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I had another of those nasty bouts of awakening at 3 a.m. earlier this morning. It lasted for about 90 minutes at which time I went back to bed and slept like a baby. I did what I usually do when I can’t sleep – look at news headlines and my email. There were predictably several headlines about the Iranian nuclear situation. There was a new slant on them today which I found interesting, even more disturbing than their subject matter. It seemed, if headlines were to be believed, that the world had a new common spokesperson – none other than our very good friend Javier Solana. (For newcomers to this blogspot, I am, of course, speaking facetiously.) At least that was the impression one could gain by reading “News from Russia.”[1]

“The international community is not considering military action against Iran over its nuclear program, the European Union's foreign policy chief said Sunday as senior officials prepared to meet in London to discuss hauling the country before the U.N. Security Council. Javier Solana said he hoped united international pressure would force Tehran back into negotiations over its uranium enrichment activities. . . . Solana called on Iran to prove to the international community that its program was peaceful. Pressured on whether the West may threaten military action in the future if Iran remained defiant, Solana said: "I hope very much that way before we have to take a decision like that, the Iranians will feel isolated in the international community and it is much better for them to return to the table," said Solana, in an interview with British ITV television.

Similar reports appeared in many other world newspapers including but not limited to The Scotsman[2], Edinburgh Evening News[3], Turkey’s Zamon Online[4], China’s World On Line[5], Kuwait News Agency[6], etc., etc.

I wonder why Americans have been told so little about it? Well, maybe we’ll find out. Javier Solana is coming to New York and Washington – today through Wednesday.

Oh, and by the way, that information was gleaned not from the New York Times or Washington Post. It came from a Dutch newsource![7] He will be meeting with UN senior officials in New York and then on to Washington to meet, per his website with

“On 17 January, the High Representative will travel to Washington D.C. where he will meet with Attorney General GONZALEZ and other senior US officials. On 18 January, Mr SOLANA will discuss the latest developments with Secretary of State, Condoleezza RICE, and Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. ZOELLICK. The High Representative will also meet with National Security Advisor Stephen HADLEY. In addition, Mr SOLANA is scheduled to meet with Republican Senator Chuck HAGEL and Democratic Senator Hillary CLINTON.”[8]

That last bit of information was gleaned from Solana’s own website only after I learned of it on a news search specific for Solana. But then again, who would ever think to even go there – after all Solana’s website is minimized with a Google page ranking of only 3. My own blogspot as well as Herb Peter’s site have rankings of 4. Give me a break! It is common sense that we, USA relative nobodies don't have pages more important than Solana’s own website. But then again, Herb and I aren’t working under a USA news blackout – it appears Solana may well be!

Does the world have a new spokesperson? If so, how much longer will he remain under USA wraps?

Here is who I think are the 'supporters' behind Mr. Solana.
I really don't understand why Javier Solana is not a household name yet?
Don't misunderstand me...I mean to say that because this man has such incredible influence. I'm just surprised that people aren't already captivated by his near miraculous political and diplomatic genious. I'm not praising him here--it's just a fact that he is casting a blanket of "peace" initiatives at everybody he comes into contact with, to really over-simplify the sheer complexity of his abmitions.

Constance I perplexed daily as to why the American mainstream media has not caught on to this guy? Is it deliberate or coincidence?

Hats off to you Constance because at the same time I also find this guy a little hard to keep up with. Everywhere one looks he seems to be right there in the woodwork. It's like you have a ton of pictures laid out on a table and all of the pictures are focused on person who is not Javier Solana, but in every one of them, standing in the crowd or what not is Javier in the background. This is what a lot of the major international news reports look like. It's freaky! Whether the report is about Ahmadinejad, Sharon, Bush, Putin, Blair, Chirac, Chavez, China, etc., he is there. The question that a lot more regular folk like myself should be asking themselves if they even knew about Javier is, what is this guy up to really? And how and why is he relevant to so many people and countries at the same time?
Javier Solana is probably the biggest walking, talking, breathing example of an in-your-face irony with a potentially diabolical agenda?
I guess I'll quote Constance who has on occasion quoted Herb Peters as saying, "Stay Tuned!"
Awesome post Constance
Seems as if they are beginning to allow his name in the news. Isn't it amazing that in just about a decade, a few occultic families have taken over the mainstream media? When I go over to the site and read the various translated headlines from around the world it all comes into focus. In Mexico, Cuba, and South AMerica, they are consistenly writing articles attempting to raise anger in the Latino community towards Americans. Same thing in Libya and Russia. It is quite disturbing.

Thank you Constance for discussing some of the disinformationists that are beginning to become prevalent. I wish I would've heard that interview a few months ago. It's taken me that long to figure out who's most likely for real and who's not.
How long can things go on without the American public knowing about Javier. I wonder what he's up to and how much he's going to try to get done while he's here in the USA. I don't put anything past him. Also did you hear about the people in East Palistine are going to be allowed to vote in the elections I'm not sure what's it about exactally I think it had to do with Jerusulum. I didn't catch it all on my shortwave. I was tuning into Israel late that night.
Love in Christ
Eagle Eyes
Javier is an intresting man to keep our eyes on and I wonder how much agenda he's going to do over here the next few days are going to be intresting. Like Herb says tuned.
Eagle eyes
When I asked a few poignant questions of a friend of mine who personally knows Javier Solana, his reply to me was, "How do you know so much about the things going on in Europe? I wasn't under the impression that Americans even knew of Javier let alone what he's been doing." What does THAT say? Solana is meeting with all the top leaders in the world,so shouldn't we know about this guy? What a frustration that only a few of us are aware of someone making gestures and statements of "peace" for the "international community". Thank you so much, Constance, for being a watchman in our day. Your keen insights are much appreciated.
Regarding Javier Solana's invisibility - I have purposely spoken of him to many people to see if they remember his name the next time we talk. No one, and I mean "no one", except for a few prophecy geeks like me, remembers his name no matter how many times I tell them or how many times they ask me to repeat it. It seems almost supernatural.

Secondly, making a list of world leaders - came up with three powerful people - Osama Bi Ladin, who established his power thru the terror of murdering innocent people, George W Bush who has established his leadership thru the war on terror and JS who has established his power thru peaceful negotiating. JS is going out to conquer with merely a banner of authority (Rev 6:2) - no military to speak of. There are others in positions of power, but they are not powerful - Kofi Annan, Putin, and Tony Blair.

Only one fits Rev 6 so far. And he is flexing his muscle. Maranatha!
Wow, great post Constance!

Who could ever think this is all coincidence? Iraq, Iran, Sharon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Britian, France and Germany... all playing a role in what happens in the middle east, with it all revolving around Javier Solana after he made his deal to provide Israel's security.

That could have been the apostasy Herb mentioned. So the rest is falling into place with increasing speed.

If and when Iran is sanctioned, they will very likely turn off the spigot, and the world's oil maket will skyrocket to $100/brl or more, which will damage America's economy the most. Will we then attack Iran? If so, what will Russia or China do?

Sanctions will push Iran to develop their nukes even faster as the crisis is elevated. (Personally I think Iran has nukes already and is just biding time to get their missles set up.)

China and Russia do not want Iran sanctioned by the UN, giving Iran more time to finish now that they've taken off the seals.

The longer the wait, the bigger the surprise will be, and Javier or whoever it will be will have the crisis needed to fool the people with promises of peace.

Hard to belive we're in these times and I pray that the lord comes for us all soon.
I'm sure Constance could use the encouragement of everyone who reads this blog. If you don't want to post here, you could always send her a note to her law office. She has taken a very hard task on herself. I would, however, suggest you use her as an example for your own life.

There may not be a lot you can do about Javier Solana except keep up to date and inform your friends and neighbors, but there sure is a lot you can do about the New Age movement. Without a New Age movement, there would be no Solana.

When people around you are being suckered in, you can speak out. It might make you uncomfortable, but if I remember correctly, there is no commandment saying keep quiet and keep watching. If Constance had done that, where would you all be?

Why not share here or by mail what you have done to encourage others!
John, it's no coincidence that Solana doesn't get some blanket coverage.

Once when reading about the Former Soviet Union in a neutral type publication, they were describing the library system and said, regarding the censorship there, that there was so much information people didn't know what was missing. We are in the same position here.

From the dead wood press and the hot circuit media we are so filled up with both very practical and nonsense information that we don't have time for anything very serious. We don't know what is missing until someone tells us, and most of the time the someone telling us is a disinformation jockey who has been set up to ride searchers off into the wilds.

There was a time when Christians were warning about Humanism. Get a copy of Humanist Manifesto II, complete with the list of signers. It's still a valid blueprint. The dead wood press kept laughing saying there was no such thing. I remember an Art Buchwald column laughing at the idea. At the same time he was doing a seminar for the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies.
John, how fortunate that this comment, written by a moderator, about incineration laws in England should appear over at EUreferendum.

"I have posted a comment onto this "fully moderated" site, saying: What are you going through this charade or asking people for their views? We have absolutely no option on this. We are required by the EU's Waste Framework Directive to adopt this policy, and the government's strategy is simply a copy-out of the Directive requirements.”

In Europe they have the same censorship problems, but at different levels. Although it is an excellent Eurosceptic site, hardly ever is Javier Solana mentioned, nor is he mentioned much in the moderator's book on the European Union. Go figure.
Here's an interesting story that I just came across on another blog.
Plan to Internationalize Jerusalem May be Urged at Herzliya Conference
11:34 Jan 17, '06 / 17 Tevet 5766
(more at link)

NRP, Yisrael Beteinu Slam Plan on Jerusalem´s Holy Sites
15:36 Jan 17, '06 / 17 Tevet 5766
( Zevulun Orlev, chairman of the National Religious party (NRP), and Avigdor Lieberman, head of the Yisrael Beteinu (Israel is Our Home) party, have sharply criticized the conclusion of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies that an international body should supervise Jerusalem's holy sites. (more at link)

"As you may have read in my previous post Straight from the Horse's Mouth, I quoted the EU High Representative Javier Solana’s announcement of a planned governance facility to be established in accordance with the Barcelona Summit’s desire for a peace partnership in the Middle East. While the location of this governance facility has not yet been made known, I have a hunch it will be in Jerusalem."
is where I found the above information. The writer seems to have followed this story for a while based on other posts there.
I like the idea that "anonymous" number six has put out to us. What are we doing to share the information that we have learned? I know that I have personally put out several of the CDs that Constance has made available. I have directed people to read this blogspot and also Herb's website. I attended the Watchman Symposium, which brought many of us together for encouragement. And when I can, I try to share the logical, factual information that I have learned from Constance, Herb, and my own research. As a teacher of the Word, I can firmly state that it always helps to KNOW the Word, because of course, the bottom line to all of this is being armed with what God has given to us. This all will take perseverence, because some will accept and others will not, but we must be responsible with the truth that has been revealed to us.
I had trouble opening the links for the story as each one led to a request for blogger information.

Here is another another source for the story from the Irish Examiner. Use the tiny url because the link was very long.
Like in the pictures of the Fab 4 found at this blogspot?
Does anyone know more about this EU Alliance of Civilizations--

Prophetically Speaking — EU’s Alliance of Civilizations Could Lay Foundation for Revelation 13 Prophecy - by Bill Wilson, KIN senior analyst

European leaders, the United Nations and Islamic nations have embraced what is called an “alliance of civilizations” aimed at combining cultural exchanges, joint peacekeeping missions and interfaith dialogue to foment international peace, possibly laying the groundwork for the one-world order discussed in Revelation 13.

In July 2004, the BBC reported that Spain’s President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapetaro cast a vision for the alliance of civilizations that “could therefore prevent hate and misunderstanding from developing by looking at political and cultural issues — everything from joint peace keeping missions to interfaith dialogue.” (more at link)
So, the President of Kosovo has passed away and guess who had something important to say about it? Yes, non other than the man of the hour, Javier Solana.

More importantly, for the first time since I started studying almost his every move, I heard him speak to the world in a news report via one of the local Christian radio stations news briefs this morning on my way to Church. This is the first audio bite I have every heard of him through any news broadcast in America period!

So, you know that saying of "Ooops, spoke too soon." Well, I complained earlier about never hearing of Javier Solana in America. Well...

Ooops, I spoke too soon!
I found a Baptist bulletin board yesterday where somebody was very foolishly speculating in reference to concerns expressed about Javier Solana that it could never be him because:

1. He didn't hear enough about him in the news;
2. He didn't fit the profile of Carpathian in LEFT BEHIND (after all, that supersedes, the Bible, doesn't it? (SARCASTICALLY SPEAKING)

Party's getting interesting -- and rough!
Javier Solana is the best candidate yet to fit the bill for the expected 666 and I am surprised that the so called 'Christian leadership' have not understood this yet. Even his name is a play on words i.e. Javier is the same name as Xavier, hence sounds like Savior, it means bright, brilliant, and an old meaning 'mysterious'. I asked a Spanish friend of mine what the name Solana meant, and she came up with 'the only one', or also 'sun' (son). Remember Jesus did say of the Jews, that although He came in the name of the Father, they would reject him, but someday somebody would come in his own name and they would accept him (presumably as their Messiah), perhaps that is why even Javier Solana's name has this play on it. Many thanks to Constance and Herb Peters for being really on the ball, they are proving to be absolutely right.
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