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Ugly pressures to Israel from changed USA stance, Goldstone report

Armageddon Script in Action?

A phrase from the Book of Daniel reads "and the end will come as a flood." It could not have meant a flood of waters. The true meaning of God's rainbow (not the New Age 'antahkarana -- the perverted 'rainbow) was that this would never happen again. I believe that meant that it would happen so fast, we might not know what really hit us.

Whether that is the case or not -- time and events will tell -- things are happening F - A - S - T!

The "Goldstone Report" by a commissioned UN investigator charges Israel with war crimes over the Gaza operation earlier this year. Israel was given a short period of time to conduct its own investigation. Israel is caught between this and a possible referral to the International Criminal Court. The USA, it appears, will no longer be defending Israel.

It is looking like their only remaining "friend" may be Javier Solana. He says he has done about all he can do. Looking at internet press coverage, we read:

But faced with the defense establishment’s uncompromising position that no officers or soldiers should be put in the line of fire of "any inquiry commission," Netanyahu did another turnabout on Sunday evening.

At a top-level meeting he again rejected an independent inquiry, announcing instead the setting-up of special panel "to counter" the Goldstone report by offering "recommendations for action on the legal, diplomatic, and political front."

The panel, headed by a close ally of Netanyahu, Justice Minister Yaakov Ne’eman, is also charged with looking into the army’s own internal investigations into alleged wrongdoing by troops during the war.

That’s hardly expected to relieve the international pressure.

U.S. President Barack Obama has declared that he trusts the Israeli legal system to conduct a proper investigation. With his twists and turns, Netanyahu is increasing doubts about Israel’s political system.

The prime minister may face another difficult encounter with the U.S. president when they meet again, as they are scheduled to do in Washington in a fortnight.

So far Netanyahu has even failed to advance his argument that there is a more urgent imperative than the "flawed" Goldstone recommendations – the need to alter the laws governing international warfare. Netanyahu insists that the existing laws of warfare are no longer applicable to "the contemporary reality of having to combat terrorist entities in asymmetric wars."

That he has fallen short of convincing his international interlocutors that this should be the basis for assessing the rights and wrongs of what happened in Gaza was made plain by the EU diplomacy and defense chief Javier Solana.

In an interview with the Tel Aviv daily Ha’aretz last Friday, Solana walked the thin line between those who advocate using the Goldstone report to put Israel in the dock and those who are wary of what damage this might do both to international efforts to contain terrorism and in advancing Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

"In yesterday’s world, there were wars of armies against armies, and there were laws and conventions that dealt with the conduct of such wars," Solana acknowledged. "It is necessary to invest thought in the changing situation in which it is difficult to implement the classic rules of war."

"But," Solana stressed, "until new rules are in place, we must obey the old ones."

So, Solana essentially says that since we are in new times we must have changed laws! Sounds like something I read somewhere in an ancient book. Given this predicament, it is becoming easier to see how somebody like Solana might look like a type of pseudo-Savior to a beleaguered and increasingly isolated country.

I hope I'm wrong.

Stay tuned!


October 23, 2009, 9:51

Waging diplomatic war
Caroline Glick

The Palestinians and the Iranians have formidable diplomatic resources at their disposal. Both the Palestinians and Iran can expect to receive the support of automatic majorities at the UN for everything they do. And today most international diplomacy is conducted under the aegis of the UN or its affiliated bodies. Understanding their strength, the Palestinians and the Iranians use the UN and its affiliated organs to advance their most important goals. In the Palestinians' case, UN-based diplomacy is used to delegitimize Israel. In the Iranian case, UN-based diplomacy is used to facilitate the mullocracy's acquisition of nuclear weapons. Over the past week, both the Palestinians and the Iranians enjoyed strategic victories in their diplomatic campaigns.

Complete article at:

The Caroline Glick article was simply brilliant. Thank you for calling our attention to it.

It also reinforces my opinion that Javier Solana is no friend of Israel. It was Solana who made the speech that "international law needs to be changed" to permit defense against terrorism. By playing into that, Israeli leaders took his bait and were tricked into unfair admissions such as "when did you stop beating your wife" before "did you beat your wife" had been established.

SV, I have replied to you on the previous comments page. Peace be with you, God bless.

Rob in London.
Dear SV, Dorothy, and Craig,

I have replied to your last posts to me on the last comments page.

God bless you in the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Rob in London.
Our "enlightened masters" about to be introduced?

Almost too goofy to believe, if I didn't know the scriptures that man has been given over to believe a lie, and the vast deceit in the form of matreiya/betraya:

"An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.

The impending disclosure announcement follows upon the secret implementation of a year long openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009. The openness policy was implemented but never publicly announced due to threats against UN diplomats not to disclose details of the secret agreement. The secret UN agreement was based on two conditions. First, UFOs would continue to appear around the world; and second, the openness policy would not lead to social unrest in liberal democracies. Both conditions have been satisfied making it possible for the next stage to begin – official disclosure of extraterrestrial life."

I also haven't dug deeper, to really evaluate the sources and the links, but I will. And coming out of LA, well, we already look like extraterrestrials have resided here for some time.

If this has been debunked already, my apologies for having posted it.

Rob, you haven't answered anything. It's not up to us to prove you are wrong in your assumptions. It's up to you to prove you are using valid sources. Do you really think you are the first person to come to this website with your story? Its antisemitism 101.

It's Christians who keep trying to convert Jews. Jews do not work at converting Christians. It's that simple. While the Noahide movement has attracted some well-meaning people, it's goal is to blend Christianity and Judaism, not convert Christians to Judaism.

A "Hasidic University" website that has no information about itself and is just full of distortions is not a valid website.


"The proposed Unique Identification Number could eventually become mandatory, as it may be required for making a passport, getting driving license and opening a bank account. Though the 16-digit Unique Identification Number will not give citizenship rights, it will be used for identifying Indian citizens. At present, UID is completely voluntary, but it will become “pervasive and ubiquitous” later, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) chairman Nandan Nilekani was quoted as saying by a news agency."

Link Here-

Or Here-

By His Grace,
Thanks Sarah - extremely timely -

If there is even a smidgen of truth in the release, it is TERRIFYING!

Benjamin Creme has talked about "the space brothers" as long as he has talked about "Maitreya" (Betraya to us sane ones!).

I'm starting to envy my 3 younger (out of 6 younger) siblings who pre-deceased me! I didn't particularly want to be around to see this.

Len, Constance & All,

In the Caroline Glick article Len posted it reads:

Then on Wednesday, Mohamed ElBaradei, the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's virulently anti-Israel chairman, announced a deal has been reached between Iran and the US, Russia and France regarding Iran's nuclear program. The deal - which the parties initialized in Geneva after just three days of talks - legitimizes Iran's nuclear weapons program and effectively transforms the US, the EU and Russia into facilitators rather than opponents of that program.

According to news reports of the accord, the US agreed to send American personnel to Iran to upgrade a research reactor in Teheran that was provided to the Shah in the 1960s. Russia agreed to increase enrichment levels of Iranian uranium from their current level of 3.5 percent, to 19.75%. And France agreed to transform the higher-enriched uranium into metallic nuclear fuel.

Until Wednesday, in accordance with three binding UN Security Council resolutions, the US, Russia and the EU refused to accept the legitimacy of Iran's uranium enrichment activities. Their refusal stemmed from the fact that by enriching uranium, Iran stands in breach of its commitments under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Wednesday's accord ignores this inconvenient fact and so whitewashes Iran's illicit behavior, effectively accepting Iran's right to enrich uranium.

And that isn't all. According to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, by agreeing to enrich Iran's uranium from 3.5%, to 19.75%, the US, Russia and France have provided Iran with a solution to its technical deficiencies. Citing a report in the Nucleonics Week trade journal, Ignatius wrote last week that Iran has apparently been unable to enrich uranium beyond 3.5% and its current "supply of low-enriched uranium... appears to have certain 'impurities' that 'could cause centrifuges to fail' if the Iranians try to boost it to weapons grade."..

A couple of days ago, I saw the following article in the Austrian Times dated 10/21/2009 while I was researching Maurice Strong and his shady dealings with North Korea. I set it aside for future reference, but I think it might have a high degree of relevance here:


By Thomas Hochwarter

Police are investigating after a British nuclear energy expert involved in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme fell 40 metres to his death from a UN building in Vienna.

Officials announced today (Weds) that the man – named as Timothy Hampton – died on the spot yesterday after a fall from the 17th floor at Vienna International Centre (VIC), one of the United Nations’ (UN) main headquarters along with New York, Nairobi and Geneva. entire article...

Sorry I wasn't able to "tiny url" the link.
Say immediate prayers for those affected in India and for us here as it is coming -- I have written on the "ubiquitous" "internet of things" in past.

I had planned to let my stories stay up for a few days to soak in, but things are happening too fast to permit that.

Among Javier Solana's other responsibilities, he is over the European Space Agency which claims to be doing serious research on extraterrestial life.

Here is a link:


Another reason for EU to break the EU-ENP - Barcelona Process Treaty of Association with Israel???

EU condemns house demolitions by Israel

Brussels (UNN) The European Union's top diplomat issued a statement here Wednesday condemning the recent demolitions of Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem by Israel.
I am deeply concerned by the reports of recent demolitions of Palestinian houses located in East Jerusalem. Such actions further undermine the efforts of the international community to re-launch credible peace negotiations aimed at achieving a just and sustainable peace," said Javier Solana, EU's foreign policy chief./UNN

28th Oct 2009, 08:38 am.

Please understand at the onset of this comment my intent is not to judge you or your intent with your postings. However, I implore you to take Dorothy's warnings to heart. It has been documented thoroughly here how many messianic jewish movements have been funded by the Mooney, Unity in Diversity groups. Dorothy's ascersion that the plan is to unite and blend all religions is 100% accurate. That being said, when looking at such a group it is important to not only look at WHO runs it, but who they are associated with, where their funding comes from, who has been involved with said group in the past.

Having been around this block a couple times, even at times having conflicts with others including Dorothy, I have learned this valuable lesson. The basic tools of this game are wrought with anti-semitism. Therefore something that can be construed or even twisted in such a way to incite hatred toward jews or Israel MUST be thoroughly vetted.

That being said, I must ask, can you answer all the things listed above with certainty as it pertains to the info you have posted? I ask not to be accusatory, but so You can be certain. Dorothy has been researching this for a long, long time, and has a wealth of info compiled over many years. She KNOWS of what she speaks. If you cannot answer my question with a resounding yes, then I implore you to take the time to find out. There is far more deception afoot than what has been spread via the masons, government, or theosophists.
'Rob, you haven't answered anything. It's not up to us to prove you are wrong in your assumptions. It's up to you to prove you are using valid sources. Do you really think you are the first person to come to this website with your story? Its antisemitism 101.

It's Christians who keep trying to convert Jews. Jews do not work at converting Christians. It's that simple. While the Noahide movement has attracted some well-meaning people, it's goal is to blend Christianity and Judaism, not convert Christians to Judaism.

A "Hasidic University" website that has no information about itself and is just full of distortions is not a valid website.


12:19 PM'

Many of the sites that I have stated, e.g., the Bnei Noah site, which you also, earlier, was implied bogus site are directly linked to the Lubavitcher Chabad movement. I've already made clearly isolated this group and expressed my belief that is it clearly distinct from the Jewish community as a whole.

Yes, I believe it is also anti-semitic as I do not believe it represents and nor reflects the Jewish community as a whole, and is very damaging to it. Moreover, this is because without discernment and prior distinction made between this Lubavitcher Chabad group and their agenda from that of the Jewish people as a whole who are entirely innocent in this matter (if you look at my former postings you will see that I have emphatically made prior distinction here, as an instrument for discernment, which I believe at least shows it was NEVER my intention to provoke and promote anti-semitism), it may lead some to have thoughts and feelings which are both disgusting and antisemitic.

Perhaps, Dorothy, with all due respect, you should learn not to shove all your polemics in one basket.

Just as I believe that the beliefs of George Bush Snr and Jnr are not Christian,
I do not believe that the beliefs of the Lubavitcher Chabad are Jewish. Both the likes of the Masonic Bushes and the Kabbalist Masonic Lubavitchers are motivated by power and hatred.

Like you, I do not have to prove that you are wrong in your assumptions. You may believe, without evidence, that the sites are put up (as, however, many others are) by Jew haters who are overtly Gentiles. I believe that the sites are put up by people who are ultimately Jew hating anti-semites, who say they are Jews but are not and are actually Luciferians, I am referring specifically and only to the Lubavitch Chabad Masons here. I believe this group and it's NWO overtly Gentile friends, are not only anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish, but are also anti-Christian. I believe it is their intention, regarding their timeline, to first persecute Christians, and then they will persecute Jews also.

I believe we should pray for the Jews and bless Israel. I have only been a watchman here, it is up to others if they wish to research this or not. This is the last I will say on the matter, and I stand by my decision to post the information in this post and those leading up to it, so as to warn the Church not to become antisemitic, but to be watchful and really trust in the Lord as time is short. If I have offended and hurt anyone here, I deeply and sincerely apologise.

That is, no matter further replies, my last word here on this subject.

May the Love and Peace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you all.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Dear Sarah,
More excerpts from the article-
"...The Nobel Peace Prize was an important step in giving global legitimacy to President Obama in making an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. Obama is therefore poised to play a prominent role in the increased global governance that will be necessary after an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement."

"The timing would most likely coincide sometime soon after his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on December 10, 2009 in Oslo, Norway."

"The disclosure will follow upon a year of greater government openness on UFOs in accord with a policy secretly developed at the United Nations. If extraterrestrial disclosure does occur at the end of 2009 or early 2010, President Obama will lead an unprecedented effort to promote global governance through the United Nations. The Obama administration and its supporters are poised to take a bold step forward in helping our planet become an interplanetary culture that openly deals with the challenges posed by extraterrestrial life."

**Ahhh...looks like tptb are "primin' the pump" for the next move on the global chessboard of "crisis=change"**

By His Grace,
Apparently, the British nuclear expert who fell to his death on Tuesday of last week (Oct. 21) was not the only mysterious death of a nuclear expert at the UN building.

Moreover, other reports are indicating that investigators are NOT ruling out murder or suicide.

Four months ago, another UN worker also believed to be British, reportedly fell from a similar height in the same building in Vienna.



UN nuclear officials are denying that the dead staffer was linked to Iran.


This is a more comprehensive report from the Austrian Times in which journalists are challenging this denial:

And it is also a fact that although everyone else at the Vienna International Centre is talking about the fact that there have now been two suicides in similar circumstances at the complex - the only people that claim to know nothing about either are the Vienna press offices of the CTBTO and the IAEA.

Police confirmed today that the first death was a suspected suicide although even now some months later there is apparently no confirmed decision.

The CTBTO spokesperson when pressed confirmed there had been a death but declined to comment as the employee was not a CTBTO worker. They advised that all questions about the dead man be passed on to the IAEA. For their part IAEA when contacted claimed to know little about it - although it is understood the first man to die was an employee of the IAEA as the CTBTO hinted.

Asked if there was any information that they ever took from the CTBTO they repeatedly refused to answer, saying only that the question on what data they shared should be addressed to the CTBTO - as only the CTBTO was able to answer whether they provided the IAEA with any information - and whether there was any crossover.

And now we come down to the bottom line. It is not the business of this newspaper or its journalistic team to draw any conclusions from the facts we have manage to establish. However neither the CTBTO or the IAEA have been able to answer any of the questions we have raised, the most pressing of which are as follows:

* Why are both the CTBTO and the IAEA trying so hard to deny all knowledge about the early death and attempting to keep it a secret. If there really is nothing suspicious why not put all the information on the table. Did the earlier death really involve an IAEA staff member, what was his job, under what circumstances did he die, if a suicide was there a suicide note?

* Why is it that both organisations in the same complex and intensively involved with the question of nuclear weapons apparently have "absolutely nothing" to do with each other and if so why not? Surely there must be many areas where they can support each other and both benefit?

* If Mr Hampton was involved in gathering data on illegal nuclear activity in Iran as well as other countries, if this information was not being shared with the IAEA on the eve of talks with Iran then why not?..
read entire article..


The worldview that they want to blend all religions into is Gnosticism. In this worldview, the material world is an illusion so reality does not exist, hence matter, space and time, are things that can be manipulated and are meaningless. Gender is seen as a social construct, we are ghosts in machines, a form of mind/body dualism. etc. Death, suffering, etc are not realities, but things to be transcended by changing the way we think. It's also a war on being or existance.

Christianity stands or falls on the incarnation, because if God became man and entered human history, then everything has meaning, everything is of significance and consequence. If he didn't then nothing really counts. Nothing is real.

Thank you JD for what you have said here, I fully respect and accept what you have said also. Thank you for not judging me.

I know there are plans afoot for a one-world religion. The Blair interfaith movement promote such, for example. It was never my intention to play the Blame game on the Jewish people, I wrote things down in a panic and hurriedly because I wanted to warn the Church. I believe that the group I have referred to is mascerading itself as Jewish, and is another aspect of this New World Order Theosophist agenda. I do not believe they hold any real respect for Jews. I know that for example Prescott Bush was involved in Nazi trading. I believe those behind the NWO & OWR / NAM are vehemently antisemitic and anti-Christian, I believe the Lubavitcher Chabad group I have repeatedly pointed to are no more Jewish than George Bush Bohemian Grove Snr and Jnr are Southern Baptist. I believe the Israeli government is as much infiltrated by Freemasons as any other Western Government, and non Western Governments are, I believe this Chabad group is a dangerous front pretending to be Jewish, just like the KKK pretended to be Christian, and yet are really New Age Theosophists instrumental to setting up a one-World religion, which will fool as many as possible.

To re-iterate, I believe this group is a ruse of the NWO, and that this group does not intend to promote and does not promote Judaism and Jewish interests.

God bless and protect Israel,and both Jews and Christians.

Thank you for your kind approach here. I bare in mind and heart what you have said.

God bless you,

Rob in London.
Thank you for your comments Savvy. I have not meant to hurt, insult, or offend anyone here, I sincerely and deeply apologise to anyone I have hurt through my comments.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Despite all the sites I have put up here, I may have been lead up the garden path as we say, i.e. mislead. I will thoroughly research into what you have said JD. I deeply and sincerely apologise to Len, and apologise also to Dorothy, SV, and others offended by my posts. It truly was never my intention to promote antisemitism here. I really was afraid and wanted to warn people, and I never did view anything that I was referring to as a Jewish plot, but as a masonic one. I may have been duped, I'll research more.

God bless everyone,

Rob in London.
Rob, I'm going to tell a little story I like. When my now grown son was about three, I came into a bedroom to find the curtains pulled down. He was more than a little hyperactive. When I asked him who did it, he said, "Murderers, God or maybe Indians." All three were powerful and strange, capable of pulling down curtains.

That's how scapegoating works. One picks a group that not much is known about and blames them for all sorts of terrible things.

You've picked on the Lubavitchers who run Chabad houses figuring that readers here would know almost nothing about this unique group of Jews.

Lubavitchers have never bothered you I'm guessing. They primarily bother other Jews trying to get them to become less liberal and more involved in Judaism. They sacrifice quite a bit to set up houses in foreign countries where there are few other options for Jews. They are an extremely tight knit community but there doors are always open to other Jews. I suggest you take the time to read about the Lubavitch movement and to visit a Chabad house where you can ask your questions.

You need to find better answers to who pulled down the curtains to promote one world government.

"...I suggest you take the time to read about the Lubavitch movement and to visit a Chabad house where you can ask your questions."

Thank you Dorothy, I will visit a Chabad house and ask questions, as well as aim to read further here.

God bless you,

Rob in London.
Thanks Rob,

The battle we are engaged in will eventually affect Jews as well, since it's basically a rebellion against the Old Testament patriarchal God who the New Agers think is out to get gays and women, etc.

Few people look beyond left/right, conservative/liberal to see what's going on.

We are already seeing major divide taking place among Christians in every denomination who refuse to compromise , being branded as extremists etc. It won't be long before the same thing starts to happen, if it isn't already in Jewish circles. So Jews are not part of any plot.

Dear Rob in London,
One of my favorite Scripture verses is this:
"He who walks with wise men will be wise; but the companion of fools will be destroyed."
-Proverbs 13:20
A precious gem of Scripture serving to remind me to be ever diligent in discerning whether I'm following the teaching of the wise or whether I'm finding myself in the company of foolishness.
There is no offense between us as far as I'm concerned.
Your heartfelt apology is sweet and sincere.

By His Grace,
UFO's? Buildings on the moon? extraterrestrial life !! C'mon floks..
Thank you SV for your kind words here.

God bless you,

Rob in London.

"An unnamed U.S. diplomat’s choice of words fascinated me."

"A Jerusalem Post article, published Monday, reported that U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell plans to return to the Middle East this week to pressure Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resume negotiations. The article quoted one diplomatic official who said the intended purpose of Mitchell’s visit is to continue “pushing the rock.” (Note his use of the word “rock.”) The article goes on to cite the official, who said that the United States plans to keep applying pressure until it achieves its goal:
The US, he said, has made clear that it will do so until — perhaps because of a change of conditions — the rock actually moves."

"The official’s use of the metaphor of a heavy rock — used to describe the stalled peace process — fascinated me because it reminded me of an ancient Bible prophecy. Zechariah chapter 12 records the following words spoken by God, where He also used the metaphor of a heavy rock:
Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it. … And in that day I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2-3, 9)."

"In other words, God said that, in the last days, all the nations of the earth would gather against Israel to take its land. But Israel would be like a “heavy stone” they couldn’t budge.
This is what we are seeing today — all the nations pushing Israel to relocate its borders. Reading this ancient prophecy is like reading today’s news headlines."

"Yet, it’s also like reading tomorrow’s headlines. What do I mean? Well, God not only said that the nations will gather against Israel, but he also warned that those nations that do gather against Israel will themselves be destroyed in the process. But George Mitchell probably isn’t familiar with this prophecy."

"So, while he heads off to the Middle East this week to attempt to move the “rock,” we already know the outcome. Though negotiations may resume, this rock — Israel — isn’t going to roll. That’s because when nations mess with Israel they’re messing with Israel’s God, who, interestingly, is also described as a “Rock” in Scripture (Deuteronomy 32:3-4, 32:15, 32:18; 2 Samuel 23:3; Psalm 31:3; Isaiah 26:4; 1 Corinthians 10:4 and others). And this Rock is immovable."
— Holly Pivec



**This commentary was so awesome that I had to post it in it's entirety.**

By His Grace,
To Len, Constance & All

Here is Judy McLeod's article in CANADA FREE PRESS about the mysterious death of the UN nuclear monitor last Tueaday on October 20, 2009:


The United Nations Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization is bad for its employees’ health.

Headquartered in Vienna, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, which bears a typically hard to remember United Nations-style name, flies well below the radar screen. The organization’s equally difficult to remember short form, CNTBTO is a mouthful.

CNTBO is where British nuclear expert Dr. Timothy Hampton plunged 120 feet to his death from the 17th floor of the UN’s building in Vienna, Tuesday.

The nuclear expert fell to his death one day before talks with Iran were to begin. Hampton’s death is being investigated by police as both a possible suicide or murder.

Four months ago another UN worker, believed to be British, fell from the same building....


Brit UN nuclear expert may have been murdered, police say
By Thomas Hochwarter

A British nuclear energy expert who plunged 40 metres to his death at the United Nations’ (UN) building in Vienna may have been murdered, police said today (Thurs).
Timothy Hampton died on the spot on Tuesday after falling from a 17th floor window at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) - one of the UN’s three headquarters.
The UN confirmed the death of the 47-year-old – who was involved in disarmament negotiations with Iran as a member of the UN’s Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) – but refused to give any further information on the circumstances of the fatality... entire article....

This is why I did a double take after reading the article Len posted indicating that until just last Wednesday, October 23 - just two days after the British nuclear monitor plunged to his death -
the US, Russia and the EU refused to accept the legitimacy of Iran's uranium enrichment activities. Their refusal stemmed from the fact that by enriching uranium, Iran stands in breach of its commitments under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Wednesday's accord ignores this inconvenient fact and so whitewashes Iran's illicit behavior, effectively accepting Iran's right to enrich uranium........

Then all of a sudden on Wednesday, October 23, 2009:

Then on Wednesday, Mohamed ElBaradei, the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's virulently anti-Israel chairman, announced a deal has been reached between Iran and the US, Russia and France regarding Iran's nuclear program. The deal - which the parties initialized in Geneva after just three days of talks - legitimizes Iran's nuclear weapons program and effectively transforms the US, the EU and Russia into facilitators rather than opponents of that program.......


It is understandable how one can get sucked into looking at certain groups with skepticism and contempt. Hence the reason I posted the criteria by which I feel all should look at suspect groups. If one follows the bread crumbs they usually will find where a groups intentions lie. That being said the groups and players do change frequently, so it can be important to keep up. If one is unsure (as I have been in the past), there are many here who would be glad to help. Many are pseudo experts in certain areas, while others specialize in other areas.

Both Len and Dorothy are our residents on Judaism and both have a wealth of knowledge which they have been more than willing to share with myself and others on countless occasions. Susanna is our catholic resident, and Rich is our Alliance of Civilizations guy. Many others have their specialties, which are too many to mention. My point being, if something seems suspect and you are unsure ask someone. It is wise considering the diverse group here however, to tread lightly when dealing with a entire denomination or group. This lesson I believe you have learned the hard way, which by the seems to be my favorite way of learning things! (lol)
Your name is fairly new to me as a poster, I assume though you probably have been reading for some time before that. Your passion is reflected well in your posts, which I respect, just be carefull it doesn't become a fault. If you go back through the last couple years you will see a lot of people who had similar passion that no longer post due to the fact they were unable to except they had been led astray, or were posting info that the hardened researchers were able to refute with hard evidence. Unlike others, you seem to be able to admit if your wrong. Which I also respect. This alone will get you farther with alot of people here than anything. If it seems some have come down hard on you, please realise it is due to the fact this blog has been infiltrated by people who while they stated their intent was one thing, it was proven that they were either willfully proving false info, or were playing both sides of the fence.
And now for the grande finale:


Reza Derakhshi and Hossein Jaseb, Reuters October 29, 2009, 6:40 am

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's envoy to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency will present Tehran's position on a draft nuclear fuel deal with three powers in Vienna on Thursday, a semi-official Iranian news agency said on Wednesday.

Mehr News Agency said Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh would personally give Iran's response to Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, on the plan ElBaradei drafted for Iran to send most of its enriched uranium abroad.

A diplomat close to the agency said IAEA inspectors who arrived in Iran on Sunday to examine a previously secret enrichment site under construction 160 km (100 miles) south of Tehran would return to Vienna on Thursday.

Neither the IAEA nor Iranian officials have commented on the inspectors' visit to the site, aimed at verifying that it was intended to yield peaceful nuclear energy, not nuclear weapons.

The U.N. watchdog was not expected to publish its findings before its next quarterly report on Iran, due in mid-November.

Echoing a report by Iranian state television on Tuesday, Mehr said Iran would accept the framework of the U.N. draft but propose changes, a move that could unravel the plan and rekindle demands for harsher international sanctions against Tehran.

The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation, Ali Akbar Salehi, did not directly confirm the Mehr report but told Reuters Soltanieh left Tehran for Vienna early on Wednesday.

"He will meet with Mr ElBaradei at the first appropriate opportunity and present what he received in Tehran," Salehi said.

Under the draft deal ElBaradei hammered in consultations last week in Vienna with Iran, the United States, France and Russia, Iran would send low-enriched uranium (LEU) abroad for further processing and eventual use in a research reactor.

It calls for Iran to transfer about 75 percent of its known 1.5 tonnes of LEU to Russia for further enrichment by the end of this year, then to France for conversion into fuel plates.

These would be returned to Tehran to power the reactor, which produces radio-isotopes for cancer treatment.

The U.S. role in the deal would entail upgrading safety and instrumentation at the plant, Soltanieh said last week.

For world powers, the plan's appeal lies in reducing the stockpile of Iran's LEU below the threshold needed for conversion into highly-enriched uranium for an atom bomb.

This would buy about a year of time for negotiations on halting enrichment in Iran in exchange for benefits to forge a long-term solution to a standoff over its nuclear ambitions.


The Islamic Republic has ruled out any restraints on its "legal and obvious" right to enrich, and says it is doing so only for power plant fuel, not nuclear warheads.


It appears either someone is offing inspectors or OSHA needs to be sent over with the next group! LOL

But its history of nuclear secrecy and continued curbs on U.N. inspections raised Western suspicions that it ultimately seeks to derive bombs from enrichment technology.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised Iran for its decision to grant IAEA inspectors access to the Qom site, whose existence it revealed only last month. This was three years after Western spy services detected the site, diplomats said.

"The inspection of the new Iranian enrichment site in Qom, conducted by the International Atomic Energy Agency this week, is a positive step," Ban told reporters at the United Nations.

Senior Iranian lawmakers have said Iran should import foreign nuclear fuel rather than send abroad by the end of this year much of its own LEU stock -- a crucial strategic asset in talks with world powers -- as the U.N. proposal stipulates.

Raising another condition likely to be rejected by the powers, state television said on Tuesday Iran opposed sending its uranium stockpile abroad in one go.

"According to an informed source in Vienna, Iran in its final response to the agency, while accepting the framework, will propose changes," Mehr said in its report on Wednesday.

The official news agency IRNA also quoted comments from a Foreign Ministry source indicating Tehran did not trust France to be part of the plan. "France will be a loser because of its radical position...," the ministry source was quoted as saying.

"The French foreign minister's comments once again showed that France does not have any positive will to cooperate with the Islamic Republic on enrichment and our mistrust towards that country was completely correct and based on the realities."

IRNA did not make clear what comments by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner the source was referring to.

Kouchner said in an interview on Monday with Britain's Daily Telegraph that he thought more pressure should be piled on Iran to avert the threat of Israel taking military action.

The European Union's foreign policy chief said on Tuesday there was no need to rework ElBaradei's draft and he and Kouchner suggested Tehran would expose itself anew to harsher international sanctions if it tried to undo the plan.

But the Kremlin's top foreign policy aide said on Wednesday sanctions against Iran were highly unlikely in the near future, Interfax news agency reported.


LOL I hear you, JD.

But on a more serious note, the fact that Mark Steyn of National Review Online is on this story is HUGE!

Nuclear Fallout

[Mark Steyn]

Strange developments at the Iranian nuke talks:

A British nuclear expert has fallen to his death from the 17th floor of the United Nations offices in Vienna.

The 47-year-old man died after falling more than 120ft to the bottom of a stairwell. He has not been named.

He worked for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, an international agency charged with uncovering illicit nuclear tests.

A UN spokesman in the Austrian capital said there were no "suspicious circumstances" surrounding the man's death...

Four months ago another UN worker also believed to be British fell from a similar height in the same building, it has been reported.

Hmm. I'd advise Mohammed El Baradei's surviving colleagues to take the elevator, but then again the aunt of Kofi Annan's discredited sidekick Benon Sevan fell to her death accidentally stepping into an empty elevator shaft shortly before she was due to be questioned about the Oil-for-Food scandal. If you work at the U.N., get a gig on the ground floor.
Dear Susanna,
You have one of the best 'sniffers' I know!
Seriously, you've missed your calling as a detective or forensic scientist.

By His Grace,
UFOs - ETs - end time deception - it needs to be talked about -
Thank you JD. These are very wise words you have said here, and I appreciate your gentle approach. Perhaps I should have been gentler rather than galloping through with the coach tottering and the horses neighing. This didn't help me to see others responses early enough until I found my self only pulling in the reins at the very edge of a most embarrassing cliff.

I should have known better, rather than to rush along ill-lit streets frequented by antisemites.

I am not antisemitic and never have been. I will discuss the landscape in future, and be patient enough to await people's responses so that I may get a clearer understanding of possible pitfalls. Thank you (smiles).

God bless you,

Rob in London.
Sarah (12:19)--

Do you remember that another member commented not too long ago (perhaps no more than 2 months) that scientists have unearthed something known as "backwards speech," and that he had heard the audio of a video in which the President could be heard mentioning "extraterrestrials"?

The author of the post noted that the speech was often disjointed and was not really in what would be called standard English; but that the end result could be understood.

He also cautioned that this might be used by demonic forces, and that interested parties should be careful in pursuing this topic.
Dear SV,

Thank you for your kind words

The "sniffer" must be due to the fact that I was born into a "cop family." LOL

I have found these websites relating to ufos. Not spent time on them though so there may be or be not something pertinent to the current drive to get the masses to accept the demonic so called 'ascended masters' etc. I guess they're just run of the mill stuff but there might be something found there.

Rob in London.
This looks interesting with regards to matter/non-matter?

Rob in London
"The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind."

Regarding ufos, and "backwards speech" (like The Beatles thing?). What does Obi Wan say, something like, "The force has a strong affect on the weak-minded."

When I look at it all under the light of scripture, as ludicrous as it sounds and appears, I think there is a very real probability that it will come to pass and have some direct, enormous, impact on society, exactly as stated. The new age influence, the emergent/emerging church, post-Christian, post-modern, crisis-equals-opportunity path we are being goat-herded along guarantees it.

All I learn here on this blogsite helps connect the dots and further mine, and others', understanding. The links and news that folks (including myself) post here, some sound so absurd, and yet there is a very deadly side to it all, such as the latest posts from Susanna. It is all relevant, and all intertwined.

In 1 Timothy, Paul speaks of those forbidding marriage -

(Cass Sunstein -,

- or the eating of meat (Lord Stern, a former chief economist of the World Bank and now I. G. Patel Professor of Economics at the London School of Economic -,

which I had not realized that the Scriptures were so absolutely accurate, until I read the quotes and the accounts for myself, from those promoting those very points. Just the same with SV's quote from Holly, the literal statement and use of "rock".

So goofy or not, unbelievable or not that some of these things are, I stake my faith and comfort in my Redeemer, Who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God of Israel.

here is Answers in Genesis' article on Extraterrestrials, I am sure they have some things on UFOs as well.

and a audio of Ken Ham's Answer
On the subject of UFO phenomenon and how it may relate to what we may see in our near future.

I have heard many "insiders" claim that the final cog in uniting the world would be a event involving UFO and/or aliens. The idea was a event would occur which would no longer allow people to deny their existence, whether that be an attack from a UFO or one landing on the White House lawn, I am uncertain. The idea is we would learn from this experience Jesus, God, buddha, and all other spiritual figures were either alien beings or a alien human hybrid.

As I stated before for the most part while I saw a possibility of it playing out this way, I took info of this sort with a grain of salt. However given the recent atmosphere and Creme's almost nonstop babbling about the space brothers, it seems like a very probable situation. While I don't know much about him, one source that stated such a position was a man by the name of Bill Cooper. From what I do know, he used to host a radio program which spoke out against the teaching of the mystery religions. One thing I know about him for sure is he is dead and according to many his death was suspicious at best. Others claim he was murdered for saying too much. As I said I am not an expert on him so if anyone else knows more about him I would be glad to hear from you. I myself have had a hard time finding the truth in his regard as it seems at least some of his life has become somewhere between reality and legend.

On a personal note, as I have stated before, I do believe the UFO phenomenon to be real. Not in the sense that there are little green men from other planets visiting our world, but that at least some of the experiences are real(ie people are seeing things and having other experiences) That being said I do believe the encounters they are having are with demonic forces. This isn't a large leap when one considers most of the things that people report about their experience are similar if not the same as what one would expect when dealing with someone who encountered a demon.

The Noahite/Noahide Movement

Notwithstanding Rob's "discovery" of "the official" web site of the Noahite movement (Thanks, Rob, for your second thoughts), there is NO official website.

The Noahite movement is a worthy decentralized one that, unfortunately, people can distort to facilitate an agenda. It is not a religion and not New Age. It is as old as Noah himself. Its symbol, assigned by God Himself, may He be blessed, is a rainbow. It was the Noahite symbol long before NA absconded with it for their own purposes.

Gen. 9: 13 My rainbow I have placed in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Myself and the earth. 14 And it shall come to pass, when I cause clouds to come upon the earth, that the rainbow will appear in the cloud. 15 And I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and between you and between every living creature among all flesh, and the water will no longer become a flood to destroy all flesh. 16 And the rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will see it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and between every living creature among all flesh, which is on the earth." 17 And God said to Noah: "This is the sign of the covenant that I have set up, between Myself and between all flesh that is on the earth."

Here is a website of a Noahite organization called The First Covenant Foundation followed by their self-description:

"The First Covenant Foundation is a world-wide learning and mutual support community dedicated to covenant education -
which, we believe, is essential education.

"We are not 'faith-based.' History, science, law and
common-sense are the basis of this movement.

"We are pro-science, pro-history, pro-Israel,
pro-laughter (and music), pro-Torah and the Bible.
We have nothing against any religions
(except those involving oppression and cruelty)

"When more people keep the Noahide laws,
it won't just help save the whales,
it will make the world more worth saving.
( And help save the whales )"

I hope this puts the Noahite movement in its proper perspective.

Peace and blessing,

I was curious myself about Bill Cooper so I ran a search and found the following information:



The following is from the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon which the late Carrie Tomko and I often found to be a reliable source of historical information.




On the following see sidebar to the right for more Youtube presentations on Bill Cooper.

I hope you find this information helpful.

So, then, do you believe that the seven Noahite Laws
are legitimate, and that there was an Oral Law given to Moses at the same time as the written Law ?
I guess that's two questions.
Susanna said... at 2:39 AM

'The following is from the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon which the late Carrie Tomko and I often found to be a reliable source of historical information.


Dear Susanna,

With the greatest respect, what is your opinion of freemasonry?

Rob in London.
Quelle Surprise!!!


Associated Press Writer George Jahn, Associated Press Writer – 16 mins ago

VIENNA, Austria – Iran has given an "initial response" to the International Atomic Energy agency on a plan that calls for Tehran to ship much of its enriched uranium abroad, the IAEA said Thursday. The wording of the IAEA statement appeared to dash Western hopes of a quick deal that would delay Tehran's ability to make a nuclear entire article...

Thanks, I am looking through your links about Cooper. The Grand Lodge of BC site appears to be at least in part a smear, which one would almost expect if he were exposing things the brotherhood didn't want getting out. Here is a link to a documentary about him which contains interviews with people who knew him, who discuss his death and the circumstances surrounding it.

If these accounts are accurate, it does on the surface look like someone may have wanted him silenced. I am also attaching a link to the web page for Hour of the Time, the radio show Cooper hosted, which is now operated by people who were close to him.

From everything I can find it does appear Bill was speaking out against the new world religion. What weight that gives his other claims, I don't know. I think I will try to locate a copy of his book, to see if it passes the smell test.

While I can't speak for Susanna with 100% certainty, I believe she would tell you the masons are not above the boards. She knows as many do here the lodges were to be used as schools to externalise "The Plan". Again I can't speak for her, but I assume she posted that link to give a balanced view on a individual in question.
Oh no! Not the backward-masking conspiracy theory again. Does this thing come back every ten years or what? Hey, what d'ya get when you play a country music song backwards? You get your dog back, your wife back, etc.
Personally, I would never trust a masonic site, unless it were to take something from it to expose them. Especially when they aim to discredit a well respected anti-mason such as Bill Cooper.

Helena Blavatsky = Arch Freemason

Alestair Crowley = Arch Freemason

Albert Pike = Arch Freemason

Adam Weishaupt = Arch Freemason

etc etc etc!

Rob in London.
Dear Rob,

I am sure that you are aware that I am speaking as a traditional practicing Roman Catholic Christian who embraces Church teachings in matters of faith and morals.

Traditionally, Roman Catholics have automatically incurred the penalty of excommunication as a consequence of knowingly joining the Masonic Lodge or any of its satellite/auxiliary organizations such as DeMolay, Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls, etc.

Moreover, Roman Catholic Christians are not the only Christians who condemn Freemasonry.

Many Protestant Christian communions condemn it as well as the Orthodox Catholic Christian communion on the grounds that Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity, promotes indifferentism ( i.e. "one religion is as good as another" - including pagan religions ), embraces the false religion of "Naturalism" (i.e. that humans are perfectible solely by their own efforts) and requires blood oaths. As one loyal Catholic put it "Naturalism is not an obviously stupid or evil idea, but it does strike at the root of what the Church teaches about salvation."

It also denies revelation ( i.e. the Bible) and objective truth. This is why I find it more than a tad sacrilegious that Masons swear their blood oaths on Bibles that embody the very divine revelation that they deny.


However, when all is said and done this is not to say that there are no good men who happen to be Freemasons.

There are. I have personally known a few.

But this only serves to demonstrate that there can be such a thing as men who are better than the systems to which they adhere.

The 1983 clarification on Catholic membership in the lodge (which still stands) states that Catholics who knowingly join the Masonic Lodge are in a state of grave sin and may not approach the Sacraments...and may still be subject to the penalty of excummunication if the particular Lodge is one that openly persecutes the Church.

By the way, "excommunication" is not something the Church does to a person. It is something a person does to himself by making choices that are so incompatible with Catholic teaching that the person can no longer be truthfully regarded as a "Catholic in good standing."

All the Church does is to formally define what the person has already done to himself by his own bad choice - as an act of mercy to bring him to repentance.

Having said all this, as you can see, I have no problem citing a reliable historic Masonic source as I did when I cited the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon about Bill Cooper.

I don't agree with the pagan beliefs of Aristotle either, but I do embrace much of his teachings in natural philosophy which were probably the apex of classical philosophy - a philosophy that made Aristotle known as the "philosopher of common sense."

It is never wise to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Indeed, it is St. Paul who exhorts us to

Test all things and hold fast to that which is good. 1Thessalonians 5:21

I hope I have been able to satisfactorily answer your question.

Have a sparkling day! :-)
Thank you Susanna. Yes, you have.

God bless you and you have a sparkling day too.

Rob in London :)

Thank you for the link.

Re: Thanks, I am looking through your links about Cooper. The Grand Lodge of BC site appears to be at least in part a smear, which one would almost expect if he were exposing things the brotherhood didn't want getting out. Here is a link to a documentary about him which contains interviews with people who knew him, who discuss his death and the circumstances surrounding it.

You could very well be correct in your assessment that the Grand Lodge article might be a smear. Like you, I am interested in learning the facts on this most fascinating subject.

A good question might be why would the Masonic Lodge be doing a biography on Bill Cooper in the first place if he were not in some way (good or bad) connected to the Masonic Lodge?

It is my experience that this site does articles only on subjects that relate to Masonry in some way.

Bill Cooper is regarded as an "anti-Mason" as can be seen at the following that appears to support your suspicion of a smear:

Milton William Cooper - One of the most extraordinary examples of paranoid conspiracy to be found, Cooper saw a connection between everything from the Bolshevik Revolution to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds on through Communism and extraterrestrials (although before his death, he had ceased calling the denial of UFOs "the big lie" as he did when he believed that UFOs were real). He had identified radio personality and conspiracy theorist Art Bell as a Freemason totally without proof and believed that everything was part of a Masonically-controlled Illuminati. To give you a better idea, here's what Cooper had to say about the moon landings:


"All names, missions, landing sites, and events in the Apollo Space Program echo the occult metaphors, rituals, and symbology of the Illuminati's secret religion. The most transparent was the faked explosion on the spacecraft Apollo 13, named "Aquarius" (new age) at 1:13 (1313 military time) on April 13, 1970 which was the metaphor for the initiation ceremony involving the death (explosion), placement in the coffin (period of uncertainty of their survival), communion with the spiritual world and the imparting of esoteric knowledge to the candidate (orbit and observation of the moon without physical contact), rebirth of the initiate (solution of problem and repairs), and the raising up (of the Phoenix, the new age of Aquarius) by the grip of the lions paw (reentry and recovery of Apollo 13). 13 is the number of death and rebirth, death and reincarnation, sacrifice, the Phoenix, the Christ (perfected soul imprisoned in matter), and the transition from the old to the new. Another revelation to those who understand the symbolic language of the Illuminati is the hidden meaning of the names of the Space Shuttles, "A Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis... and all Challengers shall be destroyed."

"Exploration of the moon stopped because it was impossible to continue the hoax without being discovered. And of course they ran out of pre-filmed episodes. No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above the Earth's surface."

In fairness, we should point out that Cooper later wrote "For many years I sincerely believed that an extraterrestrial threat actually existed and that it was the most important driving force behind world events. I was wrong and for that I sincerely apologize." So the guy gets it wrong and apologizes. Does that somehow mean THIS TIME he's gotten it right? Perhaps, folks - just perhaps - he's gotten it wrong YET AGAIN! His imagined 'Masonic Illuminati' made for apparently lucrative book and tape sales. He had multiple web sites but one we were sending folks to had become a porn site and his 'Harvest-Trust' web site had been closed down as part of an apparent tax avoidance scheme prior to his demise...

Regarding the Grand Lodge British Columbia site, the late Carrie Tomko and I found some interesting information there on the French occultist Eliphas Levi.....namely that he was a member of a Grand Orient Lodge in France.....a fact that we were able to independently verify.

In any case, we read in the Grand Lodge bio that at one time Bill Cooper was a member of DeMolay. And there is a reference to what Cooper believed to be the "Masonically-controlled Illuminati" that Cooper reportedly used to replace the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Purely as a researcher, I would suggest putting the Grand Lodge article on the back burner and see if I could independently verify some of the claims made in said article.

Sometimes, you would be surprised at the snippets of information available in such articles that are not available anywhere else.


I think you can listen to the audio version of Cooper's BEHOLD A PALE HORSE for free at the following link. LOL I hope they all work.
Len, Messianic Judaism relies on flattery of Christians. The Noahide movement depends on flattery of the followers of Judaism. The final result in both is a blending of Judaism and Christianity. There has always been a part of Christianity that incorporates what was learned from Judaism. There was no need for another movement.

I base my comments on intensive research of the Noahide movement which I did after it was a topic of discussion on Carrie's blog.

Here are some videos pertaining to Bill Cooper.

Bill Cooper Predicts 911 Attack June 28 2001_01/08


Bill Cooper's 9-11-2001 Broadcast (Part 52)


Tribute to Silenced Christian NWO


The New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement [2009] _1


God bless,

Rob in London.
America should not resist the country’s decline as the dollar weakens
Soros: China Will Lead New World Order (warns Americans against resisting)

There must be a huge run on this story. I had trouble getting it from the Financial Times and with the above link I couldn't get the rest of the story.

If you have trouble try this link. There are many others.
I posted the previous link to the story. When checking around I found that not every story carried the lead paragraph that I find important. -----------

This should not be missed. It's from the Canada Free Press link.

Billionaire globalist George Soros told the Financial Times during an interview that China will supplant the United States as the leader of the new world order and that America should not resist the country’s decline as the dollar weakens, living standards drop, and a new global currency is introduced.


Thank you again. I had become aware of Coopers previous association with masons and DeNokey as he had spoken of them previously during some of his interviews and radio programs. On the subject of the grand lodge of bc article, the one thing I found interesting is it never refutes Coopers claim to have been involved in said organizations.

It does say Cooper "claimed to be a member", so they don't affirm he was a member, but they did not deny it either. Which would be a very easy way to dismiss his claims. Bill many times during speech's or interviews I have seen very voicefully professes Jesus as his Saviour. Which does seem genuine from my perspective.

Still leary of the info, but it sure is interesting. I'll try to listen to the audio book and see what I find there. Thamks for that link.

Wow I really need to spell check. It doesn't help I have literally worn half of the letters off my keyboard! lol

WOW, thanks for the Soros article.
This is lightly interesting -- Obama declares on Friday last that we have a national health emergency due to the supposed H1N1 novel influenza, and now this info is released:

Government as Internet traffic cop

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a report (GAO-10-8) that suggests a serious influenza pandemic could result in a massive spike in Internet traffic as large numbers of people stay home. The report reads:

“Increased use of the Internet by students, teleworkers, and others during a severe pandemic is expected to create congestion in Internet access networks that serve metropolitan and other residential neighborhoods.”

US GAO report on flu pandemic and Internet congestion The report focuses mainly on the potential impact pandemic-induced Internet congestion would have the US securities markets. But, it also suggests that the government may need to step in and act as an Internet traffic cop; limiting people’s bandwidth or blocking bandwidth-intensive sites altogether. Yet, this is easier said than done and may not solve a congestion problem. Here’s how the report characterizes ISPs’ concerns about blocking specific sites:

“However, most providers’ staff told us that blocking users from accessing such sites, while technically possible, would be very difficult and, in their view, would not address the congestion problem and would require a directive from the government…According to one provider, two added complications are the potential liability resulting from lawsuits filed by businesses that lose revenue when their sites are shutdown or restricted and potential claims of anticompetitive practices, denial of free speech, or both.”

Even if the government did decided blocking high-bandwidth sites would help cut back on Internet congestion in times of crisis, the report acknowledges that many of these sites are critical outlets for breaking news and important public safety information. The report reads:

“Another provider told us that some of these large bandwidth sites stream critical news information. Furthermore, some state, local, and federal government offices and agencies, including DHS, currently use or have plans to increase their use of social media Web sites and to use video streaming as a means to communicate with the public.”

Also, the government may not have the clear authority to order such measures. According to the report, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is “responsible for facilitating a public-private response to the recovery from major Internet disruption.” Yet, DHS personnel aren’t sure they could enforce Internet restrictions–as the following passage indicates:

“Further, although an effective congestion response strategy could require directing the private sector entities that operate the Internet’s infrastructure today to take actions that could negatively affect users, DHS has not determined whether it or other agencies have the necessary authorities to require providers to take such actions.”
Lots of questions; little time

The GAO report raises more questions than it answers. It’s unclear if blocking high-bandwidth sites would be possible, legal, effective, or even desirable in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, as a variety of natural and man-made hazards could lead to massive Internet congestion, we (meaning government, IT, and even ordinary users) must come to a consensus on how to address the problem, and soon. What actions will be effective and tolerated? As I mention at the beginning of this piece, the traffic cop may be an inconvenience but most people will trade a limited delay for complete gridlock. Does the same hold true for the Internet?

EU clears hurdle to Lisbon treaty

EU leaders meeting in Brussels have agreed a deal designed to win Czech backing of the Lisbon Treaty, clearing a major hurdle to its ratification.

Full report on BBC;

or tiny url;


Dorothy wrote: "Len, Messianic Judaism relies on flattery of Christians. The Noahide movement depends on flattery of the followers of Judaism. The final result in both is a blending of Judaism and Christianity. There has always been a part of Christianity that incorporates what was learned from Judaism. There was no need for another movement. "

Dear Dorothy,

Having studied "Messianic Judaism" and talked to Christians myself for the last 15 years, I don't know what you mean by "depending on flattery." That is new to me and seems to assume that people have no incentive to their worship other than an ego trip.

Paul asked: "do you believe that the seven Noahite Laws
are legitimate, and that there was an Oral Law given to Moses at the same time as the written Law ?"

The short answer to both questions is "Yes; definitely." Moses and God did not need to confer on Mt. Sini forr 40 days just to reveal the ten commandmeents. In addition, the Torah gave the sages of blessed memory the responsibility of legislating additional rules consistent with the Written Law. This is stated in Deut. 17:8ff.

Deut. 17:8 If a matter eludes you in judgment, between blood and blood, between judgment and judgment, or between lesion and lesion, words of dispute in your cities, then you shall rise and go up to the place the Lord, your God, chooses. 9 And you shall come to the Levitic kohanim and to the judge who will be in those days, and you shall inquire, and they will tell you the words of judgment. 10 And you shall do according to the word they tell you, from the place the Lord will choose, and you shall observe to do according to all they instruct you. 11 According to the law they instruct you and according to the judgment they say to you, you shall do; you shall not divert from the word they tell you, either right or left. 12 And the man who acts intentionally, not obeying the kohen who stands there to serve the Lord, your God, or to the judge that man shall die, and you shall abolish evil from Israel. 13 And all the people shall listen and fear, and they shall no longer act wantonly.

If you want an example, Daniel refused to eat the king's cooked food or drink his wine (Dan. 1:8-12), and prayed towards Jerusalem three times daily (Dan. 6:11). None oif this is in the Written Law. All of it is part of the Oral Law.

You cannot become a doctor just by reading all the textbooks. You need practical experience. That is teh rreason for internship andd residency; to learn the equivalent of the Oral Law.

Susana wrote: "Wow I really need to spell check."

Me too but there is too much to do and too little time: especially when one has Essential Tremor.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks Len.
Len, it's not about converts. It's about why the larger community, Christians, are so in favor of Messianic Judaism, and Jews see no problem with the Noahide movement. Christians think Jews need the completion of Christian beliefs and those Jews supporting the Noahide movement believe Christians will gain from more Jewish knowledge.

Dabbling in other religions without the proper grounding in one's own religion can be disruptive and can result in a superficial blending of the two, weakening both.

1 Nov. 2009

Dorothy wrote: "it's not about converts. It's about why the larger community, Christians, are so in favor of Messianic Judaism, and Jews see no problem with the Noahide movement. Christians think Jews need the completion of Christian beliefs and those Jews supporting the Noahide movement believe Christians will gain from more Jewish knowledge.
Dabbling in other religions without the proper grounding in one's own religion can be disruptive and can result in a superficial blending of the two, weakening both.

Dear Dorothy,

I did not mention conversion in my response. Messianic Judaism is a relatively new missionary movement designed primarily to convert Jews to Christianity. It attracts interfaith couples where the Jewish partner is fairly ignorant about either Judaism or Christianity; or where he wants to become a Christian while pretending he is still a Jew. It also attracts Christians who want to move closer to Christianty's Jewish roots without giving up Jesus.
The Noahite movement is neither new or missionizing. It attracts people of any non-Jewish religion who recognize the truth of Judaism but do not wish to or need to take on the yoke of the 613commandments obligatory to Jews.

A Noahide (or Noahite) is a gentile who is righteous by virtue of following the laws God gave to Noah in conjunction with the covenant which followed the great flood. Noah was not Jewish and lived many generations before Abraham. As everyone is descended from Noah the covenant, whose symbol is a rainbow, was with all of humanity so that everyone is bound by it.

The first I heard about an organized Noahite movement was from a Page 1 article in the Wall Street Journal in 1991. It told how the Rev. J. David Davis, then of the fundamentalist Emmanuel Baptist Church of Athens, Tenn., and about 15 of his flock, took down the steeple and carted it off to the dump. They had decided it was a fertility symbol that had no business on a house of worship. Then they scraped the words, “Baptist Church” off their sign. They stopped celebrating Christmas and brought in an Orthodox rabbi to regularly instruct them on Jewish philosophy.

Someone called Noahism “Judaism for Gentiles,” saying that the movement is a fulfillment of Ezekial’s prophecy that Gentiles would eventually turn to the God of Israel.

They are not converting to Judaism, keeping kosher, being circumcised or becoming bar mitzvah. “But they say they have found in the seven laws of Noah the essence of religion that God intended for gentiles. [Davis] came to this faith gradually, after suffering doubts about the literal truth of the Bible.”

The article quotes James D. Taylor, professor of religion at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “Ancient Hebrew writers mentioned certain gentiles called ‘God-fearers,’ who were dedicated monotheists who hung around the synagogues and followed many beliefs and practices of their Jewish neighbors.

Whereas Messianics are essentially Christians because of belief in Jesus' divinity, Noahites are not Jews and do not intend to become Jews. They study the Torah and Talmud but follow it only insofar as it applies to non-Jews.
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