Thursday, October 11, 2007

Angelina Jolie meets with Javier Solana

Well, now we must take Javier Solana more seriously than ever. The Hollywood P.C. ("politically correct) crowd now evidently thinks it important to genuflect to him. I note for the record that this was also the case with Jiddhu Krishnamurti in the 1930's. Here's a link where you can watch it for yourself by clicking here.

An even better version may be watched by clicking here.

Here's thinking that perhaps he might have preferred meeting with Brad Pitts!
Here's a Reuter's Press release about the Javier Solana and Angelina Jolie meeting -- it is from the UN News Service!


And just in case they erase it, here's the copy:

MOD-DATE: 09/28/07 09:00:00


SEPTEMBER 27, 2007
INTRO: Angelina Jolie meets with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana.


Actress and UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie meets with Javier Solana, the
European Union's foreign policy chief, on the sidelines of the United Nations'
General Assembly.


STORY: Actress and U.N. Ambassador Angelina Jolie met with E.U. foreign
policy chief Javier Solana on Thursday (September 27), on the sidelines of the
U.N. General Assembly.
On Wednesday, (September 26) Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt took part
in the Clinton Global Initiative pledging to help educate children in conflict
zones and rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Jolie unveiled an
education partnership to help one million children in conflict, post-conflict
and emergency situations.
Last month Jolie travelled to Iraq and appealed for more international
support for the millions of people uprooted by war and violence.
The actress and humanitarian, who has been to more than 20 countries
since becoming a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency six
years ago, visited a makeshift camp housing 1,200 people in Iraq and spent
hours speaking with Iraqis now living in Damascus.
once the Hollywood elite start in on this, it is only a matter of time till the whole world starts clamoring to meet with him. What an interesting development....
Perhaps he's looking for a part-time job as a movie extra. Seriously, though, I was thinking the same thing.
this discussion at FP:
anon 11:20-

I was thinking about the same thing. One thing about Solana, he has not been that big in the USA press and has not wanted it.

When a store or restaurant is opening and doesn't want to be crazy crowded or overwhelmed they do what is called a "soft opening". They just open one day and may just have a small sign outside that says, "now open".
Then a few weeks to a month later you run all your ads, have the paper do an article about you, etc.

This is what I almost feel Solana is doing (with the exception of timing). It is his "soft opening" to the press and the American people. My guess that this will only be the beginning of the celeb/politically minded circuit.
Surely he will meet with Jolie and Pitt more times.
Then it wouldn't surprise me if next he will be meeting with George Clooney, Sean Penn, Madonna, and/or Micheal Moore.
After which he would have a highly publicized meeting with Al Gore (or possibly a Clinton).

I guess time will tell and it will depend on the political election situation. That would be a good time to slip in to our lives by that time doing little interviews with Barbara Walters or Jay Leno.

This is all speculation. This plan seems a good way of getting attention without really calling attention to yourself. That is a media game that they play with whatever issue they want to push. I have seen it over and over again with other things that are now just "excepted norms" (homosexuality and this global warming are good examples).
Interesting....I have no comment as it may get me in trouble. Jolie is all over the place since she is a human rights activist - we'll see this story in the entertainment magazines as she is a hot story much of the time.

Solana has an in with one of the most elite couples in Hollywood and he sure looked happy about it during the interview!
from FP:
"They're Laughing Now -
National Association of Evangelicals invites Ban Ki-moon to speak and mocks Christians' fear of the United Nations"

Apparently, thanks to modern medicine 'We will be able to live to 1,000'.
Did you already hear about Al Gore winning the Nobel peace prize??? I guess we could have expected that...
Dear Constance,
Not that you aren't busy or anything,
but I'd be interested to hear your take
on this:

It seems eerily plausable and actually explains
why GWB seems intent on wrecking
the USA.
And speaking of wrecking the US:
Great news here in Portland
Maine; we've finally been allowed to know
that this little hamlet of maybe 80,000
people up here in the boondocks
is officially a Sanctuary City, which means
among other things that illegal aliens
are invited to come here and that the Police have been instructed to look the other way and not notify the INS.
Of course this revelation comes after probably
10 years of the policy being in place
without the taxpayers ( local cattle ) knowing
about it.

Dear Paul:

I am cautious of the material at link until I know much more about its origin. It looks very similar to me like things composed by one Eustace Mullins, whom I consider to be a very dangerous person!

I am very worried about this Al Gore development, especially when considering his relationship to global governance and Javier Solana!

Constance -
can we download the content of your brain related to all these items into an archive?
My goodness just a well of information.
I sincerely appreciate your efforts sister, and of course the others who add thier help and information.
I'd like to suggest a referendum.

An initiative to combat Extreme Religious Fascism should be implemented.

Efforts by organizations such as the National Association of Evangelicals, the United Nations, the Alliance of Civilizations to dialogue and support restrictions on any belief of faith, suppressing the right of any individual to believe in absolute truth, quashing any freedom of thought in expressing belief in absolute truth should be abolished in conjunction with the articles of the U.S. Constitution.

Comments? Thoughts? Am I off on this one? Could I say it in another way? Has this already been done?
Hi Farmer- The Washington Post article you've posted over on FP is absolutely stunning. Richard Cizik got the hem of his sheepskin caught on a nail in a big way this time- or perhaps it was stepped on by an angel. Either way, the disguise is off.
National Association of Evangelical
Official Press Release:

Link to Washington Post Oct12/07 article:

Additional key sponsors for the event include, among others, Bread for the World, World Relief, Frontiers, the Evangelical Environmental Network, and the UN Millennium Campaign.

U.N. Chief Says Evangelicals, MDGs a Natural Fit:
"U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the common social concerns of the United Nations and the evangelical community as he informed leaders Thursday of the progress toward the Millennium Development Goals."

What are the Millennium Development Goals?

Global Data Monitoring Information SystemThe new Online Atlas of the MDGs is an innovative visualization of the Millennium Development Goals that complements the World Bank's MDG website. ...

Matthew 7:15
"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Luke 8:17
"For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."
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Arafat got a Nobel too, even if it was jointly awarded....

Click Here
Just wait until they give one to Dr. Solana!
Thanks Rudi,
found it, after Holly found her first link, and posted it asap,
lucky enough Holly also put the at the front and added an article later...thanks for watching and I am glad to read your posts here and over at FP!


thanks admin for great post

Angelina Jolie Wallpaper

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