Monday, August 14, 2006

The New Age - A Pathway to Paradise ? (1983)

Produced by WCFC TV in Chicago and originally aired on that station, this documentary gives the viewer an objective, behind-the-scenes look at the New Age Movement. The video contains candid interviews with well-known New Age leaders like David Spangler and Benjamin Creme, as well as interviews with leading Christian authorities on the New Age like Dave Hunt, Constance Cumbey and Martin and Diedre Bobgan.

Shot on location, the video takes you into the center of some New Age activities and the documentary itself examines many New Age ideas from holisitc health, yoga, hypnosis and trancendental meditation to New Age education practices, global government and the human potential movment. The evidence presented is sure to convince even skeptics that a New Age movement has solid footing in every aspect of American society and is gaining momentum at incredible speed.

I have tried this and reposted the link because I suspect my adding the comments (vis a vis Dave Hunt and Eric Pement, which stand), I may have made the material inaccessible. If you still can't read it from my blogspot, try this "NOTE TO ALL: If this doesn't work, try this: 1. Google "Cumbey" using Google "Video" tab. 2. That will yield this video, "THE NEW AGE: PATHWAY TO PARADISE?"
3. Click on appropriate links, and it should start.

"I accidentally found this on the internet the other day and was pleasantly surprised. I was a consultant for TV 38 of Chicago for its production. There are some featured in the video (Eric Pement, Dave Hunt) with whom I now have substantial disagreements. The New Age Movement is as much based on the western mysticism of Jacob Boehme and William Law as it is based on Hinduism and Eastern Mysticism. Nevertheless, the footage and message both are invaluable. I am pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to make it available to my readers. You may download the google video player for free and manually download the video itself. A broadband connection is useful, but I think it may work on a dialup connection as well, albeit much slower." The text is from's own site.
Snubbing Smokers At Work
A European Commission ruling says that employers can sack workers who light up — even if only out of office hours

This article was on Drudge Report. It has some very interesting words not only pertaining to smoking, but religion also.
I downloaded the video to have "in case it disappears." Hope to show it to as many as I can. Warning: it is big - about 500 Mb in iPod format.
Many thanks to all who have joined

We need all your help to make this new free speech Christian forum grow and succeed.

God bless.
That was awesome!
Thanks for sharing that with us Constance.
I'd really like to get a hard copy of it too to share with others and also just in case it disapears from the internet too.
The New Age movement is wrong inasmuch as it is Luciferian- promoting Luciferian ideals.

Jacob Boehme should not be included. His was a genuinely Christian attempt.
Jacob Boehme was the original Theosophist who claimed his divine inspiration from the occult practice of "scrying". This is one and the same of a form of "divination" stoutly condemned by Deuteronomy 18. Because William Law (who called him "the Blessed Behman") and Andrew Murray embraced Boehme, many Christians have been led into that particular realm of occultism. William Law translated Boehme's works into English and it is his plates which appear in Manley Palmer Hall's (an open follower of Jiddhu Krishnamurti as the 'new Christ')book, THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES.
You can manually download this from the web and it takes remarkably little space. Make sure you download the free google video player as well. I ran mine from a CD I created for it!
Here is an interesting post on the Statewatch web site. The Emergence of a Global Infrastructure For Mass Registration and Surveillance: 10 Signposts

Under the guise of a global war on terror we're having our rights stripped away. For anyone who didn't see my earlier post on how the UN defines the root cause to terrorism, here it is:

"Terrorism was exclusionary and belligerent while dialogue was inclusive and accepting of the notion that no group was the exclusive owner of the truth." - Press Release GA/9950

Now consider Jesus words "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." I guess that makes Jesus and Christians terrorists.

The UN uses the same language in defining the abuse of children's rights. The "exclusive knowledge of the truth" mindset denies the child from being raised with the values of the universal brotherhood, thereby creating an abusive situation.

Constance, you do surprise continually with new information. Hall's THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES is one of the most occult books I have in my research library. It is a huge book, about 11 x 14, pages Roman numeraled, a full page complex illustration for each of the 45 chapters, plus uncountable small illustrations.

The subtitle is An Encyclopedia Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, 1928, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy. The illustrator is given as J. Augustus Knapp. I am assuming Bohme owned the plates used. On the title page we find "Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of All Ages."

Some chapter titles are
The Initiation of the Pyramid
The Virgin of the World
The Sun, a Universal Diety
The Bembine Table of Isis
The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras
Ceremonial Magic and Sorcery
The Theory and Practice of Alchemy
Freemasonic Symbolism
Mystic Christianity
The Cross and the Crucifixion
The Mystery of the Apocalypse
The Faith of Islam

Here it gets really murky. I picked up a book called THE SYSTEM OF THE ANTICHRIST put out by the same publisher, Sophia Perennis as Lee Penn's book. The subtitle is Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age. This, like Secrets Of All Ages, is an academic level type book (lots of deep thinking as you read it), and like Secrets it is very partisan. It claims an opposition between the historical study of metaphysics and New Age proponents. It claims that New Age teachers want to mix the two but that they cannot be mixed and are in opposition to each other. The study of metaphysics does have a very long history.

If Dave Hunt, who is in the film, is aligning himself with the Traditionalists, he can say he is opposed to the New Age movement. This is speculation.

I am not in a position to analyze the distinctions or their validity. I can say that both systems seem to lack any connection with the morality commandments which are to play an important part in the Jewish and Christian religions and in the lives of their followers. Any distraction from moral laws with the intent of minimizing their importance and validity is extremely dangerous to the stability of a community...
Mixing occultism and "metaphysics"? All the same pot of soup from where I sit, maybe just differences in degrees.
Constance, I love to listen to you on Dr. Stan. This video is great, it is amazing to see how much this garbage is integrated in our society 23 years later. I love to hear your info on Javier Solano. Check this site out when you get a chance. Http:// . BTW I am from Michigan as well, did you used to have a radio program on WMUZ?
Sorry for the double post but this is very close to what is going on in the christian world called Contemplative Prayer. Check this out I found it on this site
Thank you for your great work, Constance.

Sadly, this is the direction my own church has taken. It all started with us becoming a Purpose-Driven Church and now we're embracing contemplative prayer. This fall my church is going to specifically teach "centering" and other forms of contemplative prayer. Maybe it's time to consider another church.

I would highly recommend changing churches or booting the minister. Centering is merely a facade for meditation.


My Pastor has adopted a lot of Emerging Church stuff, once I see the contemplative stuff start coming in that is the line that I will stop attending. David I agree with the other guy, I would first address you pastor with it, if he persist them dust off you feet and move on.
Disturbing snippet from news media today. Note the qoute at the end:

AP: "Midway through Assad's speech, members of the audience who said they were Lebanese stood up loudly thanked Assad.

"Without the support of our sister country Syria, we would not be able to achieve what we have achieved," one woman screamed. The audience then broke into applause and shouts of "With our blood, with our soul, we redeem you, Oh Bashar!""

On another site, there was some one-sided commentary about evolution versus creationism with most posters adopting the attitude that "religious people" who rely purely on faith are foolish whereas the "learned" who rely on scientific method were clearly more intelligent and worthwhile. I bit back a reply post that both boil down to faith since neither are directly proveable, so how did scientific method become preferrable to the bible? Of course, that's part of what the site is about, no?

-New in Christ
jbold3, the difference between you, Constance and me is that you might just walk away from the problem. I hope that before you walk away from the problem you attempt to warn others about the changes taking place. It will be difficult sticking out your neck in real life, but look at it as stopping a child from running into the path of a car.

If I am wrong, please let us know what you have done to share the information with others. It might encourage slackers to get on the ball.

I am of the opinion that if you take out of the pot, you need to put something back in so that others can learn.
I am of the opinion that if you take out of the pot, you need to put something back in so that others can learn...

11:38 PM
I already have been warning others of this danger(contemplative movement). Like I said in the earlier post, if I see the Pastor endorsing it I will address it with him, (attempt to right his ship) if that does not work I will find another church. I will not cause a big upheaval in the church but I will tell people why I am leaving. If it came to that.
Dear Jboldt,

Yes, I had a radio program in Michigan for 12 years. It was live on Friday nights from 10:30 to 11:30 p.m. on WMUZ and was called Law Talk. Thanks for your kind words!


All too often (not always, however) "contemplative prayer" was the euphemism for New Age Meditation practices. It was also sometimes called "centering prayer," sometimes "inner healing," etc., etc.
It's hard for me to believe that ministers can be ignorant of such devices as "centering prayer", "contemplative prayer", etc., but I do believe everybody deserves one kind warning. I have been lied to in the past by those convincingly professing ignorance, so watch carefully, and if the practices continue after you have presented your evidence to the proponent of the practice, I would "jump ship."
Very good video and very interesting to witness just how far they have come since that was made. It really looks as though they have done their job and that it very well may be coming to a head in a very short time.
I'm glad for people like you Constance because we had a pastor back in the late 80's that warned us of the New Age and gave us very specific detail about what to watch for....I'm very thankful for that man, Dr. B.D.Thomas. What he taught us has helped me in my choices during my life and has also caused me to keep my eyes wide open.
Thanks again Constance.
I certainly have to discuss this contemplative road my church has taken with the pastor and other members. This is the church I was married in and my two children were both baptized there. So far the Sunday School teachers are somewhat tolerant of my autistic son, although not always quite understanding of his condition. I'm afraid "centering" would lock him further into his autistic world, working against the progress we've made with him. Most likely, though, he wouldn't understand what's going on.

Anyway, it's quite a dilemma. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems.
Dave,I've found myself in a similar situation. My forty year old son has
Crohns. I've not a lot of energy to deal with the real world and still fight New Age infitrations. And yet I do. I have no patience with those who complain about lack of time to do anything to fight the growing problem.
For a long time I believed that the parents of Jonbenet Ramsey had been unfairly accused, prosecuted and convicted by our national media. As I read this morning’s headlines, I feel sadness and relief for the family. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the family for a prolonged period of time. I pray for God’s healing hand on the family.

ABC to air "Last Days on Earth" on August 30.
I never said I didn't have time. If I have time to post comments on a blog, I certainly have enough time. Having enough time is not the issue and I don't understand how anyone could think I was complaining about not having enough time.

My point is that my family has a great deal of investment in my church. This is why we owe it to our church an explanation of why contemplative prayer is dangerous to our church's spiritual health. I owe them a fair warning. Perhaps there is some ignorance about New Age influences in the church. They might not know what they are doing.

I'm also stunned that my very own church is embracing this. I only found out about my church's plan a week ago.

I do have an amusing story. During children's moment the director of children's ministry in our church lead this time. She tried a centering prayer with the children (and the whole church as well). She had my son sitting next to her thinking my son would sit still next to her. Our church has a youth band that played right before children's time and all my son could think about was those instruments, especially the drum set. As soon as everyone in the church closed his eyes, my son took off to the drum set. He uncentered everyone with an impromptu drum solo.

Below is a link to Contemplateive Outreach Ltd. There is a link on the left for "Centering Prayer". There is also a "Vision Statements" link that tells a little bit about the network and its mission. Also go to the bottom of the web site and click on the "Weekly Article" link. There you will find an article by Fr. Thomas Keating. Scattered throughout the web site are huge road signs pointing to the new age movement. I do pray that you are able to persuade your minister to abandon this practice.

It sounds like someone spiked the punch bowl with the potion for apostacy that Constance recently told us about.

I was relieved to find out that my pastor has never heard of contemplative or centered prayer. Now I just need him to change his direction on the Emerging junk that he is doing.
David - It sounds like God used your son's innocence and love for music as an instrument to disrupt what was unholy.
Fr. Keating of the Garrison Institute is a leading New Ager. He is a huge proponent of centering prayer, and his Garrison Institute is often featured/advertised in the magazine WIE?/What is Enlightenment? published quarterly by Andrew Cohen who is closely linked to New Age Philosopher Ken Wilbur. If you peruse the latest edition of the cover of WIE? you will find an intersting two page foldout. It celebrates 15 year of the publication. Small postage size photos make up the special edition. Most of the New Age leading lights are there, but several would REALLY surprise you like Dr. Laura Schelsinger, who must have given an interview to WIE? years ago. Somehow she does not seem to fit.

I urge picking up a copy. It is amazing to see all the faces and realize how many you may recognize.
Now that the spotlight is returning to Iran it will be interesting to see what becomes of the Aug 22nd deadline for responding to the international community’s incentives package. The Iranian foreign minister is thumbing his nose at the UN yet, at the same time, expresses a willingness to discuss suspension of nuclear enrichment activities with the European states.

No doubt. It is a win-win situation for both Iran and the European Union. Europe hands over U.S. nuclear technology--at our expense. The international community becomes satisfied with Solana’s negotiations. The EU-Iranian trade obstacle [uranium enichment] is now removed. The European Commission and Iran can now cozy up with their anticipated Trade Co-operation Agreement. Iran is now part of the European neighborhood. Hmmm, I wonder what tune Mr. Rogers would sing for this kind of neighborhood.

I just read an article how the middle eastern countries want to restart the road map to 'piece'. They generally accept the concept behind what the original plan was however they are unhappy about the outcome. Personally I hope they stay displeased! But anyway it seems like the middle eastern countries are slowly drifting towards the E.U. and if this continues it seems as if Solana will get his day that he dreemed of. So far Solana has only denounced the attacks but not willing to label the terrorist groups terrorist. Here is the link.

I just get the impression that the U.S. will be back seated and our say wont have much pull. Looks as if this plan could well fall into the E.N.P. process Solana wants. I was wondering if anyone else had heard any stuff on this. Especially with Solana. This is the first article that I have seen on this. Today is Aug.18.
Who knows this may be part of Iran's supposed responce to the Aug.22 date that they keep pushing.
With all the information available about the New Age Movement, it bothers me greatly that we have pastors embracing contemplative and centering prayers--or ANYTHING from the Emerging Church movement! I find it interesting that some of this began in your church, David, after your church became a Purpose Driven Church. How do you see the two connected?
Anyway, Constance, thank you so very much for all your work to get out the word about the New Age Movement and how it's continuing to affect the church scene, the political scenes, and the global scenarios we are seeing played out. When I teach, I am grateful to have your information and do my best to instruct others of the great dangers lurking behind what looks like it's okay. God told us His people would perish for lack of knowledge, and I believe that much of the problem in the church is that our pastors and teachers do not take time to research and look into things as they should. The Bible is full of warnings against false teaching and to be alert--have discernment. May God protect you, Constance. You are a special gift to all of us as you lead the "good fight".
Teacher of the Word, I'd like to add one more thing to your observation. Yes, His people - purportedly us - perish for lack of knowledge. However, I have very clear memories of being advised by pastors to avoid worldly pursuits, most notably most secular television, and attendance at movie houses. Joe Average in the pews is dying for lack of knowledge; his pastor is isolating him and his family out of fear of secularization. Joe Average is not even allowed to expose himself to enough knowledge to learn the difference between worldly and wholesome pursuits. Constance, I'm surprised you haven't been told never to patronize New Age bookstores for the same reason; you couldn't do effective research into the New Age movement if you were being shepherded by such a pastor.

Thanks for your hard work and research, by the way. I should have listened to you earlier.
I certainly do see the connection. Nearly every church that has at first adopted Purpose-Driven or some other church growth movement, they all end up where my church is. I want to be careful because Rick Warren is a pastor that many people feel has led them closer to Jesus. I don't want to slap them across the face (all right, maybe I do, but only as a wake up call) and say they aren't closer to Jesus. Only God would truly know. Rick Warren has challenged Christians to put their faith in action, which has always been a hard thing to do. It's easy to say, but hard to do. Is this a new concept? No, this has been a struggle for Christians ever since the first church. Even for the Apostles. However, I question some of his theology and the activities he currently has been engaged in. His theology is soft and watered down, but not heretical like Matthew Fox, at least I don't think it is. Matthew Fox's theology is pure garbage, obscene and sickening. Rick Warren is far from this.

Anyway, I could go on and on but I won't. God Bless.
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