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Almost by accident, following up on internet posted photos, I discovered a compelling and disturbing web report by the Association of European Journalists. It was reporting on an "AEJ Media Freedom Survey." Pre-world War II, Harold Stassen was reported as saying that "the lights of freedom are going out across Europe." I was ominously reminded of that in reading one of the creepier quotes in Marilyn Ferguson's 1980 THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. She was happy about what she was writing. I was not happy about what I was reading. She attributed the following statement to one Johann Quanier, "British publisher of The New Humanity journal."

"The strands of free thinking within Europe are now being drawn together; despite the conflicts, the tension, and the differences, that territory is preeminently suitable for the emergence of the new political-spiritual framework."[1]

Well, now it is 2008 and the "new political-spiritual framework" is looking eerily like "Headline Goal 2010" and "Framework Programmes" with various numbers -- I believe they may be in the 7th, or is it the 8th? The European Neighbourhood Policy is in full swing -- it makes nearby regions -- the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, et al, part of "Greater Europe." Moneys are there as carrots and as sticks to make sure the "neighbourhoods" stay within the will of the European Union and its HR/SG (High Representative/Secretary General) who always seems to be at the top of the food chain on these various "programmes."
For now, at least, it's [The Secretary General/High Representative cum 'Foreign Minister'} "our very good friend," Javier Solana in the EU HR/SG/Foreign Minister position. Now, just how is freedom really faring in Javier Solana's Europa? It is dismayingly expressed in the negative in "Goodbye to Freedom?", a report issued by the British Association of European Journalists. Quoting a summary from the Association of European Journalists website, we read:

"The Survey covers 20 countries in eastern and western Europe and highlights evidence that media freedom in Europe is threatened by restrictive laws, hidden political and commercial pressures, threats of jail, intimidation and in some cases even murder. . . . [it] challenges the myth that western European societies are 'much more free' than those in eastern Europe. Across the continent . . . media freedom is under attack from new political and economic pressures . . . ."

Maybe even more than these beleaguered journalists suspect in their worst nightmares, the lights of freedom are going out across Europe. Watching USA Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff bluntly tell American citizens that if they want the right to travel or board planes, they'd better work to put the 17 states dissenting from the Real ID act, or else . . ., I sadly suspect they are going out here as well.

What is happening is just too eerily like the recent history books I read as a child about World War II. May the Lord help us all!
[1] Marilyn Ferguson, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. Los Angeles: J.P. Tarcher, Inc. (1980), quoting page 410. For those new to my research, Ms. Ferguson, a New Age activist herself was promoting what she called "The Aquarian Conspiracy." She was not warning against it.

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD all ye lands. . .”

Constance, well after my Daily snow shoveling I come to find your newest post to be quite the “I told you so.” The dialectic is in full-court-press; scare people and they’ll give you their freedoms, tell them that you will provide for them and they’ll beg for more. Has not God’s warnings gone all over the world, and has He not sent his messengers!

“His truth endures to all generations.”
I found something interesting this morning, and posted it up on my blog. Guess who's picture comes up under search result #6 when you go to and search the archive for "June 6, 2006"!!!
Great article Constance! Just found Chertoff as participant at Davos Forum next week...(my last post:)
not so sure Solana can resist to join the party...
Very much Llooking forward to listen to your show tonite (C.E.T.)!
I don't know why this article "eerily" appears to have some relation with the documentary my husband and I recently watched on jewish immigration to America.

Maybe I was sensing similarities that could arise after seeing the persecution, trials and challenges they faced, it definitely made me think about what may be coming upon us as a christian people and free country. ~ Shalom
Thanks for confirming all of this Constance.

The principle composers of globalisation (de-territorialisation) are JOURNALISTS...“diplomats of mankind” type of journalists, small dialectical group think opportunities, non-citizens and QUANGO’s (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organizations), retired diplomats of all fields...the list grows.

Yes, the lists at all of these recent conferences say it all.

They're all "on the take".

Since the revelation out of the Walvoords Brief Period of Preparation article, in regards to Globalisation and Diplomacy and great thanks to oldmanoftheski's Rapid Response Media FYI, the manipulation of the media continues.

On Wednesday, reported from the Brussels Journal, apparently the EU's first speaker at the Year of Intercultural Dialogue series, Syrias Grand Mufti, threatened Holland, BUT it was censored from the media.

That same day, I posted an article in which I found a British Pro Israel NGO, called BICOM, had sent Top UK Senior Editorial Staffs from the Times, Independent and Sun newspapers as well as broadcasters from the BBC and Sky News to this Sundays Herzliyas Conference. Could something go down this Sunday to position these media puppets? I have no idea.
But the use of more and more cultural propagandists are coming.
We haven't had freedom of the press here in the US for decades. I remember how hard it was for the ordinary person to get information on what was happening before the internet or even copy machines.

Sherman Skolnick, now deceased, outed members of the US press who were connected with intelligence agencies.

Thank heavens for the freedom we have through the intenet now. I'm sure the powers that be are working on shutting it down in the future, maybe through mega-ownerships such as Google or Wikipedia or taxation of some kind.

Readers here who do blogs or are just news junkies will find this web page with its pull-down menus of value.


I just picked up this quiz on the web page I linked to. Duncan Hunter was both my choice and my compatible candidate. I know--he doesn't stand a chance.

p.s. Constance, this was a great post, as always. For me, it's almost like an unsaid rule, "Constance Cumbey's blog is always relevant"!

I am glad we are watching.
Extremely important new article over at Holly's website, It is from the Jerusalem Post and is reportedly proposals for a new EU / NATO / USA combined force to "fight terrorism." Could it be fighting what they call "extremism," i.s. evangelical Christians in the USA as well as Jews, Moslems, and everybody they label "Peoples of the Book"?

Read all about it by linking to this tinyurl:

Stay tuned!
How can we last until Nov.? The printing presses are running and their even talking about the "recession" we are already in.

I agree the lights are going out.

Do you think there is too much floride in the water, or people are just frozen in place with fear? k
Unbelievable on the search
criteria !
I knew what I was going to find
but when his face showed up
I had to laugh.
Our good friend.

Stephanie said...
“3rd) We should be active in ways that honor God and glorify God. We should be a people seeking every opportunity to do good, going out of our way to help others as God strengthens us, building a loving and helpful reputation in the name of Jesus. Many more need to know and this could be our last opportunity. May this encourage you and strengthen you as we continue to see events of biblical proportions unfold before us and make the most of this opportunity set before us. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Keep up the good work.”

That works for me. If Christians had lived that way from the time of our Lord we would not have all these problems; “the devil is in the details.”
Dorothy, when it came time to vote I swung Duncan Hunter’s way as well. I believe I joined 109 other NH voters.
Mac, Child of God, you are being missed.


I guess this fits right in, as I had been researching the expansion of the EU, and not understanding why Turkey was so important until I realized that they need access to the Black Sea. Through the Black Sea Synergy program, they are able to access Turkey and control migration routes, energy, etc.

Here is a really good summary of the strenghtening of the ENP this last year.


the supporting EU documents for the Black Sea Synergy program are

It appears that they can increase their leverage of the ENP countries and plan to do so especially if energy products, ie oil and gas are involved.

Hope that helps

Thanks Dorothy, for the voting test link. It provided some fun distraction from all these depressing links and heavy reading.

I took the test for REPUBLICANS and then the one for DEMS and finally, for INDEPENDENTS just to compare the results. I also sent the link to several other folks via email.

Everyone who responded so far has scored Duncan Hunter #1. (Maybe Ann Coulter's not that crazy after all!)

Of course nearly all of my friends are on the conservative side, so no surprise that we are thinking consistently about what kind of person we want in the White House. If you haven’t done so already, take the test for INDEPENDENT voters, which provides a score for all the candidates and probably gives the most accurate results.

It’s amazing how meaningful negative numbers can be!
Here is a link for all of us with no military background who need a little background on the US, NATO and how the ESDP came about. With the news on FP about a proposed merger, this might explain the details

The thought came to me concerning the 10 toes of iron and clay in Daniel 2. The iron throughout scripture was always heavy rule. The Roman empire as we read in the New Testament was the Government during the times of Christ and they ruled with a rod of iron and they were the legs of iron in Daniel 2. The last Gov. will be the 10 toes of iron and clay,the iron and clay don't mix. Also the metals became more weak with each succeeding empire.
The great thing is, we all know what happens next.

Concerning the article that was posted
If this were to happen in the U.S. it will slip under us due to our lack of knowledge pertaining to the constitution and freedom of speech laws. I would go so far as to say, there has never been a more important time in history to revive and learn that old document. Everyone needs to know the laws and freedoms our country was founded on before it is all lost and dead.
I believe the new world order will attempt to nullify the old and attempt to establish a new.
If any of you have some good links to the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence
please post them here. We must familiarize and pass them on to as many as possible.
We need to "work while it is still day, for the night comes, when no one can work". I believe that the Lord is speaking of the Great Commission, as I'm sure all of you do. May He strengthen and guide us to do so in these last days. Praise our sovereign Lord!
I see that Matthew Fox will grace my Midwestern city with his message at the end of this coming week. link

I just made a quick count.
There are about 55 "Muslim"
countries in the world today.
I wonder why no one ever
considers this fact when
analyzing end time scenarios
in Daniel, etc. I also wonder
why no one ever considers that
Muhammed is a perfect type
of anti-Christ. He comes
opposite and against Christ
( six hundred plus years after)
and his kingdom is brutal.
I'm not saying that all our
interpretations are in error,
because I don't know, but
I would think that a kingdom
with an alleged one billion
subjects would be at least
found in these end time scenarios.
Could we be barking up the
wrong tree in some ways ?

Somebody set me straight.

Earlier in the comments I posted this link to a news site.

Today I was exploring the site and under More are these links:

Big Brother/Orwellian, Brave New World, Commentary, Cover-up/Deceptions, Economy, General,
Geopolitics, Health, History,
Occult, Politics/Corruption,
Resistance, Science/Technology,
Tyranny/Police State.

Under one of the links I found:

Institutionalized Spying on Americans
Total Surveillance
By Stephen Lendman

This article reviews two police state tools (among many in use) in America. One is new, undiscussed and largely unknown to the public. The other was covered in a December article by this writer called Police State America. Here it's updated with new information.
(more at link)

It's an interesting article.

Oldman, thanks for the nice comment. This for real old woman sometimes thinks her brain is overstuffed and needs some less challenging material than Masonic symbolism. Oh for the days when I could just sit back and enjoy songs like "How much is that doggie in the window." I'm sure glad there are people like you, Leana, Rich, Bjorn, Rudi (to name only a few of so many good people) who can cut through the thicket of words and make sense of what's inside.

Dear Glorify_God,

Don't know whether to recommend you have the exorcist come to town concurrent with Matthew Fox's visit or immediately thereafter! You could probably ruin his whole day by asking impertinent "dumb fundamentalist questions" and then saying, "Constance Cumbey says hello."

I do understand I am one of his "preferred persons." He'd prefer he'd never heard of me . . .

Anyway, my deepest prayers for the spiritual safety of your town -- with him there, you will need them and everybody else's [prayers].

Thanks for the heads up and the poster which is such a wonderful "Exhibit A" of where this man who so corrupted Christianity for upwards of the past 30 years is currently doing.

This article is up today on the highly rated with a different title, but close to identical content.
If you have time, pay it a visit there as well.
Censorship of the internet? This commentary at the American Thinker shows how it is happening already. or

Having lost patience with the average person, I loved this paragraph:

"Education isn't easy when people aren't listening. A great victory for the left is that it has dumbed-down civilization, making people lovers of frivolity and vice, comfortably numb. It has created legions of disengaged, apathetic hedonists who wouldn't read a piece of commentary if it was pasted to a stripper. Such people can be led by the nose and, when they occasionally notice the goings-on in their midst, will welcome the silencing of the "haters." "


Be sure and hold your nose. The stench of Matthew Fox's presence just might make you sick. Maybe take a few extra showers that day. Every time I read anything of his I feel "cruddy." Earthworms are cleaner than Matthew Fox.

David in B.C.
Well, after reading some of the newer articles linked on FP, I'm wondering if one day we're all going to be forced to participate in a worldwide group hug. Or else. Kind of like two kids fighting and than being forced to apologize. Say your sorry or you'll be in big trouble.
Dorothy- Thank you for all the links and information. The sources
you've provided contain a ton of important information. I know how I'll be spending MY weekend!!

This piece of news goes along with all the latest "lights going out"
"freedom" of the press, AOC and control of the media information.

"Prophet Mohammed cartoon publisher jailed"
"Belarus on Friday jailed for three years an editor of an independent newspaper who reproduced cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that first appeared in Denmark in 2005 and caused mass demonstrations across the Muslim world."

Surprise! Surprise! The article states:
"Miklos Haraszti, media freedom representative for the 56-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, protested against Sdvizhkov's jailing, calling the case against him "shocking" and saying he should be freed." ...yeah right.
"Muslims constitute about two or three percent of the 10 million residents of the country wedged between Russia and three members of the European Union. The Muslim community had called for leniency in the case." ...this has gotta be true!

I'd better be careful what I write. Hate crime you know. -Rudi
dear people, my little boy listened to solana speak and saw his face on the web and he said dad he seems like a nice guy to me. now i want to say something, and its not because my boy said what he said. satan is a master, i mean master at deception. could it be that all of us who are so discerning and in the know, are being hoodwinked!you are probably wondering ok what is it that makes you even begin to say such a thing? i say how can i tell you all the things inside my head? believe me i want to speak out and i will as the spirit moves me to do so realizing full well that i could be so off target with my thoughts however i may be on to some real true truth. why would the armageddon script be out there available for us to "see thru it"? imagine a decption behind the "deception", one designed to throw us discerners off! HEY EVERYBODY WONT YOU LEND ME YOU EAR, THERES SOMETHING TO FEAR, ITS HERE AND ITS WIERD! sincerely, the one they call ozark. imagine
Barry Chamish just added a new video on You Tube 1-9-08 called, "Israel In Trouble".

Didn't know if its been posted here.

I just saw it tonight.

I added it to my blog, thought you might be interested in it.

Dear Ozark (Anonymous 9:31)

Not sure exactly what you are trying to say -- but THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier was published in 1981, when the New Agers still thought they were safe from people understanding their schemes. They had a delusion that only "an initiate" could understand them. Donald Keys expressed this same delusion (as earlier did Alice Bailey) -- and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, God dispenses wisdom.

Fascinatingly, THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT has virtually disappeared from circulation as has Foster Bailey's RUNNING GOD'S PLAN and Donald Keys has as far as I can tell totally disappeared from the scene of which he was such a large part.

They are no longer waving THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT around. Go to and you will find just how scarce and expensive it now is.


I tried calling you on skype but no answer. I sent to your gmail a link to to a file on my FTP dropbox.

Time to get some shut eye.

constance, i am gracious towards your response to my blip on the armageddon script. still i wonder who'll stop the rain. with tons of deep respect and loads of love for you - god almighty do i ever think highly of you - sincerely ozark. i guess i'm saying that i have a sneaking suspicion that satans scheme makes room for all that you pointed outconcerning what they(new agers, donald keys, alice baily, benjamin creme, etc.)feel, think, believe, or portray. maybe we are'nt living in the end times-even though it looks like we are from so many angles- in which case brilliant wonderful devoted bible scholars/christians like for example gary demar are'nt necessarily wrong in thier views after all the sincere looking they have committed themselves to as they have studied god's holy word. satan could be working very cleverly to decieve even is there for all of us to learn - and i am getting thoughts around a lesson of not necessarily drawing the conclusion that i'm seeing clearly thru the glass darkly. i guess i'm being careful and i believe its for the right reason. satan is sly-er than we may realize. thanks for this wonderful place for me to express my thoughts as i partake in this battle for true truth,amen.
2 Thessalonians 2 (AMP)
"1BUT RELATIVE to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and our gathering together to [meet] Him, we beg you, brethren,
2Not to allow your MINDS to be quickly unsettled or disturbed or kept excited or alarmed, whether it be by some [pretended] revelation of [the] Spirit or by word or by letter [alleged to be] from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has [already] arrived and is here. 3Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the [a]apostasy comes first [unless the predicted great [b]falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come], and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition),(A) 4Who opposes and exalts himself so proudly and insolently against and over all that is called God or that is worshiped, [even to his actually] taking his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming that he himself is God.(B) 5Do you not recollect that when I was still with you, I told you these things?
6And now you know what is restraining him [from being revealed at this time]; it is so that he may be manifested (revealed) in his own [appointed] time. 7For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, [but it is] restrained only until [c]he who restrains is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one (the antichrist) will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth and bring him to an end by His appearing at His coming.(C) 9The coming [of the lawless one, the antichrist] is through the activity and working of Satan and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of [pretended] miracles and signs and delusive marvels--[all of them] lying wonders-- 10And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing (going to perdition) because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved. 11Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false, 12In order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe in [who refused to adhere to, trust in, and rely on] the Truth, but [instead] took pleasure in unrighteousness.
13But we, brethren beloved by the Lord, ought and are obligated [as those who are in debt] to give thanks always to God for you, because God chose you from the beginning [d]as His firstfruits (first converts) for salvation through the sanctifying work of the [Holy] Spirit and [your] belief in (adherence to, trust in, and reliance on) the Truth.
14[It was] to this end that He called you through our Gospel, so that you may obtain and share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah).
15So then, brethren, STAND and HOLD FAST to the traditions and instructions which you were taught by us, whether by our word of mouth or by letter. 16Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, Who loved us and gave us everlasting consolation and encouragement and well-founded hope through [His] grace (unmerited favor), 17Comfort and encourage your hearts and strengthen them [make them steadfast and keep them unswerving] in every good work and word." ~ Shalom is more than peace.
Dear Ozark,

In response to your comment re, your son, believe most Bible scholars hold that the a/c will not be possessed of the evil one until after he has recovered from a fatal head wound (Rev. 13:14), at which time he will perform the abomination of desolation. Therefore, imho, whoever will become the a/c will not be obvious (other than possible "clues" such as positions of legislative power, connections to the number 666, etc).

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
In reagards to the last imho, my own imho concurs with Pastor Ervin Baxter who believes that beast with the wounded head that was healed is Germany.

Moreover, 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2 very specifically rebuts any presumption that we will be gone when the Antichrist is revealed!
Dear Anonymouse 5:56,

Fyi, am decidedly pre-wrath in stance. Also, Rev. 13:14 states "who was wounded by the sword," and, in context, seems to refer to an individual (see, "number of a man") rather than a group, or nation, imho.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
ozark says thanks to the imputs and responses directed my way. as for me now i'm looking at the posts that have come up today 1/20/08 on maitreya/share international and on old man ski,s perceptions of aoc / mark of beast stuff. Both posts are quite fascinating. we continue to adore jesus and pray allways. God be with us all.amen
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