Friday, October 17, 2008


Update: John W. Spring called me urging me to contact Eric Buehler, Jerome Corsi's scheduler. I had a frantic day taking care of other business and emergencies for clients. Half an hour before I was scheduled to go on, I returned John Spring's call and asked if he would see if Dr. Corsi was available. If so, I would put him on. John called back and said he had spoken to Jerome Corsi personally and he could come on the first half hour. Thereafter, I hastily posted the banner. Usually Joe McNeill calls me and the guest and lets me know that all are connected and we are ready to go. One of Joe's wonderful children called and I gave them the guest's number. John W. Spring was frantically trying to reach me on the other line as I thought I was introducing my guest. When I heard nothing in response to the introduction, I suspected John W. Spring was trying to reach me for an emergency. I asked Joe via chatroom window to play some music and let me reach John Spring. John gave me the information that Eric had previously scheduled another interview for the same time frame, which Dr. Corsi had evidently forgotten until reminded. This frequently happened to me when I was scheduled by others in the past, so I understand! Dr. Corsi, I understand will be available for one of my programs next week. Sorry for the confusion.

Please, stay tuned!
Wow Constance! Looking forward to this program. Thank You. -Rudi
The continuing promotion of Obama worship in the media-
"College associate editor says 'Obama is my Jesus'
'I've officially been saved, and soon, the rest of the country will be too' "

"I've officially been saved, and soon, whether they like it or not, the rest of the country will be too. I will follow him, all the way to the White House, and I'll be standing there in our nation's capital in January 2009, when Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America. In the name of Obama, Amen."



Have you read this one?

Barack Obama Vows to 'Change the World'

I promise you. We won't just win New Hampshire. We will win this election and, you and I together, we're going to change the country and change the world."

"We feel we're on the brink of a whole new life in this country," said Betsy Whitman, 69.

"He's lost because the Messiah has spoken and we're going to change the world. That's all people want to hear after eight years of Bush. Obama thinks he's won. Everyone here thinks he's won."
Tinyurl for the above article:

For those of us who may have missed your interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi, please tell us about it.
Re: Obama

Just wanted to mention that I have begun posting on my blog again, if anyone is interested.
ANON 10:20

Dr. Corsi was double booked and was unable to attend. John Spring was the guest instead.
I am looking forward to your interview with Dr. Corsi - and I pray he is feeling better after the traumatic ordeal he suffered at the hands of armed Kenyan thugs- when he was detained and then deported.
I heard that he was in the bed with arthritic symptoms in his back- hope he wasn't poisoned.

I have also been looking forward to his appearance on Sean Hannity's shows- for which there has been, mysteriously, no report as to "why."
I hope Dr. Corsi has been using these days of "down-time" to get the cold, hard irrefutable facts about Obama's meddling into the Kenyan government- and his cousin, the Muslim's, violent campaign in Kenya. This is a clear violation of The Logan Act.
And time is SHORT if we are to bring down the Obama Socialist Express.
Hi Constance,

I also want to make sure I don't miss your interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Thanks for inviting him to be on your radio show!

I have been researching Obama's ties with Marxist Kenyan "wannabe" president Rail Odinga who claims to be Barack Obama's cousin.

It is suspected that Odinga and his confreres were behind Dr. Corsi's imprisonment during his recent visit to Kenya.

Reportedly, Kenyan officials had to be bribed in order for Dr. Corsi to be released.

Here is the lowdown on Dr. Corsi's recent arrest in Kenya.
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