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"Solana seeks revival; "Europe needs to speak with one voice" (wonder whose?) Click on picture to enlarge and/or read about it here at this "tinyurl" link:


More more information, click here or follow this link:

Golly -- what are pay and benefits? Where do I sign up!
One of the important things that Adolph Hitler did to ensure his Third Reich was acceptable to the rest of the world prior to the start of the Second World War was to take over the media and institute a bureau for propaganda.

No foreign journalists were allowed to report from Germany unless they also took the party line and reported only good things, otherwise they were kicked out of the country.

Because many of them were having a good old time in Berlin at that time they did exactly that. The others were duly kicked out.

That was how Hitler and his thugs they were able to get away with so much before anybody noticed what they were actually up to.

Solana and his pals are certainly following the plan.
"Solana and his pals are certainly following the plan."

so true... but then, Hitler was the trial run (or forerunner).

Many thanks to Holly Peters Pivec of for being such an excellent guest on my internet radio program, I know Herb would be very proud of the way she conducts and handles herself!

We had heavy chatroom participation today and thanks to all who were on board with us today on MY PERSPECTIVE!

Well Farmer and Dorothy I found the link about the war on orthodox Jews, and Barry Chamish is the guy, I think one of you mentioned his name. Anyway here's the link and the post to which he refers to the topic:

"They're Killing the Orthodox...."

I hope that posts and helps. I've only read a few of his articles and take his bio for what it's worth. He does make some compelling points.

Constance, you and Holly conducted a very informative program today,the dedication of you both to the truth is refreshing, and you two communicate useful information.

For what it's worth, I have purchased a copy of the Geneva Bible 1599 on disc, one of the extras in it contains a 5 volume e-book by Alfred Edersheim written in 1883, it is a very scholarly work which contains much backround information on the Jewish religious mind at the Time of Christ, actually before, during and after. It is footnoted extensively, and has a giant appendix. I have found it a great source of information. I got the disc on ebay for $2, what a deal!

Keep up the great work you, Dorothy, Farmer, and all remain in my prayers, may we all be found to be faithful servants in the cause of Christ.

In Him,

Thanks Constance for adding yet another NA site to my awareness; I'm starting to lose count.
I visited MEDIA FOR FREEDOM. Ravinder Rena has a piece seemingly negative on globalization, but turns it into an anti American slam.
Kamala Sarup surprised me by NOT being linked to the Fire Grid. I need only quote her: "Women and men with the power of divinity can help lead the world through spirituality to God, and at the same time, can help protect the universe with his greatness and strength." Really! Spirit of Seth where are you! Then Kamala gives an invitation: "To set the world in order, and to restore peace, harmony, and happiness, a dynamic leader's arrival is necessary in the world."
"(A)nother shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.'

Yours in Christ,
Dear HK,

Sounds like one fascinating CD -- nice way to access information. Thanks for the kind words and I'm sure Holly appreciates them too, as well as Dorothy.


Dear HK,

Sounds like one fascinating CD -- nice way to access information. Thanks for the kind words and I'm sure Holly appreciates them too, as well as Dorothy.


I am sorry I missed the radio show today. It sounds like it was a great program.
Thanks HK!!
I'm on Barry Chamish's mailing list and he is on mine. The headline is an exaggeration meant to catch attention. The attacks were not against people for being Orthodox, but for being political opposition to Labor or the ruling class. Kind of like the list of people connected to the Clintons who died under strange circumstances.

Most Orthodox people, like people in the US may be in oppostion but are not active opposition. In fact Barry has documented that inside the Orthodox community there are false leaders who lead followers to useless kinds of protests. It is his view that these kinds of protests keep the Orthodox busy and make them think they can accomplish something.

It would be my guess that some time in the future, as Israel becomes more secular, the opposition to the Orthodox believers would become more overt, but that is not the case now.

The show yesterday covered much more than prophecy. It examined the infrastructure in the Christian community, pointing out old dangers and new ones.

Holly is a dear sweet young lady who has taken on the huge task of carrying on her father's work. Connie and Holly made a good team in bringing out problems such as The Sheparding Movement in the past now appears under the new name The Apostolic Revival.

Being the busybody that I am, I put in my two cents and said that I think we are seeing a pincer movement where people are caught between the New Agers on the far right and the far left of the religious spectrum. As Constance pointed out in the past, they say they have something for everyone or a way to get everying thinking New Age ideas.

Rudi, farmer and other readers have made it a point to listen in to the shows and help with the comments and questions.

As readers here may have noticed, my focus is not on the prophecy aspect. I'm very worried that individuals can be sucked into accepting the New Age ideas through the culture around them. If you can't listen in as the show is on the air, go to the archives.
Dorothy- Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the research you do in this blog. The point you made on the Micro Effect yesterday got me thinking...again. I don't always agree with everything you write, but your posts have motivated me to become a better researcher. Constance and Holly did an amazing job on the program. Thanks for taking the time to help us all stay informed.
Rudi, if you disagree with me, at least I'll know someone is reading what I write.

I also continue to read the Israel
Forum, where you have presented an astounding amount of information in the Nazism and the New Age forum. -Rudi

I noticed your chatroom absence yesterday. Hope you'll be on board next week. Dr. Monteith will be a guest a week from next Saturday. I'm still thinking about next Saturday. Will take suggestions from you and the rest!

Suggestions for next Saturday?...

I'll have to check, but Javier Solana might be free.

(wouldn't that be cool... what would you most like to ask him?)

Thanks for the clarification on Barry Chamish. I always appreciate your comments they are detailed and on point.

I don't know if any of you here follow the terrorism threat or to what extent you do so I thought I would post this website that I read regularly for what I consider to be valuable updates on it.

The link:

Doug Hagmann is the main contributor and he has a host of others that do research and contribute reports.

When all things are considered, I have found that the information on the "War on Terror" provides added clues to help give a well rounded perspective to the spiritual aspect of what we discuss about the NA agenda.

Constance, I would like to offer a suggestion for a future program, would you consider a "round table" forum of 3 or 4 guests to discuss the world events from as many aspects of their respective research specialties, to attempt a balanced overall presentation of what the state of the world is today. You have a unique talent with your legal minded approach to issues and an ability to moderate, coordinate, such a presentation.

As we all strive to be salt and light in our present world, my we all find encouragement in each others efforts, and ultimately in Christ and His grace as it renews and sustains us in our efforts to serve Him and each other.


By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
July 23, 2007

Big developments this morning. First, one of the top news stories this morning is by Dennis Cuddy on Solana. YT is also quoted therein and he has much valuable info.

To: krw0315 said...
Suggestions for next Saturday?...

I'll have to check, but Javier Solana might be free.

(wouldn't that be cool... what would you most like to ask him?)

9:56 PM

Anonymous said...

Talk about a "You Tube effect"

More detail on the Cuddy column and others pieces of information in the same general field.

The Cuddy column contains many references to Constance Cumbey and her work on the EU and Solana. The column appeared today when one did a search on Solana in the News section of Google.

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
July 23, 2007

One of the paragraphs:
These two reports together virtually invited the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to revolt against Milosevic. The Yugoslav leader’s military response to the revolt led to NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in March 1999. However, Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett in “We Created A Monster” (Toronto Globe and Mail, July 31, 2001) revealed that “long before the bombing, NATO countries were inciting violence in Kosovo and attempting to destabilize the Serbian province. . . . Media reports have revealed that as early as 1998, the Central Intelligence Agency, assisted by British Special Armed Forces, were arming and training Kosovo Liberation Army members in Albania to foment armed rebellion in Kosovo. The KLA terrorists were sent back into Kosovo to assassinate Serbian mayors, ambush Serbian policemen, and do everything possible to incite murder and chaos. . . . . After bombing Yugoslavia into submission, NATO then stood by and submissively allowed the KLA to murder, pillage, and burn.”

Constance has written on this topic here at her blog. This is only one of the columns.
Monday, December 11, 2006
Javier Solana's about to be expanded fiefdom?
Javier Solana’s fiefdom is about to receive expanded powers over Kosovo
She also used the following column last month on June 10.
Kosovo and Jerusalem:
The Role of the "International Community" in Dismantling Yugoslavia
and Its Parallels in Ongoing Efforts to Destroy Israel
by Mr. Chaim Pekovic

Prof. Francisco Gil-White has written:
HiR Historical and Investigative Research :: NATO turned Kosovo into a nightmare. Israel is next. ... Francisco Gil-White, an expert in 'race' and ethnicity, documents and refutes this attack in ... -

Prof. Eugene Narrett has a website which fits into study of this topic.

Gothic Grotesque: Precursor of Modern Horrors
June 30th, 2007
In the last decades of the 19th century, stimulated by the fantastic and racist mythologies of Helena Blavatsky, by Malthus, Darwin (as formulated and promulgated by T. H. Huxley), by new data from geology, chemistry and physics and by a thirst for a preeminent history, for moral and physical superiority, Germany and Austria produced a series of occultist theorists who invented and then exalted an ancient history for the Aryan peoples. These millenarian evolutionary cults featured an eternal struggle by Aryans against various kinds of aggressive sub-humans and against religious persecution of their pure race-based, nature-worshipping gnosis (more at link)

Prof. Narrett did an interview on Israel National Radio which I heard in the archives just this morning.
Jul. 16
Description of the show:
The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State
Dr. Eugene Narrett speaks about how the Western powers are setting Israel up for disaster.
You can Listen Now or Download

Please do take the time to listen to the last nine minutes of the interview. Go to the timer at the bottom of the Windows Media Player, if that is what you use, and listen to his analysis of why Israel is being targeted.

Thank you Dorothy. The Israel radio broadcasts are well worth listening to.

I am hoping and praying that Israel gets onto what Javier Solana is really about along with his pals in the EU.

I believe Israel has much more to fear from them than from the US. A lot of the conspiracy stuff regarding the US that is being put around at the moment is clouding the issue.
Anonymous said...
"I believe Israel has much more to fear from them than from the US. A lot of the conspiracy stuff regarding the US that is being put around at the moment is clouding the issue."

3:20 PM

Could you give an example of this?
I'm not referring to a "conspiracy web-site", but could you elaborate on a piece of information that you consider to be "conspiracy stuff" which is "clouding the issue"?
Just wondering.
Hello Rudi

Yes, all the stuff about the 9/11 conspiracy and that the US Government brought the towers down.

People like Alex Jones go on and on about it, but never a word about Javier Solana except in passing.

Yet Jones is the one who is always putting it around that he has his finger on the pulse.

He is missing this one big time, and losing a big opportunity to get the word around about Solana who would love to see the US go down.

In fact, Solana is most likely rubbing his hands at the stuff Jones comes out with about the US government, because while everybody is looking at Bush and saying that he must be the AC they aren't looking at him.
Rudi, HK, Anonymous - thank you for your kind words. Let me share with you something that has stayed with me.

Menachem Begin of Israel was a prisoner of the Soviets before he was involved in the founding of Israel. Based on his experience, he wrote a detailed book about that period of time, White nights: The story of a prisoner in Russia (Hardcover)

The book was called White Nights because of the lights that were kept burning in the cells, lights meant to disturb sleep.

He wrote that the Soviets used psychological techniques as well as physical terror to break the wills of dissidents. Dissidents were told that their sacrifices were useless, that no matter how much they suffered for the cause, no matter how they held the line it was useless. No one would ever hear of the sacrifices they made. They could be role models for no one because no one would know what they had done. They were isolated from other prisoners. The goal was to get the dissident to ask himself why he was sacrificing his life. For what! In this way, their wills could be broken.

While not as drastic by any means, it is important to encourage those who make even tentative steps to care about what is happening. I try to do that. If someone posts here and is ignored, they can feel isolated from the community of people who they want to join.

It's not a matter of vanity that I want to hear someone is reading what I've written. It's not a matter of others wanting to hear a compliment. Those who post here are making an effort beyond just reading what others have written. They need to be recognized by those of us who like them go the additional step. Thanks for doing that for me and others.
Anonymous 4:46 PM:
Thank- you for your response.
I understand what you're saying and I agree.
Anonymous 7:57PM: Thanks for sharing that info about the book "White Nights". I had never heard of it before. I just checked and Amazon has quite a number of used copies available so I'm going to order it. The last book I've read that was of a similar topic was "Night" by Elie Wiesel. -Rudi
Rudi, that anonymous 7:57 comment was made by me. I sometimes get so carried away by what I'm writing that I forget to sign my name.

Could Javier Solana become the Antichrist? It is very interesting to note that his name means "Savior and Sunlight". The Book of Revelation tells us that the number of the AntiChrist's name name will be 666. What happens when we spell Javier Solana in Hebrew? If we spell it like this...

kaf = 20
vav = 6
yod = 10
resh = 200

chav- ee- yer

shin/sin = 300
lamed = 30
nun = 50
nun = 50

So- lan- na

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