Thursday, April 27, 2006

Statewatch releases ARMING BIG BROTHER report regarding Solana's EU!



Please download and read this report IMMEDIATELY. I cannot overstress its importance. I believe Herb Peters may be commenting on it soon. I thank correspondent Jeremy Compton for calling it to my attention. It is newly released and BIG NEWS. I don’t suspect Javier Solana will be terribly fond of its revelatory content! I will be writing on this later, but the content will speak for itself. It is a Statewatch Report warning of the European military industrial complex, including biometric, RFID, satellite montoring of the population. “Arming Big Brother: The EU’s Security Research Programme by Ben Hayes is REQUIRED READING!


Solana and the GoP ("Group of Personalities" outed -- Wow!
In the words of Gomer Pile, "surprise, surprise." Constance, I'm anxiously awaiting to read your analysis.

On page 19 of the report it states that Solana would have become Europe’s first foreign minister in June 2006 had the EU Constitution not been rejected. What does Solana think of that? I found this article awhile back on CRI China’s web site:

The building of the EU foreign ministry won't be affected by the French rejection of the EU constitution, EU Representative says.

“EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana says the building of the EU foreign ministry won't be affected by the French rejection of the EU constitution.

Solana told a press conference Monday in Brussels that the key issue is not when the foreign ministry will be set up but whether the set-up has been mentally accepted by all EU members and is ready to put it into action..."

The report clearly implies (and I am still reading it closely myself in my spare time, right after I am done 'folding my linens') that Solana is proceeding apace without the official grant of power and is collaborating with the industrial and technology sectors to put security-industrial-military complex coalition into power. I will indeed be doing a detailed analysis, but I thought everybody else should start doing their own!
I will be honest with, I don't think anything is going to come from this report. The language of the report will considered "inflamatory" at best, or at worst "conspiracy" oriented. If you look at the primary descriptors (i.e. 'Big Brother', 'neo-con', 'military-industrial complex') the report is using buzz-words that are going to turn off a majority of people. Yes, it might generate some noise on the far-left or far-right. But the average EU citizen isn't going to bat an eye... especially after watching London bombed and Paris burn.
From Page 39:

Technology undoubtedly can assist in police investigations. But there is no evidence to suggest that
it prevents terrorism or crime because technology can do nothing to address the multifaceted “root
causes” of these social problems.

Yeah, that 'social problems' argument is just going to resonate with all of the EU citizens that are facing the Islamification of their society.

While the points being made by this report are well worth considering, the reality of the social situation in Europe (and to lesser extent, here in the US) is going to witness the opposite outcome. People are going to be more than willing to sacrifice some of thier so called cherished civil liberties for the sake of greater "Peace and Safety".
Anonymous 2:25 pm - your remarks are mainly foolish. Whether there is any stir made has nothing to do with whether the plans will be implemented. Citizens across the board have become an extremely passive lot, every once in a while letting themselves be stirred up by establishment planned protesting. And from what I've read, this is happening in Europe as well here in the US. The controlled far right and far left do not bring control back to citizens any more than the passive middle does.

Anyone following the euferendum website can see the strong parallels between what is happening here in the US and in Europe. Cameron, the supposed Tory conservative party leader over in England is as much of a conservative as Bush is here in the US, which is in name only, provisions made for dissidents. They are putting cameras up all over the place in Europe just as they have been doing in the US. Except for listening to some moaning about Homeland Security measures here in the US, the government people don't give a hoot as to what the public thinks.

Over at EU a news story was posted.
View full article here

Eggs row ends St George's Day feast
By IAN DRURY, Daily Mail 07:44am 24th April 2006
"To the patriots of Bromham, a hearty English breakfast seemed the perfect way to celebrate St George's Day.
Some 300 villagers were planning to tuck in to the fry-up in their community centre.
But yesterday's charity event was cancelled at the last minute - because of a health and safety warning against frying eggs.
Health and safety farce: A charity event was cancelled because qualified chefs were not on hand to fry eggs.

"The local council's guidelines state that volunteers should not prepare "protein-based foods" without proper training." (more at link)

All over the general public is so cowed that they don't know how to be involved with a protest not started by some controlled NGO. The planners in Brussels don't have a care what the general public thinks. They just go on implementing anything they want.

Constance posted that information for the knowledgeable because she is knowledgeable about the direction of the EU and the US is taking and not for the Alfred E. Neuman crowd featured in MAD magazine who just know how to say "What, me worry? No."
Dr. Solana to be Keynote Speaker at Islamic Scholars Conference:


Apr 23 09:07

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Hasyim Muzadi on Friday invited visiting European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policies Javier Solana to attend the International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) to be held on June 20.

"We have invited him to speak on what the West wants from Islam and then there will be something like a bridge of understanding between the West and Islam," Hasyim said on Friday after a meeting with Solana.

He added Solana was expected to be a keynote speaker in the conference.

He said the West should change its approach in its relation with the Moslem world, from the political and military approaches to economic, educational and social approaches.

"It seems that he (Solana) agrees to it," he added.

Asked what had been discussed at the meeting, Hasyim said the topics were more related to global problems.

The two also agreed to develop dialogues to harmonize the perception between the West and Islam and set up concrete cooperation, mainly in the educational and social fields, he added.

Quoting Solana, Hasyim said the EU official also expressed his happiness to have had a chance to exchange views with Indonesian religious figures.

Hasyim further said he also described the position of NU in its relation with the state and the international world by taking moderate role and rejecting violence and extremist attitudes.

He also told Solana about tthe soaring of the radicalism movement, among others due to the West`s poor attention toward the moderate group`s movement, prompting them to choose the radical line.

Solana, who is concurrently secretary general of the COuncil of European Union, is on a visit to Indonesia, among other things to see the rehabiliation and reconstruction work in Aceh which was hit by tsunami on December 26, 2004. (*)
Whether the report CHANGES anything or NOT is irrelevant. What counts here is that it is written by European ACLU/civil liberty types who have probably never cracked a bible; however, what they write with exquisite detail appears straight out of Daniel and Revelation. Jesus truly told us that sometimes children of darkness had more light than the children of light. What is significant here is that IT IS HAPPENING, and most Christians are sadly asleep! Its time we woke up and smelled the coffee and/or better still, went oil shopping. All ten virgins were sleeping. All ten woke up. Five had enough oil in their lamps to go meet the bridegroom; five did not. Have the coffee, wake up,k and then go get your oil before the door is closed. A word to the wise should be sufficient!
Herb Peters has addressed this and another crucial items. You can get to his site by clicking on "Herb Peters" to the right of my blogspot or by typing in the internet address of
I'm continually surprised how many Christians are asleep when it comes to knowing what is about to transpire. In a previous blog post, someone wrote that some people would rather be waxing their floor than to make any effort to know what is happening. Unfortunately, I think they tagged that one exactly right.

Anonymous 3:52 PM - your remarks are arrogant and obnoxious.

Next time, read the post in it’s context and not take as an attack – but what it is, an observation, that the report will be largely ignored due to it’s tone, not it’s content.

Also, I was in no way seeking to diminish what Constance posted. However, it would be nice to allow other's to speak for themselves instead ranting about some perceived offense.
Anonymous 12:16
Both Constance and the writer at Statewatch felt it important to convey the information about these EU activities, and you in all of your great wisdom are sending the message which gave the impression that they shouldn't bother to write and inform others.

If you have a better way of informing the unaware public of these specific changes with regard to the increasing dictatorial nature of the unelected group in Brussels and explaining to us why the conservative leadership here in the US is going in the same direction, please do let us know.

Or if you see yourself a prophet, knowing in advance what will happen as a result of the dissemination of this information, please document your track record.
Constance wrote - “Whether the report CHANGES anything or NOT is irrelevant. What counts here is that it is written by European ACLU/civil liberty types who have probably never cracked a bible; however, what they write with exquisite detail appears straight out of Daniel and Revelation.”

Actually, what they are writing about is the perceived threat to civil-liberties due to the militarization of the EU civilian police force:

See Page 39

“The obvious danger in placing blind faith in technological fixes to complex phenomena like crime, terrorism and “illegal” immigration is the continued militarization of law-and-order… Technology undoubtedly can assist in police investigations. But there is no evidence to suggest that it prevents terrorism or crime because technology can do nothing to address the multifaceted “root causes” of these social problems. The effect of law enforcement technology on civil liberties and democracy, meanwhile, is already all too clear.”

It’s clear that the authors of this report are not out to warn the public about an ‘empire reborn’ but rather the undue influence that a certain lobby group has on the political machinations in the EU. While I’m not looking to defend the armaments manufacturers of Europe, they are no different than any other lobby that seeks to protect it’s interest in the halls of power, and that has been going on for time and millennia. The report also addresses the issue of GM food as if that is evil incarnate:

See Page 38

“The US also leads the world in developing genetically modified (GM) foods, giving US multinationals a competitive advantage. By this rationale should the EU then establish a GM research programme? Of course not, (it must be hoped that) there would be outcry if it did…”

Whether or not you agree with the use of GM crops, the reality is that such bio- technology could be used to alleviate hunger in the two-thirds world were un-modified crops are prone to disease and stunted growth. Yet due to the fear mongering of ‘green’ EU shrills (which receive generous contributions from the EU farmer lobby) they continue to prevent the use of GM crops in those affected areas through undue influence. Yet, this report gives credence to such an opinion as if it’s fact.

Constance wrote – “Jesus truly told us that sometimes children of darkness had more light than the children of light.”

Where exactly in scripture does Jesus state that the “children of darkness” have more light than the “children of light?”

Constance wrote – “What is significant here is that IT IS HAPPENING, and most Christians are sadly asleep! Its time we woke up and smelled the coffee and/or better still, went oil shopping. All ten virgins were sleeping. All ten woke up. Five had enough oil in their lamps to go meet the bridegroom; five did not. Have the coffee, wake up, and then go get your oil before the door is closed. A word to the wise should be sufficient!”

What is happening? Are you stating that what the Bible describes as the Tribulation is currently under way and that Javier Solana is the anti-Christ? Is that what you are saying?

Since I am, however, a significant consumer of Java, I will then ask you this question since you have made reference to Matthew 25:1-10. Are you making the implication that the church is not the bride of Christ, but are rather sleeping bride’s maids? I’m pretty sure that John 3:29, Rev 18:23; 19:7; 21:2,9; 22:17 dictate otherwise. Jesus’ call to “wake up” was addressed to those who were looking for the “kingdom of heaven.” We who are in Christ, have already found and are now part of that ‘kingdom’ (Rev 1:6), thus we don’t have to worry about that door being closed on us.
Luke 16 (Read entire context for understanding. Constance has stated correctly.)

8 "And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." (King James translation)

8 "And his master praised the unrighteous manager because he had acted shrewdly; for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light. (American Standard translation)
Anonymous 3:01 wrote – “Both Constance and the writer at Statewatch felt it important to convey the information about these EU activities, and you in all of your great wisdom are sending the message which gave the impression that they shouldn't bother to write and inform others.”

First of all, where in my “great wisdom” did I write that anyone, let alone Constance (who has an excellent record of keeping people informed), “shouldn’t bother to write or inform others?” I didn’t, and neither did I imply such. Just because you jumped to that conclusion, it doesn’t follow that everyone else has to take your lead.

You didn’t even give me the courtesy of asking for clarification.

My issue with the article was it’s source and tone. TNI is also extremely anti-Zionist and vehemently critical of Israel (, extremely pro-UN (, and over all, highly suspect of anything a government does, if it is even remotely center-right. While it may have revealed something of interest, it’s also culpable of skewing it’s information to further the causes that are near and dear to it’s own political motivations – which include interestingly enough, many New Age ideals (abortion, population control, redistribution of wealth, etc.) But don’t take my word for it, read though the articles on their website.

Just because the source seems to support my position, that doesn’t mean I’m going to accept it without taking a critical look at it. I liken such acceptance to the old adage, “lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

Anonymous 3:01 wrote – “If you have a better way of informing the unaware public of these specific changes with regard to the increasing dictatorial nature of the unelected group in Brussels and explaining to us why the conservative leadership here in the US is going in the same direction, please do let us know.”

It seems to me that the public in Europe has forfeited their involvement in the public debate and politic quite willingly. They have been well aware of their predicament and continue to send ‘spineless talking heads’ to Brussels who have no intention to standing up to the Eurocrats that continue to drain the budgets of the productive and give it to the Islamic misfits that they failed to integrate into their "superior culture" in the first place.

In regards to the current conservative leadership that is in place, at least I have the option of voting them out of office in two years. However, since I believe the alternative is far far worse, I will most likely vote for more conservative leadership.

Anonymous 3:01 wrote – “Or if you see yourself a prophet, knowing in advance what will happen as a result of the dissemination of this information, please document your track record.”

I guess you will have to wait and see whether or not I was right, won’t you? However, since I freely admit that my prediction was based on observation of current attitudes and not by divine transmission, you can forget about labeling me as a ‘false prophet’.
Anonymous 3:48 - While your hermeneutics leave alot to be desired, I think I'll let Constance speak for herself.
Anon 4:36 PM

I am watching for Constance's response. Regarding your hermeneutics comment, you offer no alternate interpretation. This is a public forum, so put up.
Anonymous 4:32:
Why would I ask for clarification. You've posted twice and had plenty of time to speak your mind. You strike me as a person who is not used to accepting criticism.

When Constance posts, I think you will find that she used that source because it wasn't "right wing" or biblically based. Here was a left wing source doing the warning, something generally not found.

You seem more familiar with this material than others who write here, so I presume you know that one worlders do not work in lockstep, and the average person doesn't keep track of what the academics are doing. TNI is definitely for one world government, but they want it peacefully without a military movement involved. They distance themselves from the idea that force will be involved.

From just looking over the site, it appears that it bases New Age ideas in academic language. That, however, does not mean that facts written by them cannot be verified. But, as you know, the interpretation can be spun. It's why it pays to read from all sides.

As far as people anywhere in the world are concerned, Israel, Europe, the US, etc., most people just go along with propaganda information presented to them. Then there are the "provision for dissidents" people working to fill up the time of those who want to know more about what is going on in the world. We who care make an effort to get information out because even the most foolish people are our fellow human beings. Constance by her own efforts set the movement back several years according to Melton. There are others who have no public recognition who have done the same.

As far as conservatives here in the US, as long as people like Gingrich are touted as political conservatives, there is really not much hope in getting the US back to conservative values which extend much further than just those connected with sex.

I look forward to seeing what Constance has to say.
Some of the 'doctoring' at wikipedia finally documented! But I think its still too little too late by the media.
I agree with Constance that this appears to be right out of Revelation. The big brother control that this report warns of parallels to the descriptions in Revelation. Maybe this isn't the rise of the end time empire, but it sure looks like it. Naziism plus--nothing that I'm finding very pleasant.

Our Illinois "anonymous" correspondent has informed me that I have substantial areas of disagreement with the people producing the report produced by StateWatch. I examined that particular website, a fellowship of scholars, and indeed, that is true -- particularly on global warming issues. BUT, as I said on my CD which many of you have, could Solana's increasingly apparent New World Order be a cruel trick even upon New Agers -- a remilitarized Europe regrouped with high tech, high touch, armed to the teeth and using old Nazi sites at that! I will put those sites up here after I analyze them after this off the cuff response.
I think you are right about the Nazi connection. Throw in the blonde haired, blue eyed Master Race as well. I believe that idea is also alive and well and is being given out as a subtle message here in UK where I live, even to small children.

This does not apply in the US, but it certainly is the case here. I thought I was imagining it at first, until I began to pay notice to the detective shows and picking out the villains from the eye colour. Most of our detective shows have the good guy detective with bright blue eyes and the villain is invariably brown eyed. I was also looking at the children's programmes, films, etc, and was finding the same subtle message over and over. The villains are usually brown eyed, or green, and the beautiful, good ones, blue eyed.

Could it be that the Scandinavian countries don't have much to fear from the eugenics movement, given that they would not want to harm the breeding stock.

Is this too outlandish to believe?

Adolph Hitler and his followers would not have thought so.

By the way, after pointing this out to my husband, though at first he thought I was imagining things, he also had to agree that it was happening too often to be chance.
Anonymous 4:32: When Constance reads the comments she will see your input. The back and forth with you did bring out valuable information for readers here.
Anon 2:46 PM

It's interesting that you mention this is being directed to small children. I flipped through the television channels today and landed on a cartoon that caught my attention. Within 1/2 hour, I heard the doctrines of karma, reincarnation, interconnectedness, aryans, etc. One correspondent in a previous blog topic claimed that they don't initiate unless one wanders into their domain. Apparently, entertainment is part of their domain.

Rich in Medford

Yes, that's right.

And what better medium to use to get the message across than the entertainment medium. The lesson can be so subtle, you hardly know you have learnt it, yet it will stay with you.
Since I started reading about Solana, courtesy of Constance, I suspected there was some build up of the EU's military capabilities. I thought the U.S. might have played a role in this. I never thought to the degree it was all happening. At one aspect it seems the U.S. and EU are working together, but there is also a sense of competition between who will be the top military dog. Of course, I hope we remain on the top, but it seems that a shift in power is inevitable.

I also believe that it's important for someone like Constance who is willing to do the research and present facts so that Christians and everyone receives adequate warning. The prophet Jeremiah warned of the exile into Babylon, although all the other so-called prophets said everything would be just fine. Everyone knows that when a tornado is about to strike, it's good when there is adequate warning to take shelter. New Orleans knew a major hurricane was on the way, but not enough people evacuated. Some couldn't leave, but some had a choice. Constance is giving everyone warning and there is always a way out of this coming storm.
I can't see how the EU and the US can be working together, as according to Chuck Missler's article on his koinonia house web site 'twilight's last gleaming' there appears to be other reasons why President Bush really went to war with Iraq, it has something to do with keeping the trading in oil in the dollar, as opposed to the euro.

If the world was to change over to the euro it would mean that the US would be finished economically and with the collapse of the dollar the bubble would burst and the US would be just about finished because the deficit is so great.

It is worth a read anyway.
I found this article somewhat informative regarding the U.S. energy situation. This was reported following hurricane Katrina. To my knowledge, this wasn’t reported by the our media. Notice Solana’s statement regarding the request for gasoline: "Whatever the United States asks for they will be given," said EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

IEA Taps Emergency Oil

I was doing a Google search and typed in "Rick Warren and Javier Solana" and I was astonished to see how often these two appear within the same documents on the same web sites. I have yet to find anything where they have formally met each other, but they have associated with some of the same people. One search led me to Herb Peters' web site and comments made on February 14th of this year in regards to RW's and JS's association with the World Economic Forum. Another search result led me to an Australian Christian newsletter, The Despatch, in which there were separate articles on both RW and JS. Much of their information on JS came from Constance. The article on RW really reveils the worldwide scope of his Purpose-Driven movement. It's also interesting that they both made Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people in 2005.

The Despatch article can be seen at:

Herb Peters' comments can be read at:
I’d like to tell to our European friends that I’m praying for you that the Lord give you knowledge, strength and boldness to alert others. I also ask the Lord that He keep you safe.

Rich in Medford

I would like to say a thankyou for your prayers for the Christians in Europe.

I have found that it is usually (but not always) the younger ones, who appear to be more interested, and quicker to get a grasp of what is happening, especially those in the evangelical churches.

I feel that God has given me the opportunity to pass on information to others here in UK about the dangers of the European Union, (most people are totally unaware of what is happening), and there is an eagerness to know about these things now, because world events are beginning to unfold in accordance with Bible prophecy.

When I first became a Christian, and for a long time afterwards, much of the Bible seemed like a hard read (especially the Old Testament), but now it is like a hot potato, like something come alive, I am cross referencing all the time when I am reading it, because it is all so linked. What an exciting read, and passages I would have read and passed on with no understanding, are now jumping out at me and making complete sense. World events are moving so fast, yet the Bible makes sense of it all and is confirming that we are living in the last days before Christ's return. How can anybody believe this book is written by man.

I would also like to say thankyou to Constance for this site, and for the people posting on here.

May God Bless and protect us all.
Anonymous 1:08 Be sure you look at the EUreferendum page linked on the first page of this blog. They don't go as far as Constance does, but they have some solid information on changes in the government there. There are other Eurosceptic sites, but from what I've read, they have the largest readership.
This is a very interesting analysis by EU Pariliament member Tobias Pflueger--very similar content to the Transnational Instutute’s report:

On the base of the treaty, signed on October 29th, 2004, no peaceful Europe can be achieved. By Tobias Pflueger

Some excerpts:

“All efforts to establish an European constitution, which includes a civil responsibility for the maintenance of peace in the world, have failed. Instead of speaking out for a stronger role of the United Nations in cross national conflicts and to submit to the charter of the UN, especially the ban of violence, there is the quotation of the “enhancement” of international law and only a commitment to the fundamentals of the UN charter, which leaves the possibility of European military interventions, not mandated by the UN, open.”

“Everything is subordinated to the structural and actual ability to wage war. Obviously, that’s the only way to reach global power projection abilities in the European Union's own self-conception.”

“To recapitulate, this protocol is a symbol of an unrestricted military core Europe”

This entire article is worth reading.

Yes, the European Union has cetainly come a long way from the initial idea that was sold to the people of the nations that became members of it, namely, that of a trading organisation. Now it is totally in control of our lives and EU law has precedence over our own law.

So far, we in the UK still have not had a vote on whether we wish to go along with all this, and Blair has not managed to foist this beloved Constitution of his masters on us.

The truth is that Prime Minister Blair and Co dare not put it to the vote because they would find that most of the people would not vote to go along any further with it. That is because they will have to let the people hear the opposition view which makes much more sense than the view of the people pushing Europe as in the best interests of the British. Yet the left wing disinformation regarding the EU continues to churn out the lies about the EU, and anybody who dares to speak out publicly against it are decried by the mainstream political parties. We hardly hear anything against the EU.

Most of the politicians must see the EU as a very lucrative way of getting an income, because once they have finished in the British Parliament they can usually get themselves a nice little billet in the European parliament. All you have to do is to stand in a safe seat area, which will be very easy for them to do. I don't think most of them really believe in it, they don't really care. They are career politicians. If they really cared about Britain they would be trying to pull us out of it.

Apparently it is costing the UK £115,000,000 A DAY which we are told goes to help the EU eastern european countries as they are poorer, and who in the poorer nations would not want to join if they are given incentives like that. Ten more countries have been added, and we are picking up the bill with the people of these countries entitled to come and live here in UK with all the benefits and entitlements of the British after one year. These new poorer nations are not going to be voting against the European Union in the future now are they? They will be blessing it for giving them the opportunity and the right to go to the rich countries without any vetting or any questions asked and for the financial handouts to their countries. Bring enough of these people into the UK and the people pushing the EU on us will know that they are also bringing votes for the EU. What chance will we ever have of voting ourselves out of it then?

The written information the EU churns out is (I believe deliberately), in such a gobbledegook language, that it is hard to understand, and most people don't even bother.

Thank you for posting the article. I think we are now beginning to see the real nature of the beast, it is an entrapment for the whole world, and one day the world is going to wake up and realize that the reality is a nightmare.

Pray that much evangelising can be done amongst these newcomers from Eastern europe. So far we have found that the immigrants who have come in from the African and West Indian countries have been a real blessing to us. So many of them are evangelical Christians, strong in faith and with such a love of the Lord, they are awsome in their stand for Christ, never afraid to witness and tell people of their faith, always ready to stand and praise the Lord, where ever they are.

Thank you to everybody for your postings.

Very interesting comments.
Anon 1:19 PM

I suspect some of these articles you may want to keep. They sometimes disappear so if you click on favorites and "Add to Favorites", make sure the "Make available offline" button is checked so you can always retreive them.

To paraphrase Solana's mindset following the French rejection of the EU constitution, it doesn't really much matter what the Europeans want, just that they mentally get used to the idea.

I pray for you and other Christians in Europe. As I see it, you are in the eye of the storm.

In another interesting press release by Tobias Pfluger on the Congo:

"...There it was correctly stated that back then, for the deployment of French and German troops in Congo, “decided in 2003 by the EU Ministerial Council, the humanitarian reasons advanced do not constitute the real motivation, but that the Congo mission constitutes the final rehearsal for European unilateral

Voyager posted this over at EU. It pertains to many countries. This is the political end of the New Age movement. Sorry the copied item is so long, but it is important. Substitute the appropriate words for the American version.

"The whole notion of the government being at war with the public started around this time and in one form or another continued throughout the 1980s as local government became an executive arm of Whitehall and everyone managed upwards.

"Thatcher tried to overturn the election result at the GLC and when she was told it was illegal to do so, simply abolished it and gave Labour a grievance which was a shameful reflection on national political power to disenfranchise British voters in their own capital city.

"The whole shrivelling of the body politic as Whitehall turned the country into a Democratic Centralist regime was matched only by the carefree manner in which the party whip made MPs willingly become subservient to the Council of Ministers.

"Parliament destroyed local government much of which it had created by Private Acts of Parliament in the 1840s for which the ratepayers of those towns and cities had paid Parliament. I think it cost Bradford £20.000 in 1848 to get Parliament to pass the Act.

"At the same time it made those rights gained for itself in the 17th Century subservient to Brussels on the basis that if Brussels wanted Ship Money it would be voted through on the nod. The EU has strengthened the Executive and undermined Parliament - a sort of latterday Congress of Vienna.

"The electorate is treated like a cast of extras marched out for the backdrop to the whole show rather than having any central role, and it is frankly tired and angry. It is not clear what will happen. The situation is not peculiar to England but is widespread in Germany and other countries.

"The Political Class has never recovered from the collapse of Communism and the easy ride it gave them to build so much State. Now they are defenders of privilege and since the 1973 Oil Crisis and Saudi money bribing Western politicians into their orbit, there has been a realignment along the axis of money and away from the notion of public service.

"Two books from one author - Christopher Lasch - illustrate the point - The Culture of Narcissism and The Revolt Of The Elites.

"The game has been to have a narrative to amuse the plebs while neutering their votes; unfortunately the laxity of the elite has led to wholesale assaults on national identity whether the creeping infiltration of hundreds of thousands of non-acculturated immigrants into Britain under guise of "indefinite leave to remain" as perfected by Michael Howard and continued by Jack Straw and David Blunkett; or even the wholesale job lot of 12 million in one go as with George Bush as he stomps on those who put him into office.

"The narrative now holds the threat of cultural dissolution and economic ruin. In the history of the world the industrial country with the largest population has always been top dog. Britain had the largest tariff-free integrated political entity in Europe when it industrialised; Germany could only challenge after 1880 a decade after unification; the US emerged at the same time but internationally after 1900. Now China is bringing one-sixth of the world's population into the industrial age which has never before happened, yet it has tariff-free access to EU and US marketplaces which no industrialising power has ever previously enjoyed either.

"At a time when the EU is driving to destroy national identity in Britain, in Denmark, in Poland, and is less noticeably effacing it in less coherent national identities such as Germany, Italy, Belgium - it is giving that one justification for its existence - the Single Market with tariff-free access - to China.

"China gets full access and no social costs; to manufacture inside the EU involves compliance with a raft of employment directives and environmental directives and union obstructionism and cost barriers - but move that factory to China and politicians boast of investment in a growing markeplace as if the company is dynamic - and retail profits expand as plants are shifted to China.

"Just how can anyone be expected to support the current political structure ? It is almost true to Marx - everything is being commoditised - buy a radio branded Grundig or Roberts or whatever and the chances are it was built by Tecsun of China - just customers are induced to pay silly prices in retail outlets for a very cheap product.

"Politicians tell us to recycle then allow cheap Chinese junk to flood in noone can afford to repair. Computer parts - monitors - few are worth repairing at £50/hr + VAT when they can be bought relatively cheaper anew in discount sheds online - so how can politicians tell us to think of the planet's resources if China makes repair economics lunatic ?

"This world has all the hallmarks of political interference - it is a) illogical b) incoherent c) unstable d) makes money the central object of all discussion e) bears no relation to the everyday lives lived by the voter

"Politicians have optimised their own personal situation by rendering the position of all others suboptimal - they are the sycophantic servants of vested interests just as in the 1890s/1900s in the United States when the Mugwumps and Progressives pushed for the Trustbusters and men like Leland Stanford were buying up the California legislature. It is why they brought in election of the US Senate in 1913, the Federal Reserve 1913, and Federal Income Tax, and started to break up Monopolies.

"We are back in a time of great corruption with overfull Augean Stables."
And why do they do this without any opposition?

Because they can!

I think the eugenics movement is also part of the New World Order way of thinking, with people who really believe that it would be justified to cull a few million people here and there, because they think there are too many of us.

There are always powerful people behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher cooked her goose when she refused to go along wholeheartedly with the EU, and she saw what it was really about, but unfortunately for her it was too late. They just got rid of her.

If she had been willing to go along with it all, and no questions asked, she would have remained in Office until her time was finished.
Here is another interesting article on Europe’s military constitution by Tobias Pfluger.

Somebody at has a lot of nerve, placing a "Meet Atheist Singles" on my blogspot! Well, maybe we'll convert a few of them!
Constance - I thought that looked a bit out of sorts LOL
Constance, It was probably someone from the antichrist's...ooops im sorry i meant javier solana's organization that put that "Meet Atheist Singles" on your blogspot. Im sure solana probably feels bad about it now and will most likely add you to his personal list of good friends to send Christmas cards out to.
Hmmm, a Christmas card from Solana -- now that WOULD be a conversion! All the Catholics got when the pope died was "Condolences to the Catholic Church on the disappearance of its leader."
It appears as though the Chinese are getting a lesson on Javiar Solana. This speech was delivered at the Center for Marxist Research.

Neoliberal Globalisation and the Militarization of the European Union:

Of particular interest in this speech:

“..To those of you who know the writings of Robert Cooper, a senior advisor to Javier Solana and one of the closest bodies of Tony Blair, this should not be very surprising...”

“...In an article he demanded the
European Union to pursue "liberal imperialism" which should serve as a guidance for the future European foreign policy: "Postmodern imperialism takes two forms. First there is the voluntary imperialism of the global economy. This is usually operated by an
international consortium through International Financial Institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank..."

"...'Among ourselves we operate on the basis of laws and open cooperative security. But when dealing with more old-fashioned kinds of states outside the postmodern continent of Europe, we need to revert to the rougher
methods of an earlier era – force, pre-emptive attack, deception, whatever is necessary to deal with those who still live in the nineteenth century world of every state for itself. Among ourselves, we keep the law, but when we are operating in the jungle, we must also use the laws of the jungle.'...”

It looks like things is really heating up.

Rich in Medford

It just gets worse when you realise these people have such an agenda, and they are not even afraid to speak openly about it.

Apparently, they could not care less.

Why should they, for who can stop them??

Prime Minister Blair has tried his hardest to push the EU Constitution on us, but so far has not accommplished it, yet he is still trying his hardest to deliver us up completely to his Masters in Europe.

I did find out that there is a think tank that was started by supporters of Margaret Thatcher, and of the present opposition Conservative Party. It is called 'the Bruges Group'.

They are trying to influence Conservative politicians to merely trade with Europe and not to give away our Sovereignty to it. An off spring from this was the UK Independence Party, which was started by somebody who was once a member of the Bruges Group.

However, nobody seems to be talking about the power that Javier Solana has already taken, or at least I have not been aware of it.

The three mainstream parties usually get all the publicity, (Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat), and they are all pro EU.

Please pray for some influencial leadership within the main parties who will speak out against
the EU, or that the UK Independence Party will become influencial, and also that the people of this country will wake up to what is happening to them.

We have three more years of this Blair Government, enough time for them (him) to do much damage.

Many thanks
Wake-up call for any sleeping virgins out there:
To Anon 5:24 PM
As I comb through the writings of those in the EU parliament who oppose the new military constitution, it is clear that they are conveying a tremendous sense of urgency. In particular the German authors’ are very critical of Germany’s all-too-willing attitude to militarize. As well, they contain a thread of reminders of Germany’s past as they warn that Germany may be heading down its old pathway.

So much of what you post sounds similar to what is occurring here in the US; different countries—same goals. I suspect that Solana’s military objective of intervention in “failed states” may one day include the US in economic shambles.

To sleepy-eyes:
That is one of the more disheartening (yet not surprising) articles. It’s hard to imagine Christians knowingly get in cahoots with the movement of the antichrist. One gets especially concerned when reading of various “Christian leadership” in fellowship with Rev. Moon.

2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

I suspect that even the most backslidden Christian knows these words. If not, the Holy Spirit’s conviction ought to suffice. I have come to the conclusion that those mentioned on the post are fully aware of their actions.

To Constance:
I find I am drawn to your site because it is one place that I know I can find truth. You are a good, righteous woman who earnestly serves the Lord and works hard to make sure your brothers and sisters are armed with truth. Thank you.

Rich in Medford

Yes, there are some who question what the European Union is about, yet it is ironic that we spend so much time supposedly electing representatives to the European Parliament, and to all intents and purposes it looks like it is a democratic institution, whereas in actual fact these people have no power, and the people who are really making the decisions that matter are an unelected few, headed by Javier Solana with his murky Marxist past.

Peter Mandelson, who is one of the unelected Commissioners, also has a similar past as he once dabbled with the Communist movement when he was younger. However, he, like Javier, had relatives in high places.

I ask you, can you imagine if you or I tried to get a job in a top position in Government (or even a bottom position), and had to admit that we had been involved with such things. We would not even get to first base with an interview.

These people are a law unto themselves.

Peter Mandelson (who is a practising homosexual, and lives openly with his young boyfriend at the tax payers expense) also got sacked from the front bench in Blair's government not once, but twice, for shady dealings, and would you believe he then gets rewarded with a place as a European Commissioner by his friend Tony Blair.

They are able to do whatever they please and it would appear there is none can stop them. Tony Blair gives in slavishly to anything requested of him by his masters in Europe, and he has just given in to demands that we pay two billion pounds a year over to this European Union racket, supposedly to help eastern european countries who are also wanting to join the EU or have already joined, which is a joke considering we have hospitals here in UK that are now having to sack doctors and nurses because they don't have enough funds.

And all the time you know that if only the British people could be told the truth about this Institution, most of them would want to come out of it immediately.

Like much else about the EU, the deception was there from the start, when the member countries were told they would merely be trading with each other, and it has now shifted to our sovereignty being taken away and European law imposed as superior to all other laws made in the member nation states. Don't know why we go through the farce of voting for anybody at all. It is already to all intents and purposes a dictatorship and freedom of speech is being whittled away.

Facist, Communist, whatever you want to call it, it is all the same, namely, a dictatorship, and the EU is turning out to be the perfect vehicle for the New World Order, One World Government agenda, and it is clear they will use any means to achieve this.

Please continue to pray for us all

Many thanks
Not that I'm going to stop, but it does get boring putting out information on the changes in the culture. Sometimes I feel like my dog who senses things in the air when he goes out. You can see his nose twitching. He barks at warnings about things in the distance. When he comes in and feels comfortable and thinks things are in control because we are bigger than he is, he relaxes and becomes piable dog.

If you see yourself in this scenariao, tough.
Adolph Hitler was putting out hints and warnings about what he was up to for quite a while before people latched on.

By then, it was too late for many to do anything about it, and they were trapped and at the mercy of the schemes of those evil men.
Constance - After viewing this post and reading about famous TV evangelists acting out questionable behavior(Sleepy eyes posting on the Christian Mafia) I found myself curious about Christian artists (because I have children) Have you explored this area concerning the new age movement and the occult?

Sadly enough I came across this website

Is it possible that some of these artists have people designing their CD covers and are unaware of the meaning of the occultic symbols used? Or am I wishful in my thinking?
It's a little over 30 minutes around the time that I am writing this, but I just wanted to remind everybody of what this day is about for a certain union on the other side of the Atlantic.

May 9, 1950
This is off topic, but the Da Vinci Code will be out soon. I am reading the book because I think that as a Christian I had better know what this book is all about. It is no doubt entertaining thus far, but quite an offensive attack on Christ.

I was messing around with the name and I came up with the following.

Out of "The Da Vinci Code" you can get:


This book is widening the divide between Christ and the world, people are falling for the con in this book, and are cheated out of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ--and their money. Buy the Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg, there's a good novel that puts fact with fact and fiction with fiction, but I digress.

If you think that I am being over the top check this article on a National Geographic Survey taken in Canada: Canadians believe The Da Vinci Codes Contraversial Theories.
Check at to see that the EU union was not started on that date and the true story of its beginnings. Richard North co-authored a book on the topic.
john 14.6

Thank you for that information.

Yes, doesn't the Schuman Declaration look good in principle, and it must have looked more so for a Europe that had not long been through a hard fought war. You can imagine how many leaders would have been seduced by that.

As it is, the European Union is a big deception, because it has the appearance of a democracy, as the people of its Member nations are made to go through a voting process to vote in politicians for the European Parliament. But what they do not realise is that the European Parliament has no power.

The real power is held by an UNELECTED few, namely The Commission, The Council of Ministers, and ultimately and overall, by a DICTATORSHIP in the form of JAVIER SOLANA.

A GREAT DECEPTION has already been carried out by the REAL UNELECTED RULERS of the European Union, for, by having 'The European Parliament' as a part of it, they have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the nations.
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