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"Responsible corporate citizenship"?

Corporate Citizenship” OR Occult corporate and religious takeover?

Let’s use our “McBrains”!

To my readers: This is a "sneak preview" to my blogspot readers of article to be posted Thursday morning. It is the first of two in a series. Both are composed but as NWV has a 2000 word maximum, the article was broken and the next part will appear next week. I will value your feedback!

Funny what makes the brain start ticking and inspires internet surfing! Featured on the TODAY show today was a purported study coming from Harvard no less. It showed that children favored food wrapped in McDonald’s packaging – even carrots. This was, per the earnest woman theoretician and proponent of the study, the results of what needed to be quickly regulated, if not outright banned: corporate advertising that might appeal to children. Well, what about our time honored 1st Amendment to the USA Constitution with its freedom of speech guarantees? Obviously, that must be deferred to “corporate responsibility.” I must confess I have mixed feelings about all of that, but as much as I am skeptical about advertising campaigns, I am much more so about New Age/Cultural Creative/”socially responsible” propaganda Watching the TODAY Show “Harvard University” presentation this morning, I thought I might be starting to smell a very familiar rat. It is a “rat” called “socially responsible investing.” Such is clearly a buzz word phrase for New Age corporate activism. A few weeks ago, I wrote a article – one about the “curious triangle” of Maurice Strong, Paul Martin, and Javier Solana. In it, I heavily cited one “Maitreya the Christ” proponent by the name of Gordon Davidson. He is a major player in this scenario as is Paul Hawken.

Gordon Davidson is an Alice Bailey, Lucis Trust activist. He is also a well known evangelizer of those occult principles, propagating them most successfully throughout the environmental and business communities. He is a fellow marcher with Findhorn chronicler Paul Hawken who has taken to bragging that they represent the largest movement in the world – one that nobody saw coming.

I clearly saw it coming. So did others. There was disinformation on a massive scale designed to convince concerned Christians that nothing had happened. Many succumbed and fell back to sleep. Now that the New Agers have had such a splendid opportunity to regroup , given the cover by those self-designated “cult-watchers,” they brag of their size and power with impunity, still if anything understating their true size and scope.

They started under him known as the “Valdez Principles.” They are now known as “the Ceres Principles.”1 Yes, Gordon Davidson is the organizer of what is now proclaimed to be a 4 trillion dollar environmental, corporate, and “socially responsible investing” consortium! I would not be surprised to learn of links between him and Martin Palmer, also an advisor to England’s Prince Philip. Martin Palmer claims to be heading a trillion dollar religious environmental consortium.

Listening to this morning’s Today Show feature (August 8, 2007) featuring an apparently anti-McDonald’s advocate , I heard her suggest creating a legal structure that would end first amendment rights for “corporate entities,” (presumably, people next) under the rubric of “corporate responsibility, I started to suspect that the Valdez principle people with their larger “global governance” agenda lurking nearby. I was hoping I was wrong. It appears I was not. There is a Harvard connection to more than mere worrying about the dietary likes and dislikes of toddlers who think everything tastes better in McDonald’s wrappers. My on line search showed a surprising level of involvement by the Harvard Divinity School with the Gordon Davidson Valdez cum Ceres “corporate responsibility’ reshaping scenario -- especially obvious components of religious marginalizing and attempted reshaping. All of this is also very much like the work Jeremy Rifkin started in the 1970s and is still continuing to this day – Rifkin’s THE EMERGING ORDER: GOD IN AN AGE OF SCARCITY and his called for “paradigm shift” is still very obviously at play.

Such strange fruits and coming from the Harvard Divinity School at that! Jesus said to his disciples, “fear not, you are of more worth than many sparrows. “ Here’s the latest contradiction to that from the Harvard Divinity School:

In biological terms humans provide no essential functions for the survival of other large communities of life-forms -- save, perhaps, for our own domesticated animals, plants and parasites. If we disappear it is probable that wheat, rice, cattle, camels and the common cold virus will not survive in their current forms for very long. But the vast majority of the earth's organisms can do perfectly well, indeed perhaps thrive even better, without us or our biological associates.

We continue to strut and prance about with a sense of supreme self-importance as if all creation were put in place for our benefit. As the zoologist David Ehrenfeld has observed, in spite of what science has revealed about our place in the universe "we still believe that the force of gravity exists in order to make it easier for us to sit down”

Well, what is the gospel according to Harvard, about this alleged dysfunctional mindset? Three guesses and the first two don’t count! It is our religion which needs reforming! Quoting from their website, we read:

From where does such arrogance come? How can our beliefs be so far out of touch with our knowledge? How can we maintain such an inflated sense of personal, collective and species self-importance?

The answer, in part, is that Western religious traditions have generated and sustained this petty arrogance. A culture's religious beliefs are constructed from what that group has come to believe in religiously. Ever since the advent of cereal agriculture and with increasing intensity since the emergence of humanist thought stemming from the European Renaissance, Western cultures have come to believe religiously in their own power, importance and capacity to dominate and control nature.”

While attacking orthodox religious beliefs, the Harvard Divinity School and its “ecoethics” center advocates simultaneously employ a euphemism called “corporate responsibility.” While unashamedly promoting Gordon Davidson’s Valdez principles and even beyond, they make a simultaneous equally unashamed frontal assault on both ancient Judaic and Christian beliefs:

Some religious groups have transcribed and elaborated creation myths which serve to ennoble and authorize this illusion of domination. In these myths a supreme and omnipotent God figure (usually portrayed as male) is said to have created humankind and enjoined this species to be "fruitful and multiply" and "subdue" the earth. Moreover, it is often a feature of these traditions that selected human groups come to feel entitled, empowered or specially ordained by such a God to be his "chosen people." Through their actions and history, it is believed, this God allegedly manifested his intent for the planet as a whole. In short, human groups created God in their own image and generated divine narratives that accorded themselves privileged status in the whole of creation.

Were they using Gordon Davidson’s beloved Alice Bailey books to reach these conclusions, if not to actually draft the verbiage? The Harvard Divinity School reference to “chosen people,” is clearly a not so subtle reference to the Jewish people. It is very close to what Alice Bailey wrote about the Jews in several of her Lucis Press (the former Lucifer Publishing Company) The creation myth reference is an insult to all monotheistic believers.

You be the judge! Maybe they just plain didn’t know of Gordon Davidson’s more esoteric side. If not, they are free to take a peek at his “non-denominational” website, as I just did. Well, with campus attitudes like this, is it any wonder that the Harvard Medical school’s Public Relations Director had no problem seeking and taking a microchip implant? Looks to me like all our problems aren’t just Stanford University and New York University’s inputs on “global governance.” Either deliberately or inadvertently, Harvard is doing its fair share to attempt a pseudo-intellectual reshaping of the American religious climate. Suddenly, the huge family expense of seeking and receiving a Harvard degree for one of its members is of much less value than we thought before. Hopefully, their law school and political science departments make up for the common sense deficiencies at the medical and divinity schools, but I wouldn’t want to take it to the bank!

The scriptures proclaim that “God sits in the heaven and laugh . . . he shall have them in derision.” He must be howling at such effete snobbery combined with Harvard’s Divinity School pseudo-academics!

If you would like to personally view more of Harvard components to this global governance networking (yes, many of these are the same old New Age/religious apostasy figures such as John Cobb that I have been tracking since 1981) here are some internet links to go there. Download it and archive it VERY QUICKLY. They do play this lovely little game of “now you see us, now you don’t.”

International Society for Environmental Ethics, “I SEE”:

Harvard Center for Environmental Values:

And lastly, more about the Valdez Principle organization, “CERES.” Ceres is an interesting choice of names. It literally means “forceful cultivation.” Ceres was organized by New Age activist Gordon Davidson. It claims to be the largest coalition of investors, environmental activists, and public interest groups in North America. Its recently appointed president, Wendy Lubbers, is a former advisor to President Bill Clinton. It is a significant bridge between New Age environmentalists and corporate moneys and influence. It has significant links with at least Harvard University and Yale University.

Interestingly, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, “CERES” is also the acronym for The Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES) at the University of Toronto. Perhaps our good friends at the Canada Free Press may know more about this one. I will be writing more about CERES – three significant Ceres’ networks, in my next article here as well as on my own blogspot.

Clearly there is more to worry about than children liking carrots better if in McDonald’s packaging. Let’s worry about what is packaged and sold to us as adults even more susceptible to propaganda than small children!


“Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise form the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”

Thanks Constance for the parsing of the latest installment of NA pernicious drivel. The foundation stone toward their objective is having convinced so many that we are but animals, evolution reigns in the minds of our culture and is buttressed on all sides; karma rules from the East.

Yours in Christ,
Excellent article. Only one small criticism and it's only a typo in the line that reads:

"that nothing was happened."

I think the was should read had.


I was reading an online book concerning the architecture of global governance, and it said that corportations were created as a backbone to this new movement. A "pillar" if you will. If what I am understanding from your article that corporations are being portrayed as irresponsible, did they create these mega corporations as the fall guy? Give them lots of power, only to point to them as the scapegoat when everything goes "wrong" in the world.

Sorry I inadvertently posted this in the previous comments section first.

Rudi said...
Constance-Excellent article as usual. It once again shows your readers there are innumerable areas involved to be aware of.
This following website has more information which reveals further the scope of involvement with-in the business world. I found the amount of information on this website almost beyond belief.

"Spirit in Business"

The following site includes a "first on the list" link to Paul Hawkins "WISER EARTH" website:

Also, the following link sources came from the "Shift in Action" webpage which is connected to The Institute of Noetic Sciences. (which most know was founded by Edgar D. Mitchell,an Apollo astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon)

CAUTION: These links come with the following message from the Privacy Notice on the main webpage:
Website Usage:

For every visitor to our website, our server automatically logs the domain name or IP address of the user. We may also collect browser version and system platform information, the referring page, requested pages, and the date and time of page requests. This information is used solely for generating statistics that help us in improving the site usability

2:24 PM
Hi Constance, I always look forward to your articles posted on newswithview - I am thankful for your insight - as well as those who add their insight to these discussion strings - so many fronts of attack going on with increasing speed - or so it seems.
Let us all keep each other before the Lord in remeberance for strength, insight and knowledge. Iron sharpens iron.
Fulfilled Prophesy's website is coming up as "disabled" Anyone have any news about this?
just checked FP and it's "back on the air"
Adam and Holly are doing a fine job at FP in my opinion!

Is nobody curious about Dr. Kevorkian?
Euthanasia hasn't been in the news, so 95% of the people have no clue that it has been going on in this country. Nursing homes or hospice...sounds good. Someone cares. It may not be the family or friends, but there is the belief that there is a caring community that makes everything alright.

Good enough unless a decision is made that someone is in their last years or months. Then the bottom line is how much is it going to cost to keep them alive when they aren't bringing money into the system but instead staying alive and taking out of the system.

Mistakes are made. A Critical Care Committee (yes they exist in many hospitals) may decide you are not cost effective when keeping you alive may not cost all that much. Is there anyone who will speak on your behalf?

At the Nurenberg trials, where the top leaders in the Nazi movement were made to pay for the lives they took, a book called Release of a Life Devoid of Value was singled out as the start of the Holocaust. Kevorkian is this era's equivalent of the book.

If you want to see how you are being manipulated to accept euthanasia, the killing of you, listen to Constance's show on Saturday.

When we see Kevorkian, we see the future.

Just as we have been setup over time to accept the war in Iraq, the soon, I believe, war in Iran, wiretapping, the war on terror, etc. our opinions are being "massaged" to accept death as a compassionate alternative to serious illness and, eventually, uselessness.

I'm trying to remember, doesn't Holland allow the post-birth killing of undesired babies? Or at least has debated this possibility?

I believe it won't be long until we are offered a significant reduction in health premiums if we agree ahead of time to allow Drs. to "pull the plug" instead of conducting extended treatments for terminal illnesses. And how far is the West behind China in its selling of the body parts of convicts on death row and other "non-desirables?"

As Constance has pointed out here and in her writings, the NA spirituality will eventually call for the "compassionate" removal of "resisters" as this will release them to return to Earth at a more advanced, enlightened level of spirituality.

God gives life while Satan is the source of death. Everything Satan promotes, including the NA, leads eventually to death. As we move more and more to a NA-based society, death has to be a key theme.

Dave in CA
Absolutely curious Constance.
I may have to work tomorrow but will record it for sure.

Sorry haven't been blogging, been working a lot.

Have the "Arming Big Brother" EU Security Research Programme that I want to read hopefully tonight.

Did read your current article, great article. I have several observations will post later this weekend.
Sometimes people like Kevorkian become celebrities and legends - a bit like Arafat winning the Nobel peace prize. But the TRUTH is inconvenient and the slippery slope looms near for the world. I found this article - don't know if it has already been presented but I found it enlightening.

Dr. Death's mouthpiece mouths off

I don't know if anyone caught this article a couple of months ago (June 10th)about an Indiana Prison taking Islamic, Christian, and Jewish books out of the chapel library due to possible "terror" reading. Approved books by the Bureau of Prisons were, i.e. Bahai, Mormonism, & Jehovah's Witnesses (stated in Newsweek: Aug 13th edition, pg 12.)

I found it quite interesting. I just read it this week in the above reference.

Your link does not work. It looks like an interesting link as that is the direction of the Alliance of Civilizations.
Hi Rich -

Try this:

If not I Googled "Indiana prison limits religious books" and the article was first.
Am I wrong in that the origins of the Security and Prosperity Partnership was birthed from the mega corporate world as well? Seems that they are intent on wiping out Christianity or at least silencing it's message. I just read this on the "Montebello Declaration":

Article 59

We oppose religious extremism and proselytizing including the spread of Evangelical Christianity around the world, which has undermined local indigenous cultures, instilled fear through the dangerous, belief in the "rapture", "Armageddon" and "left behind", has promulgated dispensationalist "end times" scenario which has serious irreversible consequences and has led to the denigrating other established beliefs and practices.

I don't understand exactly what this Monntebello Declaration is (would appreciate input) but it's clear they are waging war on us from all sides. Satan doesn't much like it when we talk end times does he?

This gives a deeper meaning to money being the root of all evil.
Sorry. I had a typo. It's "Montebello Decaration".
Karen, you are so right that Satan doesn’t like END-TIMES talk!

Scripture says:

ISA:9] Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.
[10] All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us?
[11] Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee.
[12] How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
[13] For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
[14] I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
[15] Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
[16] They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;
[17] That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?
[18] All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.
[19] But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.

EZE> 28:11] Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
[12] Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.
[13] Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.
[14] Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.
[15] Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.
[16] By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.
[17] Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.
[18] Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee.
[19] All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more.

A good friend of mine likes to remind the Devil of these unbreakable truths. Ed, if your reading this, thanks!

Yours in Christ,

From the New York Times via Drudge Report, this article tells of China's personal cards for residents of large cities. The cards are equipped with chips and can be used to track the holders and there will be an experiment to also use the cards for payments...
Karen said...
I don't understand exactly what this Monntebello Declaration is (would appreciate input) but it's clear they are waging war on us from all sides. Satan doesn't much like it when we talk end times does he?

Wow Karen.
So far I found out: Montebello Declaration is for the establishment of the North American Compliance Court (NACC) to replace the SPP. (The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) You can read about the SPP here:

WorldNetDaily has a 2006 article which is about opposition to SPP here:

Here is a report from the Centre for Research on Globalization:

This is information I know very little about. It seems to be relative to the information I’ve heard about the North American Union efforts. You’ve got me researching . I'm hoping Constance or someone can fill us in,
I forgot to include this from
EagleForum: "North American Union"
Thanks for the lead on that most disturbing China microchip tracking story.

This tiny url will make it easier to link. I recommend you archive the story immediately.

I am now in Kalamazoo. The hotel clerk is a woman from Poland who just graduated from law school in Chicago. She was well aware of Javier Solana! I will be talking with her more on our stay here.

I was just reading the Battle Creek Shopper News, which we get every Thursday, and I frequently skim it when I get a chance. Apparently, on Friday night Swami Bodhananda Saraswati was offering classes on meditation at a major senior center here in Battle Creek. He actually has some kind of a center in Kalamazoo (yes, believe it or not there is a Kalamazoo, Constance isn't making it up.)

It's funny, because recently cereal companies, such as Kellogg's, are under pressure to stop running ads with cartoons. Apparently, this appeals way too much to children. How could they do away with Tony? It wouldn't be the same.
I just received a marketing piece in the mail from the ministry of Anne Graham Lotz. Inside it lists her schedule and has her on September 28 in Salt Lake City at the Council for National Policy. This saddened me deeply. I don't know too much about this organization...other than it is secretive, ecumenical and somehow connected with Rev Moon. It also surprised me that it would be listed on her mass mailer - since the organization itself has posted no information about this meeting (that I can find).

As some of you know, I've been posting over at I wanted to call attention to Constance's column, but I thought some individuals who were new to the idea of the New Age movement might be a bit confused by the chain of thought, so I bounced off the column and put together a thoughtline. Some readers here might find it helpful. or
I'm the one who posts at Israel Forum.

Fran, if you want to know more about the CNP, go to the Sources section at the bottom of this article: or

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Three: Diener Consultants, the CNP, and the Implosion of the Minutemen

When you enter this world of information it can break your heart. From the article: "The CNP is part of a project meant to dupe grass-root, conservative activists into supporting the initiatives of the power elite." Names and organizations that you may have trusted are shown to be just manipulative measures to keep conservatives busy without any meaningful results.

If you've wondered why after so much effort, time and money is poured into conservative activity with very little change for the better, then check out CNP.

As Fabian Socialist Beatrice Webb wrote in her book almost a hundred years ago, provisions must be made for dissidents.

I'm the one who posts at Israel Forum.

Fran, if you want to know more about the CNP, go to the Sources section at the bottom of this article: or

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Three: Diener Consultants, the CNP, and the Implosion of the Minutemen

When you enter this world of information it can break your heart. From the article: "The CNP is part of a project meant to dupe grass-root, conservative activists into supporting the initiatives of the power elite." Names and organizations that you may have trusted are shown to be just manipulative measures to keep conservatives busy without any meaningful results.

If you've wondered why after so much effort, time and money is poured into conservative activity with very little change for the better, then check out CNP.

As Fabian Socialist Beatrice Webb wrote in her book almost a hundred years ago, provisions must be made for dissidents.

Don't know why it posted twice. Sorry about that.
Anonymous said...
Another disturbing sign of the times: Evangelical Lutherans, the largest Lutheran denomination now to allow ministers in "gay" / homosexual relationships to remain in ministry!

REMEMBER, one of the reasons God executed judgment on Israel was that they failed to clean the Sodomites out of the land!

6:39 PM
You may remember that I referred to the need for the “Real ID” as a ruse because there was no attempt to control our boarders; this statement from the site Dorothy recommended is analogous to it. Thanks again Dorothy because this statement should be burned in the minds of every thinking person: “William Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse and former Navy and Air Force Intelligence, the areas are no longer hidden from the public. Around the rise of the Cold War in the early 1950s, the government installed the "secret bunkers," under mountains in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, yet Congress remains clueless about the existence of the "Federal Relocation Centers" (Cooper, p. 116); virtually underground cities that are fully operational, but instead of using the resources to spy on Osama Bin Laden or other terrorist groups, these military facilities keep a twenty-four hour surveillance on the citizens of the United States of America (Cooper, p. 115-7).”

The good of all this is to remind us HOW close the Lord is. The sad part of this is the great sorrow and suffering that comes upon the “whole world.”

Yours in Christ,
Setterman, I wouldn't go that far. I've heard that there are bunkers underground where the government can continue in case of nuclear war. That is rather old news. The government wouldn't need that kind of place to spy on people. Based on what I've read, people on the internet do a much better job of spying on others than the government could. I have no doubt that those on the left and right share information within their networks. My guess is that most of the levels the government is so stratified and rigid that individuals wouldn't know what to do with solid important information. The FBI wasn't coordinating with the CIA, and the military had their own sources.

I may be wrong, but I would need more solid information than that coming from Cooper. Because a source of information is correct in some areas, doesn't mean that source is correct in everything. I had received information on CNP long before I got on the internet from individuals I trusted. Then I followed up myself.

Trying to learn what's going on without being taken in is very hard work. For instance the idea that the government is watching everyone can be used to scare individuals away from learning anything more than what they are told by the media. It wouldn't scare white power types, but it sure would scare mr. or mrs average american.

Dorothy, In regard to your previous post about Kevorkian & Euthanasia at 1:03 AM
Thank you for your insight & the informative links you provided.
I’m sorry you had to go through the ‘dirty tricks’ experience of the system with your husband, I trust God had his reasons for allowing this in your life knowing you would be faithful to testify & expose it.
Your brief testimony authenticates what I have been seeing for a long long time with family & friends, but never had
any sustainable evidence to support it, so of course, it was rejected as being suspicious conspiracy beliefs.

Anyways, Dorothy 10:22 AM
With the leads from this post, I looked around & read a few articles and your not kidding it can break your heart.
The article ‘The New Cult in Washington’ was serious (old but serious)
& made me think this could explain to David [10:11pm] why Swami’s coming to town (not that you didn’t know already)

I also found interesting was ‘World Government Fronts, Psycho-social Change Agents’

Recently I’ve been looking at a lot of yoga sites to inform someone I know of its dangers; you can really see this is one of many tools being used by these ‘change agents.’

Again thank you for the leads.

I’m put in remembrance of His Word and being exhorted to…
“ the works of Him who sent me, WHILE IT IS DAY: THE NIGHT COMETH, WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK.” John 9:4

Here you can find a video showing how information is gathered on individuals. is another search place. They want to have everyone identified.

Zaba is another search method.

Then you have Google that will give directions to your address and take a picture of your house from the sky.

You can always just do a Google search for a name, address or a phone number.

The above methods are free. If you want to pay, you can get a lot of background on anyone. The accuracy is questionable on everything from credit reports to internet search results.

Does all of this bother me? It does, but there is nothing that can be done.

Shalom 11:23, I'm glad I was able to help someone with my information on the euthanasia movement. I was familiar with the Temple of Understanding promoters, but after reading your link I decided to see what they were doing. I found this article from the UN Cronicle dated 2000. What told the even better were the credentials of the writer:

Mr. Well is programme adviser on HIV/STDs and adolescent reproductive health to the International Planned Parenthood Programme, Western Hemisphere Region.
Helping Create a 'Spiritual United Nations'

These things coming together are so normal in our times.

Dorothy, your comment is well taken, but the idea of the Gov. watching us vs. them is the issue.
I would like once again to encourage people to consider just how important the foundation of evolution is to the NA, by providing a link to the site you listed earlier. A sad note to this is the FEAR of those who believe in a non-six 24 hr. creation, but in all other aspects are in accord. We do “shoot our own.” If we fail on this issue all reason is lost, and man as animal remains the logic by which “the carnal mind is enmity with God,” and mankind itself.

Yours in Christ,
Oh there's good news this morning. American academics are telling British academics skip the Israeli boycott or you get boycotted by us.

Then the lawless Palestinians learn that the law of supply and demand forces them to kowtow.

Fertilizer shortages hamper rocket fire
Shortages in raw materials slowing production of makeshift rockets, lead to decline in rocket fire from Gaza
Ali Waked Published: 08.12.07, 11:07 / Israel News
"The price of a kilo of fertilizer rose from $20 to $50." and

"Terror groups also face shortages in steel used to build the rockets. The price of a steel rod rose from NIS 120 to NIS 800."

To use the old prayer, "Thank God for small favors."

Things are quiet here, so I'm taking more than my share of the space. Please excuse this.

Over at I found sections of an article on the treaty that apply across the board to those of us working to understand the changes taking place.

"However, you would not expect the FCO to outline the real threat which, in the way of things EU, is much more subtle. In fact, therein lies the Eurosceptic problem. EU treaties are nothing if not nuanced, involving a gradual shift of power, often over a series of treaties, with no dramatic steps. Each one is deniable and no end point is declared.

"For sure, the EU's long-term objectives undoubtedly include a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, as indicated by Malloch-Brown. But there is nothing formally in writing so that the ambition is deniable. Any such accusation – as here – can be batted away, leaving the grey, subtle shifts in the treaty, over which it is virtually impossible to have a clear argument.

"That is the genius of this gradualist approach to integration, which is strewn with traps for the unwary critic. Project beyond what is strictly in writing in the treaty and the case can be dismissed as a "myth" with its advocates branded as "Europhobes" or even "swivel-eyed loonies"

Thus do the Europhiles continue to pretend that the changes are minor and technical and, even as the Observer remarked yesterday, no one really believes this, it is frustratingly difficult to lay a glove on them......

"Fighting this treaty and the process of integration, therefore, isn't easy. But what is certain is that overstating the case, or making false or unprovable accusations, does not help the cause. On the contrary, it just provides ammunition for the FCO mythbusters."

Wise words. Looking backwards things can appear very dramatic. When you are watching what is going on day to day, the pace is very slow and deceiving. Historians have the luxury of leisurely analyzing the growth of a movement. When you are in the middle of it, it's much harder to show others what is happening.

Dorothy, Your 11:10 am post in which you referenced the eureferendum blogspot article really hits the nail on the head.The "gradualist approach" has been applied throughout history, to subtly effect the changes we now see occuring throughout the world. Your comments ended with the following:

"Wise words. Looking backwards things can appear very dramatic. When you are watching what is going on day to day, the pace is very slow and deceiving. Historians have the luxury of leisurely analyzing the growth of a movement. When you are in the middle of it, it's much harder to show others what is happening."

How true. We are though, at least trying to alert others,frustrating as it is at times, to think that no one is listening. But some do hear and react. Some by protest, some by warning others, and some begin to prepare for a "slow train coming" which can no longer be delayed. Made me think of the probably over-quoted legend which says that, "if you place a frog in boiling water, it will jump out. However, if you put it in cold water and gradually turn up the heat, the frog will not attempt to jump out of the pot. The reason is that as the frog is cold blooded, it’s body adjusts to it’s surrounding environment and it will simply “allow” itself to boil to death."
Rudi, after 25 years of heavy research I have learned a few things. Thanks for the kind words.

Over at EUref I wrote that unfortunately we never learn about the individuals who have set the movement back with their efforts. Only by chance did Constance get confirmation that she did set the New Age movement back by years.

Over at Human Events I just learned of a financial squeeze that is being put on smaller publications, many of whom are conservative and who share information with those not computer literate. Take a look.
Rudi, after 25 years of heavy research I have learned a few things. Thanks for the kind words.

Over at EUref I wrote that unfortunately we never learn about the individuals who have set the movement back with their efforts. Only by chance did Constance get confirmation that she did set the New Age movement back by years.

Over at Human Events I just learned of a financial squeeze that is being put on smaller publications, many of whom are conservative and who share information with those not computer literate. Take a look.
I have no idea why something gets posted twice. I thought I was going to sign my name and next thing....
Dorothy- Maybe your info gets posted twice because it's worth repeating! I'll be checking the links you gave after I mow the grass. Thanks.-Rudi
Dorothy- This link isn't working for me (

Is there another? I tried going to the Human Events web site here:

but still couldn't locate the information you mentioned in your comments. Thanks-Rudi
Here's the message from Human Events:

"Just recently, the federal government's taxpayer-subsidized mail-delivery monopoly, aka the United States Postal Service, hit us with a one-two punch of postal-rate and fee increases that have driven up our delivery costs by over 20 percent.

First, our per-copy postal rate will rise 16.86 percent. Second, we're being hit with a brand-new "container fee" (don't ask – it's absurd) that will hike our total increase to 20.3 percent.

To put it in dollars and cents: it will now cost us an extra $120,000 per year to deliver HUMAN EVENTS – a staggering sum for us that we simply can't afford.

It's outrageous enough that the U.S.P.S. can jack up our rates like this without fearing any loss of our business to more cost-efficient competitors – something it can do ONLY because federal law effectively protects it from private competition.

But what really burns me up is that the new rate system was designed in part by lobbyists for liberal media giant Time Warner and other large publishers to benefit themselves at the expense of smaller competitors such as HUMAN EVENTS.

So instead of Time Warner's mailing costs ratcheting up like ours, the cost of delivering liberal Time magazine and other Big Media publications will barely increase at all – even decrease in some cases. Meanwhile, smaller publications such as ours, which can't afford expensive lobbyists, get hammered. Some will be forced out of business altogether."

They are asking for contributions. The reason I found this of interest is because it will end up silencing some small conservative newsletters. It's not the purpose of the rate hike I know, but I stopped sending copied material out to others when the postage rates became too high for me to cover them.

We're home and the house is a disaster! In court first thing and in court all day tomorrow! Meeting tomorrow night so I guess I won't have a lot of blog activity until Wednesday unless I take water cooler type breaks or have an opportunity while waiting at court!
To Dave in CA:

Thanks for an excellent and insightful post and welcome aboard! We are indeed being brainwashed to accept death as "compassion" and Holland is indeed giving doctors the last word over whether a patient may live or die.

Shalom said...
Recently I’ve been looking at a lot of yoga sites to inform someone I know of its dangers; you can really see this is one of many tools being used by these ‘change agents.’
Great post. You've brought up 'change agents' which many observers recall, is one of many specific, strategic, maneuvers to be used in order to bring about the intended "new world order". In his remarkable book "Globalism...America's Demise" (1984 Huntington House Inc.) William Bowen, Jr presents a throughly documented work on this
diabolical plot. Bill and Penny Bowen are listed among others in the dedication in the front of Constance's book, 'A Planned Deception The Staging of a New Age "Messiah"'. I was fortunate to be able to hear his presentation and see firsthand the doumentation back in the eighties.
The primary point of entry for these 'change agents' was to be the public school system. Over the past 25 years' we've seen the influence men like Robert Muller, (who most of us would have never heard of had it not been for Constance Cumbey and her research)
and his 'Four Harmonies of the World Core Curriculum' has had, not only in American classrooms, but throughout the world. The
goal of our "outcome based" educational systems is to produce young adults ready to take their places as global citizens of the world.


The Council For Global Education


The following link is more of a "pop-style" new age (as Dorothy might call it!) It's interesting none the less.
'A World Core Curriculum For Global Education' Framework of Our Global Knowledge.

A 'change agent' as defined at Wikipedia:
"A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change."

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." Proverbs 14:12

Anyway,thanks Shalom for reminding us about 'change agents'-Rudi
Dorothy - a 20 percent increase is outrageous. Thanks for posting the information.-Rudi

Thanks for that info on the! I wonder if Anne Graham Lotz has any idea what she is getting herself into. I have always admired her commitment to the Word and to the gospel message. I pray that her eyes will be opened.

And thanks to everyone else here who contribute so much to this blog. I have been following for a long time...and appreciate everyone's input.

Thanks Constance for your commitment to getting the word out about the NA. I tuned in for the first time to your program on Saturday and found the topic very interesting. Thanks again!

New "global warming" movie to hit theaters this Friday August 17, 2007. "THE 11th HOUR"

Many experts include: Paul Hawken
Mikhail Gorbachev, too many to list here.
Religious Perspectives from the likes of Rabbi Michael Lerner, Rev James Park, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
There are many categories on this websight when you "Enter the Site" Lots of pertinent information.

Re: the USPS... Our PO box just went up over fifty percent in one jump. It's now well over $200 a year! We've had the box for many years and have never seen anything like this rate increase.

Dave in CA

I've been tracking finance / mortgages / real estate daily for several years. I don't believe the average person on the street has any idea of the liquidity / financial problems we are facing and the potential for very significant financial and social disruption.

(The world's central banks had to pump several hundred $billion into the financial system to rescue many of the major financial institutions over the last few days -- equal to or more than what was pumped into the system immediately after 9/11. It's only the beginning.)

I see the potential in this for an "order out of chaos" opportunity for the "powers to be" much like that resulting from 9/11.

Dave in CA
The European Central Bank sets itself above the rest and the world.

This morning, Tuesday August 14, 20007 the ECB pumped another $10.5 billion dollars into the markets, bringing the grand total $288 billion dollars since last Thursday. The most since the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

With worries here in the U.S. and the world, ECB Prez, Jean-Claude Trichet, is asking everyone to keep their composure…everythings progressively going back to normal…things like this are present in liquid markets.

But, the ECB in a recent letter to the current EU president has asked that a change be made in the current amended EU treaty to give the ECB a “special status” independent of the EU parliament and commission and free from political influence.

Could the European Central Bank be positioning itself into a greater financial power?

Are we possibly seeing a global monetary system unfold before us?

Or, are we seeing a normal cyclical turnover in the global financial markets?

Given the recent nervousness in Wall Street and the powerful actions, influence and voice of the “Guardians of the Euro” these events should not be glanced over.

Let us stay and be obedient in His Word.
Discern His unique positioning for each of us and be ready to act.
And rest with Him weathering these and other financial storms.
Sorry, I meant the year 2007.
A lady who has been following this blog for a long time was in contact with me. She wrote me this note.

"Recently, you made a comment on Connie's blog about how people are getting the plug pulled on them because it is not cost-effective to keep them alive; they are no longer able to make an economic contribution, so they are life unworthy of life.

"You are so right! I speak as one who has been in that very situation. I was comatose for nearly a week, nonresponsive (as they say in the medical business) and too disabled to make an economic contribution. They were advising my husband on the right time to pull the plug on my respirator, when I became conscious and responsive. What next - euthanizing people for allegedly unacceptable behavior like evangelism or telling the truth that needs to be heard? Maybe for having a bad hair day? The only problem is that I'm not sure I'm joking.

After asking if I could quote her, she wrote:

"Yes, I did come that close to losing my life. My husband had called the anatomical society to which I'm donating my body, and was working on my obituary. At the risk of repeating myself, I became responsive just as they were about to pull the plug. Thank God I'm here to type this email. My daughter finds it difficult to talk about this chapter in our lives.

"Go ahead and post that paragraph. The more people who know what's really going on, the better."

The woman still has major health problems, but, thank God, she is still with us. Perhaps one of the reasons she lives is to share her story with us. If you post any comment about this, I'm sure she will read it, and prayers words of encouragement do more than cheer the soul.


Dave and Johnny, could you look at the above link and see what you think. Granted it's just a columnist and not a financial expert. Could we be seeing planned chaos? Is it really a snowball rolling downhill? I follow pinpricks, but in the area of finance, I'm a complete novice.


Thanks for the reference to the article. It reminds me of the ultimate optimist who has fallen off of a seven-story building and after passing six floors says "so far so good."

I'm not a financial advisor or expert, but I follow several who are. The sub-prime problem has now moved into other more prime levels of funding and its impact continues to expand.

I believe the sub-prime problem is much more of a problem than this "rosey" article would have you to believe. But the sub-prime issue isn't the only problem. Add to that the dramatic rise in housing inventory that can't sell, the dramatic rise in foreclosures, and the tightening of qualifications for ANY mortgage -- who can qualify now to buy any of these houses? -- and all those factors merge into one bigger problem. (e.g., My wife was at a meeting this last Friday here in Silicon Valley where the presenter announced that Washington Mutual was no longer -- don't know for how long -- going to write mortgages.)

But you have to then add to the mix the hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, etc. that have exploded over the last couple years ($trillions with a "T"). Much of that debt has been based on the supposed equity in other financial resources. As those other financial resources lose value the liquidity underlying these funds is significantly reduced. Some on Wall Street believe that some investing in those funds may not get back much more than 10 cents on the dollar, or maybe nothing, when all the dust settles.

As value diminishes, it just disappears (e.g., bankruptcy) in a credit-leveraged world. Actual dollars, not credit, become more desired. Unlike pre-WWII Germany, the main problem here is credit not mountains of actual paper dollars. Because of this, we should, in the long term, be more concerned about deflation (1930's) than inflation.

Add to this the fact the US needs to borrow $3billion a day, every day, to stay afloat and you begin to see our current financial position.

I believe we have a very managed economy and financial structure. Inflation numbers, people getting jobs numbers, etc. are all manipulated to keep the system going. The FED, at times I believe, even buys back some of its own debt when it can't find others to buy it. Where did these 100's of $billions come from to pump up the system over the last few days? -- it's created credit -- just add another zero to the balance on the computer.

Could this situation be taken advantage of by the "Powers That Be" to use to their advantage? Absolutely, they created the situation. How they will do that, I don't know. I keep hearing about the Amero, which is supposed to replace the dollar as the currency for the North American Union (that GW Bush is negotiating, this month, behind the scenes WITHOUT Congressional involvement or approval).

As I've seen on this blog many times, "Stay Tuned." Remember, our hope is in the Lord and not the government or its banks.

Sorry for the long post.

Dave in CA
Dave, thanks for the information. That's what I meant by the snowball downhill effect, though I couldn't put it in the detail you have. Even though the snowball starts out small, that is the number of mortgages at risk is small, everybody passing the paper along gets involved.

What always bothered me is all of the huge houses that fill the suburbs around Chicago. The houses look as if they are meant to hold extended families with 10 children. Everyone thinking that they will sell these huge things at a big profit to someone else with extended families and 10 kids. I also thought that the housing market was being propped up artificially in order to keep the rest of the economy floating, furniture, repairs, upkeep, etc.

When I was on a trip to the southwest, I was surprised to see so many very small houses in older communities, and I thought how practical with utility costs so high.

Those individuals following the growth of the euthanasia movement should find the following website full of detail on what is happening on a worldwide basis.

Dave in CA : Thanks for your eye-opening analysis. It really helped me organize my swimming head, with all the "stock-market news" flooding the media these days.-Rudi

You're absolutely right.

The ripple effect of fewer home sales, no more housing "ATM" (e.g., no more equity to refinance to buy that new boat, furniture, etc.), and maxed out credit cards will have dramatic impact on those in the retail and construction industries -- already is. In CA alone they are projecting a loss of 200,000 jobs related to the real estate / mortgage industries, this does'nt include the loss of jobs in construction. It's a cycle that feeds on itself. Those out of work can't pay their mortgages or buy non-essentials which leads to weaker retail sales, etc.

Reducing the interest rates won't help as few people have the extra income to pay for more credit no matter how cheap it is. And those in mortgage trouble can't refinance because they can no longer qualify (due to severe tightening of mortgage requirements) for a new mortgage. Short of the government putting free money into your checking account, there isn't much it can do to significantly impact the situation.

Dave in CA
"Responsible Corporate Citizenship" was a great find Constance.

They seem to always play on the emotional aspect of people....think about your children...we can really make things for the better and all that garbage.

Its such an easy emotional ploy.

I noticed the occult logos of both CERES (peace sign/cross of nero) and the President of CERES Joan Bavaria, who has her own socially responsible investing company called Trillium Asset Management Corporation logo (triskele masonic new age symbol)

Harvard Divinity School like many other "Christian Seminaries" are swimming deep into the new global order.

The purpose driven churches are focused on this mantra of social responsibility.

The founders of such institutions are rolling over in their graves I'm sure.

Why do I find myself thinking about the "Logans Run" movie..."It's time for renewal"...Thank goodness sanctuary for me is not an ankh.

Thanks for letting us know Constance.

P.S. Sorry i haven't contributed lately, been working a lot but am catching up.
Dave and Dorothy good comments on the global financial realities that is around us.

I would also have to add "Derivatives" as a major culprit in the banking industry.

In the end all the numbers just don't add up.

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That is some pretty scary stuff...
I will be keeping an eye on this and will post it in
Some things just make me think...
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