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Javier Solana's Powers


April 11, 2005

I had so much response to my two postings dealing with Javier Solana, I thought it would be beneficial to place a broader knowledge base out there. Herb Peters has done an admirable job on his website,, and I commend that as well. His book, Recommendation 666's title is based on this linked Javier Solana drafted and introduced bill of June 5, 2000: "Recommendation 666."

What Herb and I were later to discover was that this was not the first major 666 in Solana's political career. His very job, Office of the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union had also been created under a 666 banner:

When you read the above "Recommendation 666", pay special attention to paragraphs 12, 15, and 18! I will write more about those aspects of Recommendation 666 in forthcoming blogs.

Very recently, I discovered that Javier Solana alone had the keys to the European Space Agency project, the Galileo Project headquartered at Torrejon, Spain (mentioned in Recommendation 666, paragraph 18). Interestingly, in determining that only Solana was fit to hold these powers over what is designed to be an all encompassing global surveillance system, they wrote something very similar to what Solana said about EU involvement in Israel in commenting about same last summer: "Like it or not, it has to be Solana." You may read about that on the link below:

Despite all that, it appears we have suffered from a near news blackout in the USA about this man. There are no books so far specifically about him. His name recognition among Americans is very low.

Whether Solana turns out to be the ultimate "bad man" or not, anybody holding that much power certainly deserves closer scrutiny. His extensive powers have recently been vastly increased, even before ratification of the EU Constitution is complete. As Lord Acton once said, "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." It appears that as far as the EU is concerned, at least, Javier Solana is enjoying near absolute power. His EU sources have said with satisfaction that he is becoming a global reference point as well:

By the way, the Wikipedia article, under my watch enjoyed extensive external links. In his effort to hide the truth from the readers, SqueakBox removed most of them and characterized their reinsertion as "vandalism." Below is the one such crucial link, the SqueakBox removed. You may read all about it here. I think you will find it interesting!

Until tomorrow, I bid my readers a restful night. I hope to have one.

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I think Constance Cumbey was fraudulently using wikipedia to promote her own activist agenda because she knows it is a place where one's words get read. Perfect for hijacking in the name of Jesus
I continue to learn. Until recently I had not heard of Lord Acton.

Today when Constance quoted Action, I remembered reading another quote which appeared in the book Nuremberg, Infamy on Trial by Joseph Persico. The topic was Alfred Rosenberg who wrote the Myth of the Twentieth Century. "Granted the prosecution had proved that Rosenberg oversaw the wholesale theft of art and furnishings from Jewish homes in subjugated countries. But he had never killed anyone. In his role as minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories, he had actually tried to prevent the wholesale butchery carried out in the Soviet Union. His authority, however, had quickly been undermined by more brutal SS figures. As Kelly studied the face in the dock, he asked himself who had helped indoctrinate these butchers to their murderous hatred. He thought of Lord Acton's words: 'The greatest crime is homicide. The accomplice is no better than the assassin. The theorist is the worst.'"

Heaven save us from the theorists who write glowing words about Solana without knowing who they are praising.
Neither SqueakBox nor Cumbey have given a fair treatment to Solana. The man is a great genius. He is clearly the brightest mind in the modern political world. He is still a young man, and I fervently hope this heroic character becomes World President, with as much power as possible as soon as possible for as long as possible. We are praying for you Javier
I totally agree with the people praising Solana. The man was a great physicist, then he was a great politician, and now he is a great leader. Thank God Europe now has a strong man to save us from 60 years of US doomination and humiliation, and to lead us to the promised land of milk and honey
I am a physicist and great doesn't do Solana justice. The man was a genius, his revolutionary ideas about solid state physics are rebounding through the universe.
I believe Javier Solana saved the world from certain destruction. Give the man a medal.
We have been trying to find the books and articles Solana has written in the field of physics, but no one has found this information. Since you seem to be supporters of Solana, can you tell us where to find this information? If you don't answer, we can assume there is no such documentation.
I think SqueakBox is a great literary genius but he is very hard on poor mr Solana, who is actually very well known over here in Europe. He is considered the architect of the transformation of Spain. Then he utterly transformed NATO. Now he is transforming the European Union.
It's so dreradful the way Solana is threatening US power in the Mediterrasnean. We must have our oil to make our lives keep going, and I worry one day he'll just say no you can't have any, go back to your own country. i'm scared. pray for me.
What a sensible comment that last one was. This man is simply hateful. I hate him.
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Oh come. When did Cumbey ever repeat anything. Don't knock a literary giant. America's finest.
The point is Constance, how is this blog going to save the world from the evil megalomaniacal grip that Solana clearly already has on the world. We must persuade the President to invade Europe.
Yes, gung-ho and all that
I think we shouldn't knock Cumbey. She is doing the best she can in a war situation
I really admire SqueakBox for the stand he took against Cumbey.
I think they should make Solana the next Pope. I don't for one minute believe all this nonsense about him being anticlerical. The man is celibate by alla accounts.
Give SqueakBox a medal. Oh I see he already has one. just like Constance. Both brave fighters.
I have a list of Solana's published works in my office. I will get them and let you know.
Cumbey's background and information can be researched. SqueakBox lives up to his name.LOL
Celebate? He has children. Now he has an earing. Wonder what that means.
SqueakBox is very impressive. He clearly has a far greater grasp of his subject than Cumbey. She didn't even know when the Barcelona Conference was. Nor even heard of Felipe González. I mean come on.
Maybe we can't check on SqueakBox's background because he doesn't have one. I bet he's just a kid. He does seem to be much brighter than Cumbey though.
SqueakBox is very impressive. blah blah

As a supporter of SqueakBox, I am sure you can document your allegations. Want to try?
AS regards following coment: "SqueakBox is very impressive. He clearly has a far greater grasp of his subject than Cumbey. She didn't even know when the Barcelona Conference was. Nor even heard of Felipe González. I mean come on."
# posted by Anonymous : 12:09 AM

My dear anonymous: Indeed I did know when the Barcelona Conference took place and it was SqueakBox who erased it. The original Barcelona Conference was held on November 27-28, 1995 in Barcelona, Spain. It was chaired by Javier Solana. The USA was given observer status only. Ehud Barak was there representing Israel. The event was held in the near wake of the Itzhak Rabin assassination on November 4, 1995. The Treaty of Association between Israel and the EU was signed by Shimon Peres on behalf of Israel and Javier Solana on behalf of the EU. This was done on November 20, 1995. Two days later, Israel was struck in the Eilat area with a 7.2 mw earthquake, which some tried unsuccessfully to claim later was only 6.2 mw. The US Geological Center continues to record its true strength of 7.2 and the Ontario Earthquake Research Center records it as 7.3 mw. Some think it may have been a divine warning. I think I may agree with that thesis!
I am a seismologist and I can tell you that this earthquake was only 6.2 on the Richter scale
I have heard that SqueakBox is really a famous author, and this is just a pseudonym.
SqueakBox does seem very important.
I think Squeakbox is just trying to get famous and rich by jumping on the cumbey bandwagon.
AS regards this comment:

"I think they should make Solana the next Pope. I don't for one minute believe all this nonsense about him being anticlerical. The man is celibate by alla accounts."
# posted by Anonymous : 11:59 PM

Solana celibate? I doubt it. If he was, it wasn't always. He has two gorgeous children, a girl, Vega, and a boy, Diego. They are both grown. Anticlerical? By all means. His grandfather was so anti-clerical, he did not permit Solana's mother, Nieves nor her sister Isabel to be baptized. Solana was officially a Marxist until September 29, 1979. I have a picture of him (you can click the link on the article this comment is attached to) showing him giving the Marxist salute at what is obviously a Marxist-Leninist gathering in 1983. The last I checked, that whole bunch was anticlerical. I don't remember seeing Solana at the Pope's funeral either, come to think of it, even though Condoleezza Rice, as the USA's top diplomat was in attendance! Solana's agenda showed he was in Moscow that day!

Solana as pope!? Now wouldn't THAT be something!
>I am a seismologist and I can >tell you that this earthquake was >only 6.2 on the Richter scale

Well, now, that would be something. The director of the Israeli Geological Service himself recanted that to me confessing that he had personally measured it at 7.2 and that "the various observers measured it between 7.1 and 7.3." Then he added (I must confess I had given him the opportunity to tell his side of the story on the obvious disinformation on a book I was planning) "but the public perception is 6.2 and that is where the public perception shall remain." Oh yeah, Buddy, we'll see about that . . .

If you are really a seeker of truth in this matter, I have the actual plates on my informational PPS presentation disk. No charge for the material. Just email me at and ask for the disk, "Javier Solana: Mystery Man of the New World Order." The plates from the University of Michigan, University of Ohio joint seismic research center are shown with the readings at 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)on the day of the quake, November 22, 1995. Both S waves and P waves are shown. The 6.2 figure you cite was disinformation -- pure and simple -- whether from the forces fearing that the quake coming only two days after the treaty could be considered a warning from God and/or tourist bureaus not wanting people to think it was as bad as it was. I save my pity for the architects and engineers falsely accused of shoddy practices of their profession for their structures not surviving a quake historically revised to only 1/100th its true 7.2 to 7.3 magnitude! Are you saying the US Geological Service made a mistake? As a seismologist, you are taking on some very big guns for your profession, if you are. Even the head of the Israeli Geological Service was careful not to make that mistake with me when I queried him about it in the late 1990's!
Um.... maybe I'm missing something here.

Let's say that Solana IS the Antichrist as per the book of Revelation. Well if that's the case then what the heck are we worried about? If we're Christians we'll get raptured away before the tribulation starts and spend 7 years away from the mess the world gets into because of Solana.

The Book of Revelation WAS ultimately written by God wasn't it? Isn't it GOD who is telling us all this stuff about the rise of the Antichrist? So what's the problem? If Solana is the Antichrist then that's just a fulfilment of prophecy. Why should we stop him? Why should we stop what God wants to happen?

Now I say all of this as an Amillennialist - one who believes that the numbers and images in Revelation are symbolic and were meant to be interpreted that way. I am well aware of the Premillennial position I have just outlined and although I disagree with it I still believe that these people are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

One Salient Oversight
Going fishing One Salient?
Good One Salient - now share what you have researched on your own about Javier Solana's political role since that really is the topic here. You can talk over at Wikipedia with SB about Antichrists and Beasts as those are his specialities.
I notice Squeakbox's version remains at Wikipedia. That says enough to me.
To the last but one contributor: You don't research to write an encyclopedia. You take what others have researched and put it in an encyclopedia article. Squeakbox has got that, Constance doesn't seem to have.
squeakbox is clearly a genius, a literary giant. I can well believe he is using a literary pseudonym, and is really siomeone famouis. I wonder who?
¿Gabriel García Márquez?
Could be.
I see the admin removed all the untrue slurs against Cumbey. Good show.
Do you think they will do the same for the slurs against SqueakBox?
I doubt it. Cumbey is right, SqueakBox wrong end of argument.
I believe Solana wrote a book called
"Density levels in Quark measuring - removing the observor input". This was in the early seventies. I have also heard he is still active in the solid state physics world.
I am the anon seismologist. I work for the US government and I can assure you your allegations about the earthquake being more than 7 on the Richter scale are simply fraudulent. How about some evidence instead of the alleged suppositions you have given us so far.
Anonymous said...
I am the anon seismologist. I work for the US government and I can assure you your allegations about the earthquake being more than 7 on the Richter scale are simply fraudulent

----What you still are is an anonymous person claiming to be a seismologist. Don't be lazy. Send for the information offered.
oh cxome on this is not my blog. it is Constance who is lazily claimimg totally false statements are truth. Ridiculous
Solana is your hero? He is one of the butchers of the Serbs in Yugoslavia and now is out to liquidate Israel! If you are for him, you are my enemy. I also do see his work and I am not interested at all in his supposed "geniality". He is another one of the NWO/UN/NATO and company nazis! They have for generations the same enemies - and Jews and Serbs are obviously among them. And what says Constance or Shmonstance is not the point here. I don`t want one world gov. nor president and not solana telling me what are my rights! And not all of you directing me to the gas chamber!
I'm sure Dr. Mengela was a brilliant physician. What kind of man was he? That's the question.
In case anyone has read through this thread of posts and wondered about the odd "tone" of the posts that came in practically every minute - they were most likely all from Squeakbox.

Whatsamatter Squeakbox, you gotta pretend to be 15 different Solana Cheerleaders? You are a NUT.

Couldn't you drum up 15 REAL people who think Solana is "all that and a box of Godiva"?

I've now seen this guy posting anywhere on the Internet he finds Solana mentioned. He is obsessed with Solana - looks like he has gone over the deep end as regards Ms. Cumbey as well.

Get a day job, Squeakbox, you "literary genius", you. Or should I say "secretly famous author". Yeah, okay. I guess there is a market for lunatics out there. Barnes & Nobles has shelves of them.

How about you buy yourself a nice television so you have something to do that only involves being ONE person? Much less tiring.

p.s. I really liked the character you created that said "pray for me! we need oil".

p.p.s. If you were a secretly famous author, you'd be the bane of your editor, because you cannot spell to save your life.
I've been sort of following the life and times of Solana for about a year and a half now. It's so very hard to find out much about him here in the USA. My wife stumbled across this website recently, and hooked me up to it as well. I just wanted to say that I really like what you are doing Ms. Cumbey. I've dropped Solana's name with many political intellectuals that I know, and it seems like nobody has ever heard of him. I will be dropping links to here instead from now on.
Blessings to you!!!
Who is saying that Solana was a great physicist? I am a research physicist and have never heard of him, nor of the book "Density levels in quark measuring" which Anonymous says he wrote. (This title is not solid state physics, which is Solana's field.) The world of physics is so large that most physicists have not heard of each other; I have no reason to doubt Solana's scientific competence and I expect you can find his published papers listed in the Science Citation Index, but he is not great enough to be well known among physicists generally. president. I shudder! Now there is a nightmare waiting to happen.
I'm a bit worried about the unsupported suggestion that Solana, who appears to be separated from his wife, is not celibate and is therefore sinning...

To the anonymous Amillennialist: I share your faith that the book of Revelation was "ultimately written by God". But are you sure about amillennialism? The church insists, rightly, on the fulfilment of the many prophecies of Christ's life and death in fine material detail. This principle holds in the church era too, eg the prophecies of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple which took place in AD70. So why should the prophecies in Revelation be different? In one part of the book of Revelation these prophecies alternate between heaven (meaning the spiritual realms) and earth (the material realm), so it won't do to interpret the lot spiritually. The symbolic language could simply be because John was forced to use the language of 2000 years ago for things not understood at the time, like microchip implantation, nuclear war and meteorite strikes. Anyone who says that numbers and images are 'symbolic' should be prepared to state what they symbolize. For a prophecy to be meaningful, you must be able to tell how and when it has been fulfilled.

Also, may I urge Amillennialist to read some of the evangelical material that is sceptical of the pre-Tribulation rapture? Whether or not it is implicit in scripture, the rapture is nowhere explicitly stated to precede the Tribulation. That it does so is often taught as a default position, but many evangelicals consider the church will have to go through the Tribulation. Scripture contains many warnings - amply fulfilled throughout history - that Christians must expect persecution. Please make sure you have seen both sides of this debate before deciding for yourself.
I think Mrs Cumbey is absolutely correct. I am a Christian and I believe what she says is true. If you read the book of Revelations word for word you will see that what she says is true. There is nothing we can do about it but warn people of the coming of Satan. Now if the cold hard truth is too much for some of you on here and you refuse to believe the Bible all I can tell you to do is PLEASE go to church and get things worked out with GOD!! He has no tolerance for non-believers. For when judgment day comes he will cast you off in a lake of fire and say Depart from me I do not know you. Everyone needs to please get their salvation before it is too late.
I have been searching both scriptural and secular sources on Solana and current events around the world including RFID and how all these fit into end-time prophecy. I do not think they are coincidental at all since the stage has been getting set steadily since the re-birth of Israel as the first of all end-time prophecies. Matthew 24:33,34 states that when we see all these things, know that it is near and our generation will not pass till all be fulfilled. We ARE the last generation; We ARE seeing all of what to look for in the end-times happening today; and I am grateful to be alive to witness it. It is so true that in this world of hate, violence, distrust and dispair; it is GOD and our faith in His Word (and seeing it prove itself as the "LIVING WORD") that gives us joy, expectency and confidence. Someone once told me that the things in Revelation were to prepare us for wrath to come. I believe they are given to us as a loving outreach by Jesus Himself to prove to this final generation that what He said will happen will happen; and also to encourage those who are still teetering on the edge of salvation to delay no longer. Today is the acceptable day of salvation. Dont wait any longer. Give your heart to Christ before its too late. The stage is set and the clock ticking. We would have noone to blame but ourselves if we choose to ignore or doubt these obvious warning signs. Thanks for lettin me share.Jn.3:16
Hello brothers and sisters in Jesus. If you read Mat 24 carefully, you will see that after the tribulation is when a "taking up" (rapture) happens.
If the beast (in Rev) is given authority to conquer the saints, they must be here.
As for the Mark: Check out
God Bless you
"I think SqueakBox is a great literary genius but he is very hard on poor mr Solana, who is actually very well known over here in Europe. He is considered the architect of the transformation of Spain. Then he utterly transformed NATO. Now he is transforming the European Union."

Lets see, the charter of NATO clearly states that one or more of the 5 member nations must be attacked by the nation that it goes to war against. I dont think Serbia attacked one of them last timed I checked. The NWO is the real war criminal, using NATO and the U.N to enforce its will.

# posted by Anonymous : 11:41 PM
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