Saturday, February 03, 2007

New blog site?

Folks, I'm not sure what's going on. I had a surprise switch by Google to a new blogspot and was told I was being "migrated." To be honest, after a busy day, I reversed the name of my blogspot from "My perspective -- What Constance thinks" to "Constance Cumbey's Perspective." Hopefully we can straighten all out and above all, I want to keep all links that are presently on my site. I think there may be a learning curve and just pray for me while I try to cope with the new system.


Robin said...

There's also a difference in the way fellow Blogspotters like myself log on to put on a comment. Instead of just a little circle which was next to something that said "blogger identity" or something similar, it now says "google/blogger" or something similar.

BTW, Google does save much of its information for far longer than many other Internet businesses. For example, they've saved every search ever made on Google, according to Big Brother, Big Business, a CNBC special I saw a couple of months ago. Right now, they're only giving info to people about those searches if they have evidence someone has googled information in order to violate a criminal law, but woe be unto anyone who googles something disapproved of (like something to do with fundamentalism) in the New World Order.

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