Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 internet radio "My Perspective"

Dear gang:

I am proud to say that our own "Farmer," one of my listeners' favorite voices will be joining me on MY PERSPECTIVE for an online conversation on Tuesday, February 5th. Here, in Farmer's own words, are his acceptance and international times:

re: fabulous feb. fiveThanks for your nice offer, Constance! Of course I want and the Lord willing, we will have a talk at your "My perspective" next Tuesday,( the feb 5), 5 p.m. Eastern time, USA, 2 p.m. California time, 10 p.m. GB, Portugal and Spain, 11 p.m for the rest of Europe...very much looking forward to it!

Lots of questions on Richard Hoagland and his NASA book. I have not read it, but I must confess that I am generally extremely cautious of anything presented on the Art Bell program. Art Bell is very much a New Ager and generally (with a few exceptions), his programming reflects it. I have not yet figured out if Art Bell shares the agenda or is badly confused, but generally, I have kept my head on New Age deceptions by treating it when found and denied as somebody protesting they are only "a little bit pregnant." No such thing. God said, "don't touch it" and the safest thing is DON'T! (Don't take my word for it - read Deuteronomy Chapter 18! )




Will said...

The Art Bell Show, or Coast-to-Coast, is a great show. But one should only listen with great discernment, of course, like anything else. They have brilliant scientists on every subject, but there are also the really nutty guests with a decidedly New Age agenda. Then there are others that are just nutty. I check the guest list, and if the subject includes "Past-Life Regression Therapy" or the like, then I know not to tune-in that night.

Rudi said...

Thanks Constance for the word of warning. I somewhat regret bringing up the fact in the a past comments section that I'm reading the Hoagland book. I'm in total agreement about using extreme caution in all regards when it comes to Coast to Coast. I am very selective about which guest or subject matter is scheduled. I also make sure I don't fall asleep with the radio on. If I do decide to listen to a program, or read a book that I know is going to expose me to a topic God has warned us about, I only proceed after some serious prayer for protection. No one should do research in these areas or take the possible spiritual consequences
lightly. I should have made that point clearer when I mentioned Hoaglands book. It's not a matter of whether the topic is nutty-it can be dangerous and as will said above use great discernment. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

We live in a Ripleys Believe It
Or Not world.
Sometimes it's true, but when?
Art Bell sounds like a Jeff Rense
I think the real idols of today
are called Art & Entertainment.
I can't imagine anyone reading
the Bible for very long and not
getting the concept that God
hates idolatry.
Naturally the the most popular
show is called American Idol.

Any, any day now...


rose said...

"No one should do research in these areas or take the possible spiritual consequences

How right you are Rudi -- and thus I am grateful for folks like Constance, yourself, Farmer for doing the heavy lifting in this regard. I know my limits in regard to these topics and thus have to be very very careful. Thus, the opinions of people I trust, rather than going to the material first hand, are invaluable to me.

Immersing yourself in this research directly, or benefiting from the insights of those who have, is the only way to really see the big picture.

Kathleen Keating has talked a lot about the dangers to which you refer, and focuses a lot of her work on spiritual warfare. She has a new CD out called "The Art of Spiritual Warfare" which I have ordered. I expect that it will be heavy going, but with extremely valuble information. I will post a review at some point.

rose said...

With regard to Art Bell -- I don't listen to him anymore for the reasons you've all mentioned. I'm not sure whether he "shares the agenda" as you say Constance, however, I am convinced he is a very confused individual. He is above all a commercial animal.

With that said, I belive Father Malachi Martin was a regular guest on Bell's show before his death, and Kathleen Keating has been on the show a few times over the years. As Rudi says, use great discernment.

Anonymous said...

George Noory has been doing the Coast to Coast night show for a long time now. For a while Bell was still doing a Sunday night show, but that seems to have stopped the last time I listened. The show has quite a night time audience because it is carried on 500 affiliates according to Wikipedia.

Other than some conservative talk shows, radio is a wasteland. If a person isn't interested in sports, religious shows or music, there is little to listen to. People in cars ar night are especially vulnerable as they look for something to listen to.

Guests on the show present themselves as open, honest and knowledgeable and there is no knowledgeable opposition from the callers. Even if listeners don't accept what the guests say, they are left with the thought that "maybe it could be true."

While the guests may be out to make a buck and Bell may have started what he thought was an entertainment show, the result is adding to New Age cultural change. From what I've seen there are no intellectual or political New Age guests, but the average person is not a target for those individuals who operate at other levels.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed the conversation re Richard Hoagland. Can anyone provide a link to your conversation so I can get brought up to speed? (I've seen him on a dvd regarding the face on Mars)

DouginMI said...

If anyone has doubt about the real intentions of REAL ID and its date - please read this just posted at CNN:


Anonymous said...

Sorry I'll miss your guest spot tomorrow Bjorn. I'm going to be at the polling place as a Republican judge. I'll just have to look forward to your next guest spot.


Rudi said...

Very much looking forward to hearing you again tomorrow bjorn!

anonymous 2:16- No conversation to "link" to. The topic was discussed in a previous comments section.

DouginMI- Interesting CNN article. Thanks for the link.-Rudi

Anonymous said...

Coast to Coast now has a variety of hosts,with Noory as the principal host. If Art Bell is on these days it usually is as a re-broadcast of an old show. Bell moved to the Phillipines several years ago after marrying. I believe he is no longer doing the show live because of transmission problems and a conversion to the faith of his wife who is a deeply religious Catholic. Noory is very accepting of most guests comments, but Bell would challenge sometimes, most notably he cut off Benjamin Cream an hour early declaring Cream to be just "not OK." The discussion that ensued was vigorous and callers and Bell all agreed that the anti-Christ was at work.I thought it was amazing that Bell could discern that. Noory had Barbara Marx Hubbard on not long ago as a first hour guest. I screen the website to determine if someone is on who is worthwhile. There are few that are, but Noory occasionally has on someone on who speaks to the issues of privacy and world federation questions. But the show is obsessed with ETs of late. Like much of the primary research done here, spiritual combat is a given when listening.

Constance Cumbey said...

Please don't get me wrong, Will, Rudi, I do read, listen (I must confess I have never listened to Art Bell, but I have read enough of him to know his pronounced occultism.) Same thing goes for David Icke and to a somewhat maybe lesser effect, Jeff Rense. I havebdone a radio interview about 6 years ago with Jeff Rense. I do have to examine what they say, write, etc. It is part of my research. I have not decided (only God really knows) whether these people are supremely confused or are conscious agents of deception. It is just that extreme caution is used and one always has to ask what the agenda is. I would probably buy a used car, however, from these folks before buying one from those I consider knowing agents of disinformation such as Eric Jon Phelps or Darrick Evenson d/b/a sometimes as "Troy Lawrence" and a book NEW AGE MESSIAH IDENTIFIED. He was a self-conscious New Ager. I would also probably buy from one of them before buying from Texe Marrs who has shamelessly made merchandise of the Christian community.

Constance Cumbey said...

If Art Bell has criticized and seen through Benjamin Creme, I am greatly encouraged about him.

Constance Cumbey said...

Barbara Marx Hubbard -- no innocent presentation of that one in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Doug,
Interesting the part about how
the ability to positively ID some-
one goes down sharply as the
ambient light gets dimmer.
It's super technology like
never before, but not quite as
good as a cop on the beat
with his eyes open. LOL

"Why do the heathen rage
and the people imagine a vain
thing ? The kings of the earth
and the rulers have conspired
and have taken council together
against the Lord and against his
anointed saying Let us break
their bands asunder and let us
cast away their yoke from us.
He that dwells in heaven shall
laugh and the Lord shall mock
at them." ( Psalm 2 )

Yours truly,

DouginMI said...

Hi Paul, and Rudi -
yoy are more than welcome for the ling. One of the things to bear in mind is that the technology that we are seeing is for public consumption. The systems that are available, yet not totally viable on a huge commercial basis (which is what is needed) are much more advvanced. The military is gearing up to iris scan the entire population in Iraq - does anyone who is awake - seriously think it would start and / or end there? By the time the data collection is done on prisoners, travelers, inhabitants in some countries on going now currently - and also eventually (yes - US of A - courtesy of your local police department ultimately - under the precipitace of whatever natural and/or man made disaster occurs - and do not just think bombs or 9/11 - also think economic disaster) with that quick calculation in your mind you just went through reading this - how many does that leave out - zero. All that leaves is the physical application of the ID to the individual and the worship of the system's rulers true identity. But with about 1/3
(REV 009:018 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.)
of the world's population dead - that decreases the work load.

REV 013:016 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
013:017 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
013:018 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Jesus Christ lives and reigns forever - and so shall we all who are obedient and put thier trust and faith in Him.


björn (farmer) said...

kyper = kheper?

thanks for a very nice show!

björn (farmer) said...

From Wikipedia

Kheper, or (Xeper) is a transcription of an ancient Egyptian word meaning to come into being, to change, to occur, to happen, to exist, to bring about, to create, etc. Egyptologists typically transliterate the word as ḫpr. Both Kheper and Xeper possess the same phonetic value. Kheper is the root of the name of the Egyptian deity Khepri.

The term is used with the spelling xeper in a Western Left Hand Path religion, the Temple of Set, where it represents "enlightened individualism"; that is, enhancement and improvement by education, experiment, and initiation [1]. It is symbolized by the scarab beetle, significant of personal rebirth and immortality within the Temple of Set. The term is deemed central to Setian philosophy and practice, having been introduced at the founding of the religion in 1975, when its founder made the claim that the Egyptian god Set communicated the word xeper to him "North Solstice X Working" (PDF).


Anonymous said...

Farmer and Constance

It could be a misspelling of Kuiper as in the Kuiper belt

It could be Kyp -er
Kyp being a name like Kip

Kyper can also be pronounced kipper

Hope that helps?


Anonymous said...

Save your kypers. You will need them in the New World Order, provided they don't go first to a cashless, implanted system!

Cindy said...

Farmer has a new must read post. Check Constance's home page if you don't have the link.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I don't get anything from the main blog page except the blog. I remember it use to have references etc. Could someone post the address and Farmer's also.


Rudi said...

Hi Charlotte,
Constances' blog is loading a bit slow for me today also, most likely a result of global warming.
The web address is

farmers blog is

Anonymous said...

I recognize that people coming to the blog are international. I know that the EU is the model we are following, and, therefore, we need to watch what is happening there.

At the same time we need to watch what is happening here in the US. Just as people in the middle of the EU may not have the larger picture, so many people here don't see the forest for the trees, or, in other words, don't see a larger picture because of the individual events.

Super Primary Tuesday took place yesterday. What we seem to be given as a result is a three way race between Clinton, Obama and McCain, all liberals. All the emphasis is on these three. No matter which we get, we will be getting a cooperater with the one world train.

Yesterday I was a judge at a polling place. That only means I was paid to pass the paper at the table. The turnout in a formerly Republican area was three Democrats to two Republicans. The Democrats were, as the columnists have written, stoked. Even at the table people had to be asked whether they were Republicans or Democrats, and many were slow in answering. There was much, much grumbling about the choices they were given.

There is a big push to make conservatives support McCain even though based on blogs and websites there is a conservative general hatred of the man. One caller to Limbaugh said why should Republican conservatives support McCain more than McCain himself supported the party.

What we are seeing is a shut down of opposition to the one world train. Suffer a guilt trip if you oppose the candidate you've been given. Separateness is evil...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rudi for the web sites but Constance's still displays nothing except the blog. On Farmer's I was able to get all the different sites he offered.

Where did you go Constance???


setterman said...

Dorothy, everything you said, as I see it, is true. I’ve said it many times: “God is a God of precipices.” (W)hen Pharaoh drew nigh, the children of Israel lifted up their eyes, and, behold, the Egyptians marched after them; and they were sore afraid: and the children of Israel cried out unto the LORD. . . Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD. . . “If the AC himself were in front of you, and you had a weapon, you could not usurp the purpose of all this. The “I BIND YOU SATAN” crowd deceive themselves. At some point we will have to do as the children of Israel; stand and behold the salvation of the LORD. In the mean time we do what we do, we hate that evil, we fight it, we resist that evil, but in the end we do not curse the night, but we behold the Light of Life that death could not put out, and we are those “who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity. . .”
Since your posting seemed a bit resigned and philosophical, I thought this appropriate.
Yours in Christ:

Rudi said...

Great comments Dorothy-
The last line you wrote,
"Suffer a guilt trip if you oppose the candidate you've been given. Separateness is evil...",
summed up my interpretation of what every means of media aimed at a "conservative", (I use the term "conservative" in the broadest sense) audience, have been bombarding us with non-stop for the past few weeks. Perhaps if all of us whatever our political persuasion would actually listen to our OWN conscience (the part where we KNOW right from wrong) we would cast our vote (don't fall for the "you're throwin' your vote away, you might as well not vote at all” tactic) without guilt or regret, regardless of the outcome. We could use our FREEDOM as American citizens in the truest sense of the word. Vote for the person you believe offers the best hope of keeping us a free people and know you’ve done your part. The outcome is out of our hands. Over on the message board on FP in the “U.S. Presidential Election 2008” section “crmann” gave a link to a 'News with Views' 2 part article titled, “Could The 2008 Election Bring The End Of America As We Know It?” written by, Jon Christian Ryter. Here is the link for anyone who would like to read it.

The “one world train” Dorothy mentioned left the station a long time ago. -Rudi

Rudi said...

Hi Charlotte-
Wierd. I can see the list with links and everything else thats
normally there. Is your "window"
stretched open to the right as far as you can open it? -Rudi

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting yet somewhat troubling blog post.

2008: Google, Yahoo and MSN Join Together

This just in: Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have agreed to combine forces to create universally accessible platforms while providing clearly unbiased information access points for all humanity.

Rudi said...

Wonderful post Setterman. Very appropriate scriptures for these times. Stand still.
"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." -Rudi

Rudi said...

Anonymous 9:36 PM -
Thanks for the link, but the line in the blog following the quote you gave says:
"Well, maybe not."

The three have NOT joined together-
at least NOT YET. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

Yes Setterman, I am resigned. I see a lot of people observing and commenting on what is going on, from the religious to the secular. I see a lot of people who hope someone from God on down will take charge and make everything right. Everybody willing to put their lives into the hands of something else that is more powerful than they think they are.

Constance Cumbey said...

"Where did you go, Constance?" Well, I have no funding and a disabled husband and occsionally I have to take a break to practice law (with sporadic payments from my clients) to pay for all my research activities. I am grateful Farmer and Rich of Medford are there to help pick up the slack! Thanks to all for understanding!


Constance Cumbey said...

My links appear to be loading correctly! I heard from others that they had problems -- maybe some of the problems were regional and weather related. Hope the links are working now! Maybe the good doctor (Solana) gives Europe better and faster internet services than we get here ???

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