Thursday, July 27, 2006

Advances towards a total cashless society?


As the other agendas of the "New Age" advance, so, apparently is the supporting technology of some of their control freak planners. Hewlett Packard's public relation agencies now proudly report their development of an implantable and/or attachable rice size wireless chip, 10 times the speed of already fast "bluetooth" that can be used for a wide variety of bluntly, creepy, purposes. The other day a reader to this blogspot reported that even Hillary Clinton had expressed alarm over the too rapid rise of such technology, reporting with dismay that "next thing we know they will want to implant these in students' brains."

According to HP's press release:

"The chip incorporates a built-in antenna and is completely self-contained, with no need for a battery or external electronics. It receives power through inductive coupling from a special read-write device, which can then extract content from the memory on the chip. Inductive coupling is the transfer of energy from one circuit component to another through a shared electromagnetic field. A change in current flow through one device induces current flow in the other device."

Here are some of the present more benign projected uses, per HP:

Query? Did Hillary Clinton have an advance showing of this?

I like HP printers and computers, but I emphasize, don't look to me to be an end user on THIS PRODUCT! It sounds remarkably close to what the prophet John envisioned the antichrist and false prophet using and causing others to use. Shades of "The Omen", "Rosemary's Baby," "The Exorcism" and "Left Behind" all rolled into one! Count me personally out!

July 27, 2006, 8:29 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, USA

Greetings Constance....I saw the article regarding HP the end of last week. Do not know if HC had a preview or not of it, but still would not trust what comes out of her mouth or pen.

I have been follwing the RFID chip for the last 18 months or so and it is amazing the many changes in size, cost etc. that it has and continues to go through.

Consider the the Real ID Act coming in 2008 and the capability it will have within it's frame for "future" use. No more federal funds for the states who will not accept it......Be Well JJ
I am with you on this one. I know many people would say, "this isn't the mark." I am sure this technology is voluntary or will be at first. Having said that let me just say that every fiber of my being says "just say no!"

Prayers and Blessings!
I get the impression that for many years, prophecy experts have been warning against the use of such RFID chips (that's what those rice-sized thingies are called, I understand) precisely because they have the potential for being the actual Mark of the Beast. They can certainly be implanted easily in either the right wrist or the forehead, per the Book of Revelation description.
The VeriChip Corporation has the RFID Technology too, and they have already begun to use the chips. Theirs actually bond with tissue after being implanted.
Many big stores such as Wal Mart are already using the RFID to keep track of inventory. Clothing MFG are also using them. There have been people that have had them implanted so as not to have to carry their wallets, credit cards etc. Those in "charge" encourage it for the use of med history. Many Mexican Govt. officials have them implanted so as to be located if they should be kidnapped.

The Real ID Act, or National Drivers License,

with your information will be integrated with Canada and Mexico; thus the North American Union

scheduled for 2010 makes “sense” for the “ease” of travel and security against the bad guys.

The National Animal Identification System,

scheduled to be into law in 2009, includes but not limited to, cattle, horses, goats, dogs, cats and your pet bird will be a great way to “control disease” such as the bird flu. It will not only affect the rancher and farmer, but the individual pet owner. One example would be that you would no longer be able to transport your horse to an event unless you have the proper chip and papers filled out ahead of time. And what about your backyard chickens and the eggs to use for personal use or gifts to neighbors…..are chickens chipped?

Just as Revelation 13 describes, it will be a one world govt. one world money system and one world religion.

Mark of the Beast? Not yet, but it is being put together, I believe, even as I type. My answer, NO I will not!!!!!!!!
As far as Hillary Is concerned about the technology in this chip stuff, she is a mojor investor in the verichip corporation. Amazing when in Rome do as the Romans do, when Americans act shocked, make them think you are too. She is Evil. A much smarter and much more devious John Kerry. I'm sure her and Solana are like 2 peas in a pod. I wonder how many other corporations she has invested in concerning this technology?
It would definitely help identify who can buy and sell in the New World Order.
I'm waitng to see when we will hear that the Galileo satelites will energize and operate one of these devices. The reality is the smaller these devices get the less amount of energy they need to run them. I'm sure eventually a focused signal from outer space will be enough to turn it on. I also wonder when these devices will become user un-friendly so we cant activate them to locate there exact point to tear them out. Somewhere there has to be a monopoly developing on this device. Otherwise everyone would have the access to get the technology to turn them on and reprogram them.
I've sometimes stood in the grocery store and wondered what it would look like as someone bends down and passes their forehead across the scanner--not a pretty image.

David Icke does good research but comes to almost insane conclusions, IMO. If you look in several of his books, you will se a picture he's used of a pyramid that has vertical lines going from the top down to the bottom, leaving equidistant sections on the lower edge. By each of these, he writes one-word headings such as "education," "government," "medical," "religion," etc., meant to signify how all these various elements are all working in harmony to manipulate us. For example, Constance is extraodinary in her knowledge and understanding about new age, then learns (or at least learns the extent) of all this chipping. I am a Christian and certainly don't "buy in" to Icke's conclusions, but that graph (as well as one or two others) are definitely illustrative.
Rich in Medford

Could just use a scanning gun technology to have like a airport thing at the check out. It scans you and can read the mark in your hand or head.
Verichip already has FDA approval. It probably didn't hurt that Tommy Thompson (former Cabinet Sec. HS)sits on the board of Veriship. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is testing them as we speak. Verichip has several contracts for their systems to keep track of wandering elderly patients.

Here's something else creepy, their company that manufactures their chips is named Digital Angel. Their systems for tracking are named "Halo" and "Hugs"... Verichip wants our government to use their product to solve the immigration problem and to use instead of dog tags for our military.

Yes, the plan is to desensitize the population and then everyone has one. They will tell our kids they can down load all the music they want and if you have this planted in your head, you won't need earphones to hear it, and oh yes it will come with a complementary piercing in 18k gold just so your friends know that you had it implanted and you are now cool!
I guess they'll never have to worry about fogetting their EZ-Save card while in the grocery line. With prices like a day's wage for a loaf of bread they'll need it.

It will be like having your credit card number stamped on your forehead. Rich: I had to laugh at your grocery store comment bending over to scan yourself. Sometimes you crack me up. Just the visual going wild.
Right now there is a system that some counties in Michigan have that's used to help keep track of the elderly with conditions such as Alzheimer's and other dementias. It's also used to keep track of children with autism. This is a good use of the system because these two populations are known for wandering off and not having any sense of danger. The county that my town of Battle Creek is working on setting up. It's very similar to the tether system used to keep track of those individuals in the criminal justice system who have to stay within a certain place. Verichip would probably replace this system. However, I think it could easily be misused. I'm in favor of keeping vulnerable people safe, being the parent of an autistic child, but not at the expense of limiting everyone else's freedoms.
Child of God,

I think that sometimes God gives us an interjection of humor so we can continue to look at an otherwise very dark topic. Sometimes that's important. For us believers, we have assurance of God's grace and promises. But as I look and consider those who will come to know Christ during the tribulation, the darkness that our brothers and sisters will face becomes horrifying. As Constance wrote in her post, its like several horror movies combined.

Anon 8:27 PM

The image of someone aiming a scanning gun at someone's head is equally as crazy. Just don't publish any cartoons depicting that, you might start a clash of civilizations.

I am now reading a terribly apostate purportedly evangelical book that purports to be for the evanglelization of witches, but in reality glorifies and sanctifies their positions. Credits are, not surprisingly, given to SCP's former director Brooks Alexander and present director Tal Brooke. For the record, SCP is listed in my old New Age directories under its original name of "World Christian Liberation Front" at its present address on Dwight Street in Berkeley, California, USA. Bottom line, after praising the wiccan movement with "faint damns" rather than damn it with "faint praises" -- if we Christians would only see the wisdom of earth reverence and worship. This is THE CLEAREST OF SCRIPTURAL DIVIDES -- see Revelation 14:7-8 and subsequent verses. "Fear God and give glory to HIM for the hour of his judgment is come -- worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the sea and the fountains of waters . . ." These folks are worshipping anything but. The book is interestingly but not surprising a SHAW imprint -- the book is WICCA'S CHARM by Catherine Edwards Sanders. It truly is a "witches brew" -- LITERALLY!
Just when you thought things couldn't get any more wierd they come up with a potion for apostacy. Things that make you go hmmm.

I read an article in the Battle Creek newspaper about a summer camp for children whose parents are "freethinkers." It's a residential camp alternative to Christian camps. Children whose parents are atheists, agnostics, wiccans, etc. are welcomed to discuss these ways. Our newspaper, The Battle Creek Enquirer, is a Gannett newspaper and the article came off of the Gannett News Service. It may even be in USA Today. It's called Camp Quest and they have camps in California, Kentucky and Ohio.
Dear Constance,

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe just released a document on its contribution to the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative. I just printed it and have started reading it in depth. At first scan, it doesn't appear to have the same language that some of the other Alliance literature contains, i.e., where they state their objective is “to counter the influence of those who feed on exclusion and claim sole ownership of the truth“.

I expect I'm going to have to do some in-depth reading through the OSCE documents to see if they are consistent with the Alliance's goals. If you have any insight on this organization, I'd welcome your thoughts.

It's hot here in Michigan. It's hot all over the U.S. Is it a coincidence, but didn't this "killer heat wave" start about the same time as the MidEast conflict? Herb Peters has some great insight into the latest news coverage. It's still hot!
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