Monday, October 13, 2008

Speaking of the Year 2010 and Evangelical Hi-Jacking -- CHECK THIS!!!

"Unify,Energize,Focus" -- an er, uh "global event" "Evangelical doing for the year 2010? Lausanne and the World Evangelical Alliance harmonically converge. WEA was, as I recall, headed by Abraham Vereide ally and friend, Norman Grubb. Norman Grubb's main group of online followers have a websitei called "Christasus." Check their Jacob Boehme and William Law "links" for direct leads into the very bowels of the Theosophical Society itself! The usual buzzwords are sure there -- sure it wasn't intentional, just as they claimed for so many years that the New Agers were not consciously or politically networked when all the time they were working busily with Paul N. Temple and Rev. Moon who were doing just exactly that -- and in leadership roles at that!

Well, 2010 is shaping up to be quite a year. Hold onto your seatbelts as we ride through these prophesied events which New Ager Shirley Maclaine gleefully calls "Karmageddon." I pray that God will give those innocently or out of their best motives caught up in this apparent apostasy called "revival" strength and discernment.

I wonder what Paul N. Temple and Doug Coe might be doing for that event? Paul Temple frequently preaches the Alice Bailey gospel that in the New Age the only sin is the sin of separation . . .

This also looks remarkably like all the other "Emergence" ministries -- not to mention global mega events that Rick Warren might bless.
Stay tuned and continue doing your own research and sharing on line. I have invited Dorothy Margraf to take my internet radio program tomorrow as I will be unavailable to do it live. Dorothy will most likely be calling on one of the regulars (Rudi?, Young Grasshopper?, Dawn?) to assist with the hour.
Comments please and STAY TUNED!

I am having trouble making out who are in those pictures and if they are speaking at the conference or saying something about it. Any help?
found a link to the whole brochure.

I have to be honest. And no I am not going to the dark side here. When looking at the brochure, it seems on the up and up.

There isn't anything that screams out new age to the average person. For me, the only tip off was some of the wording on the front page.

Maybe a better question is how do I know this is bad. Please note that I am not questioning you, I am merely trying to educate myself.
Dawn, if no other name were there to put me on guard, John Stott's is a very big red flag. When I get the Part VI article finished -- I want to be very careful not to falsely impugn those who are innocent. You may bet that Jay Gary is big time in on this one -- the buzzwords and the timing are there -- it is now 'GLOBAL RECONCILATION" rather than the gospel -- I'm sorry, but this one is smelling far more like earlier thrusts than the honest spreading of the gospel, but then again, Lucifer has had many a planned dirty trick backfire on him.


I find it very telling that Rick Warrens name is attached to this confrence. His connection has been more than established in previous threads here.


Left a post about volkswagen on previous thread.

Constance, I know that you are very busy but I think that you would find this site very interesting (maybe you already have).

yeah rick warren is a big red flag in my book. also I believe that billy graham is a secret Illuminati and loves to promote this sort of stuff. I hope he repents before its too late, he should know better.
Here is a little bit more about what we are seeing as key players floating to the surface...

Granted, this is from 2006, but these folks are REAL busy today...
I'm sorry, in the previous post I neglected to point out that what I notice is the combining presence of C. Peter Wagner's Apostolic Kingdom now drive (with its attendant embarrassments i.e. Todd Bentley), Rick Warren's PD movement, the associations with Dallas Willard (and Richard Foster) of contemplative spirituality, and perhaps even more that I can't name at the moment.

All these historical or currently associated with Lausanne.

How much credibility should we place in this Hal Turner video that claims that our U.S. government is preparing to de-monetize the U. S. dollar?

Some of his shocking claims:

--The U.S. dollar is going to tank and become worthless.

--800 billion Amero coins have been shipped to China in preparation for this.

--These Amero coins were minted in Denver, Colorado in 2007.

--The Amero will replace the U.S. dollar, Canadian's currency and the Mexican peso by February, 2009 (just 4 months away).

--That we would be forced to accept the Amero coin, which will be worth just 2 cents on the American dollar. (e.g.: a $20 Amero coin would be worth about 40 cents to our "worthless" U.S. $20 dollar bill.)

--That this would cause America's middle class to become destitute.

--That this would create civil unrest by U.S. citizens (rioting).

-- That our government is prepared for this by bringing a certain number of soldiers home from Iraq to handle it.
(My thoughts: Is this where all of those KBR "holding centers" come in to play?)

--That one option is to transfer our U.S. dollars into foreign bank accounts (e.g. a Swiss bank) and convert them now, but NOT into Euro dollars.

--Another option is to buy gold and silver now.
What are KBR Holding Centers? (in reference to the previous post)
I'm just wondering if the world financial system has just shifted to the EU as central player instead of the U.S. The world markets plunged after the U.S. government tried to save it. Now the world markets went up dramatically when Europe brought in its money. Is money in the U.S. worthless?

Ah, the U.S.A., subsidiary of the EU.

The KBR holding centers refers to the Halliburton contract for building "civilian detainment" centers, allegedly to house "illegal aliens". Many of the links are disappearing, but hopefully this one is still viable, to give you a bit of background.

take care,
Sara - thanks for the link. This is God-awful frightening. Jesus has said He would be with us thru this all right?

Im starting to get a little nervous with everything going on.
Mike, Sarah,

Many of these camps already exist, I have posted video and pics in previous threads. All one needs to do to see one is search youtube for FEMA camps. Also if you search youtube for REX84 you can find congressional hearings related to the matter.


I was reading through the link you provided and find it amusing that they claim to have just received funding for this, when in fact many of these facilities predate this document by a dozen years or more


To be worried is understandable, yes the Lord has promised to be with those who remain faithfull through this period. Always remember that while they may be given authority to make war against His people, they will never be able to take the reward that awaits those they make war against.

JD, Mike,

Yes, ;) I've been crash coursing on where the times are since January, the Lord put it strong on my heart to wake up and make certain I have my oil! So some of the info I have found goes is probably "ancient".

Mike, the Lord tells us, that when we see these things take place, know that it is not the end, that these things MUST take place, but that He is near also. We are to look up, because our Redemption draws near. So yes, it is frightening, but we are to have good cheer, because our Lord has overcome the world.

"But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." Luke 21:28

Jesus never leaves us, of that we are assured!

take heart,

Javier is once again extending his hand of diplomacy to more countries to the east of europe, more on Russia-Georgia in collaboration with the UN

and now Belarus

and finally, the Euro-Med assembly is pushing forward on the goals of Annapolis

In 1998, two engineering and construction titans (headquartered in Houston, Texas): M. W. Kellogg and Brown & Root merged to form KBR.

In 2002, KBR became a subsidiary of Dick Cheney's "former" company, Halliburton. (No conflict of interest here . . . LOL)
My prayer for all of us today:

May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ give us all the necessary courage, guidance and spiritual strength to face the coming days, weeks, months and years.


He has awoken many of us from our comfortable slumber, as I too had a similar experience not too far back. I believe He is drawing many of us closer to Him, and showing us that His promise will be fulfilled soon. Constance, Herb Peters, Holly Pivec, and many others have all done excellent jobs of gathering the scattered pieces of information. Thanks to these and many others faithfull work, we have an ability to take what is gathered and share this knowledge with our brethren who may still be dozing. My love and appreciation is with all as we head down this tough road together.

We must also NEVER forget that we are promised that in the end . . . good WILL triumph over evil!!!
Constance have you heard of "The Blue Beam Project"?
Snoops doesn't have anything on it so I was wondering if you have ever come across it?

Written by:
by David Openheimer

"What is the Blue Beam Project?
It involves two things. A technologically simulated "second coming" and the reemmrgence of new "MONTAUK" type projects that have the ability to take up a whole bunch of people as in a "rapture" type of situation and whisk the whole bunch into never-never land. Ironically, portions of the holographic projections have the potential for changing the planet into oneness with God. Unfortunately, this operates on the premise that Man shall somehow become God in human form and control other Men and dictate all actions and thoughts. The calculated resistance to the new religion, the New World Order and the new "Messiah" will entail human loss on a massive scale in the ensuing "holy wars".The "BLUE BEAM PROJECT" will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as major an event as that which took place 2000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based laser-generating satellites (star wars). These projectors will project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet, in every language by region. It deals with the religious aspect of the NEW WORLD ORDER...."

More can be found here at this link:

You can also Google it for more info....

I am not sure but you may want to search the blog. I don't remember where it was, but I believe that it has been discussed. Mac, a regular poster I believe had information on it.

My mistake the search does not search comments.
I am still getting over a oomment made about Billy Graham being a possible illuminati member. I googled Billy Graham Illuminati and pulled up quite a few things. I just can't get over it. It is getting harder and harder to find true Christian evangelical. I don't get why he would lead so many to Christ. What is behind his motive? The question of Mark 8:36 comes to mind.

Is Dr. Dobson a fake? I don't even dare look it up.
Dear Sarah (or anyone);
I am a newcomer to this board, and enjoy the discussion as I understand the significance and implications of the New Age agenda. I am not convinced however, that we are in the "last days." Can someone enlighten me as to the rationale for this thinking? I agree the stage is set for things to happen, but these things may not actually happen for many years down the road. Thanks in advance.
Greetings Anon 4:52,

"I agree the stage is set for things to happen, but these things may not actually happen for many years down the road".

It somewhat depends upon what people believe or recognize is happening or expect to happen, and especially if one believes the prophecies of the Bible.

In all honesty, and Biblically speaking, we have been in the last days ever since Jesus was risen, and the day of Pentecost. The disciples and later the apostles were fully expecting Jesus to return within their lifetimes, and asking Him when He would return, he gave them several signs to recognize.

2 Timothy 3:1, 2 Peter 3:2-4, 2 Thessalonians 2 , Romans 1:18-32, are just a few scriptures that describe the condition of the days described as the last days. We are definitely living with these circumstances today, and probably have to an extent throughout history, but it is escalating greatly today by the undermining of the family, the degradation of culture, the overall moral degeneration, etc.

These things have also taken place through history, but now the political and socio-economic structures are also there to facilitate an attempt for global domination as described in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation. This type of control, to the extent and depth of the control, is really most possible with the technology we have developed, and are continuing to expand upon, today. Our reliance upon this technology is also increasing to such an extent, the disruption of it makes it painfully obvious as to how much it is part of our lives, every aspect of it.

There are also the considerations of Israel especially, and the focus that is on Jerusalem particularly now. These things are specifically foretold in the Bible (Luke 21) as are the environmental upheavals (Matthew 24, Luke 21, and others).

These events are escalating, and could be several years, which we are told to prepare for as the "good servant doing as he is to do" in his Master's absence, but we are also told to recognize that when we see these things happening, know that He is near, right at the door, and from going back and forth in the Scriptures to study the Word and when these things would be, there isn't much left to take place before our Lord does return to establish His kingdom.

So, we are closely watching and considering each event as it transpires, and waking as many as possible.

I hope this helps...

take care,
You can search comments on Google. Try typing project blue beam and Cumbey. Then you can scroll down to those entries that link to this blog.

NY Post editorial:

Jesse Jackson: 'Zionists will lose clout' under Obama
Thanks for the tip.
I used the advanced search to just search this website. It is mentioned several times.
To Mike in Colorado re the KBR project -- I read about this Halliburton contract to build camps in the USA a few years ago and I'm afraid it is very real -- what its intended use is, I don't know, but I suspect it is for more than immigrants!


"Woe unto you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets . . ."

Think about it: Would a committed Christian go to Washington and be told, "don't bother getting a hotel room: you can stay at the White House." And then going to London, "don't bother getting a hotel room, you can stay at Buckingham Palace . . ."

I hope for his family's sake that he is sincere, but I like others must confess to reservatious about St. Billy Graham.

Anonymous by choice

High Representative Jorge Sampaio's Video message at the Alliance of Civilizations website, right column. Be sure to save it else nobody will believe we saw it!

I'm going to be publishing an article to this site on the collider project by my friend, Detroit reporter Ron Seigel. Ron is Jewish and considers the collider project to be a new Tower of Babel with lots of money wasted and with potential to destroy the earth . . . it is food for thought.


I almost can't believe I just saw that! Since we already know way too much pertaining to the type of religion the alliance would want to teach children, this simple statement is a very important one. It is saddening that our children will soon become the frontline in this, but I would honestly expect no less. Program them young to avoid resistence in the future. Great find!

Brooksley Born advised Bill Clinton, Rubin, and Greenspan to regulate derivatives.
If anyone is interested in the article from where these comments come they can google or e-mail me.

In the comments section MQ says: “Rubin is not a Clintonite. If you believe that, you don’t understand how the Democratic elites work. It would be more accurate to say instead that Clinton is a Rubin-ite. So are most of the other establishment figures in the party. Obama has so far given every sign of being a cautious, establishment-oriented Rubin-ite himself. We’ll see if that changes. Rubin himself will change, I think—he’s been shaped by Wall Street, but he’s not intellectually as ideological as Greenspan.“
Dan Simon adds this scary thought: “In fact, as I’ve argued elsewhere, the problem may be that any macroeconomic tool for mitigating economic downturns, be it Keynsianism, monetarism, or whatever they come up with next, is doomed to fall prey to this kind of betting on expectations that the tool will be used. If so, then the basic premise of both left- and right-wing economics—that economic downturns can be mitigated using “our” policies—is mistaken, and the best solution may be simply to let the brushfires burn, so to speak, to avoid the really catastrophic conflagrations that occur when it’s been too long between them.”
So when will we see our economy implode, who is the puppeteer behind Greenspan and the others who have pervaded ‘our’ government all these years, and with the ‘love of money’ dominating society, ‘me only’ mentality and no moral absolutes to hinder a chaotic juggernaut, what do you expect? Think tanks must have advised these same ‘leaders’ as to what controls will be needed.
This is the Scripture that came up in me after reading your post.

"Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:

The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely,

What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice."

Hope that helps.


I look forward to the article by Ron Seigel. You may recall I talked about my fears regarding the Hadron Colider in a comment in a long thread about two weeks back. I was especially concerned about the Higgs Boson particle, or God particle and how it would affect the Christian and Jewish belief system if they claim to have found it. It is also interesting that they have named the machine that will study the miliseconds after the Big Bang is re-discovered "ALICE". This is considered the “Holy Grail” of particle physics, (the Higgs Boson,) and intends to re-create the conditions that existed a few seconds after the Big Bang and the creation of our universe.

Occultists use the name ALICE frequently and I wrote why I think they do that in a blog post a few weeks back which I've re-posted.

I am going to be writing more thoughts about all this in my blog shortly as I think it's critical in understanding the plans that are afoot to destroy the world.
A number of years ago Constance represented parents who were exposing an Afrocentric curriculum in a Detroit school. Of particular interest is the tie between the Afrocentric movement and the New Age movement.

New research by Stanley Kurtz shows that Annenberg money that was to be used to fund improvement in the Chicago Public School system was instead to fund Afrocentric programs in public schools by Ayers and Obama.

Wright 101
Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s anti-Americanism

"It looks like Jeremiah Wright was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only did Barack Obama savor Wright’s sermons, Obama gave legitimacy — and a whole lot of money — to education programs built around the same extremist anti-American ideology preached by Reverend Wright. And guess what? Bill Ayers is still palling around with the same bitterly anti-American Afrocentric ideologues that he and Obama were promoting a decade ago. All this is revealed by a bit of digging, combined with a careful study of documents from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the education foundation Obama and Ayers jointly led in the late 1990s.

John McCain, take note. Obama’s tie to Wright is no longer a purely personal question (if it ever was one) about one man’s choice of his pastor. The fact that Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Wright’s anti-Americanism means that this is now a matter of public policy, and therefore an entirely legitimate issue in this campaign...."

More at link




Excellent find-that link! When I watched Rev. Wright speak the night before his infamous speech at the Washington Press Club, I thought he was highly entertaining,and didn't quite understand all the fuss being made over him, but now I realize that his entire speech was rooted in afrocentrism. Check out the columns comparing the characteristics of the African culture and the European culture, and recall the speech.

Page 116 of the link you gave us is very revealing as it pertains to Obama and the New Age. We read that Maulana Karenga connected afrocentric values to an ancient religious system reflective of the ideal character of "Maat", which comes from Ra in ancient Egypt. The ideal guru or self-mastered 'Maat' is calm, silent, controlled , wise....etc. See page 116

I've heard pundits say that Obama's biggest problem is his utter self-control and lack of anger. One pundit recently said he'd like to see Obama prick his finger and draw some blood, - a rather curious statement, I thought, coming from a media member. Obama's followers obviously think he's a Maat guru type.

At any rate, there's a New Age website called Spirit of Maat that claims they know the end of the world is near because of the appearance last year of the Blue Star, whatever that is.

On that same website we find the Hopi Indian proverb, "We are the ones we've been waiting for," a quote used repeatedly by Obama in the early days of his campaign.

There is without a doubt a deep connection to the New Age in afrocentrism and the Obama cult, as Dorothy has pointed out numerous times.

The link to the New Age Maat website and the "We are the ones, we've been waiting for" proverb is here:

The Kurtz story is at or


May we have your comments and input regarding that Hal Turner video (from an earlier post from "Anonymous" @ 12:47 PM)?

Thank you.
YG 11:28

You wrote.."On that same website we find the Hopi Indian proverb, "We are the ones we've been waiting for," a quote used repeatedly by Obama in the early days of his campaign."

While Obama, his campaign and/or supporters, or NA followers may have used that tipping point paradigm shifting phrase, it is not a Hopi proverb. In fact, the entire idea of an anonymous and mysterious group of "elders of the Hopi Nation" uttering such nonsense is laughable. Those asses at the MAAT site just trying to legitimize, add spiritual weight to their crap.

Various Hopi elders have spoken out, several times, in ways that are not "anonymous", but well documented. Search Dan Evehema's last days "Message to Mankind" or Thomas Banyayca's warning speech(s) at the United Nations.

Came across this article on the EU's new proposed database for email, phone records and other personal data. All done under the premise of making people safer, but has already been tagged as Orwellian by many in EU. This is an article released today, complete with video comments.

Here it is in tinyurl

Spelling correction..

Thomas Banyacya

The first HOPI attempt to warn the world about the evils of technology coupled with pride and human greed, was in 1948 after numerous religious leaders, including Banyacya, became convinced the development of the atomic bomb was a fulfillment of end times prophecy.

The Hopi's 1948 attempt to speak before the newly formed UN ended in failure. Banyacya's speech (last days warning) was finally delivered in 1992, to a near empty UN (most members were out on recess).

As a "traditional" Hopi, Banyacya was awaiting the "pahana", the true white brother, the "messiah" if you will, to arise and unite the world in peace and understanding.

Like billions of others awaiting the coming of an "anointed one", "messiah", "mahdi", "christ" or "krishna"..... let's pray the HOPI don't get fooled by a well packaged counterfeit.
Oldmanof the Ski;

Thanks for the information. I did google the names and read up on both of the Hopi leaders. Those New Agers will steal anything for their own ends!

Just noticed you can now buy an Obama Phoenix bird T-Shirt.

Looks like a lot of people are in on the secret now.
Wow group, it dawned on me on my drive home tonight.
The fastest way to get to a ruse of a one-world economy where commerce is controlled by a single entity is how?

Get our federal government to be "forced" to significant interests in all remaining publicly-held banking institutions. I have been seeing this all as a socialists concern, but what I wasn’t seeing is that we will probably have a majority Democratically controlled House and Senate, with a Muslim-sympathizing, if not an outright Muslim president all at the same time.

Now Solana doesn’t have to move into 1600 Penn Avenue if Obama is doing his bidding anyway right? So it wont have the appearance of a one-world government, only under the table where extortion and threats are voiced will it be one-world. But on the surface it will all be a façade.

So go back a decade when it was the Democrats whom ordered Fannie Mae and Fred Mac to encourage unqualified applicants to apply for mortgages they would never qualify for at any other time.

Years later everything blows up and the “lost” look for Obama to be our Messiah.

My point is this – I had always wondered how the end times would force millions of us to use a single mark to trade, and what we are witnessing is the very groundwork for that to be easily integrated into our society on a quick and massive scale. I don’t know what the mark is, but the banks are all lined up to be ordered to do the Democrats bidding like years past, and if they don’t they wont get the massive infusion of worthless dollars.
How else could you get three-hundred million folks to suddenly trade and have commerce if you didn’t have all of the banks lined up to do your bidding and enforce it under a single policy mechanism?

I am trying not to be scared, getting lost in the little details. Its a little easier if you step back and see the hand of God in this.

Do any of you think there will be a time when we loose internet connectivity to stay in touch?

Mike in Colorado
Has anyone been watching the "The Last Enemy?
Interesting take on the complete surveilance society. It's all for our own good.

In Costance's second book 'A Planned Deception', Appendix H Lucis Trust, informs the reader that "every seven years increasing numbers of individuals and groups around the world observe a Festival Week of the new group of world servers."

This reference material that Constance included in her book refers to an upcoming Festival week between 21st and 28th December, 1984 however the inviting/information letter was written in October 1983 ... some serious forward planning!


Does anyone know if these 'seven yearly meetings' continue to run to this day and if so and they've been keeping in time, does this make the next one due in 2012?

With all that's going on in 2010 it just kinda makes go 'Hhhmmmmm?'


Here's a link to answer your question:

yes, Dec. 21-28, 2012. I haven't dug deeper there yet, but on the surface you are right.

To Mike in Colorado (8:01 PM)

Re: "Do any of you think there will be a time when we lose internet connectivity to stay in touch?"

Yes, Mike I do believe that, at soome point in the future, the New World Order "powers that be" will limit (or remove entirely) our access to freely communicate and speak out as we are able to do now.

So, let's all thank God and treasure this time where we are able to share information that helps all of us put "all the pieces of the puzzle" together while we can.
Mike in Colo,

I'm coming up to speed here also, but I have heard Constance in the past mention how Solana (and the NA) are extremely "perturbed" at how the internet has been utilized for those that oppose. At some point, it will be turned off unless you pass muster. Some European blogs are already under pressure to restrict their speech, and the attempts have been made here in the States also, to shut down those that do not agree or won't toe the line, just on personal issues.

The link above from JD shows one side of the issue of monitoring the internet (and its content), but it also illustrates some of the problems/concerns with trying to manage it. The potential for this control won't go away, because the belief is that there is greater potential for danger.

As the Word says, "perilous times will come."

As Dory says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."



I would have to assume that when John reffered to no man being able to buy or trade lest he had the mark, that it would apply to bill paying such as internet. Unless of course we have a hacker in our midst. (lol) As I posted previously, there is plans in the works to reinvent the internet anyway, since this new internet will propably require RFID technology(the mark) to access, as the EU wants it completely RFID interactive. I would assume this is to keep believers from spreading the Truth, as they realize now many of us use it to do just that. As for the Govt. buying into banks, I see this as a multi-tier scheme. One it would allow the Beasts to turn off anyone's flow of currency via their chip, Second implementation becomes easier if you control the way currency is flowed through a country. Through this they could also make the banks operate via the new technology as opposed to the old monetary system.


I don't know if anyone else has caught this yet, but I saw on the ticker at the bottom of my screen on CNN that the Federal Reserve has vowed to pump literally an unlimited amount of US dollars into global banks to help with losses. Now from what I understand this will be new US money, which in turn would further erode the value of the dollar as the more that is out there the less it is worth. I found an article on it.

Just checked it out...I guess that could collapse the dollar...

Anybody have a calculator totaling this up? Mine just turned to smoke... :^P

Needed the laugh, thanks!

Does anyone have credible info on Billy Graham/James Dobson Illuminati link. I googled but found more info than I could handle. I would like to know if their are any sources Constance would trust as I suspect some may be just sensation seekers.
Sarah - Thank You for the link - there sure is much to consider on this site and through their links!

Well, I wasn’t going to post this info, for two reasons.

One is that I really don't want to steer anybody towards occult type things, because, in the end, all such corruption is going to burn and anybody standing too close or caught looking the wrong way might get singed.

The second reason is that our wise old pit bull Dorothy pointed out awhile back that there’s enough factual documented evidence out there to digest that we don’t need to be posting conjecture or wild conspiracy nut theories.

Agreed, we need to keep focused on uncovering and documenting facts, or truth can get lost.

I also hate being labeled a kook, and such is the risk one takes when one posts things of this nature.

However, weighing all that, I've decided that sinceYoung Grasshopper keeps bringing up the fact that Obama and the Phoenix symbol are somehow connected, there's no use sitting on anything that may corroborate the growing body of evidence. Now we can argue about the nature of the feathered beast used in Obama's Presidential Campaign Seal, but there can be no argument about the fact that those Obama mania t-shirts do indeed incorporate the Phoenix in all her glory. So, with that in mind, I've decided there's no reason not to post my following, rather strange observation:

I'm sure you all remember Obama's Greek/Egyptian Temple platform the night he accepted the Democratic nomination for President at Invesco Field. Well, while millions were glued to their televisions, I was glued to Google Earth….

Here’s the coordinates for Invesco Field….


105° 1'11.72"W

Once you find it, turn the Google Earth image of Invesco so that due N is to the left, (nine o’clock) and Bryant Street is at the top (high noon) with W 17th Ave at bottom (six o’clock).

Now use your reduce button and open up:

Again, using the minimize button, place Invesco Field side by side with the Eye of Horus design as depicted by our good friends at Wikipedia.

Tip: resize both images until they are roughly the same size (and don’t forget to use the Google earth control buttons to turn Invesco so that W 17th is pointing down, a la Horus' tear.)

Paranoid delusion? Mere coincidence? Or a structure designed like China's Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing, or the Louis Weiss EU Parliament building in Brussels, buildings destined to be the location for events of extraordinary magnitude?
Mike in Colorado, just to add to your list, there are 5 MILLION illegal aliens who are in one state or another of foreclosure.
Oops, Louise Wies EU Parliament Building is in Strasbourg, France. I've posted the coordinates previously.

Scroll down to "Abduction of Europa"

Is that a woman? Is that a beast? Was this symbol chosen for some specific reason or am I just suffering from an end times paranoid delusion?

"After the Economic 9/11, we will face a New World Order”…


”In this new order, we will doubtless see a different America. America's role in the world has undergone great change, but its relative decline will be fast tracked by the economic crisis.”

“Dictators and fundamentalists use deprivation to their advantage, tapping into frustration to spark violence and secure loyalty.”

“Volatile regimes that stand in opposition to the US will be emboldened by a diminished America.”

“…the EU represents a form of international co-ordination unmatched anywhere on the planet.”

"It is time for Europe to step up to the plate."
Oldmanoftheski 7:58,

Interesting--if you Google "The Abduction of Europa" you get a bit of the mythological history which includes other pictures of the woman on the beast (Wikipedia entry for "Europa"). It's pictured on a Greek E2 coin and the Belgian E10 silver coin.

I'm sure Farmer could give us some insight regarding the fact that the beast (who is Zeus) abducts Europa and carries her into the "sea".

In Roman mythology the legend is referred to as "Raptus". Raptus (to seize) is the same root for rape as well as rapture. Interesting...

Thanks YesnaSpanish Town,

The myth goes that the "god", (little "g") Zeus first seduced and then carried off Europa for the purpose of fulfilling his own lustful desires…and thereby creating monstrous offspring.

The following is excerpted from:

“He moved among the cows, more beautiful than they or other bulls,
he strolled spring grasses, white as the snow untouched
by southern rains or footprint on the ground,
huge, silky muscles at his neck and silvered dewlaps hanging,
horns as white as if a sculptor’s hand had cut them out of pearl.
And no one feared his look, forehead and eye were gracefully benign…
Agenor’s daughter gazed at him in wonder.”
(Ovid, Metamorphoses II.849-59)

And so it goes...

But here's one interesting tid bit..

“Europa was also either the daughter (or sister) of Phoinix (also mentioned in Homer, Iliad XIV.321)”

Round and round we go, uncovering "new" facts that are not really new. Indeed, all these things lead back to that very first deception as recorded in the book of Genesis.
I was offline yesterday and most of Tuesday. I did hear a few minutes of Dorothy's superb guesthosting my perspective. Young Grasshopper was on with her and I have not yet had the opportunity to listen, but I understand Dawn was on the 2nd half hour and that a good time was had by all.

Thanks to all 3 of you for a job well done!

Wise old pit bull here--
I was reading the fascinating article you linked to and have this conspiratorial thought. It was really Obama and not Clegg in the UK who wrote the article. Proof:

"Here in the U , fundamentalists prey on men and women alienated by widening inequality...
We need to take steps now to restore economic stability and with it political legitimacy. Without firm action, the outlook for international relations will be bleak."

"The country that lost its moral credibility with the war in Iraq now risks losing its economic credibility as well."

" governments have a responsibility to reduce inequality at home and across . We need greater fairness to create greater security too. That's one of the arguments for my party's pledge to cut taxes for society's worst-off, paid for by those who can afford it and a reduction in Government waste."

"Finally, leaders must work together to undertake a massive expansion of renewable energy. Volatile oil producing nations cannot hold all the cards and hold financial stability to ransom.

"The challenges for , and the world, are clear. The events of the 20th century remind us that we must restore economic security today to avoid global upheaval tomorrow. The only way to do that is through a multilateral – a liberal – approach."
(Author) is the leader of the Liberal Democrats

Or it could be that lots of people are paying for "fill in the blanks" speeches. It would be a good business.

As a side note, I've was told by an Afrocentrist that the symbolism in Ethiopian mythology is better for telling the future than the tarot cards, Greek or Roman mythology or even the symbolism in the Bible. I got too confused when reading about i ching and runes so I don't know anything about them.

YesNaSpanish Town,

Of course it's all just Satan's twisted answer to the wedding feast of the lamb. Good thing our Lord promised no more floods, or I'd be building a boat in my back yard about now.

Fire insurance anyone?
Wise indeed you are, Dorothy, to notice the similarities in thought and words (maybe Ayers wrote it, he seems to have written everything else for Obama!) ....but is it really a surprise they are all reading off the same NA/AOC script? As for the occult symbols, as well as the lofty sounding grand unifying theories....who is the ultimate author of such trash? What rises to the top in a stagnant pond?

I thought about changing my blogger name to "Eyeswideshut" as I am beginning to cringe at the implications.
Yesterday USA Today had an article regarding the stock market ups and downs. I found the following sentence very new agey and Masonic:

"The stepped up efforts of government, both here and abroad, to combat the global financial crisis is a first step toward transforming the mind set of the market from chaos to order."

It's all good - smile, be happy. The governments of the world are on the job.

Berit Kjos has an excellent addition to this from Carl Teichrib and "order out of chaos":

Great find! It seeems the old serpent has sought to counterfeit another of the Lord's methods. As it was He that gave Joseph the foresite mentioned in the article. I also find it amusing that the author states the original term used for the global currency was the Phoenix, anyone have any idea as to what Dey stands for other than the obvious dollar, euro, yen? Since nothing seems to come up by accident with these people.


I was also musing on it being one of the "symbols" associated with Obama, I believe YG and others have examined that aspect... I may need to give it another look.

"This deal is getting worse all the time." - Lando Calrissian


Turkey seems to be the latest on the list of countries going to chip encoded indentification.


Obama is not the only one to use this symbol. Many new agers use refferences to the Phoenix. This is why Obama's use is concerning. It is often stated they believe that out of the ashes of a crisis a new pheonix will arise. Or in other words out of chaos will come a new order.

Excuse the spelling it seems I have become a little to comfortable with my E button! lol


I feel like I'm drinking from a fire hydrant right now...

There is certainly a lot of info out there to swallow, so to speak. At times it can seem as though we are drinking from a fire hydrant as you stated, I went through a similar feeling once I started looking into NA and many of the current situations in the world. If I or any one else throw too much info toward you its because there is a plethora of it out there. Take your time, absorb small pieces at your own pace. Once you start to get the basics of it, you will see that many pieces of the puzzle are similar in meaning, they are just different shapes. I personally have watched these threads swell by 30+ posts a day, which when trying to absorb info can be over bearing. There are many here who know their own parts and pieces of the puzzle better than others, such as Hopper, Dorothy, Old Man, and the list goes on. If you have questions about anything, most will do their best to explain as I know they all in different ways have helped me understand.

Re Rex 84, this Wikipedia article contains much pertinent AND DISTURBING information. Thanks for the lead!


Things have been added and taken away from this Wiki article recently. The last time I checked Wikipedia, the article stuck more along the lines of REX84 concerning illegal immigrants that might be a threat to US in times of war. It also used to contain subsections regarding conspiracies about the FEMA camps. I see that these things are now absent from the article. I have a print out somewhere in my pile of collected info of the original article that I will try to find and scan so I can show it. It seems now that the article more accurately reflects the real purpose of REX84. I wonder why change it now?

Go to the wikipedia link, then hit the discussion button and read. I find the discussions more interesting than the articles.

Jesus said, in Mark, chapter 12,after describing how the Father sent many servants (prophets) to the vineyard and each one was driven out or killed by the husbandmen:
6)" Having yet therefore one son, his well beloved, he sent him also last unto them, saying, They will reverence my son.
7) But those husbandmen said among themselves, This is the heir; come let us kill him and the inheritance shall be ours.
8) And they took him and killed him and cast him out of the vineyard
9) What shall therefore the lord of the vineyard do ?
10) And have ye not read this scripture; the stone that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner:
11) This is the Lords' doing and it is marvelous in our eyes"?

The Paul Temples and the Doug Coes and the Marianne Williamses and the Javier Solanas and the Al Gores and the Barack Obamas and the elite of the Freemasons are the husbandmen of this vineyard (world), and they've been given their power by God himself. He knows all about their plans. He knows that they can repent and turn back to him as long as they draw breath.
God knows all about the Bilderbergers and the Bohemian Grove crowd, and the Moslem Brotherhood and the Bankster Zionists who don't give a hoot about their own people and would, and will, sell them out even to death just as they did in WWII.
They really hate God. It's just that simple. They hate Jesus. They've always hated him.
People would rather worship human heroes of art or philosophy or psychology or even something as lame as pop music or as useless as multimillionare sports stars.
Never forget that the victory is ours through Jesus Christ.

Retrieve the back article in Wikipedia by clicking history.


I found this and if its accurate it puts an interesting twist on what we may see happen. It has to due with disarmament of countries and arming the UN. I don't have access to the laws and orders mentioned and internet searches turn up everything but the specific documents. I plan to check the library for them to see if this is fact, but if someone beats me to it please share.

As the end-year holiday beckons, The Standard today reveals the exclusive world of some of Kenya’s most expensive hideaways where top politicians and the very rich escape from the public limelight.

Oh just go there and scan for Obama's name.

I came across this story while following up on the one about the MObama telephone call. Interesting list of stories out there in Kenyaland.
Check out the ones on Odinga who Obama helped with money and time.


I thank you for your information about Google earth. (I guess!) It took me a while to figure out how to use it, but after playing around with it all day I think I've got the hang of it now! I just did a blog post about the info you posted here earlier today, using some graphics, and I thought you might find it interesting. I also hate to give credence to this occult stuff but it's getting a little difficult to ignore.

Paul: you are right on. They hate Jesus, and the magnitude of their hatred is unbelievable.
Forgot to leave the link:

Constance, Dorothy,

Thanks I found the archived info, and Dorothy was right the discussion is pretty entertaining. Have either of you seen the youtube video of the Iran contra hearings where this was brought up? I found it fairly entertaining as well.


One more thing you said:
In Roman mythology the legend is referred to as "Raptus". Raptus (to seize) is the same root for rape as well as rapture. Interesting...

My pastor introduced me to a new word last week- paralombano- evidently Greek for 'to be taken'.

I wrote it down while I was in church and noticed the letters to Obama's name are contained within the word. Sure is Greek to me, though I thought it was a funny coincidence, within a funny word.

I agree that if these are coincidences, there sure seems to be a lot of them. One thing that is also important to remember is our predecessors in the faith, the apostles and such, would have seen these symbols commonly in their everyday life and would have known their meaning when they saw them. They were able to discern them and therefore were more able to effectively combat the spiritual forces the symbolism envoked. This generation on the other hand, for the most part has been kept from the meaning and is more suceptable to their influence. Mostly due to the fact that they have been taught that these are just meaningless symbols. To know what they are and what they truly stand for, is to be prepared to battle what they invoke. Just my thoughts on the matter, as long as you present the symbols for what they truly are I see no harm, as we are required to share the Truth.


I think that this video really helped me visualize the magnitude of this globally coordinated effort of our ever-evolving One World Gov't/New World Order.
Sometimes getting accurate information is not as simple as going to one website for all truth.

Today Dawn called to my attention that Zeitgeist 2 is now out. Knowing how evil Zeitgeist 1 was, I sent out the information to my email list.

A woman wrote back saying that it was connected with Lucis Trust. I started to do a search and found that I had to wade through the websites of disinformation specialists such as Icke and Jones along with trustworthy sources. So while it would seem there would be a credible link between Lucis Trust and Zeitgeist, I couldn't find it, just strained implications.

At this point there is a pro and con side regarding Zeitgeist 1, Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeigeist 2. Just watching it might make you retch, but if you want to analyze who is behind it, where the ideas are coming from and how the techniques are manipulative, it will take some work.


Don't know where you are from...CO? but we've had a case here in Florida recently that has been so sad and so disturbing about a young 22 year old woman named Casey Anthony, whose child went missing 4 months ago. As I've watched this saga play out I have been struck by the revelations of her downhill spiral via sex, drugs, wild parties, etc. This week she was formally charged with homicide, although her little 3 year old daughter's body has not yet been found. Her incessant lying, lack of any emotion over the fact that her child was missing, and her total self-indulgence has been mind-boggling to those watching the thing play out on Greta and Nancy Grace. I kept saying to myself that she must have opened a door to evil and the occult, whether unwittingly or not, and this is the result of her actions.

Sure enough, they showed her on Nancy Grace the other night appear before the judge the day she was charged this week. She wiped her eyes repeatedly and I noticed a ring on her third finger. I read somewhere that a ring on the third finger is significant- maybe when I was researching Todd Bentley- I can't remember. Anyhow, the symbol on the ring? It was the ANKH: An Egyptian cross symbolizing a mythical eternal life, rebirth, and the life-giving power of the sun. I also believe this was the symbol on the drums on the Obama singing kids video that we saw recently.

Dabbling in the occult, whether unwittingly or not, has grave consequences. In this case it led to the murder of an innocent child. The dumbing down of our kids and especially our teens concerning occult symbols used regularly in Goth-type fashion(remember we talked about the praying skeleton not that long ago?). music, dead head culture, etc. etc- all of these things lead to the next thing which leads to the next thing which leads to destruction. Although we don't like to give the occult any more attention than possible , it's time people helped educate the uneducated and unsuspecting in how dangerous this symbolism really is.

Dorothy- regarding Zeitgeist. Isn't this the film the mother asked about here on Sunday morning? She said her college sons were wrapped up in it and she was concerned. Perhaps she's reading now, I hope.

I live in Michigan, but spent most of my life in or around Ft. Myers Fla. I agree that the Casey Anthony case is a sad one as I have followed most of it over the past few months. I understand your point and reservations about exposing anyone to occultic messages. Symbols such as the ankh, eye of horus, as well as symbols representing ra and numerous other pagan religions are simply seen as fashion in much of modern culture, even though their implications and meanings run much deeper and are known and used for their purpose by others. My statement was not meant to convey that they were harmless, it was actually quite the opposite. My statement was meant as encouragement for you to keep exposing these symbols for what they are, dangerous, demonic symbols. It was also to point out that in order for one to know their enemy, they must know the methods and meanings of symbols used. Many modern believers are clueless as to what most of these symbols are, or their meaning. They are also oblivious to the fact that many of these symbols have been used by numerous mystic religions, that would have had no contact with one another and no way of having seen these symbols prior to being exposed to it from a demonic source. Yet through out time we see many of these repeated over and over. A prime example of this is the swastika. Many know it as a symbol of nazism, but many don't understand that it had been used by egyptians and a few other mystic religions prior. A believer who does not know the tactics of his enemy leaves himself vulnerable to his enemies tactics.


I found this on Yahoo! It appears that there are those in Chicago (Dorothy has propably witnessed some of this) who don't see the "big deal" about Obama being associated with Ayers. They say no one is paying attention to what Ayers has done since 1990. I noticed that the media wasn't paying attention to this either, but for other reasons, ACORN, New Party etc. They seem to want to give people another reason not to dig for them selves.


Hi All,

You should read this Bloomberg article about Senator Obama's plans to declare CO2 a dangerous pollutant. If Green-Agenda is still reading here, input would be greatly appreciated.



This article is from Sept 1. I remember seeing on tv or in the newspaper about a month before this financial meltdown talk of the US accounting practices becoming more in line with international standards, so the investors from other countries can better grasp the assets of US companies they might be studying, among other things. I thought, interesting, is it to help push for a single currency? I don't understand economics, so I don't have anything else to say about it. I thought I would look on the net and see what I could find about making the accounting practices compatible, though, and this is what I located. Whether it means anything or nothing I have no clue. But I posted it anyway, in case it means something to anybody.

(ps- I watch the Last Enemy also on pbs, but I miss half the episode often, since the other half decides to talk then...)
By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - "Government mail carriers would deliver emergency supplies of antibiotics to people in U.S. cities in the case of an anthrax attack, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services officials said on Wednesday."

"HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt said there was no evidence any attack was imminent but that it was important for authorities to have a quick distribution system ready."

"The U.S. Postal Service carriers who would bring the antibiotics from door to door all would be volunteers who would have advance supplies of antibiotics to protect themselves and their families, officials said."

"Anthrax infections can affect the skin and gastrointestinal system and are easily treated if caught early. But if spores are inhaled, the symptoms are difficult to diagnose and by the time a patient is really sick, it is often too late to save him with antibiotics."

Now your mail might get to you 'lickity-split', but my mail carrier is the slowest carrier I've ever known (lucky to get my mail by 7pm or 8pm many days!); now the lives of my loved ones could hang in the balance with this guy?! Gonna have to get him lots of nice things over the holidays! ;-)
Anon 10:24

What you posted is a study about making international transactions easier. In other words ways that companies on a global scale trade and the effort to exchange currency. While it is not directly connected to a global currency, it seems at least on the surface to tackle ways of making currency transactions more fluid.
Thanks, 10:52
Thanks for the heads up JD 8:47pm

"European leaders join Brown in push for crisis summit"

"European leaders are to go to Camp David on Saturday to press the US president, George Bush, to cap his eight years in power with a major international conference devoted to redesigning global capitalism.

Amid a mood of growing panic, an EU summit ended in Brussels today with a clear message that there was no time to lose in coming up with concerted action to tackle the financial emergency that is swelling into a full-blown economic crisis worldwide.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and the head of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, are to lobby Bush to assent to a "Bretton Woods II" conference of at least 15 of the leading economies in the dying days of his presidency."

"The priority for us is the Saturday summit with the US president to prepare for the world summit which the world needs to RECAST THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM, THE FINANCIAL AND MONETARY SYSTEM" said Sarkozy, who chaired the Brussels session.

...Sarkozy admitted that there was no full agreement on how to proceed, but DISMISSED SUGGESTIONS THAT A WORLD SUMMIT SHOULD WAIT UNTIL A NEW US PRESIDENT WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN JANUARY.

"We would otherwise have a meeting in the spring and that's much too late. It's going to be a bad situation. We must have a summit before the end of the year. EUROPE WANTS IT. EUROPE WILL GET IT."

Full article at link:
JD, at 5:23

I found the one document online, I am still doing more digging...

" Public Law 87-297 is further explained in the State Department Document called Publication 7277"

That particular document 7277 is found here:

More from 5:23 comment -

I'm at this site right now,

it has a tiny graphic describing the books (as described in the linked article). I'm going to be here awhile, google-search will probably be best, but it may be interesting, especially if the library is closed ;)
I forgot to mention, it starts with the 1994 Edition of the US Codes, and then 2000 editions, Supplements included for both publication years.

To whet your appetite (then I'll go back to reading), from your linked article -

"Before Stage I closes, all citizen owned guns are to be banned. (This is Title 22 USC Section 2571 (a)."

I found the referenced listing here:

Using their "browse" function works the best...
From the GuardianUK:

Gordon Brown says the following:
The proposals are designed to set in motion the most far reaching reforms to world financial institutions since the Bretton Woods meeting of 1944 which led to the creation of the IMF and the World Bank. The conference to rewrite the global financial rules would also agree on a new world trade deal, following the collapse of negotiations in July, in order to remove the dangers of stronger protectionism as the world moves into recession.

They are pushing for this while Bush is still in office. I wondered if this is to protect Obama who seemed to be promising a protectionist trading stance in Wednesday night's debate against McCain.

Full story here:
I just composed and thought I successfully posted a lengthy comments about the interaction of the Afrocentric, White Separatist, KKK movements. It was extremely detailed. Fascinatingly and disturbingly, it never made it up there!

Welcome to the world of cyber pollution. The cyber cops are treating you as toxic to their environment.

I've been having problems again lately, too, for whatever it's worth.

Interresting site!
Note: The following document is dated 6/3/08, about the time the EU took over UN assets in Kosovo:

"(xx) Welcoming the fact that, for the first time ever, the United States is to deploy personnel to an ESDP operation - namely, EULEX Kosovo;"


Revision of the European Security Strategy- reply to the annual report of the Council


Document A/2000
3 June 2008

Revision of the European Security Strategy
- reply to the annual report of the Council



4. A new partnership between the EU and NATO

52. In a recent address to members of the Press Club and guests of the American Chamber of Commerce in Paris, United States Ambassador to NATO Victoria Nuland seems to have pushed the door wide open for a less complicated relationship between the EU and NATO. While it was nothing new to say that "the United States, NATO and the democratic world needs a stronger more capable European defence capacity", the innovation in her talk was the absence of any reference to past concerns of duplicating existing structures at NATO.

53. She pointed, instead, to the need for a "more seamless relationship between NATO and the EU", including the possibility of being able "to plan and train for [such] missions as a NATO-EU family". She explained that this did not mean "melding institutions or mandates" but, quite the contrary, that Europe needed to have "a place where it can act independently", that "we need a Europe that is able and willing to do so in defence of our common interests and values". NATO and the EU had to learn to act together in "preserving the autonomy of each institution". Responding to a question from the floor on whether that meant that the United States would no longer object to autonomous European military operational planning capacities, she said that everything that led to a stronger integrated military effort would be supported. For the French daily Le Monde this was already the beginning of a new "transatlantic springtime".18


57. More recently and in response to another question about a permanent EU Headquarters, the US representative to NATO issued a statement that seems to backtrack somewhat in suggesting that "the issue is not a Headquarters, but insufficient capacities".19 But there seems to be a move towards acceptance of autonomous European operational capacities. The Director of the EU Military Staff Lieutenant-General David Leakey (United Kingdom) told Assembly members at the colloquy the Assembly held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 4 March 2008 that there were situations in which EU intervention was more appropriate than NATO action. While the Berlin Plus arrangements had worked well under the particular circumstances of the EUFOR ALTHEA operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was also useful to have the possibility of recourse to an autonomous EU chain of command "without the fingerprints of transatlantic influence".20

58. For Leo Michel, Senior Research Fellow at the National Defence University in Washington and former Director of NATO policy under US Defence Secretary William Cohen (1997-2001), US policy towards the EU has finally caught up with the reality of an expanding ESDP and is again embracing earlier open-minded positions.21 Today, there are fewer and fewer "theological" objections to European preplanning capabilities, not least because it is obvious that the EU is not seeking to establish another SHAPE. In this connection, it is also useful to recall that the ESDP mission EULEX Kosovo will for the first time involve a US contribution. Some 100 US police trainers are to take part in the operation. This type of US participation in an ESDP mission was a recommendation the Assembly made in 2006.22

59. Leo Michel explains that the US Government was "surprised" by the 1998 Franco-British Saint Malo agreement and that US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's comments at the time had come across as a triple "no", which had been a bad start and had set people back. But as early as the informal meeting of NATO Defence Ministers in Birmingham in 2000, Mr Cohen had spoken of a "more positive vision of the future NATO-EU relationship", one that fully respected "the autonomy and integrity of decision-making in both organisations and with each organisation dealing with the other on an equal footing".23 At the time, the US Defence Secretary also suggested "a unitary, coherent, and collaborative approach" to the planning of military capabilities, involving all EU and all NATO members, which he called the "European Security and Defence Planning System".

60. In order to revise the ESS, EU member states need to define their ambitions, including with regard to the degree of autonomy that they wish to have vis-à-vis NATO. France's announcement that it is considering a return to NATO's defence planning and integrated command structures will play a decisive part in clarifying member states' positions. The momentum created by this move by France and the negotiations with the United States and other NATO members about the conditions for "the final step"24 in France's decade-long journey back to NATO hold significant potential for reform, both of NATO itself and of the strategic partnership with the EU. This opportunity should not be wasted.(end quote)

Hopper, Sarah, Rudi,

Thanks to all for the updates, it seems more and more is being done behind closed doors than we are being told. The articles about disarmament and handing control of arms to the UN from the 60's appear to show previous military actions as well as current administrative policies in a new light. As far as I can see, and please someone correct me if I am wrong, would these new economic measures and monetary systems not be EU foreign policy issues? Or a better question may be could these "new ideas" have come straight off the desk of Solana? I am asking due to the fact that Javier has shown a grasp of economics through proposed sanctions and other foreign policy issues.

As 100 U.S. policeman have been deployed to the Kosovo EULEX operation to act as trainers (which falls under Dr. Javier Solana's jurisdiction), U.S. troops are being deployed in America to be "at the ready" in case of a criss:

All while continuous calls are being made for closer ties between the EU and NATO.

May the Lord have mercy.
Regarding the "new partnership between the EU and NATO" . . .

Just a reminder that Javier Solana is now THE most powerful man in the European Union and is a former Secretary General of NATO!!!
Rumors are rampant that Colin Powell is getting ready to endorse Barack Obama.

Powell will be on "Meet The Press" this Sunday.

Much has been said here regarding NA, AOC, UN, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, and other sources that want to blend beliefs and principles into one hodge-podge religion. I don't however recall seeing anything posted on this. It looks like an effort by Europe to do the same as the above mentioned groups. They have declared 2008 the year of intercultural dialogue. If it has been previously posted, sorry, but for people who haven't seen it there are some very interesting points contained in it, that show how New Age philosophies are being implemented throughout the EU.


Found this over at FP, it seems doing things in secret is becoming a regular way to do business. Pres. Bush has quietly sent a letter to Assad outlining what is being called a "quick and satisfactory" arangement. Olmert has refused to comment.

or here in tinyurl

Here’s something fun to do, in a creepy sort of way…

Open Google Earth and find the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing and/or Invesco in Denver. Minimize the image(s) and then open up the following “Eye of Horus” You Tube video…


You can minimize the video page and watch the You Tube video at the same time you are navigating Google Earth, a la split screen. This makes it very nice to compare images side by side. Let the video play as you examine the Birds Nest and surrounding landscape, the video comes with some appropriate music, “Eye in the Sky” I think it’s called.

While looking at the Bird’s Nest and/or Invesco Field, don’t forget to size and turn the images as needed. For a final laugh, find Grant Park, Hutchinson Field, in Chicago. (The proposed and likely location of Obama’s massive inaugural party.) Hint: Rotate Grant Park so that due N is down (turn the Google Earth image upside down). Hint #2: the park’s swimming pool will be at the bottom, representing the “tear”, just as the Water Cube does for the Bird’s Nest Stadium "Eye". As you look at Grant Park you’ll start to see some interesting design similarities at about 5:25-5:35 into the video. Be patient, enjoy the music.

Hutchinson Field/Grant Park is located at:


You can do this side by side comparison for the EU Parliament Louise Weiss building, or any of a host of other EU buildings, (most of the buildings I've looked at do contain an "EYE", with the EU Environment building even having a "green" one.) YG has posted some nice comparison photos on her blog already, so this is just something fun for those who like SEEING things for themselves.

Well, maybe I'll SEE you all at the big party in Chicago. It's going to be cold, perhaps "hell freezing" cold, so wear your longjohns.

Or not.
Hi Deannie,

Thanks for the link about Obama's plans to declare CO2 as a dangerous pollutant. Very interesting! Climate change activists are just waiting for Obama to be elected and then they are really going to crank up their agenda.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama suggested on Wednesday that he would consider offering former Vice President Al Gore a cabinet-level post should he be elected president. "I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He's somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I'm already consulting with him in terms of these issues."

I've been to a bit of research into Hank Paulson and discovered some interesting stuff. He claims that 'saving the earth' is the passion of his life. He has already donated more than $100 million dollars to various environmental groups, including some radical ones like RAN, the TIDES Foundation and WRI.

He has stated that he will leave the majority of his $500 million dollar fortune to enviro groups in his will. He was also accused by Goldman Sachs shareholders of putting his environmental passions ahead of the companies interest by getting GS to buy 700,000 hectares of rainforest and donating it to an enviro group of which is the chairman of the board.

if you google: paulson environmental activist
you can find lots of articles about this.

I've even begun to wonder if Paulson is deliberately trying to 'crash the system' to help bring in the 'new global financial order' that Gordon Brown and Sarkozy are pushing:

European leaders press for new economic order amid financial meltdown
October 17, 2008

PARIS - The idea is ambitious: World leaders joined by aides to the new U.S. president-elect would gather before the year's end in New York and attempt to forge a new vision for the global economy. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has teamed up with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to press for such a summit, and the French leader travels to Camp David this weekend to lobby President George W. Bush to sign on.

Brown, buoyed by the praise he won for engineering a British bank bailout that inspired U.S. and European rescues, is proposing "radical changes" to the global capitalist system, including a cross-border mechanism to monitor the world's 30 biggest financial institutions. Sarkozy has floated the idea of reforming rating agencies and even exploring the future of currency systems.

Details remain vague and the obstacles are many. But the political pendulum, at least in Europe, is swinging decisively in the direction of tighter control and supervision, away from the laissez-faire economics that fuelled a colossal global boom and appear to have enabled an equally dramatic bust. In Brown's view, what's needed is nothing less than a new version of the 1944 Bretton Woods conference that brought together Allied leaders and established a post-Second World War global monetary and financial order.

"This is a defining moment for the world economy," Brown wrote in the Washington Post on Friday. "The old postwar international financial institutions are out of date. They have to be rebuilt for a wholly new era."

I am totally creeped out now thanks to you! Do you have an email address? You can contact me through the email at my blog, because I have a question for you.

I looked at the Youtube video and also went to Grant Field in Chicago. I'm not sure I was in the right place though, because I haven't a clue how to use the coordinates that you supplied, and it didn't say Hutchinson field. When I typed in the coordinates I ended up in New York, so obviously I did something wrong!(Where's the symbol for degree?) But if you meant Lakeshore East, which is a big field that looks just like an eye, with East Wacker Drive to the North, and North Lakeshore Drive to the East- that is incredibly creepy! Google earth shows Grant Park directly to the southeast of the center of the Eye, and just to the right of N. Field Blvd. I have only been to Chicago once (many years ago) and I vividly remember that part of town, near the river and the Sears Tower. It seemed like the hub of things to me, so it would be logical that that was the area that you were referring to , where an inauguration party for a President would be held in the affluent part of town, and not the remoter area away from the river where Hutchinson Field is indicated by the Google earth marker. I think Google earth has some of these sites mis-marked, because it did show that Chicago River was in the middle of a street just north west of Lakeshore East. Funny thing, if you add the 3D building layers it gets even creepier! It looks like the hieroglyphics in the video and also reminded me of the lines in the Nasca Plateau in Peru.

Anyhow, I'm not sure I'm making sense because it's late and I am tired. I took a picture of the Google Earth graphic with my camera and that eye looks like the Youtube video at 54 seconds. It also has the river to the north, forming the eyebrow of Horus, as I talked about in my blog post regarding the similarities in the other three sites all having a river at the eyebrow.

I'm not sure I'm in the right place though, because when I typed in Hutchinson field, Grant Park, it took me away from the river and I didn't see anything at all there.

So give me a holler to let me know if I saw the same Eye as you!

(I really don't think I'm going to sleep tonight, what with The Eye in the Sky music playing in my brain!)

We just need to look at these things from an OT/NT Biblical perspective. None of these "signs" or symbols are anything new. The Hebrews kept their faith while living as slaves in Egypt surrounded by a culture where these same symbols, and the accompanying in your face pagan practices, were everywhere. (Perhaps it's not much different today.)

The early church spread across the globe by walking by faith into the darkest corners of the earth, exposing fear and ignorance as tools of the devil. I dare say no missionary worth his salt would be stopped or scared off by a symbol used by pagans. It sounds to me like you have been involved in the occult at some point in your life, so you know firsthand that this is a battle for our souls and the souls of our neighbors. You have felt the cold hand of the enemy and don't like getting that close. Tough. You've had that experience for a reason, to share and strengthen and warn a sleepy luke warm church that's asleep at the switch. You know the enemy means business. Well, our Lord means business too and needs people like you to step up and help the rest of us wake up. Indeed, the reason I decided to post this stuff was to shine a light. If anything creepy in there, well, the light will do it's work.

I posted several times to your blog, and when I went back I could not find the posts. Heck, I couldn't find the blog either. Maybe I didn't do something right, but then again, I don't think the enemy plays by the same rules, do you?

My Gmail is - feel free to email me. I check it about once a week, and when it spams up, as my Yahoo account did overnight, I'll ignore it.

You have the right Grant's Park, same place as Lalapolooza held, I had the wrong one, wrong coordinates, that's what I get for trusting Google. I should know better.
Another correction...

Grant Park/Hutchinson Field is the top pick for Obama's election night party, not inaugural.

If Obama somehow looses, we can expect the rioting to start from there and spread.
Hi again OldManoftheski,

Thanks for that link. Interesting that it says EYE on Grant Park, as the name of the news clip. Well, we know what they mean , don't we? LOL!

Thanks for your email. Instead of sending you the pics that eye did, eye think eye'll try to do another blogpost with your material. What fun! And a nice break from economics and physics!

Sure is EYE -opening stuff!

By the way, I've never been into the occult myself, but being in the arts world most of my life (dance and art) I've had my share of interactions with demons and pagans. It's been interesting to say the least.
Right on YG. And just to be clear, I don't want to ever send anyone towards the occult. But when the occult comes towards us....well then that's another story, and we'd better be able to recognize it.

Advertisers, the disinformation media and power hungry agenda driven political people readily use the very same techniques as shamans do to gain influence and control, (i.e. suggestion, seduction, lies, temptation, envy, compromise, slight of hand, fear, manipulation, etc.) Thanks to the astute bloggers here, (there are way too many to list), we've learned to SEE with somewhat sharper EYES and hopefully avoid some of the snares. No one of us can SEE all of the snares.

Nothing in America is as pagan as abortion. Yet it is readily accepted by our culture. When no one sounds the alarm, the evil thing creeps in, unrecognized for what it really is, and destroys.

The Obama campaign, the AOC, the EU, etc. are all pagan to the core. That's what this blog page has testified to over and over again.

God bless those who are willing to fight the good fight.
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