arab League, not to mention Valéry Giscard
d'Estaing and his awful EU Constitution that will destroy democracy for half a billion
people, deserve everything we can heap upon them.

NOW, remember his "blessings" from Bat Ye'or. Bat Ye'or's and husband's tight relationship with RENE WADLOW; RENE WADLOW's association with Lucis Trust and about everything else in the New Age Movement including current "World War IV" operations and the respective "theaters of operation." The emphasis on the TODAY SHOW today was that the young people were killed for their beliefs in "multiculturalism."

RENE WADLOW is multicultural. If Bat Ye'or and husband David Littmann, Ph.D. are affiliated with him, so are they They are far too sophisticated to be in this innocently. RENE WADLOW claims to have been the "student of SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA." SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA is Javier Solana's grandfather and/or uncle and/or cousin depending on which version of his oft changed genealogy one cares to believe.

Something deeply smells here, like they were setting up a false flag setup to incite the world against Christians onto the New Age game plan of inciting target groups against each other as the "New World Religion" is simultaneously established and given legal bona fides under the UN Alliance of Civilizations through the subscribing countries.

I'm writing a detailed article about this. Solana is mentioned several times in the 1983 document.

The killer was into organic farming, a New Age full employment plan if there ever was one!

There is now a lawsuit against the state of New York which shows how the law was broken in order to get the homosexual marriage bill passed. Put the name Nathaniel Leiter in a search. When I checked there were five sources carrying the story.
Anonymous 3:12 P.M.

Unfortunately, it is the Catholic apostates who are trying to persuade people to believe that it is perfectly OK for Catholics to become Freemasons.

However, the Catholic Church is officially against all types of Freemasonry and before the Second Vatican Council, Catholics who knowingly joined the freemasons automatically incurred the penalty of formal excommunication.

while the penalty has been mitigated somewhat, the position of the Church regarding Freemasonry has not changed. Catholics who join the Masonic Lodge may not receive the Sacraments of the Church ( a form of excommunication ) and in some instances may still incur the penalty of formal excommunication.

This is because Freemasonry, insofar as it inculcates, among other things, the religion of naturalism, is incompatible with Christianity.


Is there a law against voting on civil rights issues in the U.S. because the arguments being made are that if people could vote on women's rights to vote, or slavery, it would still be legal.

Very hard to unravel all the "beliefs" expressed by the shooter, but one seems to stick out: he was anti-Palestinian and pro-Zionist. HIs reasons for being pro-Jew may not be similar to the typical reader of this blog, as he prided himself, it seems, on independent thought, VERY independent. He said (I read his words elsewhere) that he was pro-Christian not because he was a strong believer in Christ (he was not sure about Jesus) but he recognized Christianity as the "culture"
of Europe, which must be upheld by all Europeans.

Now Constance tells us that this is a false flag to get people hating those who oppose Multiculturalism.
Was this man crazy enough to kill and die for that...
to get people to oppose Multiculturalism?

All his words I have read so far indicate that he was narcissistic and thought a lot about his own "high"
qualities, liked 'fine" everything, including wine and bullets (he used a form of expensive unusual bullets in his shooting spree) and probably was a connoisseur of fine organic food. He must be very close to mad to be willing to die to get people hating Multiculturalism.

What the typical reader may come up with on this one is a state of total confusion, which will take our minds off the serious news of war, starvation, and economic collapse even more than the Cayce Anthony trial.

Wait! Adding more to last post, if this was false flag then he WANTS people to be multicultural, and he's willing to die for that?

My son is in a tizzy about this, saying it's all to get people to hate Muslims. He's a multiculturist and has been accusing me of being a nasty Christian fundamentalist and right-winger for years and years and years....if I am still upright after my son's attacks,
(but which are getting worse since Breivik shot) I guess I can remain upright from Breviek. However, if Breviek's purpose was to get people fighting over multiculturalism, my son's response today was exactly what he was looking for---a resurgence of attack on anyone who is a born-again Christian who thinks Jesus is our only Savior.

Awful attacks, and that coming after 17 days evacuation from the Los Conchas fire. We never recovered from the first fire in 2000. Getting used to the Tribulation.

To Mariel:

It is my belief that he was not anti-multiculturalism nor pro Jewish at all. I believe that this may well have been part of a plan to mobilize feelings against anti-multicultural people and also to pit target groups of Moslems, Jews, and Christians off against each other. There is a real possibility that this might be what my second book termed 'A PLANNED DECEPTION.'

I also do not believe this man was acting alone! Now he has claimed there are two remaining "cell groups" out there.

Thanks for your reply, which does give a plausible explanation. Whew! Imagine giving your life for such a tawdry cause--but if he is a secret occultist he may think he is going to get rewarded on the other side.
Interesting that he says there are "cells" out there waiting to get busy. This story has legs and will never stop unless the rapture interrupts it, which I profoundly pray it will.

This is much too Hollywood, with the glamour poses of B. as soldat, B. as Mason, B. as hunk, etc. We need the rapture or at least a cold shower to get
this out of our heads.

Help, Jesus! I'm not kidding even though I can laugh.

Hmm, not sure what to make of things here. Either he was delusional and was acting alone, manipulated to think he was part of group, or some elaborate con that he cannot keep story straight. He could well have been unstable and delusional and pushed on edge. Hard to tell for sure. It is worth noting that his father was a diplomat and parents divorced when he was an infant.
delusional yes, a puppet for the enemy (fallen angels / demons) yes, also a MMORG / World of Warcraft gamer with an admitted addiction, cp. other shooters...

search the 2083 manifesto for Nordic and you'll find a strong mythic bent...

also considers earthly Jerusalem to be world headquarters for the New Knights Templar... cp. great babylon

This is a very funny video taking on homeopathic medicine.
I have to share this I found it so funny. A friend of mine has a high school friend who married a man who abused her physically. Things have changed and the marriage was saved? How, they both joined a witchcraft group. Now every time he gets angry, she tells him to back off or she will put a spell on him. It works. He never touches her.

I am not recommending this. And yes, they were both Christians in the early years of their marriage. I don't know the couple.

Murdoch Threat To Expose Obama As “Christ-Child” Ignites Western Fury

This is on a blog that Born to Watch to which was linked an article. It's hard to believe there actually was such a Russian report, but who knows, as the wise will say, in this crazy world.
Anon. 9.57:

The article was written by Sorcha Faal, a well-known KGB/FSB disinformation agent. One never knows what is truth and what is fiction in what she writes. I wouldn't even waste the time trying to figure it out.
That is in fact rather tragic and sad. So basically they look toward self-elevation and mutually assured damage to each other to stay together. Definitely a refleftion of the world. They clearly missed what to reflect in there time as "christian"
I think it would have been sadder if he kept beating her.

The woman I was talking with agreed with me that fooling around with the supernatural can be very dangerous. Hopefully they are just dabbling and couldn't "cast a spell" that meant anything.

What is really sadder is that Christianity and Judaism have become so diluted that when they might have a chance to really do some good, they no longer know how to make it happen.

Nothing you have written, here or earlier, causes me to doubt Bat Ye'or. She is into diagnosis of Europe's ills. Breivik wishes to go further and get into curing those ills, but his way is morally evil and factually incorrect.

Neither is he a Christian. Here is what he wrote in his huge manifesto:

"Regarding my personal relationship with God, I guess I'm not an excessively religious man. I am first and foremost a man of logic... If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. We do however believe in Christianity as a cultural, social, identity and moral platform. This makes us Christian."

NO IT DOESN'T! The criteria for being a Christian are set out very clearly in the New Testament and they correspond to what Breivik calls (incorrectly) a "religious Christian" - which he says he isn't, and I believe him in view of his actions.

"Love your enemies"; "If you love me you will keep my commands" - Jesus of Nazareth, who harmed nobody.
The Left now wants to ban conservative blogs read by this guy. Looks like the global police state is going to be here sooner than we think.

Welcome back to Susanna!
As a general comment, we can't 'make' Christianity 'work' for us by following a set of rules and do's and don'ts. That is what a lot of uninformed 'religious leaders' tell us. However, a True Believer in Jesus Christ knows that only by surrendering to HIM and seeking HIS will and obeying HIS Word will we walk in true Joy and Peace. That does not mean all will be well or that we will have health, wealth and happiness (that is a twisting of scripture). It does mean that with HIM we will have the unshakeable Peace and Joy, despite the trials that will come. All True believers will have to hold fast to this Truth (as did Job) as things in the world around us are changing rapidly. What I try do is to seek His Truth, not the waves of news crashing around me. HE alone will stand in the end, whether we believe it or not. Prayers for all and the persecution that appears to be coming more quickly of Christians.
INTERESTING! Under the auspices of NGO "Association for Global Education", David Littmann drafted and submitted a proposal for a UNITED STATES OF ABRAHAM for the Middle East. This was done in 1990 and it was brought forward again in 2004:
Tinyurl for Littmann UN Resolution below:
My Orthodox Jewish sources here in the Detroit area who are well informed tell me that the Association for Progressive Judaism is extremely liberal and even New Age. Littmann and wife Bat Ye'or have been deeply involved with same.

I hate to say it, but the David Littmann resolution so very much remiteminds me of the Theosophical / Alice Bailey / Solana statements that the "New World order will be a system of continents."

While I would believe just about anything bad about Zondervan based on my personal experience, the story so far sounds somewhat far fetched to me.

G U E S S W H A T???!!!

that resolution was done jointly by DAVID LITTMANN and RENE WADLOW!

This proposal, with biographical references, was published in the September 1993 issue of the Journal of the International Institute for Peace (Vienna) “The Middle East Peace Process and New Forms of Regional Integration” by David Littman and René Wadlow. See also “The United States of Abraham” by British historian Sir Martin Gilbert (Jewish Chronicle, London, 31 December 1993, p. 20); he refers to both the 6 March 1990 UN statement – “a year and a half before the Madrid Conference” – and the article published in the Palestinian East Jerusalem weekly, Al-Fajr. On 15 November 1994, René Wadlow and David Littman made an official appeal to UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali to commemorate an “International Day of Reconciliation between the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian Peoples” (AFP, 15 Nov. 1994). On 23 Nov. 1994, David Littman delivered a lecture to a crowded room at the University of Lund (Sweden) on “The United States of Abraham.”
It is also noteworthy that this was done 1 1/2 years BEFORE the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991 which Javier Solana was coordinating behind the scenes.
So the strategy of reconciling the collaborators and alienating to the point of warfare those who insist on practicing "the fundamentals" of their religions is becoming clearer and clearer. Termites from within, wrecking balls from without.
Yes! Welcome back to Susanna!

From Bat Ye'or's page Dhimmitude about the Rene Wadlow / David Littman "United States of Abraham" initiative:

– Appeal for a 'United States of Abraham' in a democratic Middle East (March 6, 1990). It was later published by the Jerusalem Arab weekly Al-Fajr (December 24, 1990) and La Tribune de Genève January 26-27, 1991.
– NGO statements and an article (with Wadlow): "A Time for Every Purpose under Heaven: The Peace Process and New Forms of Regional Integration" (Al Fajr, May 31, 1993).

Thanks for the welcome back.

I am still very very busy with recovery and very very tired. I try to sneak in here as much as time permits.

It is believed that another tornado struck here in Western Massachusetts just a few hours ago. One of the places affected is only three miles from where I live. There was a tornado warning on the radio and we were advised to take cover. The meteorologists will not know for sure if a tornado actually touched ground until they assess the damage which was significant and included more uprooted trees, etc.


The Blaze article on Dr. Susan Brooks blames Christianity and Conservatism for Oslo.
Skimmed over the beating comment and latched on to mutual elevation. Very very odd dynamics there it seems.
Susanna is formally correct that the Knights Templar were disbanded by the Pope. But this happened when the papacy was dominated by the French crown (it was even based on French soil, at Avignon) and shortly after the French king Philippe 'le beau' had smashed the Templars, who were based in Paris and to whom he was in debt.

You wrote, in a comment above, "The clearly outlined strategy of the Bailey Books, as well as Peter LeMesurier, was to pit the TARGET GROUPS of JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and MUSLIMS off against each other. BAT YE'OR's books had at least the effect of pitting Moslems against Christians and Christians against Moslems."

This is simply untrue. Muslims have pitted themselves against European civilisation for 13 centuries. Witness the Straits of Gibraltar in 711, Constantinople 718, Tours/Poitiers 732, Constantinople 1453, Granada 1492, Vienna 1529, Malta 1565, Lepanto 1571, Vienna 1683, and the migration strategy today. The idea that Alice Bailey and Bat Ye'or are responsible for Muslim antipathy to Western civilisation in our era is definitively disproved by history. Bailey was deeply sinister and into the occult, but Bat Ye'or is simply documenting a phenomenon which the Left is studiously ignoring.
This is how my local paper is spinning the Norway story.
The editor of The Dispatch is a liberal Jew who promotes acceptance of homosexuality.
If you would like a list of the attacks by the Religion of Peace around the
world in the last two months, this number and descriptions will stun you. It
did me.
Attacks in the last two months.

Early on Bat Ye'ors writings were ignored. By now we should know that the news is what the powers that be allow. Could it be that when her writings began to serve their purposes they got the attention they have now, that purpose being to turn the religious followers against each other.

The Creator does not give the blessings of rain without also giving clouds, thunder and lightning.

The Word says the deception is so great as to deceive even the very elect.

You cannot be friends with The Creator and with the world. And so, anything that attacks the world and her systems is terrorist.

Do not be deceived.
Anonymous 2:41, I think I'm going to be sorry I asked,but what are you talking about?

I think I'm going to be sorry I answered, but:

I am talking about the deception in the world today.

I am talking about the truth that there is no such thing as a 'religion of peace' however sarcastically that's meant. As we are instructed to love good, and hate evil, we are to understand that even 'hate' as negative as that is, has its place in the scheme of things. It is always a double edged sword. No life giving and refreshing rain, without dark and troublesome clouds - they go together. Only God Himself can truly explain these complexities. HOWEVER, we are to be aware that that the enemy will make use of them in his deception.

I am talking about that the deception is indeed a Great Deception, and far more elaborate than is realized.

In sum, I am saying that Islam, or the 'religion of peace' is not the problem, nor the enemy. Islam is the greatest obstacle to the Plan and the Order and we would do well to understand why.

You rightfully say that 'by now we should know that the news is what the powers that be allow', to which I add, or decide it to be.
What about the Bat Ye'or and New Ager connections? What about the UNITED STATES OF ABRAHAM proposal by Rene Wadlow and David Littmann?
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