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Aubrey Meyer, the claimed founder of the Contraction & Convergence Movement spoke at the Findhorn Eco-Village Yesterday!

Also, before reading my article about "Contraction & Convergence" below, you may read about this seemingly mysterious subject with more understanding, if you first watch a short but powerful You-Tube Video "Environ-Mentalism." That powerful presentation will give you a perspective and overview. I think it will help you read and digest it with much more understanding. I discovered it for myself on September 18, 2007) You may watch it by clicking here. Or if you need it, I have created a "tinyurl" link:



A radical New Age game plan, said to be able to simultaneously cure global warming and world economic disparity woes has gained major backing from key world leaders. Most recently Germany's Angela Merkel led a successful floor fight at a recent climate change conference to win its acceptance. Former British viola player Aubrey Meyer is given credit for its 1995 origins. The plan has clear potential to unify most of its own seemingly disparate elements. It would also neatly tie together various otherwise unmanageable radical factions including USA anti-government types; anti-globalists; Davos World Economic Forum attendees, including but not limited to corporate CEO's; conservative Canadian Christians, New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian "Social Crediters;" Evangelical environmental movements; Matthew Fox type "Creation Centered" theologians; deep ecologists; "Earth First radicals, more moderate environmentalists, and even Communists.

If implemented as now planned it could impoverish, freeze, and starve many. It would radically change the lifestyles to the impoverishment of most! One refreshingly skeptical discussion of this growing usually Amen chorus campaign says it well: "Let's hope that it doesn't come down to needing to buy a carbon permit each time you want to barbecue a steak."

That plan is known as "C&C." That is short for an eerie phrase "Contraction and Convergence." What is to contract 40% to 60% is global use of energy. What is to converge are the resources flowing from developed countries to lesser developed ones. A stagnant or reduced population is assumed. Proponents also headline it as "A Global Framework that Sets a New Economic Agenda."

Most likely, it is one and the same as what Javier Solana referred to as a necessary "new bargain for the environment" in his March 21, 2007 global governance speech at the Brookings Institution. Similar plans are claimed by C&C proponents to have been supported bi-partisanly by United States Senators Byrd and Hagel. At least Senator Chuck Hagel (who recently announced his Senate retirement) is the closest of allies with Javier Solana who made a special trip to Washington in 2003 to award Senator Hagel the Translatlantic Leadership Award. In past years, another close Senate Solana ally, Richard Lugar of Indiana, also won that coveted prize.

Its propaganda has been since 1990 pre-planned and unrelenting. The "C&C" crisis = opportunity is being passed to mainstream media and corporate executives needing "positive images" as gospel along among environmentalists, "sustainable development advocates"; Earth as "goddess Gaia"; Socially Responsible Investors; New Age planners, old fashioned conservationists; and "amen to we must fight global warming" type politicians. It is now benefiting from its pre-planned and executed 15 year unceasing propaganda campaign of claimed "global warming." It has a planned redistribution of wealth that might have made Lenin blush. [See DVD "Liberty or Sustainable Development?]

Above and beyond all that New Age backing which includes what Findhorn chronicler Paul Hawken braggingly recently billed as "the Movement that Nobody Saw Coming," it claims to have the most support for any climate change claimed cure out there, including but not limited to the bad enough Kyoto proposal. In fact, one major recent meeting for global proponents of the radical environmental change movement met at Scotland based New Age Mecca, Findhorn.
Its draconian implications might well have made Stalin in his most ruthless moments smile.
One important meeting, under the auspices of the UN itself, discussing speeding up and implementation of its far reaching draconian proposals has recently taken place at Findhorn. Many have taken at face value the claims made of an alleged "global warming crisis." They lack, as did I, knowledge of the incredible 15 full year propaganda campaign for "Contraction and Convergence." This campaign was launched at the same time as Agenda 21 – in 1992. The pogrom , oops, Program, as implemented would do little to change the climate. It support is now legion, but they have operated relatively low key under the name of "Global Commons Institute." Whether they like it or not, climate is ultimately controlled by the same God many seeking these changes cheerfully deny.

One typical list of some of its academic and otherwise prominent endorsers are names well known to me from my 26 year study of the New Age Movement and its personalities such as Fritjof Capra, Jeremy Rifkin, Rev. Thomas Berry; Rev. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton; Kirkpatrick Sale, and many others.

C&C clearly has the potential to change the economic climate to one of shared hardship for all. It's climate changing potential is at best dubious and untested. Further, implementation of its complex "contraction and convergence" formula, reduced already to mathematical formulae, would undoubtedly require a global snooping system second to none for implementation. It would in effect change the world monetary system from a gold standard to what appear to be a rationed chits for CO2 standard. Verichip's "Digital Angel (or whatever they are calling it this week) as well as Javier Solana's European Space Agency's "Project Galileo" would certainly come in handy for its administration. I'll bet more than one of their number has thought that an implanted microchip tracking system would discourage cheating. In fact, the EU has long since released a complimentary CD upon request of just that sort of tracking potentials of boats, automobiles, and "even somebody out on a walk." I have viewed it many times.

C&C briefing papers claim that only their system comes close to meeting the requirements President George W. Bush says he wants for "stabilizing concentrations in the atmosphere." Global Commons Initiative, the organization led by Aubrey Meyer claims that their system complies with all six of the pre-requisite features demanded by George W. Bush at a Gothenburg EU summit this past June. "

Quoting from an online pamphlet, one that I advise you archive VERY QUICKLY as they tend to remove links as soon as they think we are intelligently reading same,

Climate Change has been the subject of a series of high-level international
meetings, starting with the Kyoto conference in 1997. Agreement in principle was
reached to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050. But by 2004 the required number of countries—representing 55 per cent of total CO2 discharged into the atmosphere—had still not signed up, and therefore the Kyoto Treaty has still not been formally implemented. It is also becoming increasingly
apparent that Kyoto itself is only a faltering first step in the right direction. Far more radical targets will need to be implemented to prevent a world-wide climate disaster. The London-based Global Commons Institute has proposed a process of Contraction and Convergence, with equal per-capita allowances for greenhouse gas emissions for all the world's countries. This has gathered much international support, but implementation is being blocked . . ."

Well, thank God for the present blockage. Javier Solana says he wants "a new bargain for the environment." The Convergence and Contraction folk, including those of the "World Future Council," say they want "a new social contract." They are talking very similar talk and I fear they may be planning very shortly a common walk. George W. Bush is now rightfully concerned about his legacy as well as popularity. His recent statements on the Law of the Seas and global warming lead me to suspect that he may see global governance and environmental acquiescence as ways to salvage his name for history.

Of course, it is no surprise either that Al Gore has called for its passage and implementation.[1] Al Gore is now reportedly advising Great Britain on climate change issues. We know Al Gore talks with Javier Solana. Solana made a point of saying that in his Washington, D.C. global government mandate speech on March 21, 2007.

Further, Australians are urging their government to pressure international adoption of the Contraction and Convergence formula. Even less surprising is the European Union's support of it. My educated guess is that it is the European Union and its CFSP chief who are the prime movers on this issue.

My further guess is that the specifications and limits will be written up to the European Union's advantage. In the Year 2000, an English based "John Boyd Secretary" convincingly argued on line the parallels between the European Union's planned "peacekeeping" and Hitler's 1930 five year military buildup – first by stealth and then openly. Mr. Boyd then quoted Jacques Santer as saying that they needed to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the 'coming 21st century struggle for scarce global resources."

We have handled significant NATO powers and equipment to the EU while they have been building their own alleged "peacekeeping" forces. Javier Solana continues to press for consolidation of all 28 European Union countries' respective military and budgets. The alleged defunct Western European Union, a ten nation military federation has been used for military confab and planning purposes. While the fiction was maintained that the WEU was being shut down, the reality was that it was being "revived." At least, that is what Professor Jolyon Howorth said was happening in his books on NATO and the Western European Union.

The "Contraction and Convergence" timing was certainly interesting! It was 1996,[2] only one year after Javier Solana assumed his NATO command post and the Transatlantic chairmanship that the Contraction and Convergence proposals were submitted to the United Nations. Also of interest is that Al Gore has been reportedly hired to advise the British government on climate change! More interestingly still is that information source article's reporter: Aubrey Meyer, the former symphony viola section member, who is clearly the face and voice for C&C:

"Citing the US bill of rights, Al Gore stated during the recent Live Earth concerts: "We should demand that the US join an international [climate] treaty within the next two years that cuts global warming pollution by 90% in developed countries and by more than 50% worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy Earth." . .. At last, Gore says what is needed: contraction and convergence (C&C). This is the concept that came from the Global Commons Institute, based in the UK, which I set up in the early 1990s. It says that dangerous rates of climate change can be avoided only by countries agreeing to work together to safely limit the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and agreeing that emissions entitlements converge at a level that is equal, per
capita, for all countries under that limit.

Aubrey Meyer's dedication is clear. So is his genius. This is one favorably stated summary of his plans:

Meyer realized that, if humanity is to survive climate change, a very
different kind of international agreement will be required. Climate change threatens humanity as a whole, and so requires a species-level response. Meyer's proposal - "contraction and convergence" (C&C) - proceeds from the recognition that all countries must act together to set a limit on global greenhouse emissions. Once this limit is agreed (the contraction bit), they must decide how the remaining emissions are to be shared. Meyer's suggested basis for this is equity. Given that we are all created equal, why should poor countries accept a smaller share of the shrinking pie? And so, after a period of transition, all countries are allocated emissions entitlements based on their populations convergence). . . . In practice, both the contraction cap on emissions and the convergence date to equity would be negotiable. World governments might, say, agree to limit global carbon-dioxide concentrations to 450 parts per million - enough, it is hoped, to keep global warming below 2 C - with convergence by 2030. This would give a less developed country such as Bangladesh a large wad of unused emissions, which it could sell for cash on world markets. Countries such as Australia, meanwhile, would have to buy spare emissions credits in order to keep on using a disproportionate amount of fossil fuel. The result would be large financial flows from rich to poor, giving developing countries the resources to participate in the clean energy revolution. . . .
In contrast, Kyoto avoids the question . . . "

History is repeating itself. This is not the first emergence of this type of economic scheme. The same doctrine emerged full throttle in the pre-Hitler days. Many theosophists were taken with a political system that would entail a complicated bookkeeping "cashless society." It was known as "Social Credit." A colloquial seeming misspelling was used to identify its partisans: "Social Coediters." In fact, one book currently promoted by the C&C crowd has a chapter, "Planet Earth Money Martyred: Social Credit and Monetary Reform. That book, Babylon and Beyond: the economics of anti-capitalist, anti-globalist and radical green movements is by Derek Wall the "Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales."

C&C is paralleling what was transpiring in the 1920s when Social Credit was introduced by Scottish engineer Major C. H. Douglas. The world was then being both physically and psychologically prepared to receive a new "messiah." That claimed new Theosophical messiah was in the person of one Jiddhu Krishnamurti. The concepts of this movement quickly spread. American ex-patriate poet Ezra Pound, a Theosophist who once lived with William Butler Yeats, was a strong proponent of both Social Credit and Theosophy. Pound later became notorious as a Nazi-Fascist sympathizer. He made an expensive propaganda trip to the USA, accepting an award from his alma mater. Then, as now, there must have been snickering in occult circles as their economic notions, so very strongly paralleling the warned against systems of Revelation 13 were accepted as "Christian." The advantage we have that they lacked is the same one that Marilyn Ferguson bragged made their movement unstoppable: "modern communications have encircled the world beyond any possibility of retreat."

Perhaps their delusion that only their new age "initiation" would enable them to use modern communications is one reason why many of their number are now seeking a new, less egalitarian internet. I wrote of this project in my April 18, 2007 NewsWithViews article. You may read that by clicking here.

Strangely, social credit is widely accepted in portions of Canada today by people who otherwise consider themselves in large part both traditionalist Catholic and conservative Christian. The concepts spread through England as the "Kindred kibbo Kith," and then went into Canada. Social Credit too sought a global cashless society where universal credits would be given and wealth would be redistributed. It had clearly occult origins, but many, especially in depression era times saw it as a solution. Often they promoted it as "Christian."

This is where a most interesting configuration of the New Age and the anti-government movements may also be "harmonically converging." The same John White who wrote the "Special Introduction" to the 1979 Directory for a New World: Thirteenth Annual Edition" writes prolifically for anti-government, pro-militia movements. This is Leland Stewart's organization, "The International Cooperation Council." In that directory, John White was described as "an author, editor, teacher and lecturer engaged in the exploration of consciousness . . . John is a longtime friend of ICC . . ." Creepily, this Theosophist who like another Theosophist who successfully mined anti-government segments of the anti-IRS, anti-government movement, virulent Jew baiter Eustace Mullins. Mullins and John White have beat war drums for the militia movements of "abolish the IRS."

What is coming to "harmonically converge" in the "Contraction and Convergence" is a plan that will bring the old "Social Crediters", the environmentalists, global concert rock banders, third and fourth world countries, people of poverty. Now that Al Gore is on line many of the other masses "will swing into step" as well.

For sure, the Contraction and Convergence Movement has enjoyed obvious financing and powerful support. One abrasively militant but powerful voice backing it has been George Monbiot who has not hesitated to ridicule traditional long held Christian beliefs while simultaneously calling for revolution to implement his own.

The same Paul Hawken who wrote "The Magic of Findhorn," has bragged about "The Movement that Nobody Saw Coming." You can watch it on line for yourself by clicking here.
I spent probably two years researching Ezra Pound and the Social Credit Movement. Together with another researcher, Richard Gilman, we contemplated writing a book in progress that for one reason or another never got finished: "The Ezra Pound Connection." In our reams of materials, now donatend to the University of Michigan and presently not at my fingertips are scholarly references that Hitler planned to make Social Credit his economic system for his post-war society. He went down to defeat, but Social Credit continued in other places. It was particularly popular in large sections of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Particularly in Canada, Social Credit was under the sponsorship of Canadian conservative Christians who had been evangelized for the concept. Hopefully most of these Christians knew nothing of either its Theosophical roots or its "cashless society" agenda. What they saw it as was a solution for depression era loss of homes and income.

Personally startling to me in view of my current research on the European Union and its foreign and military policy chief, Javier Solana is this passage from James Webb's "The Occult Establishment" about one of Social Credit's most prominent leaders, John Hargrave:

"At the same time Hargrave's messages to his following took on an increasingly
apocalyptic tone, in which his old fascination with symbols and mythology was
coupled to a new emphasis on the power of the sun. The supporters of Social
Credit became "Solar Men." They were to pronounce a prayer to the sun for the
success of their efforts. Hasrgrave denounced those who could not see 'the
Social Credit mechanism is founded on a SPIRITUAL BASIS."

That these movements are again creepily converging in a "Contraction and Convergence" with Gaian components is frightening enough. That the program is obviously backed by the leading global governance proponent with a name frighteningly similar to "Solar Men" is even stranger. "Solar Men" should give all great pause. In both past and present, wherever Social Credit has blossomed, so has anti-Semitism. It is a pulse point that those immune to other aspects of the New Age Movement are perhaps vulnerable to. It may well disarm those who perceive themselves immune to other New Age "Harmonic Convergences."

One web resource where these increasingly convergences are freely discussed are conference notes of Global Vision 2000. Social Credit is prominent in New Zealand, Canada, Australia. This will make the remarkably similar C&C selling easier. With the New Age emphasis on "think only positives," they are sure not to visualize anything sinister coming from it. They will sure not think that this global system which could enslave all in chilling poverty. If they are successful, their hoped for system will have a world wide cap on allowable energy use. It will obviously serve LARGER POPULATION. Increases in population will not yield increased national quotas. Given the convergence of a cap on allowable energy (which does not expand with expanding populations) combined with marketable rations of energy to every human being (as always, the rich will get richer and the poor will not only get poorer. If they do have money, what do they have it for – the energy their money is based on has been shipped to the more affluent nations.

I foresee a scenario where we are all poor with inadequate lighting, heating and/or air conditioning, it appears that if these "Social Creditors" cum "Contraction and Convergence" advocates get their way, we are in for a grim global time indeed. We will, indeed, under their scenario be lucky to have the energy to turn our computers on to access even their planned "New internet."

Presently it appears that the USA is facing at least a severe recession. The implementation of this program could turn it into a depression like none the world has ever seen! Sadly, the mortgage crisis may well make the proposed new economic system that goes with the planned energy cuts look like a solution of sorts to many families trapped in the "new economics" of this so-called "New Age."

Is it serious? You bet. With Angela Merkel, Al Gore, George Monbiot, the Findhorn Foundation, New Zealand, Australia, the European Union as well as has been recently reported, President George W. Bush's own energy consultant on board, it is critically serious! It could well be sold in other circles as a way to tear down the Federal Reserve Board and defeat the Bilderbergers. It would clearly take computer tracking and administration, a probable win-win for "Applied Digital Solutions" doing business as "Digital Angel" and "Xmark." The Green Parties and environmentalists love it.

It could well be that draconian solution of which Jeremy Rifkin bragged in his 1981 Bantam New Age Series book, Entropy:

"The radical change in world view required to make this transition will have to
be accomplished virtually overnight. There will be no time for polite debate,
subtle compromise, or momentary equivocation. To succeed will require a zealous
determination – a militancy . . . of herculean proportions."

Also, Rifkin's declaration of the economic system sound remarkably like both that biblically described as an end time scenario and what Aubrey Meyer today is evidently successfully calling forth:

"Without a fundamental redistribution of wealth, all talk of lowering energy
flow and heeding our planet's biological limits will result in nothing but the
rich locking the poor forever into their subservient status. . . ."

I'm not for polluting the water and burning the earth. Even less am I for grandiose ideas where scientists and politicians play God based on the unexamined agendas and ambitions of global warming alarmists. Oh, and by the way, earthquakes are increasing too. To what to they attribute those?

May the Lord help us all!


1, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.2, Tiempo Climate Newswatch, "Contraction and Convergence"3, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.4, Webb, James. THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT. LaSalle, Illinois: Open Court Publishing Company, 1976. Quoting page 124. Webb's footnote cites in turn a paper by Tom Driberg, "A Touch of the Sun." The entire chapter, "A Touch of Eden" is5, ENTROPY: A NEW WORLD VIEW by Jeremy Rifkin. It should be noted that this book was endorsed in its unpublished manuscript form by Pat Robertson. I discussed this at length in chapter 15 of my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION (1985). It is interesting that Pat Robertson endorsed both "non-coercive" taking of the implanted microchip as well as Jeremy Rifkin's book about a very forced New World Order! On August 3, 2006, the Associated Press, "Heat Wave Makes Pat Robertson a Global Warming Convert." Those who considered a switching of sides may not have had the opportunity to read my now out of print book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH (1985). I cited ample material in that plainly showing Pat Robertson's 1980 endorsement of Jeremy Rifkin's plainly stated environmental agenda!6, Ibid

1, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.2, Tiempo Climate Newswatch, "Contraction and Convergence"3, Aubrey Meyer: Gore belatedly gets the key message on emissions Special Reports Guardian Unlimited Politics , August 8, 2007.4, Webb, James. THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT. LaSalle, Illinois: Open Court Publishing Company, 1976. Quoting page 124. Webb's footnote cites in turn a paper by Tom Driberg, "A Touch of the Sun." The entire chapter, "A Touch of Eden" is5, ENTROPY: A NEW WORLD VIEW by Jeremy Rifkin. It should be noted that this book was endorsed in its unpublished manuscript form by Pat Robertson. I discussed this at length in chapter 15 of my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION (1985). It is interesting that Pat Robertson endorsed both "non-coercive" taking of the implanted microchip as well as Jeremy Rifkin's book about a very forced New World Order! On August 3, 2006, the Associated Press, "Heat Wave Makes Pat Robertson a Global Warming Convert." Those who considered a switching of sides may not have had the opportunity to read my now out of print book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH (1985). I cited ample material in that plainly showing Pat Robertson's 1980 endorsement of Jeremy Rifkin's plainly stated environmental agenda!6, Ibid


Anonymous said...

Wow, Constance that is intense.
I started wondering how they would know what the populations are to give the "credit" to the countries. Some implementation of verichip or some other "numbering system" would need to be done.

It really is unfair to expect energy distribution based on population, and not global position and inherant climate, boy will we be freezing here in the Cascades. Since our government is basically bankrupt, how do they expect to buy energy credits?

I guess those "solar men" will really have a spiritual connection with their solar panels trying to get electricity. Praying for sun just so you can cook... interesting.

Thanks again for your insight, I probably could have read all the same books, but not draw the right conclusions, thanks for summing it all up.


Anonymous said...

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Rich Peterson - Medford said...

They're speeding up and things are moving very rapidly. On Drudge this morning "Greenspan: Euro Gains as Reserve Choice". This comes as no surprise.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

A "species-level response"...a hint of population reduction in this statement.

Anonymous said...

Truly a tremendous amount of research, so well put together.

Last night on the Emmies Gore got another award and a huge hand from the audience. Jon Stewart(?) made the comment that he was going to buy a carbon credit so some boy in Peru could farm the land. It was meant to be funny, but it told me that discussion about this must be taking place.

What was very informative for me were the before and after chart which showed how much the US was using and how little the US would be allowed in the future. We would need to buy credits from third world countries who weren't using their credits. Talk about equalizing the wealth around the world. Will our corporations continue to move overseas where they will have credits to use when they can't get them here?

I can see why the hard push for belief in global warning continues in the face of scientific evidence that says humans have very, very little input.

This stuff is really getting to me. In fact my son says my new motto must be a takeoff on "Think globally; act locally." It's "Think crabby globally; act crabby locally."


Anonymous said...

Go to the last paragraph of this well-written article for more information on Solana's connections. The paragraph is too long to carry over and needs to be seen in context.


Uncovers Baloney said...

Dear "Secret Rapture" (maybe known as 'Javier in Disguise'):

Thankee, thankee, thankee

Salami, Salami, Baloney

Thank you, 'Javier' or 'Whoever'!

Constance Cumbey said...

Spammers need not post here! I am removing the post about "make extra money here" . . .

Anonymous said...

Just read your latest piece, Constance. Wow! Looking at what’s currently happening in the world – earthquakes, hurricanes, climate change hysteria, Iran/Syria/Russia, EU, the planned division of Jerusalem – it’s like we are being accelerated forwards. The clean slate Internet would certainly be a coup. I receive email newsletters from a few Christian sources and quite often they get junked. I understand how this works and I’m lucky that my ISP provider allows me to tinker with the filter settings. But many of my friends don’t have that option and, consequently, lose mail. This happens regularly to Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. Her newsletter is frequently zapped by the PC filters supplied by ISPs. So, with a clean slate, some “well-intentioned” Governing entity will also introduce obligatory software that will keep our children safe while in cyberspace, clean up porn and the “hate” sites (read Christian fundamentalists). This is already being proposed here in Australia – a Howard Gov election promise. Exciting times!

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the Values Voter debate for three hours. Seven of the lower tier candidates were there. Although most of the questions were softball, it was heartening to hear all of the concerns in one place and at one time.

Here you can see where it is going to be rebroadcast.


Anonymous said...

The debate results are in. There were 2,000 seats at the Center. People were asked to vote before and after the debate. The overwhelming winner was Mike Huckabee with Ron Paul coming in a distant second and Alan Keyes coming in a distant third. Also there were Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and John Cox. The big four didn't show up even though Guiliani was in the same town and on the same street. Time to learn more about Mike Huckabee. Even the rabbi on the panel liked him.


Constance Cumbey said...

Here's a very good You-Tube video I just discovered online tonight about THE CLUB OF ROME

Anonymous said...

Constance - I watched the U Tube link you provided. Out of curiosity, where are these men from the boy's club (Club of Rome) going to live? Surely not amongst the people herded to the city - let me guess, in the plush areas (no doubtedly eating steak!)

This gets worse as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I’ve been ‘lurking’ here for a few months and finally found something (hopefully intelligent) to say.
Constance wrote “One refreshingly skeptical discussion of this growing usually Amen chorus campaign says it well: "Let's hope that it doesn't come down to needing to buy a carbon permit each time you want to barbecue a steak."”
When I read that I thought instantly back to the story I read last week on Yahoo! news about how we should limit our meat consumption because livestock is a large greenhouse gas contributor.

You can read the original story here:
Here is the full URL:

Perhaps one day we will dream longingly of a time when we were able to get a steak to barbecue, let alone buy a carbon permit to grill it … could we live to see a time when the global government dictates what we eat? Soylent Green, anyone?

Constance - how on earth do you find the time to do all this research and still maintain an active career as an attorney??? Thanks for everything you do.

Ms. V

Rudi said...

For anyone interested. Here are a bunch of youtube videos with Mike Huckabee.

Rudi said...

Constance- Excellent article and video. I'm not sure if this is the same guy who created the video you linked to but his site contains more valuable information as it relates to the video/Club of Rome/and the global warming agenda.

Rudi said...

Sorry, this is the home page for the link I gave above

Anonymous said...

After looking at the video I went to the home page of the poster. He gave other films of interest. There was a series titled "Behind the Green Curtain" on youtube showing what is going on now. I have read how landowners out west have had to fight government control, stories we don't get in our daily news.

Those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of detail in Constance's article might want to start slowly by looking at those videos. You can see how what is happening now and then see why it is not a matter of just local government efforts to control land use. I like the analogy that compares the NA movement to a large mountain of
creeping slime that threatens many and has taken over large areas of our culture. Some people don't feel it. For instance their church hasn't changed or use of their own property hasn't been taken out of their hands. But it's coming to cover everyone and everything.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy, you made it sound like Sauron on the march to the shire! Yikes Frodo! While everyone sleeps...

johnny said...

Just read your newest article Constance, awesome! absolutely.

Great additions, thoughts, contributions, links and videos to all Leana, rich, Ms. V, Dorothy, rudi, mac. inspiration to me and hopefully others.

will have the time to catch up to them later tonight.

Thanks Constance.

Brother Rolf said...
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Anonymous said...

Big Brother is watching us all:

"Interestingly, we, the public, don't seem to mind. Opinion polls, both in the US and Britain, say that about 75% of us want more, not less, surveillance. Some American cities like New York and Chicago are thinking of taking a lead from Britain where our movements are monitored round the clock by four million CCTV cameras.

So far there is no gadget that can actually see inside our houses, but even that's about to change."


Constance Cumbey said...

EXTREMELY DISTURBING NEWS PASSED ON TO ME. WATCH THIS YOU-TUBE VIDEO -- THE STUDENT WAS BEING ARRESTED AND TASERED FOR ASKING JOHN KERRY ABOUT BEING A MEMBER OF THE SKULL & BONES SOCIETY. I am frankly never put that much credence in the Skull and Bones conspiracy theories, but this gives me GREAT PAUSE and perhaps re-evaluation!

Constance Cumbey said...

As far as the seeing inside buildings is concerned, this may be further along than you think. Use the google search terms: "Probant" and "Big Brother" and you should pull up the Statewatch report: ARMING BIG BROTHER. In it you will read all about Javier Solana's Western European Union, armies, and PROBANT, something described as being able to WATCH INTO BUILDINGS!

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the gentleman was a little obnoxious prior to asking Kerry questions. That is supposedly "why" they arrested him (He crossed the line by asking what he did).

This doesn't quite sound right to me as one would think the police would have removed him prior to asking the questions (if that were the case). It sounds to me like he asked incriminating questions and got his butt hauled out. I guess the public doesn't have the right to know politicians.

humbleOpinion said...

I don't doubt that the current world events are moving us toward a one-world government and the fulfillment of prophecy. It is sad, though, that US Christians deride global warming and anything else that might cause them to re-examine their indulgent lifestyles. Look carefully at what the Bible says about "mystery Babylon" and keep in mind that this could be the US. Then read Revelation 18 about that country's excessive luxuries and selfishness.

Anonymous said...
This is the video that follows the action down the stairs and out of the building.

What I find humorous is that mainstream conservative talkshow hosts such as Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity have taken the side of the police. Maybe they just don't like the competition by one who obnoxiously challenges liberals. Average people are supposed to let these media darlings be the spokesmen for the outsiders and just keep quiet until they are given the topic of the day.


Time to speak back said...

The problem with the "global Warming" (used to be "New Ice Age") scenarios is not that it forces us to examine admittedly too often too materialistic lifestyles. The problem is that these rationales are used for a "trick bag" to aid "Share International" (Benjamin Creme and his "Maitreya/Betraya the 'Christ'" company); Jeremy Rifkin, Barbara Barf (Marx) Hubbard, David 'Luciferic Initiation' Spangler; Matthew Fox, Thomas Berry, et al, ad nauseum establish their totalitarian structures for the 'New World Odor,' oooooops, New World Order, double oooooops, 'Global Governance.'

THANKS, BUT NO THANKS! You can help rebuild the Tower of Babel if you want, but COUNT ME OUT!

Anonymous said...

Findhorn has come a long way since its humble beginnings! The ubiquitous reference to climate change in our Melbourne Australia TV ads has become a mantra. Whenever it comes up in conversation I now tell people we're under judgment - usually a conversation killer - if anyone bites, they assume we're being judged for sins against the earth.

Anonymous said...


I watched the Club of Rome video. I haven't watched it all, but was surprised they used the title "High Priest" addressing Javier Solana. High Priest of what? This is interesting.

Anonymous said...

New article by Dr. Solana entitled "Where We Stand: From Building Peace in Europe to Being a Peace-Builder in the World – Taking Stock of the Union’s Foreign and Security Policy."

Link to article:


Link to Dr. Solana's homepage:


Have a nice evening.

A fellow watchwoman

Rudi said...

A fellow watchwoman- Quite an interesting article you linked to. Thank you for posting the link.
I found myself wondering as I read,
"who does this guy think he is, the spokesman for the world or what???"
His choice of words in many areas gave me pause..."Therefore, one key task for Europe for the next 50 years is to protect and develope a system of strong institutions able to tackle the problems of a new age;

and to build a rules-based international order

with the rules that will help us navigate the choppy waters ahead." -Javier Solana

And also his closing remarks...
"As new powers emerge and new issues call for our engagement, Europe will have to apply itself to the task of promoting the emergence of an new international order..."-Javier Solana

Can anyone tell me more about what it means to be a 'social democrat'? Is it the same as how I would view the 'democratic left' in the U.S.? I notice the publication that the article is from is "Social Europe the journal of the european left Summer/Autumn 2007"

sober k said...

Here is another You Tube on the "EUSSR". Police state crushing of a peaceful demonstration in Brussels.



johnny said...

Aubrey Meyer speaking at the Findhorn Eco-Village is definitely stepping in pace with whats happening on a global scale.

Just as Gaia University celebrated its first graduates

to the ecovillages in Israel

the race quickens.

Something also noteworthy - NATO retreats from establishment of rapid-reaction force

I wonder who will replace them?

Anonymous said...

To uncovers baloney:

I think the name you were looking for is Caviar Salami...


Anonymous said...

Dear Rudi,

"Arrogance" certainly came to mind after reading the article by Dr. Solana.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman

Constance Cumbey said...

I am going to put a flag or new blog article up. I had planned to present Professor Eugene Navarre tomorrow and we were going to discuss occult influences on American and other governments. We had to reschedule him to October 13th.

Our topic tomorrow is THE DAVINCI CODE. I have invited a local television personality with a strong interest in the subject, Michael Voris, long with CBS in the Detroit area. He has deeply researched the DaVinci Code, Emperor Constantine, and defense of Christianity against the onslaught of New Age error. I hope as many of you as possible will join us tomorrow.

Brian Davis will guest host my program next Saturday, as I am speaking to the United Republicans of California about Javier Solana and the European Union's impact on what is happening to us here.

October 6th, Lee Penn, author of FALSE DAWN will honor us with his on-air presence. The next week, we will have Professor Navarre.


mac said...

Raiders News takes note:
"Constance Cumbey Looks At Contraction & Convergence"

All the best with the program, Contstance. I'll probably be in bed (Australia) when it happens but the DaVinci code is one of my pet hates - I'll try to catch it if I can.


mac said...

French to force immigrants to give DNA samples:

Anonymous said...
Big Brother is Watching Us All

Sent by Patricia C. If you were on her mailing list in the past, you might want to get on it again. She has sent some interesting things on.


Jack said...

This makes for an interesting read, but when Mrs. Cumbey says that Social Credit is prominent in Canada, it makes me question the credibility of everything she says. Not only is SC almost extinct as a party label, you won't find too many believers in it as an economic theory who are under the age of 80. The only person I've ever encountered who might have been a believer in it was a middle-aged rubbydub in the audience at a Carl McIntire rally in 1980 who was sounding off against "international finance" .

She does make a good point about the occult origins of SC, and how it was supported by Christians. It was popularized in Alberta by William Aberhart, head of the Prophetic Bible Institute, leader of the provincial Social Credit party, and premier of Alberta from 1935-43. A rival group to Aberhart, directly affiliated with the Social Credit Secretariat in London, was formed in Calgary by a Charles G. Palmer, and was called the New Age Club.

The attempt to implement SC in Alberta ended in the late '30s when the Lieutenant Governor (upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada) declared the laws to be ultra vires (i.e., beyond the provincial government’s powers).

The Social Credit Board, consisting of five members of the legislative assembly, operated as a watchdog agency to ensure that the government actually implemented Social Credit. The SC Board was opposed to socialism and internationalism, including the League of Nations and UN. The only difference between their views and those of Constance Cumbey was that the SC Board tended to be suspicious of Jewish and German financiers. Their influence ended when Ernest Manning (who became premier upon Aberhart’s death in 1943) forced the resignation of Earl Ansley as education minister and dismissed the SC Board in 1948. The only real vestiges of Social Credit remaining in Alberta are the Alberta Treasury Branches, which today are virtually the same as ordinary banks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance :)

I became aware of you and your book for the very first time this weekend. To date, I agree with all I have read and heard you say on your video link.

I consider myself a 'junior' here, stepping into a 'senior conversation' that has been going on for many years but I'd like to keep popping in to stay informed and learn more. However, I'm currently finding much of this an 'information overload' as I just don't have the remarkable political oversight that you do (that's why I'm reading you)! I've always considered myself reasonably informed on new age matters but it's been a passing non-political interest to avoid getting involved with it - it all always seemed so random, muddled and uncoordinated but looks like the scales might have fallen from my eyes this weekend!!! Sadly, it is all around me on the remote island I live on as our location seems to be a magnet for it, maybe something to do with a Findhorn community being so very close plus a Christian place of pilgrimage, a masonic hall and many other new age persons and practises! Anyway, I would truly appreciate it if it would be at all possible to maybe organise much of the blog data here into clear topics/tiers of info and maybe also make it clear what an uniformed novice should expect on arrival when clicking on some of the links on the right hand side of the page. OR can you or any regular readers here recommend an existing site that has already catalogued such topics of interest and supplies links to evidence gathered on an ongoing basis such as provided here plus with the opportunity to comment/discuss such matters?

Hope this makes sense - I don't want for much do I!!!! Blush!

Thank You for all you are doing. The Peace of the Lord be with You.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:57 PM: poke around on (abbreviated FP) if you have not already done so - I am a relative newbie here, as well, and found FP to be written at a level I understand. I read this site weekly, but it often feels like trying to drink from a fire hose - there's so much here and it's often beyond my comprehension. Go to FP; on the right side of the page below Herb's photo somewhere click on 'Read Herb's book FREE' - it will take a while to read it all so plan accordingly. Welcome aboard!

Ms. V

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Constance !
I think, that this per capita quota system in co2 emmission, will lead to many countries pulling together in unions, like the EU.
If USA, Canada and Mexico were to emerge, the per capita for the union would fall to 16 tons per capita. Now it is 20 for US and 19 for Canada.
This seems to be another reason for the union of these countries.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Ms V - I read through the book you suggested and found it most helpful. :)

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Anonymous 9:57

All the way from Scotland! I'm honored. Herb Peters' book RECOMMENDATION 666 which you can read on line and/or order (you will undoubtedly want a hard copy) gives essential background information on Javier Solana. I practice law and squeeze the blogspot in on the side (I keep praying that some day some serious backing might come that would allow me to sideline the law practice and concentrate on these issues where I feel I am needed.) As you may or may not know, I took intense persecution for my role in exposing the New Age Movement. I'm a lawyer and a good one -- nevertheless, my "Christian" critics virtually accused me of making the thing up. I also had false "friends" who worked effectively to shut me out of the work I had pioneered. I will not elaborate on that, at least for present. Because I have taken so many unfounded accusations (from people who never bothered to pick up the phone and call me -- and the only one who did, Eric Pement, I am sorry to say, misrepresented the conversation, I have taken advantage of the internet's fine cross referencing hyperlink features. This thing is really happening and I'm fearful that if I made unsupported statements, the critics would try to shut me down again.

I realize it may be "too much information" but if I give less, I will be again accused of manufacturing what is really out there. As it is, I recommend you save all with all links being saved as well. The New Agers play a lovely little game of 'now you see us, now you don't."

Maybe a second blogspot might be done -- I wish I had time and resources to spend more time on it. I am grateful for the availability of the internet to get word out on this on the cheap such as this blogspot provides. If I had sufficient financial resources, I might be able to put up a website but for now, I am making due with this wonderful blogspot service we are provided at no cost!

Keep reading and the material will fall in place. Thank you for writing and do me a favor -- take some pictures of Findhorn and mail them to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,

I'm on Mull on the western coast of Scotland so it's not 'the' Findhorn community that I live close to but a 'little Findhorn sister' community that makes the candles! :o)

Erraid main site -


Many Christians from around the world visit Iona which can be seen from neighbouring Erraid. Iona really has become quite a place of pilgrimage and as far as I am aware does NOT associate itself with the Erraid community although Erraid seem to be quite good at mentioning Iona!


Mull is a 'land bridge' to be crossed to reach these teensy tiny islands. Like many of the islanders, I haven't ever felt the need to visit either.

I fully appreciate what you're saying about the need to show your sources and information in as much detail as possible - I hope you get the support you need to ease your workload - and yes the free blog is a great tool. :)

I'll keep reading - I'm beginning to understand things a little better now - little being the keyword!

The Peace of the Lord be with You Constance :)

Anonymous said...

Additional info added to post by anonymous 9.09pm

Sadly I now know why Erraid (Findhorn) mention Iona ... they have a 'retreat house' there.

Anonymous said...

Even more sad! The Iona Community Coracle magazine has given a full page editorial to Findhorn in their most recent publication. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance:

In your article, you claim:

"Social Credit too sought a global cashless society where universal credits would be given and wealth would be redistributed. It had clearly occult origins, but many, especially in depression era times saw it as a solution. Often they promoted it as "Christian."

I'd like to know which works of Douglas you've read?

Obviously, you either did not read any, or did not understand them.

Douglas did not advocate a "cashless society where wealth would be distributed".

Also you claim that Social Credit has its origins in the occult, and then gave some nonsense about "sun worship" by Social Crediters as proof of that assertion.

Social Crediters do not worship the sun. Douglas said that solar power was replacing the need for human power in the productive process (and by solar power, he meant all forms of power which derive from the sun - oil, coal etc....). Of course, since the time he wrote, nuclear power could also be added to that list.

In no way did Douglas advocate "redistributing wealth". Douglas advocated the issuance of credits to all people in the form of a price rebate and a dividend to compensate for an accounting flaw which he elaborated on in his famous A+B theorem, which is reproduced below.

"In any manufacturing undertaking the payments made may be divided into two groups: Group A: Payments made to individuals as wages, salaries and dividends; Group B: Payments made to other organizations for raw materials, bank charges and other external costs. The rate of distribution of purchasing power to individuals is represented by A, but since all payments go into prices, the rate of generation of prices cannot be less than A plus B. Since A will not purchase A plus B, a proportion of the product at least equivalent to B must be distributed by a form of purchasing power which is not comprised in the description grouped under A."

(C.H. Douglas, "The Monopoly of Credit")

Constance Cumbey said...

I did two years worth of research on Social Credit and Ezra Pound, a Theosophist who was one of its major proponents. I started with reading about it in James Webb's THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT and researched heavily with another Master of Library science degree holder, Richard Gilman. It was heavily occult and it was about a cashless society! I will do more on it later. Most of my papers on it are now archived with the University of Michigan. I have visiting and copyright privileges!


Anonymous said...

Hi Constance:

Again, I ask, what works of Douglas have you read?

It is questionable whether Ezra Pound understood Douglas, especially in light of his fascist sympathies. Douglas was certainly opposed to all forms of fascism and socialism.

You claim you did research with a person who held a masters in Library Science, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

What research did you do via the way of Douglas? And I'm not referring to reseach in publications that have an "axe to grind". What books by Douglas did you read, and reference?

You claim he wanted a "cashless society", but the following is taken from his Swanwick address:

"1. That the cash credits of the population of any country shall at any moment be collectively
equal to the collective cash prices for consumable goods for sale in that country, and such cash
credits shall be cancelled on the purchase of goods for consumption."

You will note the use of the term "cash".

However; cash comprises very small proportion of the money supply(appromimately 5%), and has comprised as small proportion of the money supply since the advent of fractional reserve banking. Most money is bank credit created every time banks make loans.

Are you advocating 100% reserve banking? A "creditless" society?

The Sun worship nonsense is precisely that - nonsense. Please show me anything that Douglas stated that relates to "sun worship".

You'd have been better off researching the works of Douglas, not the bunk put out by people with an axe to grind.

If you have papers that are copywrited at the University of Michigan, then you should be able to supply a bibliography of the works by Douglas you used in your research.

I request that you show me exactly where Douglas stated he wanted a cashless society, and where he stated that the Sun was to be worshipped.

I think that is a legitimate request.

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Anonymous said...

You mentioned Angela Merkel. I found out recently that, according to Soviet KGB archives, she is the result of an experiment in which Hitler's sister-in-law was artificially inseminated with frozen sperm from Adolf himself. Why? For occult and illuministic purposes. She was born on the same day as Hitler (April 20) and was destined to become German Chancellor. She, like her father, has an obsession with the works of Richard Wagner, who reportedly was a Satanist.

doyourstuff said...

Thank you for your diligent researcha and comments, Constance. My book, "Environmental Mafia" exposes the insanity of this movement to a limited extent.

The roots of the environmental conspiracy in this country is mind boggling, and reaches to the highest levels of government. The real kicker is, it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING NATURE, but is a ploy designed to harness enormous power, and it is working brilliantly.

My research began as curiosity, as I was raised in a small mountain hamlet in Northern Montana, and the infamous Spotted Owl destroyed the economy and lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of Americans along the Northest Corridor of our country.

What I discovered was so compelling that I wrote this book. It is a compendium of hundreds of reports which detail onerous violations of personal freedom, property rights mostly, from a wide range of professionals and individuals. I selected only the most outrageous, but there are thousands that I could not include in my work. Every American should read what I discovered if they hope to protect our country from the grasp of those who want to control every aspect of our lives.

I will relate the first incident that I expose in Environmental Mafia...

A Hungarian immigrant named John Posgow came here shortly after WWII to avoid Communist tyranny. After years of hard work and saving, he purchased the sight of an old junkyard to build his retirement home on.

Most of the debris had been removed, but some remained, including 36 old tire casings, which Mr. Posgow disposed of.

A few weeks later two gun-toting agents of the Fish and Game Department arrested him on 36 counts of violating the Clean Water Act. It seems that tire casings "support aquatic life", namely mosquitos.

Mr. Posgow was tried and senetenced to 3 years in a federal prison and fined $103,000.00. He was still serving time when I wrote my book.

His final comments, as they led him from the courtroom;

"I thought America was a free country!"

This incident is one of hundreds that I dug up, and most of the accounts are just as outrageous. As I said, every freedom loving American should inform themselves about the evils of the environmental cartel and their nefarious plans for our society.