Friday, November 02, 2007

Still another worthwhile blogspot -- David Butterfield

Busy week! I plan to re-record my radio program tomorrow. It will be fresh material. Tomorrow afternoon, I canceled other plans to go check out the latest the "Sustainable Development" folks are up to. They are bringing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Detroit to speak at Wayne State University to advocate same. My secretary managed to secure one of the free tickets for me and I am going to check it out. I will be writing on it over the weekend.

Author Warren Smith will be my internet radio guest on MY PERSPECTIVE a week from Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific time and 5 p.m. Eastern time. I am very much looking forward to this interview. We will be discussing the New Age Movement and its most recent incursions into the church, including but not limited to Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral and other mega churches.

I am heartened to find still another first rate blogspot covering the issues of the Alliance of Civilizations and other current issues. It belongs to David Butterfield and I have placed a link to it above. When I am a little more coherent (it has been a long an difficult day), I will place a permanent link.

Stay tuned!

i saw the "how i discoved all this mess" video and waswondering if you have a dvd or video link to the second part of you presentation? the one you said you had a powerpoint to go along with the lecture about the EU?


ps. theres no link to this new blog?
the title is the link (under the date)
Here is a link to read about the
Wayne State University/Robert Kennedy event Constance will be attending and reporting on:
Sometimes it becomes necessary to be reminded what totalitarian control over our lives might mean. There was a book called The Beautiful Side of Evil. The title is appropriate now where New Age leaders present the beautiful side of the New Age movement which is based on the reality of totalitarian evil.

Link was by clicking on the headline itself! I'm writing this while sitting in on the Kennedy speech, a real tour de force of incitement of hatred against "religious fanaticism", claims that people against the environmental movement have full control of the media; that conservatives control all the media (when conservatives get together, I must confess I usually hear them say the opposite -- maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle!
The audience is acting as though they are part of a giant cult!

They look glassy eyed and are accepting all he has to say as gospel!
Don't know if my presentation is on line or not -- I generally mailed it to people with permissions to make lots of copies and pass them on (here I go, taking full advantage of the 'global village again.')
Young Kennedy has already many many inflammatory statements against "religious fundamentalists"!
Because we have such control of the media (did I miss something?), Robert Kennedy's children are likely to die of asthma!!!???
Hope nobody minds my running commentary this way -- I will elaborate later.

Oh, he thinks the Europeans have a much fairer press than we do! Robert Kennedy, Jr. should talk with the STATEWATCH folks!
I fear that this is a vital part of the prophesied war against us -- the propaganda stage!
Did Ralph Epperson do a good job hosting my program tonight?


He said he didn't worship nature -- but then he went on to clearly sound like an "Alliance of Civilizations" -- New World Religion proponent!

Slick and scary!
Excellent Constance! Thank you.-
The program today was a re-run of the one you did with Zeph Daniels'
Hmmm, I wonder if Joe lost Ralph Epperson's number?

Constance, was this on TV or is it available for viewing on the Net?
This was posted today over at FP by crmann:
"United Nations to expand police force":

Also if anyone is interested here is a youtube link to a video of the press conference held at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco on August 20, 2007. It features U.S. Global Marshall Plan representative, James Quilligan, announcing the Convention on the Global Commons.
Anonymous 1:03am
The link you posted didn't have information, so I backtracked to Current Issues. The list of articles was long, so you need to let us know which article you were calling our attention to.


I watched it from the video overflow area as he was speaking live. I inputted it on here on my laptop complete with broadband internet card as soon as I witnessed it! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera in. I suspect they may be going to run a podcast of it or there may be equivalents of him giving such statements.
Both the FP and websites are down; FP for at least several hours.

Might anyone have any info. as to why.

Have a pleasant afternoon.

A fellow watchwoman
P.S. Should have been .
A fellow watchwoman-I don't know what the problem is. I've also tried to get on FP and noticed it was down. I just checked again before I posted this, still down. So it has been down all day. Rudi
Thanks, Constance. I'll have to keep an eye out for it popping up on some Net video.
I am also in the dark about FP and Prophecy news watch. I haven't heard anything, but I know I can't get there. I spoke with one of the other FP mods, and he did not know either. I have not heard from any of the admins. My guess is both sites maybe use the same Christian hosting service, and the whole server is down.
In an article I posted on my blog, I discussed the Alliance of Civilizations media fund. Here is another example of the AoC using popular culture to spread its message.

From "The Economist"

(From the first link) "Moreover, from a secularist point of view, the wrong sorts of religion are flourishing, and in the wrong places. In general, it is the tougher versions of religion that are doing best—the sort that claim Adam and Eve met 6,003 years ago."

This is taken from the first article of a special report on The New Wars of Religion at The Economist.

An underlying theme of the articles and audio interview is the danger of fundamentalism, and how globalism is having a good affect on the types of religion - like producing Rick Warren's PDL.

posted a new article at my blog


Suleiman Al-Khash (see PHILISTINE) said: “The hatred which we indoctrinate into the minds of our children from their birth is sacred."

I wonder why people are surprised when Islam is the fastest growing religion in many parts of the world, and those immigrants from the Arab world, who bring their heritage of hatred with them, why anyone should be surprised by England or whatever country, would not have a rise in anti-Semitism? The seed of scape-goating is being sown. Beware of the “blessing and the cursing.”
Yours in Christ:
Mac, I made my post without first seeing: " mac said...
U.K. Christian Students, Faculty Forced to Don Muslim Garbs"

9:10 PM

It seems we were on a parallel course.
I was not able to bring up the FP site. I dread the day when I can't bring up this one.
Because a “conspiracy” to pit fundamental religions against each other is working its diabolical madness does not mean that Islam is not companioned with evil. “If ye have not the Spirit of Christ ye are none of His.” I will say a toned down version of that statement is true of Darwinists. Not yet at least, do I see the Darwinists sending suicide bombers to destroy churches; their techniques are more subtle, maybe it is their “you only go around once mentality which gives them pause. This is not to minimize the brutality of the communists, or the loss of our national soul to materialism. I suppose I’m going on and on with this when I should just leave the tiny- URL to do its work, but quite frankly I am astounded that Islamic fundamentalists have no compunctions about blowing up each other’s shrines. Not long after 9/11 a Jews writer, I forget his name, suggested that to win the terror war one must destroy Islam, meaning Mecca and Medina. Judging from this Times online article the writer was just following the Islamic handbook.

“Pray for your enemies.”
Yours in Christ:
For all those wondering about FP:

The web hosting service began moving all the data to new servers this weekend. Apparently they encountered some problems, but expect everything to be up later today. The other sites who are down are apparently using the same web hosting service. :)
Didn't know where else to post this.

Check this out, a blood filled canal in Bagdad????????????????

Click here
the whole thing is gone from the link i gave above. it was about gaza. I'll look for it
very interesting
My parents called me this evening and told me to turn on Fox News. There Sean Hannity had a piece about the number 666. It was explained away as being fulfilled by Nero--the same explanation provided by the Alliance of Civilizations et al. The other explanation offered is that the antichrist is an evil force.

No wonder Hannity cuts off knowledgeable Christians when they call into his radio show. Obvously the priest offering the explanation doesn't believe in Christ's (meaning Jesus) second coming.

Hannity's program will be broadcast again later this evening.
Fixed link from Anonymous above:

Click here
thank you for the direct link watch this wow!!!
pictures from this
EU HR Javier Solana voices concern at state of emergency in Pakistan:
In MI the cry Nazi is being applied to Israel; too bad we who have eyes will not see. The debate is not confined here, but is employed world wide.
My guess is that this technique will work against fundamental Christians as well. It sometimes seems as if Israel is the test model for just how far people will go before the target surrenders.
Can anyone get on Herb Peter's site? I'm not able to get on it at work or home.
Hi dt,
Fp was up for a short time, and then went down again today. We may see that throughout the day while the technical bugs get worked out after moving the data to a new server.
Thanks for the info on Fp. I have been searching all over the place trying to figure out what happened! It is good to know there are other locations following the same issues. I agree about not looking forward to the day when we cannot access these sites anymore.
Thanks Candy

Not seeing Herb's site (my homepage)made me think just how close we are to having someone take down my endtime websites.
I thought I was going crazy. Herb's site won't come up and the domain was registered to snakeoil???

Do we have an alternative plan if someone does take down the site?
Just thought this was somewhat interesting. I was flipping around the channels yesterday. I saw that Bravo was doing a whole "green week". This means that they were going to do specials on environmental issues and how to be green. This will be done not only with special programs for that purpose, but I understood they were going to flip little facts across the bottom of the screen at the beginning of a show when it came back from a commercial.

I passed this off because after all it is Bravo. Then last night during Sunday Night Football. I saw that the Today show had put Matt Lauer in the Arctic Circle to talk about the worlds fastest melting iceberg. Not only that Al Roker was going to be on the equator that had several different eco systems. Meredeth Vieira was going to be back at New York talking with the leading experts in Global Warming like Al Gore.

Then I think that I saw a preview for a few episodes coming on this week that were all about "Green Week"

For those unaware, Bravo is owned by NBC.

Oh the influences of the Media!
Absolutely Dawn! Great connection. Tis the week to be green.
The Green Machine Propoganda will be hitting us hard this week.
From football to culinary to tv sitcoms uuuuugggggggghhhhhh!
A call to intercessors:

"...(eight) Ultra Nationalist rabbis warned that the United States risks facing another unprecedented natural disaster if the Annapolis conference is not immediately cancelled. They stated in their letter to President Bush that the Californian fires should be considered the "last warning" if the US presses ahead with the dividision God's land."

Quote: "'We wrote to President Bush, a man who believes in the Bible, to warn him against the terrible danger to which he is exposing his country by hosting such a conference,' Rabbi Meir Druckman, one of eight signatories, told army radio. 'The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. God punishes anyone who wants to force Israel to give up its land,' he said, alluding to Biblical Israel, which incorporates the modern-day Gaza Strip and West Bank. 'There is no doubt the New Orleans flood from the Katrina hurricane was God's punishment for dismantling the settlements,' he said of the August 2005 catastrophe that hit the southern U.S." (end Quote)

"Although the Scriptures teach that the time of Jacob's trouble is designed to bring an unbelieving nation of Israel back to their Messiah Yeshua (Zechariah 12:10), the Bible warns us that God will also punish the nations that seek to divide His land (Zechariah 12:9). For God may use the nations to correct Israel for its disobedience, but He also holds the nations to account for their actions, especially when they overstep the line. The Lord also demands more of those nations that have received the greater light. Jesus Christ said that if the mighty miracles which had been performed in Capernaum had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah, Sodom would have remained until this day (Matthew 11:23). There are few nations that have received a greater light that the United States of America, and I believe because of this we can expect that they will also receive the greater judgement for dividing God's land."

News source:

Commentary, Mr. Chris Perver:

Have a pleasant evening.

A fellow watchwoman
There is an EXCELLENT program on National Geographic Network called Hitler and the Occult. It is running later this evening (11:00 central time) as well as tomorrow. It ties Hitler's world view to the writings of HP Blavatsky.

OK, we have set up a very bare backup board for those who are FP members. This will serve as long as FP is down, when FP is running, the backup board will be locked so no posts can be made. We will keep this up in case of emergency.
getting "HTTP 404" at the FP alternative

time for an ISP/hosting site that can deliver?????
Hmmm, it is working for me.
I can't connect to FP from here in Australia.

Do you suppose they've been raptured early?

Just kidding :-)
Water just posted a comment at the temporary FP board that says it is a bit unstable (error messages occuring more frequently than the normal board) but that it recovers quickly.

Have a nice evening.

A fellow watchwoman
To FWW 6:45pm,
Thank you for the alert, information and link at prophecy news.

May the Lord teach us all to pray, especially at this critical time.

Fervent Shalom
Constance we live in intresting times. I't was intresting to read about Kennedy on the blog.

Eagle Eyes
Farmer I read your article on your blog and I found it intresting. We live in exciting times. Since you live in Europe I have family in Germany.

Eagle Eyes
Watching for his return
Hey, thanks! My blog is really hap-hazard right now, but I'm planning on pulling things together and getting more stuff up, before the 27th, just in case. I'm working through the hidden dangers of the rainbow right now, in spare minutes(working full time), and it's great to see something so documented. I think the Lord's people are waking up one by one, and books like that only help. I feel honored to be mentioned on this blog, and thanks again!
HK-91 said...

The AoC notwithstanding I thought this quote might shed a different perspective on what we all here see as an attack on truth. As we try to grasp the enthusiasm of the one world "religious" crowd, the content of this observation might lend us an idea or two.

"...In no other sphere save that of religion do men of intelligence and culture willingly subject their minds to delusions. The "historic Church" once tried to compel belief that this planet was the fixed centre of the solar system; but who believes it now? Men cannot be made to believe that water runs uphill, or that five and five make anything but ten. In no other sphere can they be induced to stultify reason and common sense. But in religion there seems to be no limit to their credulity. And in every age, and in all kinds of different environments, credulity fastens, and feeds itself, upon errors and superstitions of a kindred type.
One exception only has there been to this rule. In the ages when His people were in a state of tutelage, God gave them a religion. It was a concession to the weakness of human nature. That Divine religion is expressly described as "a shadow of the good things to come," namely, Christianity; for, to the spiritual discernment, Christ Himself was the sum and substance of it all. It was the only Divine religion the world has ever known; for Christianity is not, strictly speaking, a "religion" at all, but a revelation and a faith, And how did it differ from human religions, not excepting that which calls itself Christian? It differed essentially in these respects :-
(i) In the absence of any material representation of God.
(2) In the absence of mystical rites.
(3) In the absence of a mystically endowed priesthood.
(4.) In the absence of tradition. It was based altogether upon a Divine revelation which every Israelite was expected to study and obey." ...from "The Bible or the Church" by Sir Robert Anderson

The AoC will ride the tidal wave of thirst of the willing world's populace because the "surfs up".

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