Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year to my blogspot readers!

If you have critical information for me, you may perhaps reach me most efficiently by using my new SKYPEIN telephone number of (248) 686-1409. You may dial this from regular phones and leave messages for me. My understanding is that regardless of where you are calling from, this will be treated as a local call for you rather than a long distance one as it is reaching google internet lines rather than long distance carriers. I am still learning about the process and need to learn how to leave a voice mail message without embarrassment. Computers don’t intimidate me. I can program a VCR. But I’m still working on cell phones, cameras, and video cameras. Bear with me! Voice mail still intimidates me, especially the one on my cell phone. Hopefully this one wll be a little more efficient.

One more thing. Skype (google) made an offer I could not refuse of unlimited phone calls in the USA and Canada through January 1, 2008 for the sun of $14.95 USA dollars for unlimited telephone calls. Therefore, I, not being wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, will try to economize by reaching you back via this number which involves dialing you via my computer. It will not show up on your caller ID as an identified number. I, like many of your, have gotten used to caller ID, So, if you get one of these unidentified calls, it just might be me returning your call or answering your questions.

This will also be a nice feature for my law office clients as sometimes running between pillar and post as we so often do in this profession, you can leave messages for me that I can pick up from any computer I am on by calling 248-686-1409.

We’ll see together how well this will work. The “Skypein” is still in the “beta testing” stage.

IMPORTANT: I have been invited to do an hour long call-in radio with Arutz Sheva’s Israel National Radio, talk show host Tamar Yonah. It is presently scheduled to happen right after midnight eastern time tonight which would be 11 p.m., January 1, 2007, for our central zone listeners, 10 p.m. for Mountain Time and 9 p.m. for Pacific Time. The website connection link is We will be discussing the Alliance of Civilizations and developments on the “New World Religion.”
Anonymous said...
It's Christmas! What's a holiday without a visit from Crabby Old Uncle Earl.

9:45 PM

Happy New Years and best wishes from yours truly - Crabby Old Uncle Earl.
By the way Constance I won't call this phone number either.
I woke up this morning (January 1, 2007) to learn that the Israeli govt is negotiatring the release of as many as 100 Palestinian terrorists in exchange for the release of Cpl. Shalit.

While I have prayed for his release, why would Olmert agree to exchange him for 100+ terrorists who will end up back on the street, ready, armed and committed to further violence against the people of Israel?

Is this the first subtle "sign" of a new world order in global governance, a.k.a. an AoC?
I rely on Caller ID heavily, too. When something comes up as an "unknown caller," I treat the caller as if he or she were a salesperson - that caller ends up listening to my outbound voice-mail message until he or she either hangs up or I can determine who they are based on my recognition of their voice.
Happy New Year! Hope none of you get the stomach virus I have.
Dawn, I get them occasionally - those stomach "bugs" are miserable.
just listening live...
Constance you're doing great!
It was a good show Constance.

Unfortunately, the SKYPE phone call from me will turn up as "unknown caller" -- but it's about the only economical way for me to call. The sound quality is generally first rate, so maybe a little return to the days when we didn't automatically know who was on the phone might have a few economically compensating factors. Skype users can also communicate computer to computer and that shows who the call is coming from -- but to reach an ordinary phone, so far . . . Also, there is no emergency 911 service on Skype. Still, for $14.95 for a whole year's unlimited service to the USA and Canada . . . well, you go figure!

Radio interview, in my opinion, went well. Tamar Yonah had done her homework and was well prepared for the interview with Israel National Radio.
Thanks for the kind words, Bjorn and Rich of Medford. As super well informed as you gentlemen are, I consider that a compliment of the highest order!
Tamar Yonah tells me the show can be downloaded tomorrow and will be up for a week on her site, and I can download it to this blogspot or maybe to Herb's website if he is willing so it will be permanently available to us. All we have to do is give Israel National Radio the credit which I am more than happy to do!
Yesterday on the radio show you said that the Plan to unite all facets of the world order was quite comprehensive and that religion was where they were starting. Can you give the link on that?
Charles Merceica, President, International Association of Educators
for Peace, Huntsville, Ala, USA,

Probably like others when you see an organization and a name you think "Oh, just another big name, little action organization. Nothing to think about."

Well, think again. People you have never heard about, organizations you don't know are having an influence on your life because of the networking taking place under the New Age banner. Carrie Tomko looks at the work of this individual in a series of commentaries.

While there indeed seems to be an inverse law clearly at work when there is a rejection of the influence of the Judea/Christian God and law from political, religious and social organizations, and they loose their buoyancy and drift down to the levels of the slowly forming New Age world order, it is another thing to be able to point to a single organization and prove its responsibility for orchestrating these things. My personal feeling is that a few major calamities may speed things up as mankind seeks to maintain some order in the midst of the chaos his rebellion has let loose. It is probably only those who can step back and see the big picture against the back drop of Bible prophecy can appreciate the pattern. I was somewhat disappointed in that the radio interview seemed to be without focus or direct answers to Tamar's questions. I'll listen to the audio when it is available and see what I missed.
To respond to 2:42 PM

>>Yesterday on the radio show you said that the Plan to unite all facets of the world order was quite comprehensive and that religion was where they were starting. Can you give the link on that?

>>2:42 PM

Be sure to download the PDF file. You will find a comprehensive insider discussion there about what's up with AOC and need to limit plans manageable for now. Hope this helps.
Unfortunately, the last part of the program had extreme technical difficulties. I was called back on the SKYPE phone which worked briefly and then went in and out -- I am afraid I heard only snatches of the last two callers and Tamar. However, I thought she was an excellent interviewer. If I got anything over at all, it needed to be that the AOC was more comprehensive than even I originally thought with world governance being its primary focus and control of religion its logical starting place. Also, it is Exhibit A about the Barcelona Process which was led by Javier Solana starting in 1995.
Anonymous 10:51
Too many people are conditioned to look for nice little one hour packages of information. Others want to see everything in a matrix of prophecy. Nothing as complex as the New Age movement can be explained in one-half of time, and if analyzed, probably Constance was given less than that when one takes away commentary, questions, news, and communication problems.

Prophecy never mentions all of the organizations involved, individuals involved, networks, pyramid structures, etc. It's like trying to put a mountain of factual information into a box made out of symbolic language. It works with a lot of imagination.

Only disinformation specialists want to put everything on the head of one organization or individual. While it may make life easier for those who don't want to work at what is going on, it's not reality.

Take what Constance said, do research on your own based on what she said, and you may be two steps ahead of the the average person. Do it for ten years and we can talk.
Excellent program.
Hello Folks, Guess what I found.
There's a cult in the Catholic Church called the Regnum Christi. There's also a web site called ReGain for those who came out of the Regnum Christi. There also a
part of the Legioners of Christ.
I also fight against the newage movement. I also think we could be entering into daniels 70th week
Here we go again........ More anti catholic stuff minus the love effort. Doesn't this person sound like brothers keeper or friend in peace from a few months back that constantly made comments condemning the jews and turning every comment to be anti-semetic reference. Even the death of a passing friend of Constance became a reson to attack the jews. This person does follow the same patterns. Maybe it is the same person who does not like the jews?
Just a reminder that Spain took over Chairmanship for the Organization for Security and Cooperation of Europe January 1, 2007. I believe this is an important entity to watch. Remember that Spain, along with Turkey, presented the UN with the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative. The OSCE is also a major participant in AoC implementation as it says its decisions are binding on its signatory states. This, they interpret for us, means that their decisions must be implemented without the member nation's legislative approval. As Herb says, stay tuned.

I forgot to post this OSCE link:

The radio program with Israel National Radio is up and available for downloading at
It is ok to republish it -- just make sure Israel National Radio gets credit for the production. I personally burned it to a CD. It is also playable on the mp3 players or ipods. I'm completing a part 2 article on the broader picture of AOC which is a UN restructuring and takeover. I discussed this on Tamar's show as well.
>>Anonymous said...
By the way Constance I won't call this phone number either.

10:39 AM

Based on some of her recent columns, this show on Radio Liberty today at 4pm Pacific time should be of interest.
4:00 PM: Deanna Spingola - Piety In Politics
Constance, or anyone...

Is there a list somewhere of the Board of Directors of AoC and/or the Club of Madrid? A list of the organizations that Club of Madrid works with?

Solana to travel to Mideast soon after Rice for peace push
04 January 2007, 20:00 CET
High Level Group AOC
List of participants giving input into the AOC reported by Constance in the Newswithviews article.
World Wisdom Council convened by the Club of Budapest

If you look at the sidebar, you will see a list of other member groups of the Club of Budapest that you can open and examine.

This is not the full picture however. It doesn't include the kinds of networks I showed links to in the comments section before.

Club of Madrid website which will get you to the various lists of membership.

You will also want to check out the Club of Rome

Constance please read this news article. If this does not say we are in end times. The world is ready for the Alliance world religion bit. Thanks Sheryl

Who would've thought it would someday come to this? As seen in an MSNBC article, more than 400 "mostly young people" have joined a campaign by the website "to stake their souls against the existence of God."

What are these kids doing? They're going onto to make comments like this on camera, as seen in the article, "Hi my name is Lindy and I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit and you should too."

I would ask that God have mercy on Lindy for making a remark like that but the Word of God tells us there is no forgiveness for the one who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 12:31-32: Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy [against] the [Holy] Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the [world] to come.

What a terrible mistake for anyone, young or old, to make and that's stating it lightly! Even so, it is written that in the last days things such as this will be commonplace.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Truly, we live in a world that has lost its way when we have people, such as the last gentleman quoted in the article, stating that they dare God to send them to hell! Referring to the Bible, this man is quoted as having said, "We want to show that we really mean it when we say we don't believe a word in this book."

Psalm 53:1: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
Hi Constance,

I would like to request your help with something. I read an article about the new UN Chief Ban-Ki Moon and his recent request for the resignation of approximately 30 top UN officials. But it doesn't stop there, the article stated:

"One idea under consideration, U.N. sources said, is dividing the peacekeeping department in two, with perhaps an American heading one part of it and France the other. Another possible reorganization would combine the existing disarmament and political affairs departments and put them under one undersecretary-general who would also be responsible for leading anti-terrorism programs, the sources said."

Could this possibly be of any relation to how Javier Solana arbitrarily split NATO down the middle as Herbert Peters pointed out in his updated overview?

Herbert stated:

"For me, as a reporter, here is where the real political intrigue begins. While the EU heads were busy in Vienna creating the post of High Representative, Javier Solana, as then Secretary General of NATO, was busy restructuring NATO for the post Cold War era. What this meant to some European leaders would later became evident. Now that the Soviet Union was no longer a military threat, dependence on America was no longer necessary. So, Solana divided NATO into two strategic commands -- one in Norfolk, Virginia, for America, and one in Brussels for Europe. In other words, Solana split the Atlantic Alliance down the middle. He turned the 10 WEU nations into a second pillar of NATO."

Is there some sort of connection or parallel between the restructuring of NATO and this current possibly restructuring of the United Nations?


Actually, anybody can answer this question. And FYI: the link above is a link to a Yahoo! news report. Yahoo!'s reports notoriously change and are untraceable after a certain amount of time. So, read the report while there is time.
The strategy and the verbiage sound VERY Solanesque. "Our very good friend", Javier Solana, is in the United States for a week. Inter alia, he is meeting with Condoleezza Rice and a variety of USA officials, including, I understand at least lunch IF NOT MUCH MORE with the President himself. Next Tuesday, I heard him say on BBC news, he is scheduled to meet with the UN's BanKi.
The strategy and the verbiage sound VERY Solanesque. "Our very good friend", Javier Solana, is in the United States for a week. Inter alia, he is meeting with Condoleezza Rice and a variety of USA officials, including, I understand at least lunch IF NOT MUCH MORE with the President himself. Next Tuesday, I heard him say on BBC news, he is scheduled to meet with the UN's BanKi.
Thanks Constance. I will keep my eye out for this new development from the UN chief.

John or anyone else,

I've been looking for additional information on the restructuring of the UN's Military Staff Committee which is in charge of peacekeeping efforts. If anyone happens to see info on such, please post. It is difficult to find this info at present.

Ok, will do.
Hey Child of God.
Get yourself a life.
I'm the one who talked about the REGNUM CHRISTI well guess what I'm not anti-Cathloic. As a matter of fact I have two friends a members of that group. It does have cult like tendencys. These young women leave everything behind including there families. Whom they rarely see and they have to listen to their directors all the time. They literally have nothing not even a car. You in fact propably don't know anything about them nor heard of them because there's so few of them in the world. I know two of them personally. I study different groups in the Catholic Church. I'm also a former ROMAN CATHOLIC. When I was Catholic I did't know how to get to heaven because it was never presented. I had to leave just to find JESUS CHRIST and accepet him as LORD and savior. During a mass they don't preach on how to get to heaven, they don't preach on Hell and I was in services all my life.
There has even been a NUN and a Priest in my family hertiage.
I'm not antijewish either. I do know they don't believe in Jesus being the Savior of the world. To many of them they believe he was just a good teacher. Think about that for awhile If you grew up Catholic like I did then you would probably leave to if you wanted to go to heaven but did't know how. Later in Life I accepted Christ and never looked back at the Catholic Church nor the church choir that I was in for five years.
Anon. 6:29
I am sorry if I offended you. I appologise. Sometimes I am too quick to judge.

On another note though.
I just get the impression from some people that you just cant be born again and be catholic. I personally do not agree even though I was not raised in a catholic church. The same things that you have just listed as problems I also have seen at many protestant churches that I grew up in. I come from the opposite end of the spectrum. I don't stick up for religion of any kind any more. Only Jesus. I have seen to much trash in just about every house. I am not going to tell a catholic(or protestant) who is die hard for Jesus and gives more time to peoples problems and witnesses more and shares there money gladly and tithes that they are not born again. It is not my place to judge this. But the one thing I do see is that some of these catholics that I have met, are more comfortable than most protestants witnessing on the streets and in jails, and to them its about Jesus not mary. This has been my experience with a few catholic people. This is not a majority statement by any means, catholic or protestant. The Bible just says to me that you will know them by their fruits. When you watch there lifestyle for some time, it is proof about what they say they believe or don't believe.

Again, I was wrong, I appologise to you. I should not have been quick to jump the gun.

I really don't want to continue on this catholic issue anymore. It seems as time goes on it eventually turns to degrading and insulting. Not to say that this is you. Not at all. I just don't want to get in the middle of denominational quarreling or make comments that lead to others doing the same. It goes against the purpose of this blog.
Another power hungry little man coming on the scene just in time...
French right look to 'Emperor Nicolas'

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